Free and Printable Thank You For Supporting My Small Business Stickers


There is nothing as heartwarming as having tons of orders from your customers. You probably love to appreciate them for choosing and trusting your brand.

Here are samples of free printable thank you stickers for small businesses. 

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How to Thank your customers for supporting your small business

Expressing gratitude is one of the great methods of keeping and sustaining loyal customers. A lot of business owners are yet to understand the concept of gratitude.

The truth is that customers are sometimes attached to certain brands because of the relationship between them.

They love where their patronage is appreciated. Believe me; everyone loves feeling like they made a difference with their little contributions. 

There are several ways to send your gratitude to your customers. We will be teaching you a few ways to say, “Thanks For Your Patronage.” Trust me; this is gonna increase your customer retention and help you maintain some businesses. 

  1. Send a thank you email: This is a good way to say thank you to your customers, especially if you don’t have alot of information about it. Although it is good, however, it is not a great option. This method is difficult to pull off without it sounding all generic and sale-sy. 
  2. Send a Business “Thank you” Note: This method is way better than the thank you email method. But to be able to pull this off, you’ll probably need some more details other than the email of the customer. It sounds difficult; I mean, you have to like send a formal hold-in-your-hand Thank you note. I mean, as cheesy as it sounds, it has proven to create better impressions than just sending a thank you mail. 
  3. After business “Thank you for Patronising us” call: This method is rarely used, especially because it is not a cost-efficient method. And in some cases, it might not be appreciated. Although this method can help get direct feedback from your customers and, in some cases, help build loyal customers.

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What are the Benefits of sending your gratitude to your customers?

Yeah, it’s a bit stressful running a business, and yeah, I know you don’t want to take out time to thank your customers. I mean, they needed a service/ product that you provided, and they paid for it. You are probably asking why it has to be you saying thank you. 

Well, the truth is there are a million and one brands that can provide the same services or products you transacted. In some cases, these other brands can even do better than you.

Excellent customer service is what keeps a customer loyal to a particular brand. Expressing thanks to your clients is the first step in developing enduring connections, which should come as no surprise to any business owner or management.

7 Easy tips on how to send Thank you messages to clients 

  1. Keep it short 
  2. Make it clear 
  3. Check for spelling errors 
  4. Ensure you’re sending to the right customer, so double-check the customer’s info
  5. Don’t make it too cheesy or sale-sy
  6. Personalize it 
  7. Always remember to brand it

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7 thank you phrases for perfect Thank you stickers for small businesses

Here are a few short thank you messages that can make a nice thank you card/ note for your customers. 

  1. Thank you for choosing us 
  2. < brand name> cares for you, Thank you for your patronage 
  3. Loyal Customers are the Best, Thank you for Your Business 
  4. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you
  5. Thanks for your Patronage 
  6. Thank you for Today’s Business, and More Business in The Future 
  7. <your brand> Appreciates your patronage
  8. This < brand name> loves you. Thank you for being part of our big family.

Free Printable Thank you Stickers for small business

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How to Make DIY Thank you Stickers for small businesses

Get the Image You Want as a Sticker 

You can draw some simple images using your colored markers and pencils, or you can download and print out some thank-you stickers. You can find some really nice thank-you stickers below.

Cut out the Stickers: 

Cut out the shapes of the stickers. After cutting, leave a 1- inch border around the edges of the sticker. 

Method 1: 

In this method, you’ll be using bold transparent tape. A popular brand is a sellotape. Now place the first square cut-out tape about twice the size of your cut-out sticker on a plain and clean surface.

Then place your sticker cut-out on top of it right at the center.

Cut out another square-shaped transparent tape about the size of the first cut-out and place it with the sticker side on top of the cut-out sticker.

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Method 2:

  • For this method, we’ll be using a double-sided tape
  • First – cut out the printed sticker 
  • Cut out a square-shaped double-sided tape about twice the size of the sticker 
  • Place the sticker cut out on either side of the tape and tightly press them together 
  • Remove every air bubble in between them by pressing the two sides together.
  • Carefully cut out the excesses, and remember to leave a 1-inch border while cutting.

Sample Template for Thank you Messages to Your Customers

Template 1.

Hi Jane,

It gives me great pleasure to personally thank you for your business since January 2023! Everyone has been through quite a journey over the last three years, so we are really glad that you chose to continue with us.

We’ve placed a small gift of gratitude in your account as a thank you; simply sign in to get it.

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Template 2.

Hello Carol,

We are excited to end this year with you. Your loyalty is greatly appreciated. Thank you for choosing us.

 To appreciate you, we have put together a special offer for you. Kindly log into your account to access it. 

Thank you for being part of our big family.

<your name>

<your brand name> 


In a nutshell, gratitude makes the heart loyal. To maintain a healthy and loyal relationship with your customer, you have to thank them always for their patronage and remind them that the business is here to serve them.



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