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There are many ice brands out there that can help you with different trips – camping, fishing trip, hiking trips, and name them. But you have to buy them first, to use them. So today, we want to answer one of the questions many people have been asking: “does target sell ice?”.

In addition, we will list the grocery stores that sell ice and other things you should know before buying that ice.

So, let’s get started.

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Does Target Sell Ice?

Target sells Arctic Glacier Premium Ice which comes in a convenient 6 lb package at Target stores, and Reddy Ice.

What Can You use Ice For?

You can use ice for various things, such as chilling cans or bottles in a closed cooler, mixing drinks, and chilling cans or bottles in a barrel or trough.

So whether you’re planning a hiking trip, camping trip, picnic, or hosting an event in a relatively remote area, you can keep your drinks chilling all day with ice.

You can cool and preserve food in ice boxes. You can also use ice as an air conditioning system. Yes, in this case, you will employ battery- or solar-powered fans to blow hot air over the ice.

Ice cubes can also remove gum from all sorts of surfaces. This works when the ice cubes freeze the gum, allowing you to peel the gum away.

For example, if the gum is on clothing, place it on the sink, pour ice on it, and leave it for a while.

Finally, Ice can relieve pain and swell in different body parts. Ice can come in different sizes and packages.

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Sizes of Artic Glacier for Different Use

The artic glacier ice is available in a range of sizes. And you can use it for your cocktail, your cooler, your event, your hobby, or your business. The following are the available sizes of artic glacier:

5 lb Fun Size

The 5 Ib fun is sizeable and can fit into your freezer and coolers for all occasions. So whether you’re planning an outdoor event like a picnic, camping, or any outdoor event, you don’t have to worry about keeping your cooler chill.

16 lb Party Size

The 16 Ib party size is the consistently fresh party-size ice that brings more to any occasion and keeps the good in life going.

5 lb Cubes

The 5 Ib cubes, as the name suggests, come in cubes of ice that’ll perfectly fit into your cooler anytime, any day. With the 5 Ib cubes, you can elevate your beverage and keep the good in life going.

9 lb Mini Bags

Inside the 9 lb mini bags, you’ll find 3 individually wrapped 3lb bags of premium ice. These fit perfectly into your cooler for events, parties, and other outdoor occasions.

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Features of Reddy Ice

Target also sells a wide assortment of Reddy Ice with free standard shipping when you order ice for up to $35.

Reddy ice comes in cubed, crushed, and blocked, dry ice. Reddy Ice owns many, and its proprietary technology lets grocery and convenience stores automatically make and package their own ice. The following are their available ice products, and you can check them out at Target stores:

  • Premium Packaged Ice
  • Premium Packaged Block Ice
  • Gourmet Ice
  • Dry Ice
  • Premium Craft Ice

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How Much is a Bag of Ice?

At Target, a bag of ice of 5 pounds costs $1.37. However, prices of ice differ from store to store. For example, at Chick-fil-A, you can get a 5-pound bag of ice at $1.50, while you get double that (a 10-pound bag) at the same price ($1.50) at Walmart. Meanwhile, artic glacier packaged ice lb5 sells at $3.29 on Instacart.

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What’s the Best Place to Buy Ice?

The best places to buy bags of ice are grocery stores, gas stations/convenience stores, and restaurants in your area.

You can get different types of ice in bulk or bags of crushed or cubed ice. The following is a list of Groceries stores where you can get ice:

  • Walmart
  • Albertson’s
  • Costco
  • BJ’s Wholesale Club
  • Food Lion
  • Cub Foods
  • Food Giant
  • Giant Food
  • Fred Meyer
  • Giant Eagle
  • Harris Teeter
  • Publix
  • Kroger
  • Target
  • Whole Foods

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How Big is a Standard Bag of Ice?

Premium Packaged Ice comes in 5, 7, and 16 lb bags for Reddy ice, while artic glacier ice products come in 5lb, 16lb, 9lb, and 5lb cubes bags. You can use ice to mix drinks,


Does target sell ice? Target sells ice. You can buy arctic glacier premium ice and Reddy ice at Target stores.

You can also buy ice bags from other stores like grocery stores, gas stations/convenience stores, and restaurants in your area.


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