How to Make Money in Cyberpunk 2023 Full Guide | Business Review

How to Make Money in Cyberpunk 2022 Full Guide | Business Review
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Understanding how to make money on cyberpunk will help playing the game easier for you. This way you are not just playing the game, you are also earning some game money.

Cyberpunk 2077 is presently being played by over 30,000 people on Steam. According to SteamDB, many players have given the game another chance. The game’s 33,550 players are the highest number in a long time. 

However, there are a variety of ways to get wealthy in Cyberpunk 2077. If you prefer things to go at a more leisurely pace, simply play the game and finish missions. Over time, you’ll amass a sizable sum of eurodollars.

Furthermore, this article will teach you how to make money on cyberpunk. Keep reading.

What is Cyberpunk

Before we venture into how to make money on Cyberpunk, let’s see what it is. This is for those that are new to the game.

CD Projekt has created and published Cyberpunk 2077, an action role-playing computer game. Night City, an open world set in the Cyberpunk milieu, is the setting for the story. 

Furthermore, players adopt the first-person perspective of a configurable mercenary. It has hacking and mechanical talents as well as melee and ranged combat options. 

Interestingly, the plot follows V’s battle to deal with a mystery cybernetic implant. This implant  threatens to overwrite his body with the personality and memories of a deceased celebrity. Only V can perceive these memories. 

The two must work together if they are to be separated and V’s life saved. 

However, a team of around 500 people worked on the game using the REDengine 4. This is more than the number of people who worked on the studio’s previous game, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (2015). 

Furthermore, CD Projekt established a new division in Wrocaw, Poland. It collaborated on the project alongside Digital Scapes, Nvidia, QLOC, and Jali Research. 

Mike Pondsmith, the founder of cyberpunk, served as a consultant, and Keanu Reeves stars in the film. 

Furthermore, Marcin Przybyowicz led the original score, which included contributions from a number of licenced artists. 

CD Projekt published Cyberpunk 2077 for PlayStation 4, Stadia, Windows, and Xbox One. It was established on December 10, 2020. Later followed by PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S on February 15, 2022, after years of anticipation. 

Additionally, critics praised it for its story, setting, and graphics. While parts of its gameplay features garnered mixed reviews, and its themes and portrayal of transgender characters drew some criticism. 

It was also highly panned for bugs, especially in the console versions, which had performance issues. 

The game promises to be fun. So, how to make money on Cyberpunk you ask?, keep reading.

What Makes Cyberpunk so Special?

Cyberpunk 2077 is considerably improved after a year of patching. 

Cyberpunk 2077, formerly the stuff of innumerable jokes and memes, has suddenly become a game worth taking seriously. 

Maybe you bought the game but returned it or simply didn’t play it because of the criticism. Now could be the best moment to get it back.

Here’s why. 

Furthermore, 2021 was the year of fixes for CDPR. The Polish firm appears to have done little more than repair and update Cyberpunk 2077. Some early-year updates introduced new game-breaking issues, but the bulk gradually molded the game into an acceptable condition. 

It’s worth noting that the game’s 10+ updates in 2021 were all focused on fixing bugs and improving overall stability. 

However, this technique has gradually but steadily changed the game. It has transformed it into something incredibly enjoyable to play (at least on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X). 

People have been asking how to make money on Cyberpunk. These new features in the game will make earning money better.

The game’s 1.5 patches was just released this week, bringing with it a slew of new features. These include everything from bettering battle AI and crowd behavior to resolving tasks that wouldn’t finish for some players. It’s a substantial upgrade that gives the game a new layer of polish. 

Furthermore, this massive update brings new material and gameplay adjustments. It’s also the first free patch to offer a large quantity of new content. 

New weaponry, new apartments to buy across Night City. The long-awaited ability to modify your appearance after the intro. Completely reworked perk and loot systems are all included in this release. 

That’s a considerable amount of progress.  If you are asking how to make money on Cyberpunk? Check out these new features first.

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Cyberpunk Reviews

Before you check out how to make money on Cyberpunk, check out these google reviews.

Tim Smail

“Negative Stuff:

I did deal with a game progressing bug pre 1.22 patch for PS4. But given how good the game is I’m definitely willing to let it slide.

The side stuff can start feeling a bit samey after a while, so I strongly advise doing a handful at a time integrated with a decent amount of story

Positive Stuff:

The world build of Night City is an excellent and refreshing thing to see, particularly given how little other RPG/Open World games out there even come close to what Cyberpunk is (either that or I need to play a bigger variety of games). 

The gameplay dynamics are brilliant. Having the option to stealth it, go in swinging around your machete, or simply blaze your gun. All these, while also incorporating things like hack implants and the hacking technology itself, is a very nice touch and keeps the game pretty interesting in that regard…”.


“Cyberpunk feels for me like the greatest RPG of the decade. It revolutionizes the mechanics of side quests and character development and, without any doubt, emphasizes one’s decisions. One can discover the game anew simply by changing  V’s origin…”. 

