Does CVS Sell Condoms | What Stores Sell Condoms in 2022?


Does CVS sell condoms? Of course, yes, you can get packs of condoms at Consumer Value Store (CVS) to spice up your quickie.

Meanwhile, this summer, CVS, one of the nation’s biggest drug store chains, was chastised for putting condoms behind lock and key.

Although CVS sells different brands of condoms that aid in satisfying your sexual pleasure so, why are condoms kept locked here?

You are about to find out why in this article. Read through!

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Does CVS Sell Condoms?

Of course, yes, Consumer Value Store(CVS) sell condoms. Currently, they are putting up roadblocks to products that can help save lives. Is this unjustifiable? You will get the kernel sooner; scroll with me.

Meanwhile, condoms have been shown to help prevent sexually transmitted illnesses (including HIV) and unplanned pregnancies. CVS has remained loyal to supplying condoms to its customers.

You know what? If you visit a CVS shop looking for condoms, you’d have a 50% chance of encountering a brick wall. Surprised?

This glass-case brick wall was designated for areas with the greatest need for contraception—wards with the highest HIV incidence. So, if you fall within this category, once you hit CVS, locate this spot.

But hey! To easily locate this spot and obtain a three-pack of Trojans, inform a staff who will accompany you to the glass condom case.

Unlock it, wait while you make your condom decision, and lock the case behind you.

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Is CVS Condoms Still Locked?

Yes, condoms sold in CVS store is still locked. The CVS brass that houses the condoms is built to safeguard the condoms from individuals who refuse to purchase them.

According to CVS spokesperson Mike DeAngelis, the locks were installed to prevent shoplifters from “taking a lot of condoms and racing out of the store.”

He says, “The businesses that had to keep condoms secured suffered such high levels of stealing that their whole inventory was wiped out; condoms were no longer accessible for purchase by clients.” Hence, the need for a lock.

Though pharmacies still use closed glass cabinets to secure valuable commodities such as soap, toothbrushes, and pregnancy tests. However, condoms have been updated from “locked” to “inaccessible.”

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What are the Best Condoms to Get in CVS?

When it comes to efficacy, choosing a certain brand is less crucial than wearing condoms correctly every time you have sex. You can try different types of condoms to discover the one that you prefer.

All latex and plastic condoms offer the same level of protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Whether they’re flavored, ribbed, or studded condoms or plain ol’ condoms, check the box or wrapper to ensure the condom protects against STDs and pregnancy.

However, if you find that standard condoms are too small, go for a bigger size. If your condoms frequently slip about or fall off during sex, consider a smaller size.

Also, once you get a condom from CVS, check the condoms before using them. Check for holes or leaks in the wrapper and that the expiration date hasn’t elapsed.

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How Much Do Condoms in CVS Cost?

Boxes of three condoms in CVS cost between $2 and $6. Condoms are often less than $1 per in quantities of 12 or more.

So, stockpiling condoms not only helps you be prepared, but it can also help you save money while you protect yourself from pregnancy and STDs. Truly, condoms in CVS are relatively cheap, if not free.

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What Stores Sell Condoms in 2022?

One of the nicest things about condoms is that they’re available almost anywhere, making them extremely convenient and accessible.

Condoms are available through pharmacies, Planned Parenthood health centers, community health centers, doctor’s offices, supermarkets, convenience shops, online, and even vending machines.

However, there is no requirement for a prescription, and there are no age limitations; anybody can purchase condoms. But then, why do some folks feel uneasy buying condoms in shops?

Besides, purchasing condoms should not be considered humiliating in the first place – it indicates that you are being responsible and protecting yourself and your relationship. Ready to buy a condom? Here are some stores that sell condoms:

Does CVS Sell Condoms (FAQs)

Why condoms are locked in CVS?

In an e-mail to POZ, CVS director of public relations Mike DeAngelis clarified the company’s existing policy:

“In shops where condoms have been extensively shoplifted, a selection of condoms can be stored in a secured display.

This choice is based on the store’s theft history, not its geographical location.

Are condoms age restricted at CVS?

No, You should not be carded for purchasing condoms, and a shopkeeper cannot lawfully refuse to provide them to you without first inspecting your identification.

A checkout clerk should not inquire about your age, and if they do, you are not required to respond.

What aisle would condoms be in?

They are usually found in the family planning section, among things like pregnancy tests and lubricants.

This might, however, differ from shop to store. You can also browse in the men’s health section.

What stores do not lock up condoms?

Rite-Aid and Eckerd are two chains that do not lock condoms up regardless of where their stores are situated.

Some public health professionals are also involved here.

Can you buy condoms at self checkout?

Yes, you can buy condoms at the self checkout. Self-service checkout terminals are available at the majority of grocery shops and large merchants.

If self-checkout is not an option, paying for condoms at a more private register in the rear (e.g., the hunting department or the vehicle section) is a smart strategy to avoid crowds and long queues.


Although, getting condoms from CVS can be a bit embarrassing at times as you will have to go through staff to buy a condom.

But then, isn’t the essence of buying these condoms more pleasurable than the process?

Regardless of having to go through the stress of buying a condom from a locked brass, this shouldn’t halt your desire to buy condoms from CVS.

So, head straight to a nearby CVS store and grab that condom. If you are set to doing this, let’s hear in the comment section.


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