How Does Stockx Make Money | Full Guide (Updated)

How Does Stockx Make Money | Full Guide
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StockX is a different type of company concept we’ll talk about today. As a result, we will talk about ‘How Does Stockx Make Money’, business valuation, and other financial aspects. 

Furthermore, the StockX business strategy relies on charging sellers a certain percentage. This serves as a service fee for each and every sale they make through the platform. 

However, fees on this platform vary on how many things or products have been sold in the past. And they typically range from 11 to 12.5 percent.

‘how does stockx make money’ you ask? Keep reading to see how.

What is Stockx?

One of the well-known online marketplaces that promotes the sale of collectibles and unusual clothing is StockX. 

Furthermore, the business mostly deals with premium goods. It also manages the verification of the goods as well as their correct distribution. 

The online store also supports auctions between potential sellers and fervent purchasers. This is done For the acquisition of in-demand goods or limited edition products like sunglasses, sneakers, collectibles, etc. 

As it has been mentioned, StockX is an online store and retailer of clothes, specializing in sneakers. It has also been made available to electronic products. This includes; gaming consoles, smartphones, and computer hardware as of November 2020. 

Dan Gilbert, Josh Luber, Greg Schwartz, and Chris Kaufman launched the Detroit-based business in 2015–2016. More than 800 people work for StockX in Downtown Detroit. 

Currently, StockX has offices abroad in London, the United Kingdom, Eindhoven, the Netherlands. It also has authentication centers in Tempe, Arizona, Moonachie, New Jersey, and the Corktown section of Detroit. 

However, in 2019, Deena Bahri was appointed as the organization’s first chief marketing officer. He succeeded Scott Cutler and Schwartz as chief executive and chief operating officer, respectively.

Knowing what Stockx is, and what it entails doesn’t answer the question, ‘how does stockx make money?’ just keep reading.

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Brief History of Stockx

In 2015, Dan Gilbert, Greg Schwartz, and Josh Luber—the organization’s former CEO and current board member—founded the interesting StockX. 

Furthermore, Luber introduced Campless, an online Kelley Blue Book for the sale of sneakers, before StockX gained notoriety. 

However, the main task of the Campless app is to monitor the eBay resale pricing of any sneaker, Any sneaker that is currently for sale. It functioned and did well back then. 

Additionally, the Campless functioned as a safe database for sneakerheads. This allowed community members to upload and monitor current sale prices for various models. 

However, Gilbert discovered that his kids typically spend the majority of their time on eBay. They spend their time looking for and purchasing sneakers while Campless was still hot. 

Purchase prices on Campless sometimes vary because at the time of writing, eBay does not authenticate the sale of sneakers. 

Gilbert was prompted by these deeds and omissions to get in touch with Schwartz. Schwartz was also developing a calendar app at the time. Before they started consigning for sneaker marketplaces, Gilbert invested in the app. 

Furthermore, the wonderful StockX was born in February 2016. More than 20,000 sneakers were initially for sale on StockX’s marketplace. 

The business gained notoriety and became well-known in the footwear industry. A big success was achieved. 

By 2017, the fantastic StockX e-commerce platform had processed more than $100 million in purchases. That’s a big deal, right? 

Shortly after its founding, StockX had over 800 employees working for it and had locations in five different nations. 

As of 2019, the business helped sell goods worth $1 billion or more. Isn’t that wonderful?

Now that you have seen a brief history of Stockx, you might have seen a few answers to the question, ‘how does stockx make money?’ But these are not enough. Keep reading.

StockX Funding, Valuation, and Revenue

Before we go through the ‘how does stockx make money’ section, let’s check out its funding, valuation, and revenue?

Findings reveal that StockX boasts a whopping statistic of money raised by the company. It is valued to be $690 million in its Crunchbase profile. 

Additionally, the press release produced by the business organization in April 2021 also states that the corporation is valued at roughly $3.8 billion. 

However, the company received that valuation after nine rounds. And the $3.8 billion StockX valuation in April 2021 declared it to be a unicorn. 

General Atlantic, DST Global, GGV Capital, and select individuals, such as Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, are some of the company’s traditional investors. 

StockX, as we’ve already mentioned, is an online store that promotes the selling of streetwear-related goods. This includes sneakers and other associated collectibles. 

Furthermore, StockX facilitated the purchasing and selling of goods. This was done through the use of a well-known process comparable to that found in stock markets. 

It makes sense why the business refers to itself as the “stock market of goods.” On StockX, the buyers put bids while the sellers post what are known as asks. 

In other words, sellers set the price for their things and then submit bids to show how much they are actually willing to spend. 

Also, a transaction will take place as soon as the two parties agree on a fair price. Especially where the buyer made a convincing offer and the seller is comfortable with it. 

From the foregoing, it can be concluded that the StockX business model is comparable to the eBay model. In which buyers can make direct purchases as long as the seller places a “Selling Now” bid. 

Generally speaking, the company performs other tasks besides operating the marketplace. This is because StockX (both the site and the app) also handles big-ticket items. 

How Does StockX Work

Before checking out how stockx make money, let’s see how it works.

