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Once in a while or often, we all crave some beer. What’s wrong with a small drink of booze every so often?

You might indulge in a glass of wine on Monday and a shot of whiskey on the weekend, but finding a drugstore that always has your preferred brands can be tricky. Fortunately, the answer to the question “does Walgreens sell alcohol?” is “YES.

Despite briefly discontinuing sales of alcohol, Walgreens resumed them sometime in or around 2010. Although alcohol is sold at Walgreens stores and online, not all locations are permitted to sell alcohol.

Each branch has its own set of rules that govern the timing of sales and criteria. This post will answer your questions regarding buying alcohol at Walgreens and the requirements.

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Does Walgreens Sell Alcohol in My Location?

Yes, Walgreens does sell alcohol. You can purchase alcoholic beverages from their website either in person or online.

There are variations in the prices, brands, and availability of alcohol between different branches. Additionally, some branches don’t sell alcohol because each state has regulations on the selling and using alcohol.

Across the nation, many different regulations and legislation govern the manufacture, hours of sale, distribution, and use of alcoholic beverages.

Therefore, you must either phone to confirm if they have alcohol in stock or visit the nearby Walgreens store to find out.

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What Brand Of Alcohol Does Walgreen Sell?

Walgreen offers various alcoholic beverage brands. They are well known for their famous Busch beer pack, though. Just $16 will get you this.

If you enjoy wine, they carry a variety of labels, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Moscato white wine, and Redvolution.

Brands like Henessy, Bud Light beer, and sangria are often on display. However, People frequently complain that the price of booze in Walgreens is slightly more than in other retailers. But forget it—everyone trusts Walgreen, so let’s stick with Walgreen.

What Time Does Walgreens Stop Selling Alcohol?

Depending on the day, Walgreens’ operating hours might change. We cannot provide you with a specific time because each state has regulations governing the selling of alcoholic beverages. Stores can often sell alcohol from 10 am until 10 pm.

Moreover, the typical closing hour for pharmacies and grocery shops is 10 p.m. Therefore, go to Walgreen ahead of time.

However, not all Walgreens outlets sell alcohol, so you must call ahead to verify availability and timing.

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What are the Requirements to Buy Alcohol at Walgreen?

The thought of drinking alcohol may seem appealing, but the real question here is how simple it is to purchase alcohol. Do you have what it takes?

The fact is that, while different shops have varying conditions for being qualified to purchase alcohol, there are regulations and federal government-mandated requirements that you must complete before being handed a bottle of alcohol from Walmart.

One or more of the specifications is:

According to Walgreens store regulations, you must be older than 21 to buy alcohol there. You must also have valid government-issued identification with a clear age declaration.

Acceptable cards include state identification, passports, and driver’s licenses. After confirming your age, the cashier will let you purchase the alcohol.

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Can You Do a Self-Checkout at Walgreen?

Walgreens does not provide self-checkout for purchases of alcohol. None of the pharmacy chains, including Walgreen, promote self-checkouts.

This is because you must prove your identity, age, and prescription in most situations.

Moreover, Alcohols are mostly available behind the front register in Walgreens since they are not frequently stocked on the shelves.

Therefore, you will need to speak with someone before buying them. Also, remember that some time limits are often in effect, meaning you cannot always purchase alcohol.

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What is the Alcohol Return Policy in Walgreen?

You may either swap it for another item or return it and request a refund. It should be returned within 3o days of purchase and not opened or consumed. 

If not, they won’t take the thing. For the most part, you simply need to provide the official receipt to return an item; however, this may vary depending on the branch.


Be mindful of the limitations of shopping for alcoholic beverages in Walgreens.

A minimum age is required to purchase liquor. So, while purchasing one, don’t forget your identity card.



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