Does Dollar General Do Cash Back In 2023?

Dollar General Cash Back
Dollar General Cash Back

Dollar General is an American Chain Retail Store and one of the largest in the U.S. This American retail store aims to provide every one of its customers with a satisfactory and one-stop shopping experience.

Because Dollar General is large and allows customers to easily get their shopping done, it can only make sense that customers want to find out whether or not they do cash back.

Want to know if cash back is available at Dollar General? Read on to find out!

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Why Cash backs are Important. 

Very quickly, cash back is a reward offered to customers on their purchase of goods. This means for every purchase they make that is eligible for cash back offers, they get a percentage of their money back.

The model through which cash back offers are made differs from store to store. While some stores offer cash back on payments made with only credit cards, other stores would offer cash back on both credit and debit cards.

Cash backs are important for various reasons. For the buyers, getting a cash back offer gives them a sense of purchase security and helps to build a sense of loyalty in them. Of course, who doesn’t love getting rewarded for making a purchase? 

For stores that are serious about making a profit, they know that customer retention and loyalty are a thing. This is why some stores make it a point of duty to offer cash back to breed loyalty in their customers.

For retailers, offering cash back services helps their customers to have an improved shopping experience. When customers have a worthwhile shopping experience, it is not just of benefit to them, it also gives retailers an edge over their competitors and helps them with customer retention. 

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Brief Intro to Dollar General.

Dollar General is an American chain of retail stores that has its headquarters in Tennessee. They exist to make shopping convenient, satisfactory, and affordable. As a result, Dollar General boasts of more than 18,000 convenience stores in 47 states in the U.S.

Their stores deliver low prices on items ranging from food to snacks, health, clothing, and other seasonal items. They are most concerned about the convenient and stress-free purchase of their customers.

Dollar General retail stores are known for providing their customers with convenience and their employees with the necessary career opportunities that they need. In all their offers and services, they are guided by a mission of serving others. 

Since all of their stores aim at serving their customers with quality, convenience, and a simplified model of shopping, they focus mainly on household essentials which they know are of great importance to their customers.

Apart from selling products from trusted American brands such as Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s, Nestle, Unilever, and PepsiCo. to mention a few, they also have private brands such as Comfort Bay, Gentle Steps, Smart, and Simple among others.

In a nutshell, Dollar General is an American chain of retail stores that provides household essentials to customers at low and affordable prices.

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Does Dollar General Do Cash Back?

Dollar General is one of the retail stores that acknowledge the importance of cash back in customer retention and loyalty and as a result, they offer cash back services. 

However, there are rules to Dollar General’s Cash back offers. Although Dollar General’s Cash-back offers to apply to both credit and debit cards, there are specific credit and debit cards that can be used to get a cash-back offer.

The credit cards eligible for cash back offers are Discover cards that possess a cash-over policy and credit cards that have a cash advance policy.

This is to say if your credit card has none of these policies, you would not be able to get a cash back at any of Dollar General’s retail stores.

Also, if a Visa debit card or MasterCard meets the minimum purchase requirement of $5, then they may receive cash back. It is also important to know that the one-time maximum withdrawal of $40 carries a fee of about $1 to $2 depending on the method of withdrawal.

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Dollar General’s Cash back Policy.

As mentioned earlier, Dollar General has a policy for their cash back offers. The policy requires customers to make a minimum purchase of $5 and a maximum of $40. The maximum withdrawal however comes with a fee as stated above.

Dollar General also offers cash back increments of $10 to $30. If you however need to make purchases above 40 dollars, you would have to purchase the remaining items separately. Be sure your card has no limitation on daily withdrawals too.

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Getting Cash Back in Dollar General

After getting to know Dollar General’s cashback policy, it is only natural that customers would want to know where they can get Cash back at Dollar General.

Customers can always get cash back at any open register in Dollar General retail stores. They however need to have it in mind at all times that if they need to exceed the $40 maximum withdrawal limit, they would need to make separate purchases.

As a customer, you can also be helped with cash back at the available money center or the customer service desk in the retail stores. The rules are always the same when it comes to getting cash back from the stores.

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How to Get Cash Back at Dollar General.

To get cash back offers at Dollar General, means your debit card or Discover card has a cash-over option.

Once you have been able to confirm that your debit or Discover card has a cash-over option, you take your purchased goods to the register or the money center (depending on which is available at that retail store). The cashier will then take things from there by telling you what to do next on the pin pad.

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Does Dollar General Give Cash Backs to Those Who Pay Using Checks?

Unfortunately, Dollar General does not offer cash back to those who make payments for purchases using checks. To do this, Dollar General stores would need an on-site check-cashing facility which is currently unavailable.

There are other options, however, that customers could use to get cash back offers.

Does Dollar General Give Cash Backs to Those Who Pay with Credit Cards?

The only credit cards through which customers can get cash backs are Discover Credit Cards. If you have no Discover Credit card, the credit cards you need have a cash-over feature. 

It is impossible to get cash back with other credit cards that are not Discover Cards and do not have a cash advance policy. Thus, customers should verify the status of their credit cards before seeking to get cash back.

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Best Way to Get Cash backs at Dollar General.

While there are other options through which customers can get cash back, you should make payments for purchases using debit cards.

This is the easiest way to get a cash back as Dollar General only gives cash back on Discover Credit cards and credit cards that have the cash advance policy.

Always remember, to qualify for cash back, you have to make a minimum purchase of $5.

How to Get $100 Cash Back at Dollar General.

Although $40 is the maximum cash back that can be received at Dollar General, it is still possible to get $100 cash back at Dollar General.

You would need to make three different transactions at Dollar General to receive a $100 cash back but you would have to pay for the three transactions differently. 

Any shopper who feels dissatisfied with the cash back limit could go ahead and try other retail stores such as Ralphs, Shoppers Food Warehouse, and Kroger.


This article has been able to show that Dollar General does Cash back in 2022. And as stated above, certain policies cover the cash back offers.

First, debit cards and only Discover Credit Cards and credit cards that have the cash advance feature can be used to get Cash back offers. Other methods such as checks are not acceptable.

Secondly, the minimum purchase for customers to get cash back is $5, and the maximum of $40. If you have to make a purchase that is above $40, you would have to make payments for them separately. And then, each $40 withdrawal comes with a $1 to $3 fee.

Once you have been able to confirm the status of your card and you have made your purchase, you can head on to any open register at the retail store or the customer service desk to make payment and then the customer service agent will direct you on what next steps to take to get cash back.

Dollar General remains one of the best retail stores to shop from to get cash back. And apart from the availability of cash back offers, they also offer quality goods that come at quite affordable prices.

So, if you’ve been having doubts about shopping with Dollar General and whether or not they have cash back, you can be assured that cash back offers are very much available at Dollar General stores.








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