15 Best Piggy Banks For Kids in 2023

Best Piggy Banks For Kids
Best Piggy Banks For Kids

In this post, I have curated the best piggy banks for kids, including how to open an account and the importance of savings for kids.

Kids need to be taught the art of saving as early as possible. This would help them learn the basics of financial management at an early age, and when they grow, they would have no problem managing their finances to the best of their abilities.

As kids, there were different methods by which we saved money, and for kids of this age, there remain even better ways they can save money.

Naturally, kids love doing things in a fun way, and if it seems difficult to convince them to save money, giving them fun-filled options can be a way to get them to save. 

Introducing piggy banks to kids is one way to encourage them to save. However, these piggy banks must be fascinating and be able to help them meet their financial goals. 

This article aims to discuss the 15 best piggy banks of 2023, with which kids can save money. Let’s dive right in!

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What Are Piggy Banks?

Otherwise known as a moneybox or penny bank, “piggy bank” is the traditional name given to a coin container used by children to mostly save money.

The name “Piggy Bank” stemmed from the pig shape these saving containers took. Financial service companies also used piggy banks as logos for their savings services, contributing to their popularity.

Most piggy banks are made of porcelain or ceramic, have a pig shape, and are painted. These piggy banks exist to teach children how to save money. They are made in simple forms because children want to use them, and they are quite easy to use.

Some piggy banks do not have an opening beyond the slot for inserting coins and money. This would discourage children from taking money out of their piggy banks before they reach maturity. If the need to take their savings arises, they would be left with no option but to break the piggy bank open.

Why Should Kids Use Piggy Banks?

There are many factors behind the use of piggy banks by not just kids but adults. For parents, it’s quite a way to teach their kids how to manage money. For kids, it not only teaches them about money, but it also makes them learn one of the most important basics about financial management and instills the concept into them.

In this section, we will consider why kids should use piggy banks. The following are a few reasons why kids should use piggy banks.

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1. It Helps kids Save for Rainy Days.

Like adults, kids are bound to experience rainy days once in a while, in their little ways. Introducing them to the art of saving using piggy banks is one way to prepare them for rainy days. It teaches them to save for days when things might get financially tough. They will be able to manage themselves more quickly if they learn this at a young age.

2. It is a Great way to make them keep their money and allow it to pile up.

This feeling comes with seeing that you have money stashed up somewhere. Encouraging kids to save their money in a piggy bank helps them to save their money and stash up a substantial amount which they could use to carry out any project of their choice,

3. It helps them meet a financial target.

Keeping their money in piggy banks would enable kids to reach whatever financial goal they have set. Some kids might want to save a certain amount of money before a given time. Encouraging them to save their money in a piggy bank would help them meet their financial target before or on the deadline.

4. It teaches them the basics of financial management and the art of saving.

Aside from saving for rainy days, kids need to learn how to save not because there’s a project coming up but also because they need to learn how to save. Introducing the piggy bank to kids would help them learn and master the art of saving.

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15 Best Piggy Banks for Kids.

For piggy banks to be able to serve their purpose for kids, they need to be something that kids would fancy and, at the same time, help them to be able to save money conveniently. The following are the fifteen best piggy banks to help kids master the art of saving, most of which are available online.:

1. Lefree Digital Counting Money Jar

It is one thing to save money, and it is quite another to be able to keep track of how much is being saved. Unlike some other piggy banks, the Lefree Digital Counting Money Jar helps kids save money and lets them know how much they have in their piggy bank.

This is so because this type of piggy bank is designed with a screen that displays the amount in it. This piggy bank is also durable, as it hardly breaks when it falls—the joy of every kid who is not so good at handling glass.

2. Pearhead Ceramic Piggy Bank

This one takes the exact shape of something a kid would have in mind at the mere mention of a piggy bank. The pearhead ceramic piggy bank is made of ceramic and is quite easy to use. It’s shiny and has a simple yet fascinating outlook that encourages a kid to save.

3. PHOCAS Pig Money Box

Kids would sometimes need something fascinating and relatable to get them to save. For kids who need their parents to go to extra lengths to get them to save money, the PHOCAS pig money bag would do just fine. This kind of piggy bank allows kids to save money in the Toy Story piggy bank.

So not only does the PHOCAS pig money allow kids to save, but it could also serve as a toy. It is made of high-quality plastic and is quite a good fit for kids who cannot handle glass properly. Recovering money with this piggy bank is easy, as kids only need to remove the pig head that comes with it. 

