Does Meijer Cash Checks? Meijer Check Cashing Service Fee & Hours

Does Meijer Cash Checks
Does Meijer Cash Checks

Since popular stores like Walmart and WinCo foods cash checks,  you might be wondering, does Meijer cash checks?

With technological advancements, especially in the development of better mobile infrastructures, mobile transactions have gone digital. One would think checks and other traditional means of exchange have gone to extinction. 

This may not be exactly true as a lot of people still send and accept payments through checks. This is contrary to the more seamless method involving online and mobile transfers. 

To this effect, retail shops and supermarkets have taken it upon themselves to offer cash-checking services to walk-in customers. 

If you are not familiar with Meijer, or perhaps you will love to know whether Meijer is just like some other stores’ cash checks, then continue reading.

In this article, we provide answers to questions like, “Does Meijer cash checks?” What are Meijer cash checking service fees and hours?

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Do Meijer Cash Checks in 2023?

Yes, Meijer does cash checks in 2023. This cash-checking service is solely available for unbanked customers or at most, those seeking financial aid. 

However, before a customer’s check is cashed., Meijer carries out a series of verification processes. This way, the chances of fraud are reduced to the barest minimum. 

Amongst other requirements, you are to provide an authentic or government-approved ID and bank details to prove ownership of the check.

For every cash check, Meijer charges between $3 to $5. Since there is a limit to the number of checks you could cash per day, Meijer’s cash checking limit is $1000 for personal checks and $2000 for government personal checks. 

Now, since Meijer has a cash checking limit, you might be curious about what types of cash Meijer does cash and other cash checking policies. Well, continue reading to find out!

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What cash-checking system does Meijer use?

As a popular departmental store, Meijer utilizes the cash checking system from First Data Corp, which is the electronic check conversion system. 

After you must have cashed your check, Meijer converts your check to electronic funds and deposits them into your bank account.

What types of checks does Meijer cash?

Since Meijer does cash checks, the question should then be, what type of checks does Meijer cash?

When it comes to cashing checks, Meijer is quite picky and does not accept any random checks. The checks accepted at Meijer include; 

  1. Personal checks
  2. Traveler’s checks’
  3. Business checks

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What type of checks does Meijer not cash?

Since Meijer is quite picky when it comes to checks, there is no doubt they won’t accept just any cash. Firstly, Meijer ensures checks meet their cash checking policy before funds are released to owners.

Here is a list of checks Meijer does not cash.

  1. Cashier’s checks
  2. Starter checks
  3. Third-party checks
  4. Money orders
  5. Hand-written payroll checks
  6. Post-dated checks

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What is Meijer’s cash checking policy?

If you intend to cash checks at Meijer, you have to become part of ‘the certgy verification systems. The registration process might take about seven days to complete. 

You are required to present an authentic driving license and a valid passport, to finish up the verification processes. 

However, Meijer seldom accepts either a military ID or any government-approved

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How do you cash a check at Meijer?

Cashing a check at Meijer is straightforward and requires no tech background to navigate. Simply cash your checks BY FOLLOWING THESE METHODS;

  1. Go to the nearest Meijer departmental supermarket 
  2. Go to customer care, and state your reasons for visiting
  3. Go ahead and register
  4. Provide an automatic cashing process. 
  5. After the verification completes, customers get a warrant within seven working days.

If you intend to avoid delays or long cues while cashing checks, you have to carry a national identification card and a photo. 

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What is Meijer’s check/debit acceptance policy?

Meijer’s check or debit acceptance policy is dependent on the type of check you intend to cash. 

Business Check

To cash a business check, you will have to purchase some items before you can successfully cash the check. Meijer offers a minimum of $25 in the store and about $5 at Meijer’s gas station. 

Also, for tax-exempt transactions, you are to provide the 501(c) of your organization or company. 

Personal Checks

If you intend to cash a personal check at Meijer, it is advisable to purchase items within the range of $5 for gas stations and $25 for purchases in the store. 

Travelers Check

At Meijer, you can cash just about $100 for a traveler’s check, on the condition that the check would use for in-store purchase. Also, countersigning your check is a requirement and this is done by the cashier. 

