What is Walmart’s Cash Back Limit? Paying with Credit and Debit Cards

What is Walmart's Cash back limit
What is Walmart’s Cash back limit

As one of the leading department stores, Walmart offers cashback to its customers. This way, you’ll have enough money to pay for your purchases and some left over. 

What’s more? It relieves the stress of visiting your local bank or looking for an ATM. You can easily shop and get some cash back at Walmart. 

Interestingly, Walmart provides cashback to customers who make purchases at the store and does so up to three times per day. 

However, you might be curious about Walmart’s cash-back limit. 

In this article, we provide information about Walmart and its cash-back policy. 

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Does Walmart Do Cash Back in 2023?

Yes, Walmart does cashback! Getting cashback at Walmart is very easy and achievable. 

Walmart offers you $20–100 in cash back simply by using any debit card for the purchase. The only requirement is that you purchase at the store to receive cashback. 

Cash backs come in multiples of $20, i.e., $20, $40, etc. This means your first purchase lands you a $20 cash back while another is $4o. 

However, Walmart offers you more than $100 cashback under special conditions. If you shop for items multiple times and request cash back on each transaction, you might have more than $100 cashback in one day. Pretty interesting, right?

What is Walmart’s Cashback limit?

Yes, there is a cash-back limit at Walmart. If you are unaware of Walmart’s cash-back limit, it’s high time we let you in on it.

So, what exactly is Walmart’s cash-back limit?

If you purchase items at Walmart with a personal check, your cash back limit is $20. However, all debit card purchases have $100 as their cash back limit. 

Each of the different registers used for transactions comes with a limited cash offer at Walmart. 

Therefore, there is a Walmart cash back limit to control how much cash back you get on each purchase.

To get more cash back at Walmart, you must purchase using the ATM as a payment method. 

Better still, you could register on separate registers while making separate transactions. 

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Do Walmart Charge fees for cash backs?

If you intend to withdraw some cash for payment of items purchased, Walmart does not charge fees for cash backs. The only cash they require is the exact amount for goods bought. 

If you bought an item worth $30 and paid with a $50 bill, Walmart gives you back $20 as a change without charging additional fees. 

However, it is mostly advised to look at the cash back services available at the store closest to you to ascertain whether or not they charge fees. 

If you ever request cash back, ensure you purchase items, or you could risk either withdrawing at a bank or using the ATM available at the store. 

When can you get cash back at Walmart?

Wondering when the best time to get cash back at Walmart is?

The good news is that you can get cash back at any point in time. This is large because most Walmart sites are open and available 24 hours every day. 

This makes it convenient for easy use and accessibility. 

However, the operating hours of some stores differ according to their location. While some stay up as far as 24 hours every day, others might be operating from 6 am -11 pm. 

To be safe, it’s advisable to confirm whether or not your local store is open and available for cashback. To do this, input your ZIP code to the store locator. 

This way, you save yourself the stress of visiting your local store when it is closed. 

How do you get Cash back at Walmart?

Getting cash back at Walmart is straightforward. It only requires some simple steps, and you are good to go. 

Walmart offers cash back methods to customers using different types of cards for payment. By using;

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Debit Card

  1. Make your way to the register and present the products purchased. 
  2. Put your card into the machine and choose ‘debit card’ as a payment option. 
  3. Indicate ‘Yes’ and input the amount you intend to get on cash back. 
  4. Next, input your pin in the empty box. If you want a cash back, ensure the machine brings out the cash back option for you, or you might need to inform the cashier. 
  5. After selecting the amount, you will notice a correspondence with the reduced cash from your account. 
  6. Finally, you can now get your cash back from the cashier. 

Credit Card

Walmart does not offer you cashback if you pay with a credit card. 

Why? Because receiving cashback with a credit card appears to be a cash advance. This way, a credit card attracts extra fees on any purchase made. 

Personal Checks

Apart from debit cards, a personal check is allowed to get cashback at Walmart. 

Here are simple steps to follow to get a cashback on any purchase using a personal check;

  1. Check out at the register.
  2. Enquire from the cashier about the possibility of paying through a personal check. Ensure you have an authentic government-approved ID. 
  3. Pay for items bought and get a cashback once you check out. 
  4. The cashier usually checks the validity of your check through a scan. If it’s accepted, they hand you a receipt. 

What are the Requirements for getting Cash back at Walmart?

Getting cash back at Walmart is easy and requires a few steps.

