Is Bubble Cash Legit? Bubble Cash Reviews

Like other game apps, you might wonder, Is Bubble Cash Legit?

Over the years, many gaming sites have been online with promises of play-to-earn. While some live up to expectations, others end up being a scam. 

Mobile gaming, especially with an Android or iOS device, has undoubtedly seen better days. Apart from helping you relax your muscles and have some fun with friends, mobile games offer something more. 

You can easily make cash by playing mobile games like Bubble Cash. It is available on most iOS devices and provides an enjoyable gaming experience. 

Best part? You can play Bubble Cash in your spare time and still earn some money. 

Stick around if you still have doubts about Bubble Cash or ask; Is Bubble Cash Legit?

We’ll let you know everything you need about Bubble Cash. 

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What is Bubble Cash?

Bube Cash is a mobile game app available for most iOS gadgets. Such as iPhones, Macs, iPods, etc. 

It is a “bubble shooter” game where players get to pop bubbles to gain points and increase their gaming score. 

Bubble Cash was developed by Papaya Gaming Limited, based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Like Bubble cash, Papaya has other gaming Apps like Solitaire Cash and Bingo Cash. 

These games have something in common: they earn money while playing. 

That’s not all. On March 18, 2022, Papaya’s popular game, Bubble Cash, was rated 4.6 out of 5. It also recorded about 54,000 ratings and reviews from users across the globe. 

Bubble Cash was ranked sixth in the casino category and is among the most popular games. 

Now, over to the question you are most likely curious about.

Is Bubble Cash Legit?

Yes, bubble cash is legit. As a bubble shooter game, it is mostly available at the store for iOS devices like iPhones, Macs, etc. 

So far, Bubble Cash has been rated 4.6 out of 5 and has about 54,000 ratings on the App Store. Also, it’s been rated 6th alongside other casino games, making it more classic. 

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How does Bubble Cash Work?

As one of the top Casino games, Bubble cash offers players a free and paid gaming experience. Here, players play to win tournaments alongside other players. 

Depending on your capacity and experience, you could win cash, in-game currencies, and even gems. 

If you intend to get on with Bubble cash, it’s pretty simple. 

On the gaming board, you find lots of colored bubbles made up of different colors. To begin, you have to shoot the bubbles with your finger. 

If you are lucky enough, the bubbles fall off the gaming board once up to two or more bubbles of the same color touch. As a player, your aim here is to finish up before time runs out, and this is done by clearing the bubbles on the board.

At the start of the game, there are 3 hearts available on the board. How long they stay all depends on your shots. 

A heart is off the board if you shoot a bubble that does not clear anything. However, a bubble shot that clears bubbles from the board will not cost you a heart. 

In other words, if you lose all hearts available on the board, Bubble cash refills the board with a bunch of bubbles and even gifts you 3 more hearts. 

Bubble Cash allows you to see incoming bubbles on the board to improve user performance. This way, you can analyze your shots before playing. 

On the board, bubbles stop bouncing off if it touches other bubbles. 

Bubble Cash checks the time remaining after clearing the board and how many boards and bubbles you clear to calculate a player’s score. 

Bubbles Cash has different game modes that allow you to face other players in a tournament. In this mode, the prizes go to the top 3 players in the tournament. 

What are the different game modes of Bubble Cash?

Bubble Cash offers different game modes that put you out there to compete with players in a tournament. 

They include;

1. Paid Games

Players deposit money into their cash balance, and in exchange, they play to win cash prizes. To increase your cash balance, add money to your balance, and play certain game modes to earn rewards. Or better still, refer friends to bubble cash. 

2. Freeroll

At freeroll, gems are available for you to play and win bonus cash prizes. 

3. Gems game

Playing this mode requires gems, and you win gems in return. Watch videos, collect daily rewards, and even win games to get gems. 

4. Limited time

This mode requires players to play after providing a cash balance. Just like the name, it is limited in time and might disappear after a while. 

Who can play Bubble Cash?

Since Bubble cash involves a bit of gambling, it is strictly for users 18 years and above.

To participate, bubble cash requires compatible iOS devices like iPad, Mac, and iPhone as it is not yet available for Android devices. Also, ensure your iOS device version is up to 10.2.

Bubble Cash may not be available in every country, but it sure is available in some states in the US. States like; Maryland, Iowa, Arizona, Louisiana, and Arkansas. 

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How to get Started with Bubble Cash?

Getting started with Bubble Cash is easy.

1. Go to the App Store and download Bubble Cash.

2. Click it open and select a username and avatar.

3. Practice some games to get acquainted with the game.

4. To create an account, tap the Account option and register an account.

5. To engage in cash tournaments, turn on your device’s location for Bubble Cash to see if you’re eligible.

6. Fill in the necessary details for your registration

7. Choose a game mode to start. 

How much can you earn with Bubble Cash?

If you love to have fun during your spare time, you might as well consider Bubble Cash. 

Although it does not make you rich, Bubble Cash is an avenue to make some cool cash during your leisure time. 

Certain game modes may require you to deposit $11 to play and win approximately $61. You must finish first, second, or third in the tournament to win the prize pool. 

The first position gets $24, the second is $15, and the third is $11. 

Bubble Cash also offers games with a $1 entry fee. In this game mode, you could win as low as $5. 

After the tournament, the first-place winner receives $2.20, the second-place winner receives $1.40, and the last-place winner receives only 80 cents. This means they lost some money. 

However, other ways exist to engage in the cash game modes without depositing an entry fee. You gain entry by participating in the freeroll mode or referring a friend to join. 

In freeroll mode, the features available include; a $7 bonus prize and a 1200 gem entry fee. From the first to the last position, players earn $4, $2, and $1. 

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Is Bubble Cash free?

Yes, Bubble cash is free to download. However, the cash game modes are not exactly free. 
The cash tournaments require you to deposit an entry fee to participate in-game with other players on the App. Here, you compete to win cash prizes.
But Bubble cash offers a freeroll mode where you can play for free to earn gems and even daily rewards. 

Is Bubble cash safe?

Yes, Bubble Cash is safe and legit for all users. Bubble Cash is a popular game among thousands of players. 
Here’s the reason: 
Bubble Cash is quite fun and exciting to engage in and, at the same time, gifts you cash prizes as well. 
Although it does not make you rich overnight, Bubble Cash offers users a legit source of income. They reward you for your time through cash prizes.

Is Bubble Cash worth paying for?

Yes, Bubble Cash is worth paying for.

It’s always an amazing experience playing your favorite bubble game and earning rewards in return. It’s every game lover’s wish not just to win tournaments but also earn rewards, especially in the form of cash. 

Is it difficult to earn money with Bubble Cash?

Yes, it may take some time to win tournaments, depending on how lucky you are. 
Players often feel unlucky after playing for hours without getting rewards. This could result from the random tournaments available on the game app. 

Therefore, many players find it disappointing after waiting a long time for a tournament. In other words, it appears the game might be for users looking for fun rather than those who want to earn money. 
If care is not taken, some users end up participating in other gaming Apps that offer the same features as Bubble Cash.

Can I make money with Bubble Cash?

Definitely! You can make money by engaging in the different game modes available at Bubble Cash. 

Getting started at Bubble Cash is straightforward. Set up an account, download the app, and complete the necessary account processes. 
If you’ve done this, you can start earning while playing.


Now, if you have been wondering, Is Bubble Cash Legit? Yes, Bubble Cash is safe and legit. 

Bubble Cash is among the popular going apps where users engage in gaming activities and earn rewards through cash prizes. 

It serves as a reward for game lovers. Here, they engage in their favorite games, have fun and make some cash in return.


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