Dynamic Small Business Search| Website, Login, and All You Need to know


DSBS is the acronym for dynamic small business search. It is a form of database that connects companies to potential opportunities. This connection can be listed by the federal government or a private parastatal.

Small Business Administration (SBA) manages this search engine tool. And it is essential for finding small businesses online.

Small businesses use several tools to connect and market their business to the government. However, small businesses always use this tool every time.

This article discusses an in-depth review of DSBS and all you need to know to begin.

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What Are the requirements to register for the DSBS?

Although this platform is available to every business online, there are requirements and criteria they must meet.

  • Complete SAM registration
  • Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code.
  • SBA’s Size Standards
  • Basic Business profile, i.e., certificate, ownership, and capabilities
  • Register in CCR and indicate “small business” to generate a registration

Fortunately, updating the data on the DSBS is not too difficult. The SBA Supplemental page’s “Register or Update SBA Profile” button occasionally malfunctions.

However, you may work around this by going to the DSBS portal through the GLS (General Login System).

Visit https://eweb.sba.gov/gls/dsp sbabanner.cfm and log in using your GLS account (or create one if you don’t already have one) to accomplish this. You can update your DSBS profile using the URL provided after clicking “SBA Profile” after logging in and requesting access to PRO-NET/DSBS.

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Who Is Eligible For DSBS?

This platform is basically for procurement officers searching for vendors to contract for a product or service. However, it is not restricted to procurement officers alone. It is available to any individual on the internet.

The amazing thing about this platform is that it has great features that can allow you to filter the search result either by criteria, location, capabilities, or any other factor that can help you narrow down your search result.

To get started with the registration, You need to ensure that you have all the requirements needed to create a profile. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to sign up for DSBS

  1. Ensure that you have the Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) code. This is usually gotten after the successful completion of Your System for Award Management (SAM) registration.
  2. Log onto your System for Award Management (SAM) account after you obtain a CAGE code. The SBA Supplemental Page, which follows the points of contact page at the conclusion of your SAM registration, is the page you are seeking. You can log out of your SAM at this time by clicking the SBA icon, which will cause a new window to open in your browser.
  3. You will find instructions on how to finish your DSBS profile in the new window. You should include relevant keywords, NAICS numbers, and a description of your company’s skills. To proceed through all nine pages and finish your DSBS profile, click the “SAVE/NEXT” option. Some of your details, such as the contact for government business, were taken directly from your SAM registration. Images of a few of the pages are provided below so you will know what to search for.

Note: Once you get their CAGE code, small firms are urged to complete their SBA DSBS profile so that federal contracting agents are aware of their capabilities. Keeping this information current is also crucial. If you want assistance with this procedure, contact APAC at 501-671-2390.

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How To Update and Optimize your Dynamic Small Business Search Profile?

Having a strong profile is very beneficial to small businesses. You can log in at intervals to look at your company’s insight, growth margin, customers, and more.

Just like in other search engines, having an optimized profile increases your chances of being visible when the keyword for your business niche is searched for.

Additionally, building a strong profile can help add a sense of authority and credibility to your brand. In other words, these show the contracting officers that your company can meet the requirement if the opportunity is presented to them.

Here is How to Build a Strong Profile on DSBS

  1. Ensure you provide all the necessary requirements
  2. Write a friendly and captivating overview on the first page
  3. Optimize using your second page using specific keywords related to your brand
  4. Ensure you enter your NAICS codes specific to your business
  5. When writing your capabilities narrative, ensure you use the appropriate keyword and be as convincing as possible

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Here are some of The benefits of DSBS’s

  • Wider Visibility: Using the right keyword on your profile helps improve the visibility of your brand and company.
  • Improve your credibility: Setting up a profile can help improve your company’s credibility. And increases the likelihood of your company being contracted.
  • It makes outsourcing contracts to brands a bit easier by bringing companies efficient in the field close to the procurement officers.
  • It also helps in generating clientele lead lists.
  • It also makes custom searching, sorting, and filtering by locations, capabilities, and key features easy.
  • It is an essential tool for locating small and minority businesses.
  • It helps in marketing and sales.
  • It gives you direct access to contracts and potential markets.

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How to Use The DSBS Search Tool

There are so many ways to use the DSBS search tool. However, it is commonly used to search for or obtain procurement information.

This tool was designed in such a way that you can easily get the required information without going through the hassle of filling out the form completely.

With little information highlighting the key criteria, you can successfully filter out a list of companies eligible for your contract sector. Here are some of the criteria available on DSBS that can help you narrow your search result

  • Keyword
  • Location
  • Unique identifiers, e.g., CAGE code, SBA customer Number
  • Quality certificates
  • Business Type
  • Industrial Sector code, e.g., NAICS
  • Federal Certifications
  • Ownership Data and lots more

Q1. Must I fill out every part of the form before searching for contractors?

Not all fields on the form need to be completed. However, your results will more closely match your demands if you include additional parameters in your searches.

Q2. What Is the Benefit of Having a Strong DSBS Profile?

A proper profile listing not only demonstrates to contracting officers that you are capable of fulfilling the conditions of a specific opportunity but also that you are more qualified to receive the contract than other competing organizations.

Q3. What is the Meaning of DSBS?

DSBS is the acronym for dynamic small business search. It is a form of database that connects companies to potential opportunities. This connection can be listed by the federal government or a private parastatal.


With this information, you now know all there is about DSBS, from the signup procedure to personalizing your profile.

It is obvious that The DSBS doubles as a marketing platform and the SBA’s certification center for the 8a Business Development Program and the HUBZone programs.

Now Companies can submit a description of their skills, searchable keywords for the DSBS database, references in the form of previous government or commercial contracts, and bonding information for the construction industry.



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