StockX is an online store (accessible via both the web and an app). It makes it easier to sell collectibles and other items related to streetwear that has never been worn. This includes sneakers, given that its core purchasing and selling mechanism is comparable to that seen in stock markets. 

Also, the company refers to itself as “the stock market of goods.” 

Furthermore, the price a seller sets for one of their things on the marketplace platform are known as “Asks.” On the other side, buyers submit bids representing the maximum amount they are willing to pay for a specific item. 

However, a successful transaction can be enabled once the two parties determine a matching price. (i.e., if the buyer has the best bid and the seller loves the price). 

Similar to eBay, purchasers may also make direct purchases as long as the seller has posted a “Selling Now” bid. Through the historical price charts that StockX offers, both buyers and sellers may assess how competitive their pricing is.

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How Does StockX Make Money?

Having made you aware of what StockX is, the business model used by the StockX genus, how it functions, etc. 

The moment has come to explain, ‘How Does StockX Make Money?’. The explanation is not too far-fetched. 

As you can see from the discussion above, StockX makes billions of dollars in revenue each year. This is done through the selling of clothing and collectibles. 

However, one will start to wonder what business strategy the organization employs. And how the company generates revenue. 

Furthermore, the company has one source of revenue. This is one element that stands out as being clear and evident. It just does one thing to create income. 

Additionally, as an online marketplace, StockX generates revenue by keeping a portion of each profitable transaction it executes.  

In contrast to other online marketplaces like eBay, StockX is responsible for verifying and shipping goods. Goods purchased through its platform. 

Generally, this is due to the fact that the e-commerce company sells expensive goods, many of which are thousands of dollars in value. 

On that note, the seller is required to pay a flat rate of 3%. This will serve as the processing charge for each successful sale performed on StockX. 

Additionally, the business assesses a transaction fee for each sale that ranges from 8% to 9.50%. 

StockX enabled more than $1 billion in GMV(Gross Merchandise Value) for its seasoned and new sellers in 2019 alone. It did this by using this straightforward revenue generation approach.

Who Owns Stockx

StockX’s whole ownership structure is not presently available to the public. 

Given that the company is still privately held, it is not required to disclose those facts about its operations. 

Furthermore, it’s safe to presume that the company’s founders still have a sizable share. 

Nevertheless,  Josh Luber’s operational involvement decreased, but Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert probably owns a bigger share. 

Additionally, This is as a result of the fact that he practically used his funds to support the establishment of the business. 

On the other hand, Luber was not well recognized and had no history of being a founder. He probably had to give away a good chunk of the business as a result. 

Institutionally, it can be expected that Tiger Global Management and Altimeter Capital own a sizable share.

Tips for Selling on Stockx

There are a few things you should think about before making the most of your sales on StockX. So, below are our top recommendations for profiting on StockX. 

Buy used goods 

Many resellers make profits by buying sneakers as soon as they are released.  And holding onto them until the right time to resell them. Do you want to learn how to do it? Take these actions: 

  • In-demand sneakers can be found by searching. 
  • Purchase them on the day of release. 
  • Don’t immediately sell them. Wait for their worth to increase. 
  • Think about selling them when they are worth around two times as much. 

Get the shoes ready for shipping 

You are responsible for getting the shoes ready for delivery after a sale. Anyone working in e-commerce will tell you how important this stage is. 

Also, you’ll incur a 15% cancellation fee if you send the incorrect size, pair of shoes, or other misrepresentation. If you ever want to make money selling items online, pay close attention to this stage. 

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Activate the alerts 

Turn on notifications to receive alerts if there are price changes, new bidders, or things are sold. You’ll receive an email or a pop-up message on your phone. And the following is a simple process: 

  • In the upper right corner of the page, click “My account.” 
  • After hovering over it, select “Settings.” 
  • Make sure to flip the button and allow the notifications for anything you require under “Notifications” by scrolling down.


How does StockX make money? By now, you must have known the perfect answer to that question. The company’s business and revenue model is genius and fantastic.


How Much Profit do you Get From StockX?

As mentioned above, StockX facilitated more than 7.5 million trades totaling over $1.8 billion in gross merchandise value (GMV) on the marketplace in 2020ADD IMAGE

How Does Selling Work on StockX?

Buying and selling on StockX is simple. For sellers, you will create a listing for your product. Similar to auction sites like eBay, you can either list a product for sale or set up an asking price for bidding.

Why Does StockX Have so Many Fees?

As a Buyer on StockX, you are responsible for paying processing fees. You are also responsible for any customs duties and sales tax based on your shipping address.

FAQs on How Does Stockx Make Money | Full Guide

How much profit do you get from StockX?

As mentioned above, StockX facilitated more than 7.5 million trades totaling over $1.8 billion in gross merchandise value (GMV) on the marketplace in 2020

How does selling work on StockX?

Buying and selling on StockX is simple. For sellers, you will create a listing for your product. Similar to auction sites like eBay, you can either list a product for sale or set up an asking price for bidding.

Why does StockX have so many fees?

As a Buyer on StockX, you are responsible for paying processing fees. You are also responsible for any customs duties and sales tax based on your shipping address.



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