Debit Cards

As usual, you are required to use the debit card for in-store purchases. However, this comes at a limit of $5 per day for purchases at the gas station and about $50 for in-store purchases. 

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What is meijer’s cashing limit?

This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions about the Meijer store. This is important because it could influence your purchase decision in the long run. 

Meijer’s cashing limit is about $1000 for personal checks while government checks are $2000. 

If you are to cash a check slightly above the limit, you could simply split it into two so you could use it. 

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When can you cash a check at Meijer?

Just like most other departmental stores, Meijer offers customers the flexibility of long shopping hours not found in some other retail stores. 

Also, you get to cash checks At Meijer as long as it is open. Most times, Meijer stores stay open for about 24 hours per day, and this enables you to come at any point in time for your shopping needs. 

However, to be o the safe side, you might have to confirm the shopping hours of any Meijer store close to you to avoid inconveniences. 

Just bear in mind that although most Meijer stores are open for 24 hours of the day, the shopping hours are dependent on the location. 

How much does Meijer charge to cash a check?

At Meijer, you get a charge fee of $3 as an unbanked customer seeing to cash a check while the charge fee for other customers is $5. 

Also, Meijer has a cash checking limit of $100 per day for customers. 

Below is a table showing the charge per check cashed at Meijer;

Foreign Check5
Cashier’s Check$5
Money Order$3
Returned Check$35
Mailed Check$5
Non-member Check$5

Does Meijer accept checks as payment?

Yes, you can pay for your purchases with cash at Meijer. 

To do that, simply find your way to the customer service desk when you intend to make a purchase and explain your mode of payment. It is up to the customer service to direct you appropriately.

Does Meijer cash personal checks?

At, Meijer you get to cash checks and a personal check is amongst the checks you can cash with ease. The only requirement is that you must use them for in-store purchases. 

Not to forget that Meijer has its cash checking policy. So, just like other checks, you have to adhere to the checking acceptance policy at Meijer. 

Moreover, you can opt into cashing your check at the issuing bank. However, if you don’t own an account, the bank charges an extra fee to cash your check. 

How long does Meijer take to cash checks?

Unlike some other stores, cashing a check at Meijer does not take a lot of time. After submitting your check, Meijer ensures it meets its cash acceptance policy.

Afterward, Meijer takes about 3-5 working days to cash any type of check. 

But along the line, if Meijer needs to go through an extra verification process on your check, it might take about 7 days to cash the check. This way, there is enough time to check the authenticity of your check to avoid fraud. 

Most times, it is advisable to have enough cash in your bank account if you want to avoid cases of bounceback. If this happens, you are likely to face legal actions or penalities from both Meijer and the issuing bank.

Which stores cash checks?

Just like Meijer, other stores offer cash checking services to customers. They include;

  1. Winco
  2. Walmart
  3. Publix
  4. Kroger
  5. Fred Meyer
  6. Safeway


Where can I cash my check?

Here are 5 places you can conveniently cash your personal or business checks
1. Walmart
2. Gas Stations
3. Ace Check Cashing
4. Issuing bank
5. Grocery Stores

Can I cash my check at a grocery store?

Yes, you can easily cash your checks at grocery stores near you. Some of the grocery stores that cash checks include; Walmart and Kmart. 

Does Walgreens cash checks?

Unfortunately, Walgreens does not cash checks. However, it’s possible to pay for in-store purchases with a check. The only requirement is an authentic ID card.
You could also get a cashback of $20 while purchasing at Walgreens. 

What checks can you cash at Walmart?

There are lots of checks you can cash at Walmart, so you might have to ensure your check is acceptable at Walmart. 
Some of the checks you can cash at Walmart include;
1. Cashier’s checks
2. Government Checks
3. Payroll checks
4. Tax refund checks
5. Insurance settlement checks

Where can I cash my check without having a bank account?

It’s pretty easy to cash a check even if you don’t have a bank account. 
Here are 3 ways to cash a check without a bank account
1. Cash at the issuing bank
2. Cash at a check-cashing store
3. Cash at a retailer’s shop or grocery store.


As clearly stated, Meijer does cash checks for walk-in customers. However, the prerequisite is that you must purchase an item from Meijer to be eligible to cash checks. 

Some of the checks acceptable at Meijer include; personal, business, and traveler’s checks. 



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