21 Best Consignment Shops Near Me in 2021 (Buy & Sell Item)

Best Consignment Shops Near Me
Consignment Shops Near Me. Consignment store
Consignment shops
Best Consignment Shops Near Me,
Nearby consignment shop
Consignment Shops Near Me

Looking for a consignment shop nearby or online? Are you one of those people who has a closet full of items they never wear? Do you have an attic full of items that no longer serve a role in your life and that you refuse to give away for free? Are you strapped for cash and looking for a way to generate some additional money?

If you answered yes to any or all of those questions, a consignment shop could be the solution you’re looking for.

On the other hand, if you’re strapped for cash but looking for cheap clothes, electronics, appliances, and furniture, a consignment shop can be the place to go.

In this article, we’ll look at the greatest consignment shops so you know where to start. We’ll explore the best consignment shops in 2021, both online and in your neighborhood.  These will assist you in both saving and earning money.

Why Should You Sell at Consignment Shops?


Let’s face it: we’d all like to have some additional cash. Even if you are the most organized, minimalist, and frugal person on the planet, I’m sure you have goods that you no longer need.

Whether it’s a few pairs of shoes or articles of clothes that have outlived their usefulness in your life, there must be something you can break ties with and sell.

Whether it’s a few pairs of shoes or articles of clothes that have outlived their usefulness in your life, there must be something you can break ties with and sell.

Toys, furniture, and baby items that your children have outgrown are ideal for selling to consignment shops. The simple truth is that selling to consignment stores can help you make extra money.

Typically, the initial rate offered to sellers for most items is 30% of the list price. If the seller agrees to accept store items instead of cash, store credit usually sweetens the deal by roughly 50%. This is entirely negotiable, but it is an excellent starting point.


On the other side, you most likely have a room full of goods that you want to get rid of, but you’re scratching your head trying to figure out how to sell them. Nearby Consignment shops are an excellent choice. It’s simply a matter of determining which store is best for you.

As a result, you earn money while getting rid of unnecessary objects in your home. It truly is a win-win situation. Being compensated to clear out clutter? Oh, yes!

Nearby consignment shops – declutter pile of clothes.


One significant advantage of consignment businesses is that they are quite discreet. It’s not much different than going on a regular visit.

You simply call the store, organize your items, and sign an agreement. Consignment stores are far less intrusive than yard sales or placing advertising on social media!

You’ll never have to engage with strangers or reveal your address this way. Stay away from those awkward talks. You know why you’re selling your belongings and don’t need to explain it to anyone. Nobody knows what you’re up to, and your privacy is protected.


Consignment shops are also often warm and friendly. They are often private, family-owned and operated small companies.

As a result, they have the “mom and pops” ambience associated with those establishments. You should not be scared by the transaction, and it should be as informal as possible.


Consignment shops typically sell a diverse range of products under one roof. The same store, for example, may sell clothing, toys, and furnishings. As a result, the selling experience is as simple as it can be.

Most, if not all, of the stuff you’re seeking to get rid of, would be accepted by a single shop. Clothing, shoes, furniture, luxury goods, guitars, and other items are available in a consignment shop nearby or online.


Most consignment shops nearby have set prices for specific things. Shoes, for example, could be $10 and shirts, $5. Likewise, furniture, toys, and electronics would be classified according to the shop’s price ranges.

Finally, it is up to you, the seller, to accept to let your stuff go for whatever price you are offered. Also, if your items do not sell within a specified time frame, you have the option of keeping them or lowering the selling price.

The higher the price at which the item is sold, the more money you make and the less money the merchant keeps a commission. Therefore, it is in everyone’s best interest to get the greatest price possible for the goods.

In general, the procedure is quite fair to all parties concerned.


Many consignment stores nearby or online provide sellers with the option of obtaining store credit at a lower interest rate than the dollar worth of the items being sold.

If you don’t want to take the cash, you might be able to walk away with $60 worth of shop stuff in exchange for $50 worth of your items.

Overall, because consignment shops provide a wide range of products, you may be able to “swap” your baby’s used items for some furniture that appeals to you. The possibilities are limitless.

Why You Should Buy at a Consignment Store?


Let’s get this one out of the way first. We’re all looking for good discounts and attempting to stretch our money as far as we can. Consignment shops are a good place to find high-quality products at reasonable costs. And consignment shops are becoming increasingly popular for this.

According to a survey by The Shelf, buying from resale shops is no longer just for low-income people and grandmothers… It’s being done by everyone!


Every day, fresh things arrive at consignment shops. As a result, buyers have a wide range of possibilities from which to pick.

Furthermore, there is always something new to see. You might not have obtained what you wanted yesterday, but it’s worth another try before paying full list price at a department shop.


Nearby consignment stores sell everything they receive. These things were formerly personal possessions of previous owners. Technically, they are the personal belongings of the original owner until you buy them.

