What are the 25 Gas Stations that Cash Checks Open Near Me

Gas Stations that Cash Checks
Gas Stations that Cash Checks

Gas stations are probably the most visited places, especially if you are a car owner. You might have to visit a gas station at least three times a week unless you drive an electric car, which isn’t so common. Therefore, you might be looking for gas stations that cash checks. 

It’s more convenient to cash checks at a gas station, especially if your local bank is unavailable. 

If you received payment during the weekend, chances are that your local bank wont is open. After all, banks do not open during the weekends. Here’s where gas stations come in. 

Gas stations operate for longer hours and could be your savior when you need to cash personal checks. You wouldn’t have to go without gas over the weekend if there were gas stations nearby. 

Whatever the case may be for checking out gas stations that cash checks, we have the perfect options. Here, we provide a list of 25 gas stations that cash checks near you. 

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25 Gas Stations that Cash Checks near me. 

1. Dillons

Dillons is part of the Kroger family of departmental stores and does cash checks. As a grocery store, Dillons does not just offer gas-filling services; they help a customer by cashing their checks. 

Most gas stations attached to a supermarket chain, cash checks, and Dillons does it exceptionally well. All Dillons stores with gas offer cash-checking services to customers. 

However,  it would necessitate going into the main store. This way, you cash your check with ease. 

That’s not all. Although Dillons cash checks, they do not cash personal checks. 

The cash other types of checks include;

  1. Income tax refund check
  2. Business check
  3. Payroll check
  4.  insurance settlement check
  5.  Government checks

2. Chevron

Chevron has about two subsidiary stores, namely; Texaco and Caltex. Currently, Chevron can boost 300 stores and about 400 franchised Texaco and chevron stores. 

These stores are owned by different groups of individuals, some of whom cash checks. To be on the safe side, you should check to see if chevron cash checks are available in your area. 

3. Fred Meyer

As a member of the Kroger family, Fred Meyer cashes checks. You might want to check out their locations in; Idaho, Washington, and Alaska. 

All Kroger store charge usually starts at $3 for cashing checks. This does not mean you can cash as many daily checks as you wish because Fred Meyer has a cash checking limit.

Their cash checking limit is $5,000. 

4. Citgo

This is another popular gas station with thousands of gas stations. You can cash a check here, but it depends on individual policies. If you are lucky enough, the Citgo gas station near you might be cashing checks. 

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5. Kroger

Since Kroger is the largest departmental chain in the U.S, chances are high that they cash checks. Not just that, it’s pretty easy to locate the nearest Kroger to cash your checks. 

Also, they have exciting offers for weekend customers. If you end up cashing your check on Friday and even shopping during the, you are likely to receive freebies. 

6. Hy-Vee

At HY-Vee, you find lots of services available for users. They offer other services like fitness centers, health care, and coffee shops. 

As a mid-western departmental chain with about 240 stores across states, Hy-Vee does cash checks. This way, you can easily walk into the grocery store after filling up your tank and cash your checks. 

7. Love’s travel stops

Love’s Travel Stops has lots of stores scattered across 40 states. It’s one of the few stores you could refer to as a “truck stop chain.” Just like Hy-Vee, this offers other services like; printing services, restaurants, and showers. 

They also offer money services, which include cashing checks. However, it is limited to trucker payroll checks such as Tcheks and COMcheks. 

8. King Soopers

A large percentage of King Soopers stores cash checks. They are predominantly found in colorado and have few stores in Wyoming. 

Since King Soopers is part of the numerous Krogers stores, they have a similar cash-checking policy. In other words, you can’t cash personal checks at King Soopers.

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9. Meijer

Meijer, as a popular department store, is predominant in Michigan and other parts of the MidWest in general. 

As a form of expansion and convenience, many Meijer stores have gas stations that allow you to cash checks. You only need to walk into the store and meet with the customer service personnel.

10. Ralphs

If you live in southern California, you might as well check out Ralphs. As a member of the Kroger stores, they offer gas services and allow you to cash your checks conveniently.

11. Shell

Shell has over 14,000 gas stations in all 50 states in the US. This way, the chances of having a shell near your residence are quite high.

At the shell, you could either fill up your tank, cash your checks, or even do both at a fee. 

12. Safeway

Safeway supermarkets have made it more convenient for customers to not just shop for groceries and fill up their tanks, they can also cash checks. 

Safeway, as a large departmental store, has about 900 stores in over 18 states. 

If you have a Safeway near you, it will be wise to find out the type of checks they cash. Just like Kroger’s, they don’t cash personal checks. 

No worries! Other options might suit you, the cash unemployment benefit, government tax refunds, and Payroll checks. 

There is a $1,499 cash limit and a $2.25 fee on every $200 cashed. 

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13. Sunoco

With over 5,000 gas stations across the state, Sunoco may or may not offer cash-checking services. 