Josh Reynolds

“I love Cyberpunk 2077 so far, despite its issues. I am a rabid consumer of side content in open world RPGs and I really enjoyed all the side content so far. From very dark subplots to sillier ones there are lots of wonderful, detailed little stories to unpack – some of which actually affect the main plot in unexpected ways…”

Micheal Kinsworthy

“This game is awful and let me tell you my experience so far (approx 7 hours in) The graphics are mediocre at best when doing anything…”

How to make money on Cyberpunk is next!

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How to Make Money on Cyberpunk

Below are ways to make money on Cyberpunk;

Sell Your Junk

When you initially start the game, you’ll want to get anything you can get your hands on. Pilfer anything that isn’t bolted down. 

However, using quick-hacks to steal money from NPCs can make them angry and hostile (which is understandable). Thus it’s preferable to nick the stuff strewn about Night City, which belongs to no one in particular. 

Even better, certain rubbish things can fetch as much as $750! 

Because most rubbish and consumables won’t add to your weight, you have free reign to swipe whatever you find around the room. 

In addition, when you’re talking to a seller, sell the things in bulk, and you’ll make a profit! Just keep in mind that one of the benefits you can get will automatically disassemble your garbage goods. Don’t use it because you’ll be wasting money.

Join the NCPD

Is it possible to get any more punk than joining the police force? Don’t respond to it. The game is about living out your rebellious fantasies and sticking it to the man. But there are times when you need to know (and be) the enemy to make some money. 

Additionally, your bank account will quickly fill up if you complete NCPD Reported Crimes all across the map. 

These missions and crime-fighting interventions are helpful for a couple of reasons. You’ll get paid well for these fast operations (which also give you XP). 

Also, you’ll frequently stumble across some decent stuff and garbage that can be sold for a reasonable amount after the mission. 

Furthermore, you can receive the most profit out of your time investment. Just make sure to follow the multi-part NCPD Reported Crimes to the end.

Recognize your intangible benefits 

Make careful to employ quick-hacks as much as possible from the start of the game to fill up your base Intelligence with points. 

However, you can unlock the Advanced Datamine perk in Breach Protocol if you reach level 5 Intelligence. You can boost the amount of money you take from Access Points. This is a result of this (which, as you may have noticed, is everywhere in Night City). 

Furthermore, level 1 raises your winnings by 50%, while Level 2 boosts your pilfering by 100%. 

When you combine this with the Extended Network Interface, you can clock access points further away. Also, you” ll be able to bloat your bank account with eddies while you’re out and about. 

Finally, if you’re finding this approach of earning money to be very profitable, don’t forget your Intelligence. Later in the game, you’ll need a higher Intelligence to access certain areas.

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Other Ways to Make Money on Cyberpunk

This is a bonus section to the query “how to make money on Cyberpunk”.

Complete Missions and Gigs

This is a very prominent part. 

The simplest way to gain money in the game is to play it the way it’s designed to be played.

Major and side missions offer the most lucrative rewards, with each assignment rewarding you with a substantial sum. 

Are you still short on cash or want to gain some decent upgrades before continuing with the main quest line? A few fixers scattered throughout the area will give you minor, lower-paying jobs. 

Also, completing jobs supplied by fixers also increases your Street Cred, which leads to more work. It’s a gratifying cycle of work and money that improves the gaming experience while rewarding you with physical items. 

Furthermore, are you having trouble keeping track of these gigs? A section in your diary is dedicated to them where you can see which ones you’ve finished and how well they pay. We hope you enjoy fetch missions!


Here is how to make money on Cyberpunk in 2023. That it’s from us, we wish you good luck! Play responsibly.


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How many copies Cyberpunk 2077 sold?

CD Project has claimed that Cyberpunk 2077 has sold over 18 million copies since its December 2020 release.

Is Cyberpunk 2077 The biggest flop?

Cyberpunk 2077 was the video game industry’s biggest flop of 2020. Its myriad glitches fueled the internet’s meme machine, and Sony Corp.

Why Cyberpunk 2077 failed?

Cyberpunk 2077 failed because it was released prematurely, due to extremely high expectations, and incompatibility with current-gen consoles. Because Cyberpunk 2077 ended up being released way too early, it suffered from dozens and dozens of bugs right from the start.

Did Cyberpunk 2077 make a profit?

After completing the Disastrous launch of Cyberpunk 2077, its creators lose $51 million in refunds. Due to the poor debut of the highly anticipated sci-fi role-playing game Cyberpunk 2077 in November, it appears that it shed a great deal of money altogether.

How much did Keanu Reeves get paid for Cyberpunk?

In addition to earning $10 million after his role in the project, Reeves went on to earn $436 million. That is, from a $60 million budget on grosses of $460 million.

As a result, Reeves would get another $35 million in return from the film due to its 10% back-end clause. People might not appreciate Keanu’s reps.

Did Cyberpunk 2077 get fixed?

Cyberpunk 2077 is finally in a playable state after all of the fixes and new additions following the Next-Generation Update and Patch 1.5. The game-breaking issues that resulted from the Patch 1.5 and Next-Generation update for Cyberpunk 2077 have been finally fixed.



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