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Grant Cardone, the author of Sell or Be Sold, lays down the tactics that assist master the art of selling in any channel.

The Sell Or Be Sold will instruct you on; The fundamentals of selling in a down economy, adding new business to your sales funnel, and maintaining a cheerful attitude in the face of rejection.

Grant Cardone, the author of Sell or Be Sold, lays down the tactics that assist master the art of selling in any channel.

The Sell Or Be Sold will instruct you on; The fundamentals of selling in a down economy, adding new business to your sales funnel, and maintaining a cheerful attitude in the face of rejection.

This book, with the knowledge of a seasoned sales vet at the helm, will revolutionize the way you understand sales and life. Each topic Cardone addresses in the book is quite valuable.

This article will provide an in-depth synopsis of Sell or Be Sold and Grant Cardone’s sales recommendations. Read on!

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About the Author

Grant Cardone is a best-selling author, worldwide speaker, sales trainer, and entrepreneur who has worked in real estate and automobiles.

He has been helpful in assisting small and large (500) organizations in increasing sales by implementing necessary modifications in the sales process.

Apart from ‘Sell or Be Sold,’ Cardone is the author of the best-selling ‘The 10X Rule’ and 5 other sales and business-related publications.

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Sell or be Sold

The book ‘sell or be sold’ by Grant Cardone is written for folks who do not consider themselves salespeople but want to achieve more success in their lives. A glimpse of this book shows how to effectively sell and be successful at it.

Here, you will be shown straightforward methods for selling any product or idea to anyone at any time. You will learn how to persuade others to “buy in” to your ideas, rally behind you, and assist you.

Also, you will learn tactics that will ensure your success in life and will teach you how to get there. You will understand how to avoid conflict and resolve problems using only words and your attitude.

Truly, Grant Cardone did justice to the pyramid of sales, and how to become a result-oriented salesman.

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The Sell Or Be Sold Book’s Key Points

Haven established the fact that sell or be sold is a must-read if you are starting out a business, and intending to build a career around marketing or entrepreneurship.

So, let’s take a look at some highlights from the book:

#1. Selling is Everything

Sell or Be Sold begins with an intriguing thesis: everyone is in sales. You’re in sales whether you’re a doctor selling your skill set, an entrepreneur selling your firm, or a typical salesman selling your product.

Cardone’s emphasis on breaking out of obscurity and his advice for using social media make this book stand out.

One of the recommendations here is to use social media to gain attention. In an amusing way, he argues that if you’re not accumulating detractors, you’re probably not trying hard enough to get above obscurity.

So, you must be completely convinced of your goods or service. If you want to improve sales, you must first sell the product or service to yourself. This will assist you in gaining confidence and determining how to approach your prospects.

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#2. Salespeople keep the world turning

People that are adept at selling are valuable assets to any firm. Why do we consider the sales crew to be a valuable asset but not others?

Because the sales crew is the most important component of every firm. Salespeople propel entire economies forward.

So, whatever your goals are, you must be able to communicate successfully with people. The more effectively you communicate, the more people will agree with you.

sell or be sold

#3. The Most Important Sale

You can only sell to the extent that you are sold. This is an important and inevitable reality that you must not overlook if you wish to achieve greatness in life.

The bottom truth is that you are not sold if you:

  • You are not selling to some extent.
  • Sales are sluggish.
  • You have another reason.

This one point is vital to excellence and cannot be compromised in any manner. You must be convinced and believe so deeply in what you’re selling that you become irrational. That’s right: irrational.

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The Point of no Return is Conviction

When your conviction and belief in something are stronger than another’s, they will give up some of their conviction and you will make a sale. That is the point at which the sale becomes feasible.

Why do some individuals do things that others would never think of doing?

It’s because they are certain that it must be done for some purpose. They will succeed to the extent that they are sold and become irrational in their pursuit.

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#4. Myth of Price

The majority of individuals assume that the only reason they lose business is due to price. That, however, is not the case.

The buyer’s first concern is not price. It is, in reality, near the bottom of the list of reasons why consumers do not buy.

If there is a price difference, the buyer needs confirmation that the benefits of your product outweigh the cost difference. Even when purchasers claim it, price is almost never a problem.

While your prospect may be openly protesting the price, he is most likely thinking about other things. Is this the appropriate product?