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4. Adsonar Cartoon Piggy Bank

This piggy bank is a mini ATM with a large capacity to store almost unlimited cash. It is quite durable and easy to use. Although, it is more of a girly piggy bank than it is for boys. It is constructed just like a slot machine and has a scroll that automatically rolls in the money put in it.

5. Wait, Fly Green Dinosaur Piggy Bank

Saving with this piggy bank is fun as it provides kids with an indoor wildlife experience as they save money. It’s even more fun if the kid saving with this type of piggy bank is an animal lover. This piggy bank is made with high-quality resin and would sit pretty well on a shelf when placed on it.

6. Kijea Spirited Away No Face Man Coins Bank

This piggy bank takes after the screen character, No Face Man. This piggy bank would excite kids who happen to be Spirited Away fans. The Kijea Spirited Away piggy bank, just like the No Face Man, would swallow whatever came its way, which is mostly coins. However, kids can also drop money in the bowl that comes with this piggy bank and watch it get swallowed. It is durable and encourages kids to save money, producing hilarious sounds whenever it swallows money.

7. DomeStar Cute Dog Bank

If the kid is a dog lover, this piggy bank will encourage him/her to save money. The DomeStar is made of durable plastic, which eliminates the fear of getting broken in the hands of kids who are not so careful with glass. It also comes with a movable head and tail and would amuse kids.

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8. NotNeutral Piggy Bank 

This piggy bank takes the shape of a pig and is made of porcelain. To keep kids less bored with the make of the piggy bank, the porcelain pig that makes up this bank has three black and white patterns. It is quite affordable and does a great deal in encouraging kids to save.

9. HUSAN Electronic Piggy Bank.

This piggy bank is fascinating as it looks so much like a safe. When kids want to keep money in this piggy bank, they only have to enter a numerical code they must have previously set to use in unlocking the door. This code can easily be reset by merely taking out the batteries of the piggy bank and reloading them. Kids can save cash and coins in this piggy bank, as slots are made for both.

10. Digi-Piggy Digital Coin Counting Bank

The Digi-Piggy counting bank is structured so that half the body of the piggy bank takes the shape of a pig’s head while the rest has clear glass with a smart LCD screen. This screen shows kids how much they have in their bank, and at the same time, kids can also check their savings by looking through the clear glass.

11. Matney Stealing Coin Box

This piggy bank takes the form of a box with two flaps. When kids want to put money in the box, one of the flaps automatically opens, and a mechanical cat will greet the kids with a “hello,” after which it reaches out for the money and slides it into the box. This piggy bank would fascinate kids and enable them to save more.

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12. Minecraft Chest Bank

This piggy bank is a perfect fit for kids who love adventures. Structured in a chest, it takes the shape of a cube with a slot for money right at its top. Kids who are devoted to Minecraft and adventures would find this interesting.

13. Pokémon Pikachu Decorative Coin Bank

The mere sight of this piggy bank will excite any Pokémon lover. This piggy bank takes the shape of Pokémon’s Pikachu and doubles as a toy. With every dollar saved in the Pokémon piggy bank, it becomes heavier.

14. Quirky Porkfolio Smart Piggy Bank

The Quirky Porkfolio piggy bank takes the shape of a pig that is sprawled out with its belly open. Its open stomach is where kids insert the money they want to save, and in turn, the quirky portfolio power bank counts the money and even goes ahead to help kids set their financial goals.

15. Moonjar Classic Moneybox

When picking a piggy bank that practically teaches children how to save through its mere buildup and structure, the Moonjar Classic Moneybox remains the best choice. The Moonjar moneybox has three chambers, each with its opening labeled Save, Spend, and “Share.”

These chambers are bound together with a rubber band; each time an action—whether to save, spend, or share—has to be carried out, the chambers can be separated. The Moonjar Classic Moneybox remains one of the best picks.

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Introducing piggy banks to kids is a great way to get them to save money and learn the art of financial management.

Choosing the best piggy banks for kids could be confusing, all thanks to the varieties of piggy banks available in both online and offline markets. However, the above lists of piggy banks would assist in deciding which piggy bank to purchase for kids. Whether a kid is an animal lover or a lover of adventures, there are options to choose from.

By helping kids get the best piggy banks available, they master saving and financial management skills that will save them in the future.


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