HealthyWage Reviews 2023: Is it Legit or Scam?

HealthyWage Reviews
HealthyWage Reviews

Are you trying to lose weight? Or have you been trying without success? Well, I have news for you. A company will pay you to stick to your weight-loss plan. That’s cool.

HealthyWage is an online company that uses cash prizes to make its users stick to their weight loss goals. These cash prizes make the workout process fun, which keeps you motivated. There are a series of reviews from happy users.

Regardless of the many HealthyWage reviews, people still ask if it is legit or a scam. Continue reading to understand HealthyWage and what it does. This article will also highlight some HealthyWage reviews from other users.

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What is HealthyWage about?

HealthyWage was founded in 2009 by David Roddenberry and Jimmy Fleming. By offering a cash prize of up to $10,000 for meeting weight loss goals, the online company encourages users to stay motivated in their weight loss plan. 

Research findings from Carnegie Mellon University, Harvard, and the University of Pennsylvania hinted that social media is pivotal to controlling obesity, little cash rewards help one stay motivated to lose weight, and people take things seriously when their money is at stake. The results of this research birthed the vision for this company, which leveraged this information to help reduce the growing rate of obesity. 

According to HealthyWage reviews, the weight loss plan is not just for individuals but also allows corporate participation, including hospitals and public and private organizations. 

How does HealthyWage work?

Its mode of operation allows you to set a bet on your weight loss according to your specifications. Its working mode can be outlined in four simple steps:

  • Calculate Your Prize
  • Make A Bet
  • Lose Weight 
  • Get Paid

Calculate Your Prize

In calculating your prize, you will use the HealthyWage free prize calculator to set your weight loss goal and the amount of money you are putting in, and the calculator will show how much you can earn. Before viewing your prize, you will be required to supply information about yourself, including your current weight, gender, and height. 

Also, you will be required to input your email address and choose a password. After which, you will see the prize for your weight loss goal. Note that rewards may be different for two equal weight loss plans depending on the money you bet, and even if everything is the same down to the bet, the algorithm may still show different prizes for two similar goals.

We put a weight loss plan of 20 kg in 9 months on trial with a $100 bet per month. The calculated earning was $846.58 if the weight goal was achieved at the stipulated time.

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Make A Bet

After seeing your prize for a particular weight loss goal, you can place your bet. You will be asked to enter your debit or credit card information.

You can adjust your weight goal, the amount you bet, and the length of time to subsequently increase your earnings. HealthyWage reviews suggest you put in an amount you are afraid to lose to help you stay motivated and consistently hit your goal. 

If you set a low weight loss goal, you will earn only a little money. However, if you set your goal too high, you won’t be able to reach it as you will lose your money that way.

Lose Weight 

This is the most difficult part. You know how much you are expecting if you meet your goal. It would be best if you stayed on track through weekly weigh-ins, and you can also get support on the platform from other wagers like you. Keep the cash prize in mind to stay motivated. 

Get Paid

This is the most interesting aspect. The HealthyWage challenge will be terminated at the date you choose at the beginning of your goal. So if you want to get paid, you will have to achieve your weight loss goal on or before that date.

HealthyWage will verify your weight after the challenge, and you will receive your prize if you meet your goal. However, if you don’t meet your goal, you will lose your money. 

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HealthyWage Reviews: Is it  Legit or A Scam?

Perhaps you think that can’t be true? Well, it is. 

Based on HealthyWage reviews, the site is legit, and if you are consistent with your weight loss goal for the time you set, you will earn money for losing weight. For motivation, the program primarily rewards people who want to lose more weight. 

You could argue that they are attempting to defraud people out of their money if they fail or that they do not pay those who win.

HealthyWage gets money from corporate and government clients interested in creative weight loss solutions. Moreso, although financial incentives are great weight loss tools, people sometimes lose their weight loss bets. On the other hand, the money made from such people is utilized to reward those who stick to their goals.

HealthyWage Reviews: Ratings

HealthyWage has a rating of 4.9/5 on the Better Business Bureau and 4.11/5 on Sitejabber, with 84.2% of HealthyWage reviews on the site being positive. This indicates a high level of satisfaction among their users. If you are still wondering if HealthyWage is legit or a scam, check out these HealthyWage reviews from Sitejabber.

We opted for HealthyWage reviews from Sitejabber because all the reviews on their website were positive. Below are some HealthyWage reviews from users:

One of the HealthyWage reviews was from Miranda, who lost 80 pounds and made over $2,000 in profit. She stated that putting her money on the line helped her stay motivated. It was too good to be accurate, and her winnings were paid into her account within hours of uploading her completion video.

Another HealthyWage review was from Dawn, who did two large and several smaller jackpot challenges. What kept him motivated was the possibility of getting a large sum of money for losing weight. He also commended the HealthyWage support staff and recommended HealthyWage to anyone considering losing weight. He said of HealthyWage, “This is a very legit business.”

Michelle loved her experience; she hit her weight loss goal in 9 months. The smaller challenge was key, though she didn’t get much money.

Melanie stumbled on HealthyWage on social media and wasn’t sure it was legit. She gave it a try and was able to focus on her weight loss goal. After trying it, she now knows it is 100% legit.

Sarah had a contrary opinion. Hers was one of the negative HealthyWage reviews. Her HealthyWage review shows that she had participated in their program before, which was fine.

However, she and other users were invited to a yo-yo challenge, and eventually, the company canceled but refunded her because she had already succeeded in her last challenge. In her opinion, what HealthyWage did was unethical.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the highest amount you can win from HealthyWage?

The highest amount you can win is $10,000. How much money you put in, and your weight goal will determine how much you will win.

Is there a minimum weight loss goal in the program?

Yes. The minimum weight loss goal is 10% of your current weight.  For instance, if your starting weight is 150 kg, then your HealthyWage goal must be at least 15kg of weight loss.

Can I get my reward if I reach my goal earlier than planned?

The earliest you can get your reward is two weeks before your stipulated date. 

What happens if you don’t lose the weight you choose at the end of the challenge?

If you don’t meet your weight loss goal within the set timeframe, you will not get your prize, including the money you put in. 

Can you participate if you reside outside of the U.S.?

Residents of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, European Union, and most non-EU Europe and Asia can participate.

Is HealthyWage a legal business?

Yes. Although HealthyWage uses the term “bet” to describe the concept, HealthyWage is not gambling in the legal sense because you are always in control of the outcome. It is entirely up to you to lose weight.

Can I get a refund from the company?

The answer to that is no. HealthyWage’s goal is to help you stay consistent with your weight loss plan. Your challenge will be suspended if you cannot continue because you’re pregnant. However, you can reach out to their customer support if you have a health issue. 


On Sitejabber, over 80 percent of the HealthyWage reviews from users were positive. You have also seen a series of HealthyWage reviews from users.  This shows satisfaction from a larger number of HealthyWage users. 

If you are considering losing weight, you can try this out. Earning money while losing weight is not a bad idea. 


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