These shops can be a gold mine for name brand items. Additionally, store owners screen the products they accept to ensure that they are trendy and seasonal.

Because the last thing a business owner wants is a store full of worthless rubbish, they stock trendy, attractive things.


The owners of the Consignment shops do not accept rubbish. The items must be of high quality. It is a safe alternative for the buyer to go to the store and feel certain that they will acquire products of a reasonable quality.


Department shops can have a monotonous vibe to them since they are crowded with what appears to be a maze of similar, dull things.

Consignment shops are strewn with gems, both literal and figurative. You never know what treasures you’ll find!


Personally, I am a major supporter of small enterprises. A small business is a mother and father striving to put food on the table and send their children to college.

Giving them a sale has far higher personal consequences than giving them your money!


The more we recycle and reuse, the less trash ends up in landfills. Supporting consignment shops near me and you essentially prevents those products from going to waste.

Online Consignment Store vs. Physical Store (Brick And Mortar)

Now that you know how consignment shops work, you need to choose the best type for you.

If you’re looking for “best consignment shops near me,” or “women’s consignment shops near me”, or “furniture consignment shops near me,” you’re definitely looking for a physical store. But, before you make your final choice, you need to understand the distinction between the two.

Consignment shops are classified into two types: online consignment stores and traditional brick and mortar stores.

A brick and mortar store, as you may know, is your usual neighbourhood shop with a physical location. This is the practiced business concept that comes with a physical address and a front door through which you may enter.

Online consignment stores have recently gained prominence. You can build your own online store for buying and selling things using a consignment model if you desire. There are, however, a plethora of online sites and apps that specialize in precisely this.

Basically, you need to choose one that specializes in your product category and follow their guidelines.

Special concerns such as extra packaging for fragile items may need to be considered depending on the nature of your items and if you are a seller, as you will be liable for delivery.

If you think online consignment shops is more your thing, have a look at the list below!

The Best Online Consignment Shops

1. thredUP

thredUP is the world’s largest consignment and thrift shop, selling women’s, children’s, and even maternity clothes.

I had never used thredUP before, but I wanted to experience what it was like. So after I signed up, I went for a look around on the site. I started by looking through the designer area to see what they had. For example, I saw a pair of black high top Prada tennis shoes for $149 and diamond-encrusted Christian Louboutin heels for $1,599.

For orders of $79 or more, shipping is free.

If you want to get rid of your belongings, there is a “Clean Out” area on the top menu that allows you to order a “Clean Out Kit,” which comes in three varieties.

These three varieties include:

  • Free Donation Bag: This signifies you’re willing to let go of anything you send them, and whatever they don’t take, they’ll donate to charity.
  • Free Standard Bag: ThredUP will pay you for any products they accept. The remainder will be returned to you; however, processing time may take up to three weeks.
  • $16 Expedited Bag: You get paid for the things accepted by thredUP, but $16 will be withheld from your earnings, and any balance will be processed within a week.

Sellers can expect to collect anything from 5% of the sale price for women’s clothing worth less than $14.99 to 80% of the price for things estimated to sell for $300 or more.

If you want to know how much your items are worth before submitting them to thredUP, you can use their payout calculator.

2. Poshmark

Poshmark is an app, but you can also browse through apparel, furniture, shoes, bags, jewelry, and other accessories on the desktop version. So even though it is not technically a consignment shop, you can find gently used clothing and accessories at a reasonable price.

The app is fantastic since it is quite simple to engage with the buyer or seller, as well as to like products and ask and answer questions.

If you’re looking for apparel or shoes in your size, you may create a filter to only show items within your size.

You may also attend Poshmark parties to see new things from your favorite vendors.

Poshmark Selling Instructions

If you want to sell something on Poshmark, you may take a photo and post it right from the app. Poshmark charges a flat cost of $6.95 and earns a 20% commission on final sales.

When you sell an item, just print out the pre-made Poshmark mailing label and drop it in the mailbox. When the buyer receives the item, they are obligated to inspect it before “accepting” it. Then you’ll get paid.

Poshmark charges a fixed fee of $2.95 for items priced less than $15. Poshmark charges a 20% commission on higher-priced items.

When your item sells on Poshmark, they send you a prepaid shipping label (which you can simply print from your printer), so you can mail it to the buyer.

3. Worthy

Worthy is an excellent option for consigning fine jewelry. Everything from diamond rings to watches to bracelets is available for sale. This is how it works.

You use Worthy‘s secure delivery mechanism to send your jewelry pieces to them. When your jewelry arrives, it will be logged in and added to Worthy’s tracking system.

A professionally certified lab will then grade the stones. Following that, it will be cleaned and polished, and professional photographs will be taken.

After you consult with Worthy representatives to negotiate a price, the artifacts will be listed on Worthy’s auction site. When it sells, Worthy sends you your money back, less their commission.

