Does 7-11 do Cash Back at the Register? | How do I get Cash Back?

does 711 do cash back
does 711 do cash back

Does 7-11 do cash back? In this blog post, you will find all you need to know about 711, including whether or not they do cash backs.

Offering a cashback benefit to customers is one approach to retaining customers so that they purchase more and even come back to the store some other time.

This is one business tactic that some big stores (think of Walmart and Target) and businesses (think of Oaka Supercity, Joanna Goodbite, and the like) put into place to retain their customers and get them to come back some other time.

Customers have been known to like the idea of getting cash back as it gives them a level of purchase security and enables them to purchase and transact without fear. The cashback offer creates a sense of purchase security in customers’ minds and builds loyalty, which is why brands, stores, and businesses engage in cashback offers.

Creating a cashback offer is a tactic to gain a competitive advantage over other businesses.

In this article, we shall consider the 7-11 stores and whether or not they offer cashback.

Let’s hop right in.

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What is a Cashback Offer? 

Before discussing the 7-11 stores and whether or not they offer cashback, it is important to know what a Cashback offer is.

Cashback offers are rewards offered to customers on their purchase of goods. Through cashback, customers earn money back on purchases.

Therefore, a cashback offer is a credit card benefit that refunds the cardholder’s account a percentage of the amount spent on purchases. Usually, the cardholder in this context is the customer who purchases at stores. 

The amount customers get as cashback differs from store to store, brand to brand, and business to business. Some stores might offer a small percentage of the purchase amount on every purchase, while some brands might not offer cashback. Instead, they might set specific times and days when they offer incentives (in the form of cashback) only on those specific days and times.

Most times, businesses and stores engage in cashback offers to get new customers and also get these new customers to keep making purchases. They also engage in cashback to keep new customers from competitors.

Each business, brand, or store has the liberty to choose whatever percentage to offer customers as cashback; Customers only have to purchase and get a cashback offer.

Why do Businesses, Stores, and Brands Engage in Cashback offers?

Businesses and brands offer cashback for various reasons that best suit and benefit them. What, then, are these reasons?

The following are reasons why businesses engage in cashback offers as incentives:

1. To Encourage Regular Purchases and Develop Loyalty in Customers:

One foundation of marketing is that for everything humans receive, they most likely want to offer something in return. Whatever is to be offered in return could be anything from money to referrals. On this basis, businesses offer customers cashback to reward them for being loyal and making purchases repeatedly.

Customer loyalty is quite a big deal for businesses that are serious about what they do. And offering incentives in the form of cashback is one proven way to build customer loyalty.

Cashbacks let customers know that they are most likely to get cashback whenever they visit the stores and make purchases from businesses they are loyal to. This would increase the frequency of their visit and purchase. 

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2. It Abolishes the Need to Offer Discounts.

Let’s face it: discounts are more expensive and less profitable than cashback offers. Some businesses offer discounts for customer acquisition and a list of other reasons. However, in the long run, with frequent discount offers, these businesses experience a reduction in profit.

With the advent of cashback, the need for discounts has been abolished. Instead of offering a certain price percentage off the number of their goods, they offer a percentage of cashback.

With cashback, businesses know that they will get their full amount in the bank, and then, at specific times, they give back a few of their profits as cashback to customers.

Introducing the 7-11 Store.

The 7-11 Store (stylized as 7-Eleven) is an American multinational chain of retail stores that operates on a 24-hour basis.

The 7-11 chain of convenience stores has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and was founded in 1927.

The 7-Eleven store initially began as an ice house storefront in Dallas. Between 1928 and 1946, the 7-Eleven store was named Tote’m Stores. However, after a huge percentage of the store—say, 70%—was acquired by an affiliate in 1991, the store was renamed and recognized as a subsidiary of the Seven & Holdings Company.

The rename of 7-Eleven from Tote’m stored to 7-Eleven came due to its operating hours. Before 7-Eleven began operating on a 24-hour basis, the store was only open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. (Yeah, you guessed right from its name).

However, in 1963, the operating hours changed from 7-11 to a 24-hour basis, which was not intentional but accidental. 

