Things to Weld and Sell for Profit in 2022


The desire to purchase handcrafted things is growing. Why not use metal? Welded metal décor may be less prevalent than other handmade things since not everyone is trained to weld, but it is straightforward to make and sell!

Great news for individuals who are even a tiny bit skillful or inspired to produce metal art! When creating and selling products, you’re only limited by your ideas and the equipment in your shop.

Let me work you through the simplest things you can weld and sell for profit.

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What is Welding?

Welding is joining two or more metal components together with heat and pressure. While there are other welding techniques, the most popular is gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), which creates the weld using an electric arc.

Welding may be used for anything from mending metal products to creating new ones.

It is a flexible talent that may be applied in various sectors, including automotive, construction, and manufacturing.

Is Welding a Profitable Business?

Welding may be a lucrative business if you’re prepared to put in the effort. Because it is a skilled occupation, you must invest in training, yet it may be a highly satisfying job.

Because of the growing building industry, welders are in high demand. And as technology progresses, more welders will be required for improved welding processes.

So, if you’re seeking a job that’s both tough and rewarding, welding may be a fantastic choice.

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6 Things You Can Weld And Sell

Before we get into what kinds of objects you can weld and sell, here are some things you should have on hand before you start, just in case you’re new to this hobby:

  1. Welding helmets are required for your protection. A welding helmet will shield your eyes from the intense light during welding, and the helmet or mask will protect your face and neck from flying hot sparks
  2. Welding gloves are required for hand protection. Let’s face it: you won’t be able to weld very effectively if you don’t have hands.
  3. Arrow welding magnets for mocking up the item and keeping it in position for welding (excellent for such tasks)
  4. MIG Welder
  5. An Angle grinder
  6. Slag hammer for chipping and wire brush
  7. Diamond cutting blade for a Chop Saw or Angle Grinder
  8. Finally, make sure you have all the supplies you’ll need to build some sellable welded items without straying 

There are many great things you can make that people want to buy. Once you get started and others learn about your metalwork, you may begin getting custom orders soon!

So, let’s get started on our projects.

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#1. Cool metal Creatures

How about producing some interesting creature pieces if you’re artistic? Alternatively, try your hand at something haunting and calm, and you’ll find yourself selling to a viral niche audience.

Making fish bits is simple. You do not need to follow any particular pattern. You can make almost anything and call it a fish!

Scrap metal is a terrific alternative here, or you can add old hand tools like wrenches into the artwork.

Steel Fish Sculpture

To construct something like this, lay down the components on your workstation and arrange them to produce something intriguing to make and maybe interesting enough to sell!

The more of them you produce, the better the finished pieces will be.

About the last part on yard art, you could create these to hang on a cabin or deck or weld a long pole onto it so the fish may be sunk into the ground and placed someplace in the yard or garden.

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How to Make Amazing Creatures

  1. Arrange your parts to form your creature.
  2. Weld the parts together as you acquire the form you want.
  3. Continue cutting and shifting components until you have the next piece in the appropriate spot, then attach it to the rest of the monster.
  4. That’s pretty much it. Begin developing the artwork, and you will have something amazing and unique.
  5. When finished, please clean up the welds as needed and paint or cover them with lacquer.

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#2. Metal Bowl Made out of Nuts, Washers, and Bolts

This one appeals to me since it is simple to put together and will produce a unique item practically every time. Another advantage is that you may be able to acquire your washers for free.

If you have contacts in the trades, chances are you’ll be able to get some free washers, nuts, bolts, and other discarded things to make it. You can weld and sell this to make money.


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How to Make a Metal Bowl for Sale

  1. To begin, turn your mold upside down.
  2. Washers should be leaned against the mold (bowl). Layout enough to begin welding some together.
  3. Moving above, you may add additional washers as you go.
  4. I would try constructing your bowl up and over the top, then starting on the other side, gluing more washers together until you have something to turn over and insert objects in.
  5. After you’ve finished the washers, use sandpaper or an angle grinder to smooth off the welds.
  6. To give the bowl an industrial aspect, spray it with a metal lacquer. You might also experiment with spray paint.

#3. Good Luck Horseshoe Bookend

Horseshoes have become a symbol of good fortune. I’m sure there’s a backstory to that.

“You are so lucky; you must have a horseshoe shoved up your butt!” others will say. It sounds nasty as I type it, but it indicates you’re fortunate!