Worthy’s commission rate ranges from 10% to 18%, depending on the sale price of each item of jewelry you list with them.

Worthy is an excellent option for consigning fine jewelry. Everything from diamond rings to watches to bracelets is available for sale. This is how it works.

  • You use Worthy’s secure delivery mechanism to send your jewelry pieces to them. When your jewelry arrives, it will be logged in and added to Worthy’s tracking system.
  • A professionally certified lab will then grade the stones. Following that, it will be cleaned and polished, and professional photographs will be taken.
  • After you consult with Worthy representatives to negotiate a price, the artifacts will be listed on Worthy’s auction site. When it sells, Worthy sends you your money back, less their commission.

Worthy’s commission rate ranges from 10% to 18%, depending on the sale price of each item of jewelry you list with them.

4. The RealReal

Do you have a large collection of high-end luxury items? Consider Rodeo Drive rather than the mall. Burberry, Chanel, and Hermes are a few examples.

If so, The RealReal is one of the best online consignment sites for designer duds. Similarly to thredUP, you request a shipping bag with pre-paid postage to drop off your clothing at the post office. They also provide in-home pick-up.

If your items are successfully sold online, you will be compensated on a sliding basis. Sales of less than $1,500 and items priced less than $120 receive a commission of 55%.

If you sell more than $10,000, you will receive a 70% commission. In addition, fine watches and all Hermes Birkin bags are subject to an 80% commission.

If your item does not sell within a year, it will be returned to you. (You are responsible for shipping.) Otherwise, the unsold things may be donated to a charitable organization.

On their website, you can also use a free price estimate calculator to get an idea of how much you might receive before mailing in your stuff.

5. Chairish

Chairish specializes in offering elegant and antique furniture as well as home accessories. You begin by listing your item, like you would in any consignment shop. Then, when it sells, Chairish deducts its commission rate from your profits.

The company provides advice on photographing and listing your products. The commission rate you pay depends on your selling status. You’ll pay a 30% fee if you’re a new seller with fewer than ten items listed.

When you advance to a higher seller status, your commission rate decreases. Chairish also assists you with pricing via the site’s help center.

Payment can be made using PayPal or Direct Deposit.

6. Vestiaire Collective 

Vestiare Collective is an online consignment shop that allows you to sell men’s and women’s apparel, accessories, and jewelry. The website also sells certain children’s apparel.

To begin, use the Vestiaire Collective app to list the items you want to sell. According to the company’s website, the app is simple to use, and you may list your item in approximately 60 seconds.

The curators at Vestiaire Collective will optimize the photos you use in your listing. Then, when your item sells, you ship it to Vestiaire Collective for free.

The team’s employees check each item for quality and authenticity before being shipped to the buyer. When the transaction is completed, you will be paid up to 80% of the sales price. Unfortunately, the website does not explain how they calculate your commission percentage.

7. Rebag

Rebag assists you in selling designer handbags. If you want to sell, you can upload your images and get an online quote. If you like the quote, you may request a free shipping label from Rebag and send in your bag.

After they inspect your item, they will send you an email informing you that they want your bag and that it meets the description you provided. They will then pay you by check or ACH deposit. If you decline their offer, they will return the bag to you at no cost.

If they discover that the bag is not in the expected condition, they will issue you a revised offer. You have the option of accepting or rejecting the updated offer. If you refuse it, they will return your bags back to you.

It is important to note that Rebag generally only accepts bags in near-perfect condition.

8. Tradesy

Tradesy makes it easy to sell designer handbags, shoes, and clothes. To begin, use Tradesy’s simple app to list your designer item. Then, it only takes a few moments.

Tradesy will assist you with pricing and photography tips. Then, when your item sells, they will help you in deciding on a shipping method.

Tradesy will pay you at least 80% of the sales price after the buyer receives your item. Tradesy will either deposit the funds into your bank account or credit you to purchase designer items on Tradesy.

9. Mercari

Mercari is an online store that allows you to sell designer handbags, apparel and fashion products, gadgets, toys, and other items. You handle the listing (which is simple and takes only a few minutes) and shipping the item after it sells.

Mercari assists you with shipping by providing cost-effective shipping options. Alternatively, you can provide free delivery, and Mercari will deduct the shipping costs from your payment. A variety of things determine the fees you pay. For further information, see the Mercari website.

When your item sells, you will be paid by Direct Deposit or Instant Pay.

10. eBay

eBay is an excellent place to sell your designer clothing and earn some additional cash. Their used goods marketplace is massive, with millions of people buying and selling everything from apparel to artwork to cars.

When you sign up for a selling account, you will receive 50 free listings each month. When your things sell, eBay takes a 10% part of the final sale price. Keep in mind that certain payment methods may incur additional charges.