Firstly, you have to ensure you purchase items from Walmart. Also, the purchase has to be with a debit card. All purchases with a debit card qualify you for cash back at Walmart. 

You get cashback at Walmart’s self-checkout station by purchasing items with a debit card. 

Purchasing items with a credit card is not advisable as it incurs additional fees. 

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How do you get cash back when paying with a personal check at Walmart?

Cashback is available at Walmart by paying for purchases using a personal check. 

While at the register, notify the cashier of your intentions to pay with a personal check and request cash back. You must provide a valid photo ID before processing and scanning your check. 

After this, you can receive a $20 cash back by paying with a personal check. 

Does Walmart give you cash back on returns?

Most times, Walmart gives you cash whenever you return a product. The amount used in the purchase is either given as cash or sent to the card used in the payment. 

Other times, Walmart offers you an exchange option for your refund or a different means of payment. It doesn’t necessarily have to come in cash.

A Walmart gift card or shopping card is given to customers who return items without the credit card used for the first payment. 

Similarly, Walmart sends you back the exact purchase amount if you purchased the items with a gift card or, better still, issues a new gift card to you, as the case may be.

In any case, for a normal refund, you will receive the sticker price amount and any taxes and fees associated with the purchase.

Can you get a cashback when using a Walmart gift card?

Walmart does not offer cash back on gift cards or advance cash back. In other words, you can’t exchange gift cards for cash. 

However, a few states have established certain criteria for receiving cash back on gift cards. if only you’re willing to put in the work.

Your gift card must have at least $5 to meet this criterion. 

Here’s how it works;

1. While shopping at Walmart, pick out an item worth more than the amount available in your gift card.

2. No worries; Walmart’s gift cards range from as low as $10 to $50. If you’re on a budget, purchase an item $5 higher than the amount in your debit card or cash. 

3. Proceed to pay for the items with either a debit card or cash.

4. After the purchase, take home your item and keep it safe and intact. Do not use it.

5. Return the item within 14 days and the receipt received during purchase. 

6. Now, you can get a refund of the exact purchase amount without issues. You have to present your payment receipt and the purchased item intact. 

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Can I get $10 cash back at Walmart?

In most cases, Walmart does not provide customers with a $10 cashback. Cash backs usually receive cash backs in multiples of $20, i.e., $20, $40, $60, etc.
Walmart’s cashback limit is $100 for transactions with debit cards and $20 for all personal checks. 

When you ask for cash back at Walmart, does it appear as a separate transaction?

No, it doesn’t show up as a separate transaction. Since it isn’t a part of the payment, it’s included in your total amount at the end of the receipt as a change.

Can you get cash back at Walmart with a credit card?

You can’t get cash back at Walmart with a credit card. Cashback is available only for purchases made with debit cards. 
However, if you intend to purchase and get a cashback with a credit card, get ready for the accompa

How much cash back can you get at Walmart?

Walmart offers you cash back within $20-$100 on purchases made with debit cards. 

Does Walmart charge for cash back at the register”

No, they don’t. Walmart offers free cash back for in-store purchases. You are only required to pay for items purchased by withdrawing cash at the ATM or, better still, paying with a personal check. The latter method guarantees you a minimum of $20 cash back. 

Can you pay with cash at Walmart self-check-out?

Sure, you can! Paying with cash at Walmart check-out is easier than you thought. Simply insert it just like you do with a vending machine. After this, the machine offers you a receipt and your change. 

Can you manually enter your credit card at self-checkout?

The answer is YES. You can enter your credit card manually at the self-checkout. 

Is cash back difficult to receive cash back in stores like Walmart?

No, it’s not. Receiving cashback is a straightforward process. 
If you intend to receive cash back, you have to purchase with your debit card and get a cashback.

Cash backs come in multiples of $20, so if you want more cash backs, you could receive that by making separate transactions at the register.


If you are a regular visitor at Walmart, you must have received cash back on items purchased with a debit card. Getting a cashback is a straightforward process. 

The first requirement for getting cash back at Walmart is making a purchase. Each purchase earns you a cashback of $20. 

Additionally, you are to make payments for items purchased with a debit card. 

Using a credit card to pay for items purchased incurs lots of fees and doesn’t earn you cash back. Therefore, the best way to receive cashback is by purchasing with a debit card.

Lastly, Walmart’s cashback limit is between $20-$100 on transactions made with debit cards. 

Keeping this in mind, you can easily request a cashback when shopping at your favorite retailer, Walmart. 









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