Since they are individually owned, some Sunoco stations may likely not cash checks for customers. On the other hand, they might. 

To find out, you must check them out individually, but be prepared to pay a fee to cash your check. 

14. Pilot Flying 

As the largest travel stop chain operator, Pilot Flying offers truckers and walk-in customers many services. They offer services like; public laundries, Trip paks, and ATMs. 

Pilot Flying allows customers to cash their checks free of charge for up to $200. These come up if you fill up to 25 gallons of gas and want to cash a check within 2 hours. 

15. Walmart

Walmart is probably the largest retailer in the US. The best part is that some have gas stations in their stores, making it easier to shop and fill up your tank at once. 

Since Walmart is so popular, you will likely find one near your home. One of the advantages of Walmart is that they operate 24 hours a day. 

After shopping at Walmart, you can decide to cash your checks. If you cash checks higher than $1,000, you are to pay $8 as a fee.

However, if you cash $1,000, you are to pay a fee of $8. 

16. Albertson’s Stores

Albertson’s stores are convenient for many people because they stay open 24 hours a day, and on holidays too. 

Ust like at xx, Albertson’s stores have a cash checking limit of $1,000 even though each location differs and might operate according to an individual policy.

If you have a lot of money to cash, Albertsons might be unable to do so. This is due to their check-cashing service, which stops at $1,000. 

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17. Food City Supermarket

Although they do not open for as long as 24 hours per day, they offer customers many services. Their supermarket stores come attached to gas stations where you can cash checks. 

They are located in; Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, and Kentucky. The supermarket opens between 6 am to midnight.

18. GetGo

This gas station is quite popular, with about 200 fuel stations in the US. Some places to find GetGo include; Maryland, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. 

It’s not surprising if you often find GetGo together with Giant Eagle. This is probably because they share the same owner. 

19. Winn Dixie

This chain has 500 stores in Mississippi, Georgia, and Florida. As expected, they cash checks, and all you need to do is present an approved ID and go through some verification processes. 

However, they don’t cash checks like money orders, Cashier’s checks, Traveler’s checks, and Starter checks. 

20. Road Ranger

As a truck stop with travel centers, Road Ranger is located in 70 places: Wisconsin, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Iowa. 

Here, provide users with various services from lottery to laundering, to a 24-hour ATM, and so on. 

Also, they allow users to cash checks of about $999.9. If you purchased at least 25 gallons of fuel, you get the first $200 without charges. 

21. Stop & Shop

To Cash checks at Stop & Shop, you need to be approved, and that is gotten through the membership card. 

Simply apply for a membership card, and walk into any nearest location of Stop & Shop to complete the check application. 

You might have to wait a few weeks before you get approved. After approval, you can now cash a check of &500 for as little as $0.5. 

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22. Tops Grocery

At Tops Grocery stores, you can easily cash your checks without having a bank account. You simply have to present an authentic and government-approved ID. 

They own 170 supermarkets found between Vermont, New York, and Pennsylvania. Some locations may open for 24 hours while others don’t. 

23. Winco Foods

With over 125 locations sc gathered around Washington, Texas, Arizona, California, and Utah amongst others, Winco foods is a big name. If you reside in the west, Winco food might as well be near you. 

The upside of shopping at Winco is the 24-hour services they offer. It’s easy to walk in, and you’re your check alongside other services. 

Winco accepts up to $1000 and even allows a customer to cash a check twice within 7 days. 

A $500 check attracts a $5 fee, while anything amount above that attracts $10. 

24. TravelCentres of America

This is another truck store with up to 250 locations across 40 states. Their grocery and gas station are found together, and they accept payroll checks to NATSO and other legal accounts.

Interestingly, TravelCentres of America cashes your check for free if you buy fuel or any other product from them. 

25. 76

76 is a gas station found in some parts of the US. They cash checks, but not all locations allow customers to cash checks. You might have to make further inquiries to ensure the 76 nearest to you does cash checks. 

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Can you cash checks at CVS?

No, CVS does not provide cash checks at the moment.

Does Circle K Cash Payroll checks?

Yes, customers can now cash their payroll checks with POS machines available from Cash work.

Does Walmart cash starter checks?

No, Walmart does not cash starter checks to avoid cases of fraud.

What kind of checks can you cash at Walmart?

At Walmart, you can cash the following checks: government, cashier, payroll, retirement disbursement, and insurance settlement checks. 


Since gas stations are open most of the day, they are a sure stop for cashing checks. More so, they are convenient and save you from the hurdles of bank cues. 

However, not all gas stations cash checks for free. 

While gas stations like TravelCentres America cash checks for free on the condition that you purchase items from their store. Others, like WinCo, accept little fees for cashing checks. 

If you intend to cash a check at any of these gas stations, it is advisable to check out their cash-checking policy to be on the safe side. 






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