You are your own issue, not the price! Customers do not put a halt to purchases. Salespeople are the ones who prevent sales from occurring. You, not the consumer, are the impediment to a successful transaction.

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#5. Your Buyer’s Money

Millions of individuals throughout the world believe that there is a financial crisis. But, in reality, there is more than enough money to go around. In fact, there is an abundance of it.

Indeed, people enjoy spending money. And the more money people spend, the more enjoyment they get.

“Don’t become greedy; don’t complicate the closing,” others will warn you. Just complete it or you’ll blow the agreement trying to obtain the second money.”

Bollocks! That type of mindset belongs to the world’s lousy salespeople, not you! Money is for individuals who wish to take their game to the next level.

sell or be sold

#6. The Agreement’s Magic

You must be pleased with your consumers if you want an agreement. Of course, you will have the opportunity to inform them about your product if you begin creating a connection with the client with an agreement.

You’ll also come out as empathetic, easy to work with, and professional to the consumer. This is referred to as relationship selling.

So, if you want people to agree with you, simply agree with their position, agree with their opinions, and put yourself in their shoes for a moment.

sell or be sold

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#7. The Ideal Sales Process

Here are the five most important actions you must do in every sales scenario (whether in person, over the phone, or over the Internet):

  • First, Greet
  • Identify their Wants and Needs: Ask if they have a lower-than-average profit margin in each transaction, If the amount of time required to complete a contract is the cause of their complaints, and if they’re seeing consumer resistance in their sales process.
  • Choose a product and present/create value
  • Create a Proposal
  • Complete the transaction or the buyer withdraws

Meanwhile, note that the sales process is built in the order of Customer-Salesperson-Management.

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#8. Sales Training Concepts

The following measures are taken into consideration for a good training program:

  • Train every day! Salespeople should read, listen to, or watch information that is relevant to selling circumstances, not only motivating ones.
  • Sales training is addressed with the purpose of quickly increasing output.
  • Sales training is provided in short, engaging chunks.
  • Training must be quantifiable and rewarding. Training that is not quantifiable will fail, just like any process or best practice.
  • Effective sales-training programs should devote 80 percent of their training material, time, and energy to the most senior members of a business, rather than the newcomers.
  • Sales training should be a part of your daily routine and available at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sell or be Sold

What is the book Sell or be Sold about?

Sell or Be Sold is based on the premise that we sell every day: the child who wants a piece of candy and needs to persuade his parents to let him have it.

Also, the teacher to the student about the importance of learning trigonometry and the sales professional who closes the deal with a prospect.

What is Grant Cardone's best selling book?

Some of Cardone’s best-selling books are:

  • Sample. The 10X Rule
  • If You’re Not First, You’re Last
  • Sell or Be Sold: How to Get Your Way in Business and in Life
  • Be Obsessed or Be Average
  • How to Get and Stay Motivated. The Closer’s Survival Guide – Third Edition.
  • The Millionaire Booklet.
  • The 10X Mentor – By Grant Cardone.

What is the minimum to invest with Grant Cardone?

Cardone Capital’s investment requirement of $5,000 is higher than that of numerous rivals.

So, If you don’t have $5,000 to invest, think about alternatives like a real estate investment trust (REIT).

How many hours does Grant Cardone sleep?

According to Grant Cardone, he says; ‘Every night, I aim to obtain 7 or 8 hours of sleep. Why? Because my health and well-being are crucial.’

How long did it take Grant Cardone to become a millionaire?

He despised his sales job, but he despised being broke even more. He also understood that having that work kept him occupied and focused, leaving no time for narcotics.

Within the next five years, Grant became a billionaire while working as a car salesperson and investing in real estate on the side.

How many followers does Grant Cardone have?

Grant Cardone has 596 thousand Twitter followers, 4.1 million Instagram followers, 6.7 million Facebook followers, 2.21 million YouTube subscribers, and 4.1 million Instagram followers.


Rejection has nothing to do with sales. It is a natural component of the human condition, as well as an experience or illusion manufactured by the individual experiencing it.

The capacity to show up day after day and do the right things is the single most crucial ingredient in any success. It is critical to be engaged and inventive.

Today’s products change so quickly that it’s nearly hard to stay up. If you aren’t dedicated, you will be devastated, and product knowledge will be just one of your excuses.

Meanwhile, If you’ve got any suggestions as regards this incredible book, let’s meet in the comment section.


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