Pinkbike Buy Sell | Easy Guide on How to Buy and Sell on Pinkbike


Pinkbike Buy Sell. Bike buyers and sellers are on the increase, and unfortunately; so are scammers.

We have provided you with an easy guide on how to buy and sell on pinkbike. Also how to know scammers hence avoiding their spread-out net.

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What is Pinkbike?

A community exists of people comprising those who want to buy or sell their bikes in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia. Pinkbike provides a platform for buyers to meet the sellers. was founded in the basement of a house in British Columbia, Canada. began as a joke, the polar opposite of names like “” and “”

Pinkbike developed into the world-renowned source of mountain bike news it is today as word spreads.

Also, the Pinkbike platform links buyers to sellers who understand their reasons and needs more than platforms like eBay.

While the name of the PinkBike is the name of the community, the implication is not that one can sell only bikes. You can also sell bike accessories or bike-related gadgets on PinkBike buy sell.

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Pinkbike Buy and Sell

The Buy and Sell is a free classified community bulletin board that is not linked to pinkbike’s secure online store server. Pinkbike makes no guarantees or warranties regarding payment delivery, product quality, or shipping.

Individuals who post advertising are legally liable for what they publish, and will openly help law enforcement in the criminal investigation of incidents that occur on their website.

How to Buy and Sell on Pinkbike

To buy and sell on Pinkbike is not an altogether difficult thing to start. To start, the first thing is to register on the pinkbike platform.

Why Should You Register First on Pinkbike Buy and Sell?

The administrator will ask that you register as a member to fully utilize the website’s features.

Registration is free and entitles you to the following benefits:

  • Create new threads
  • Respond to other people’s threads
  • Make changes to your postings
  • Receive email notifications when others respond to your specified posts and discussions
  •  You can send private messages to other members
  • Access to the most extensive FREE Buy and Sell section

Once you complete the signup process, you will receive a confirmation email. But if the email doesn’t come, please complete the following tasks:

Check that the email address you entered is accurate. Check whether the confirmation email ended up in your “Junk Mail” or “Spam” folder, which might happen due to a content filter.

If nothing of these solutions solves your problem, please contact support. Please include your username and email address in the email.

Once your profile is up on the pinkbike platform, you are good to go. You can make your purchase or sell your bike on pinkbike buy sell.

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How to Message Other Users on Pinkbike Buy and Sell

Click the ‘Inbox’ link in the top left-hand corner of the page. You may send, receive, forward, classify, and delete any messages you have received or sent from this page.

You may create a message to anyone if you know their user name while browsing your messages in your inbox. When reading a user’s page, you can send them a message, and the user’s name immediately fills in.

How to Upload Photos and Videos

It is of uttermost importance that you upload photos and videos. This gives the exact image of what you want to either buy or sell on pinkbike buy and sell platform.

Once registered, at the top of your screen, click on the tab related to the item you want to upload (for example, ‘Photos’ or ‘Videos’).

You should notice a link labeled “Upload Photos” or “Upload Your Videos” above the list of photo or video categories. Simply click on the link and follow the instructions.

If you want to upload the photo or video through your mobile phone, Just email a photo from your phone (or any other device that supports emailing) to Your photo will show up in your ‘Mobile’ album. 

You can also make your images invisible to viewers once you sell or buy that dream bike of yours.

You may make an image invisible to other users by moving it to your Trash folder, which is an album in your photo area.

Simply choose the images/videos you want to move to the trash, select the Trash album, and then click “Move Selected To.”

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Tips for Buyers and Sellers on Pinkbike

  • Be careful about online scammers: No doubt, the platform offers reliability in the purchase and sale of bikes and gadgets, but phishers still are still on site seeking to prey on the naive ones. If it looks like a scam, don’t ever think twice, it is a scam. Make sure to check the user’s profile and page. Also, verify what and if he/she has sold something in the past.
  • Carry out thorough research: Before making an offer to a seller, make sure you are okay with the pricing of the item and that you have looked at other ads for comparisons. And if you’re actually interested in something and don’t want to annoy the seller, don’t underprice. Instead, do your homework.
  • Do proper advertising: In the proper advertisement, make sure to describe the exact condition of the item. Your buyers will have many questions to ask, so get ready for them. Attach as many images and videos as necessary. This shows the originality of your product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How does pinkbike buy sell work?

Answer: Pinkbike’s buy/sell community is a classified area open to all PB members.

People advertise their bikes and accessories in the hopes of finding a buyer or seller that knows their needs better than the ordinary “ebay-er.”

Question 2: Who is the owner of Pinkbike?

Answer: Pinkbike creator Radek Burkat had spent his twenties participating in numerous sports before discovering his passion for mountain riding.

Question 3: How often can you repost Pinkbike?

Answer: does have a repost feature. This implies that when your ad has been online for 48 hours or more, you may go back and republish the item.

Question 4: How do I add a picture to my Pinkbike message?

Answer: Simply send the photo to, and it will appear in your pinkbike album.

Question 5: How did Pinkbike start?

Answer: Radek’s creation,, was inspired by these early road travels.

He imagined an online community where people could exchange images of insane mountain bike stunts, amazing routes, and fantastic locales.


Selling that bike on pinkbike is not altogether a difficult task. Pinkbike buy and sell creates easy access to reach out to potential customers. There is also an avenue that allows you to find buyers closest to you.

If you have a bike or gadget out there to sell, take some pictures, make some videos, and hit the pinkbike website.



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