When selling on eBay or anywhere else, make sure to take very decent photos. Examine what your competitors are doing and ensure that your photographs are crisp, taken in strong light, and easy for an online shopper to get a sense of.

When I advertise an item on eBay, I usually take a tape measure along the sides of the item before photographing it. It allows both the customer and the vendor to immediately determine how long or wide the item is.

If the item is little, such as jewelry, include an easily recognized item, such as a penny, in the shot. It assists the potential buyer in determining how huge or little the item is, which might be difficult to determine from the snapshot.

When you sell on eBay, you can readily check what other sellers have priced the item for, so consider shipping it for free and selling it for a few dollars less to stay competitive.

If I need to get rid of an item quickly or believe it won’t sell, I use the “Best Offer” option and set it to automatically accept bids that are 20% lower than the price I’ve set.

Local Brick and Mortar Consignment Shops Nearby

Simply Google ‘Consignment shops near me,’ and a list of popular shops in the United States will surface. Here are a few things to keep in mind while selling gently used items at any consignment store.

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • Keep your driver’s license or ID on you at all times. 
  • Only bring the best of your items that are in good shape and can be worn during the season. 
  • Make sure you go on a weekday rather than a weekend, as these stores are sometimes overcrowded on Saturdays and Sundays.

The following is a list of some of the best consignment shops. Some have only one store, while others have many outlets around the United States.

11`. Plato’s Closet

Plato’s Closet buys and sells gently worn apparel for teenagers and twenty-something men and women. They are a secondhand clothing store with a broad range of current trends, shoes, purses, and accessories. So whether you’re looking for a casual outfit or something to wear out with your buddies, they have what you’re looking for.

Here’s where you can find a consignment store near you.

12. Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo_Exchange currently operates 49 stores in 17 states and is based in Tucson, Arizona, where Kerstin Block founded her first store in 1974. Buffalo Exchange allows you to buy, sell, or trade your clothes and accessories for cash or trade on the spot. In addition, you can shop for both men’s and women’s apparel.

Here’s where you can find a consignment store near you.

13. WasteLand

Visit any Wasteland store with clothing, shoes, and accessories. They buy from 12 to 6 p.m. daily, seven days a week, including weekends!

You should expect a wait time of 5-20 minutes on average. Please ensure that your garments are clean and in new or nearly new condition, as they are all about quality.

Here’s where you can find a consignment shop near you.

14. Beacon’s Closet 

Beacon’s Closet buys, sells, and exchanges vintage and modern clothing on a walk-in basis seven days a week.

In New York, they offer the best percentages.

Here’s where you can find a consignment store near you.

15. Crossroads Trading 

Crossroads Trading allows you to sell your clothing in one of their stores near you or over mail. They call it fashion whether it’s recycled, resale, vintage, consignment, or thrift.

Here’s where you can find a consignment store near you.

16. Once Upon a Child

You can sell your children’s clothing, shoes, toys, and baby items on Once Upon a Child. Bring in your fairly used things, and a store representative will inspect them to determine the best price for you. If you accept the offer, you will be paid in cash immediately.

Here’s where you can find children’s consignment store near you.

17. Play It Again Sports

Do you have any old sports or fitness equipment you’d like to sell?

The store will decide whether to sell your item on consignment or pay you cash immediately.

Here’s where you can find sports consignment store near you.

18. Style Encore 

Style Encore offers clothes, cash, and confidence. With up to 90% off regular retail prices and the chance for cash on the spot when you sell to them. Style Encore is a place to sell fairly used apparel, shoes, jewelry, purses, and accessories. ​It majorly focuses on women clothing.

Here’s where you can find women consignment store near you and Consignment shops near you with prom dresses.

19.Guitar Center

This one is unique in that you can sell used musical instruments here. Guitar Center is the world’s largest store of musical instruments. You can buy or sell Guitars, Bass, Drums, Amps, DJ, Keyboards, Pro-Audio, and other musical instruments. Searching for a guitar for sale at a consignment shop near me. Guitar center near me? 

Here’s where you can find a Musical instrument consignment store near you.

20. Awoke Vintage

Awoke Vintage has three locations in Brooklyn. If you have vintage clothing to sell, this is the place. This brand is amazing because they are highly active on social media and consumers may shop on their Instagram.

Here’s where you can find a Consignment shop near you that buy clothes.

21. Music_Go Round

Music Go Round is another store where you can sell your used musical instruments. The store will pay you immediately by check.

Here’s where you can find a Musical instrument consignment store near you.

Summary of Consignment Shops Near Me

There’s nothing to worry about if you don’t live in a big city and there aren’t any consignment shops nearby. You can still make a lot of money selling your old clothes and other used stuff.

All you need is a smartphone and a good internet connection (or even free internet). There are numerous online consignment shops where you can sell and buy second hand items. Some well-known examples are listed above, but you can also visit a small consignment shop near you!

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