On that fateful night in 1963, the store had stayed past its closing time of 11 p.m. as a University close to it had gotten busy after a football match. Seeing they made good sales that night, 7-11 decided to extend their closing hours and keep the store open 24/7. It didn’t take long before the other 7-11 stores took the cue and stayed open 24/7

As of November 2021, 7-Eleven operates and has licensed over 78,000 stores in 19 countries.

Does 7-11 do Cash Back?

Considering the popularity of 7-11 stores, it makes sense that customers (both potential and current customers) would want to know whether or not 7-11 offers cashback.

Much to the advantage of customers. 7-Eleven is one of the numerous stores that give cashback offers on debit card purchases. All of the 7-11 stores give a cashback offer of up to 10 dollars for each transaction.

One thing, however, is that the provision of the cashback offer is not within the service of the 7-11 company itself. The cashback is dependent on individual 7-Eleven stores.

This means that the 7-11 company as a whole did not officially announce the introduction of the cashback offer in its stores. Instead, retail stores under the 7-11 company go-ahead to offer cashback to build customer loyalty, retainability, and customer acquisition. The 7-11 company did not officially lay down the rule of cashback by itself. Rather, individual stores did.

The amount and percentage of cashback offered by the chain of 7-11 stores differ. Almost all 7-Eleven store chains do not charge an additional fee on the prices of goods in a bid to offer cashback which is to the huge benefit of customers. 

This huge advantage that comes with the cashback offer makes customers make purchases over and over again. And customers can claim their cashback whenever needed because the store is always open 24 hours.

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How Does 7-11 do Cash Back?

As mentioned before, the 7-Eleven company did not officially announce the introduction of the cashback offer. The whole decision to offer cashback lies in the hands of the 7-Eleven retail store owners.

Now, to get qualified for the cashback offers at 7-Eleven stores, customers need to make a purchase and make payment with a debit card. It is important to note that at 7-Eleven stores, credit cards do not work for cashback. And also, the purchase amount needed to qualify for a cashback varies from one 7-Eleven retail store to the other. But more often than not, the purchase amount needed to qualify for a cashback ranges from 1 dollar to 10 dollars.

After making purchases, customers could ask the cashier at the store counter whether or not cashback offers are available at that particular store.

Once the cashier has confirmed the availability of the cashback offer, the customer will get the offer as soon as payment is made with the debit card.

In a nutshell, the simple procedures that have to be followed for a customer to get cashback from 7-Eleven stores are as follows:

  • Search for the nearest 7-Eleven store to you. You carry out your search using a store locator.
  • Purchase the products you need.
  • Make purchase payments at the store’s counter.
  • Be sure to ask the cashier at the counter if a cashback offer is available.
  • Once the availability of the cashback offer is confirmed, make payment strictly using your debit card. 
  • Enter the amount needed for cashback.
  • After the pin has been entered and the necessary procedures for payment are made, collect your cash and receipt.

And there you have it easy.

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Does 7-11 do Cash Back? FAQs.

What is the Best Way to Get Cash Back at 7-11 Stores?

As long as the store offers cashback, making payments using a debit card remains the easiest option for cashback. Given the ease of withdrawal to the account, this method of receiving cashback is the most recommended.

Does 7-Eleven Currently Allow Cash Back as of 2023?

Yes, some 7-Eleven stores still give cashback offers at present. However, it is essential to note that the decision to give cashback and the percentage of cash to be given back to customers is wholly dependent on the managers of the respective stores.

Does 7-Eleven Accept Cheques for Cashback Offers?

Like many retail convenience stores, 7-Eleven stores do not accept checks for cashback offers because of the hazardous and time-consuming nature of using checks for purchases. Instead, a credit card is preferred.


Cashbacks are a good way to build customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty. Considering the popularity and a large number of retail stores that 7-11 has, it can only make sense that some stores offer cashback. 

7-11 stores that offer Cashbacks have simple procedures that customers can follow to claim their offers. The process is simple and favorable to customers without stressing the store’s finances.





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