Horseshoes flipped upright are a lucky sign. Most superstitious people will rejoice in having some additional luck on their side if they have a pair of horseshoe bookends turned upright.

These are the ones who will purchase your bookends.

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How to Make Horseshoe Bookends

  1. Because the horseshoes you have will most certainly be utilized, tidy them up a little. You should be able to have them ready to weld in no time with acetone and sanding paper.
  2. If you’re welding two pieces of metal plate at 90 degrees, you’ll need to use a vice to hold one of the parts in place unless you have a jig that can hold both at 90 degrees. Make sure the inside corners of the parts are 90 degrees; otherwise, the horseshoe will not fit nicely and will seem like a baby constructed it.
  3. If you’re merely utilizing a metal plate as a foundation, butt and end up against something like a metal toolbox or anything similar. Then, using your horseshoe, place the rounded portion on the base, moving up to butt up against the toolbox. When done, the horseshoes will butt up against the bookcases.
  4. As you proceed, weld everything into place. This should not take long. You might complete quite a number of these in an afternoon if you had a huge supply of horseshoes and metal plates.
  5. After everything has cooled, tidy it up by sanding or grinding the welds.
  6. Finish it with metal lacquer or paint, much like the rest of the items in this tutorial.
things to weld and sell
Cowboy Horseshoe

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#4. Industrial Desk Organiser

Let’s face it: everything with an industrial style is becoming increasingly fashionable. Another trend that is gaining traction is the use of discarded materials to create one-of-a-kind crafts.

You’ll find ideas for using waste wood, metal, and other materials all over the Internet. That’s what I like about this project it’s a terrific way to repurpose resources to create something unique and easy to sell!

things to weld and sell
Steel Industrial Desk Organizer

How to Make an Industrial Desk Organizer

  • Cut your metal plate to the size you choose for the base.
  • Cut different lengths of a tube or circular pipe. Make sure they’re not too lengthy, as you want the pens to be reachable when they’re in the holders.
  • Install the pipework and other components.
  • Now, if you have any additional metal elements to add to the sculpture, set them on the base to get an idea of how it will appear. This will come in when you begin welding everything together.
  • Proceed to affix everything together.
  • When you’re through welding, clean up all of the welds and re-spray with lacquer or paint.

I believe this is another project where you might produce a large number of pieces in a short period of time. You may also be able to obtain some of these things for free.

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#5. Welded Stools

Welded stools are popular because they are fashionable, stylish, and futuristic. This is one of the things you can easily weld and sell for money.

You may use your welding abilities to remodel current stools or to make entirely new stools.

Simply add a metal or wood seat and you’re done! You have some amazing welded stools for sale.

Steel tubes and metal sheets may be used to make a basic metal stool. Then you may select between wood and aluminum for the seat. Easy!

Bar Stool

#6. Wine Bottle Holder

Welding a wine bottle holder is often straightforward and quick. Metal wine bottle carriers or racks are popular since they take up less room than wood. This makes them excellent for folks with little storage space.

Metal is simple to work with and allows welders to make elegant, modern wine bottle holders to match a modern living area.

If you are looking for what to weld and sell, then this piece will be a good pick.

things to weld and sell
Wine Bottle Holder


What can I weld to make money?

Profitable Welding Projects

  • TV Trays. This is a real blast from the past and something that harkens back to frozen TV dinners. …
  • Unique Tractor Forks. …
  • A Cool Fire Pit. …
  • A Metal Trellis. …
  • Sign Holders. …
  • Residential Customization. …
  • Brackets for Architecture. …
  • Older Auto Fixes.

How do I start a small welding business?

How to Start your Welding Business

  1. Create a Business Plan.
  2. Choose Your Welding Business Structure.
  3. Determine Your Business Costs.
  4. Create a Business Name.
  5. Register Your Welding Business and Open Financial Accounts.
  6. Purchase Equipment for Your Welding Business.
  7. Market Your Welding Business.

How can I make money welding at home?

Welding Hobby Projects You Can do at Home To Make Money

  1. Steel Fire Pit. Another welding hobby project you can do is a steel fire pit for outdoor living spaces. …
  2. Welded Steel Coffee Table. …
  3. Welded Sculpture or Metal Art. …
  4. Portable Camping Stove. …
  5. Welded Tailgate BBQ grill.


The most important takeaway from this post is to not be concerned with exact style or shape, but rather to apply your creativity.

Be willing to make any of these projects out of discarded materials you can acquire for free.

You will be able to make just as much money, if not more, from the finished work.


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