7 Best Valentine’s Day Cricut Ideas to Make and Sell for Cash in 2023


Want to make some adorable Valentine’s Day home décor or homemade presents but don’t think you’re the crafts type?

With the Cricut, anybody can become a craft pro! These Valentine’s Day Cricut crafts are simple, and the holiday is ideal for showing love to those you care about.

They’re so simple to produce that you can make plenty for everyone and even sell the excess.

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7 Best Valentine’s Day Cricut Ideas to Sell

#1. Valentine’s Day Pillows

With a glitter iron-on and your Cricut, you can transform an average pillow into a unique Valentine’s Day pillow! This will give your sofa a nice splash of color. This is one of the best Cricut ideas you can sell on valentine’s day.

valentine's day cricut ideas to sell

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Learn how to make a pillow in this YouTube video.

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#2. Valentine’s Day Mugs

Make and sell gorgeous Cricut coffee cups to spread the love this holiday season! Combine two of people’s favorite things in life, coffee, and their lover, to create the ideal, thoughtful, homemade present.

valentine's day cricut ideas to sell

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#3. XO Valentine’s Day Decor

With this fun activity, you can add fantastic glitter XO letters to your mantle or table. You’ll want to keep it going long after Valentine’s Day.

It would also look excellent in your teen’s or dorm room!

valentine's day cricut ideas to sell

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#4. Cupcakes

What do you need, a cherry on top of these stunning sparkling hearts? These cute, simple, and delightfully festive cupcake toppers will make your valentine’s heart pitter-patter. Sell some handmade sweets with your homemade toppers.

valentine's day cricut ideas to sell

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#5. Framed Canvas Art

With this adorable photo frame, you can put love in the spotlight. A little paint and paper go a long way in this simple Valentine’s Day Cricut project.

valentine's day cricut ideas to sell

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#6. Valentine’s Day Wood Rounds

Wooden circular signs are popular at any time of year. Inside your house, you may build door hangers or wall décor. This design would be lovely with flowers and hanging on the front entrance!

valentine's day cricut ideas to sell

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#7. Heart-Tee

This beautiful heart monogram custom design is one of the simplest Cricut Valentine shirt ideas. You only need a blank shirt and HTV vinyl to get started!

valentine's day cricut ideas to sell
valentine's day cricut ideas to sell


What Sells the Most During Valentine’s Day?

Flowers. Flowers are one of the most excellent presents to offer during the week since there is no Valentine’s without them. Because the first day is Rose Day, florists and gift shops have a big market to offer flowers to loved-up individuals.

What Can I Make to Sell on Valentine’s Day?

Top Valentine Ideas to Sell Online and Dropship

  • Candies and Chocolates. Yes, you can dropship sweets and chocolates.
  • Greeting cards. There are many greeting card resources that you can sell online.
  • Flowers.
  • Jewelry.
  • Gift Cards.
  • Valentine’s Day Inflatables.
  • Sell Valentine’s Day gift boxes.
  • Customized Led Lamp.

How Do You Attract Customers on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day marketing ideas [recap]

  1. Industry-specific Valentine’s Day promotions.
  2. Create a Valentine’s Day gift guide.
  3. Drop your customers a hint.
  4. Run couples-themed posts and promotions.
  5. Create appealing Valentine’s Day visuals.
  6. Promote or give away a product.
  7. Run a craft tutorial.
  8. Accommodate last-minute shoppers.


What lovely Valentine’s Day Cricut crafts do you plan to make first now that you’ve acquired some inspired Valentine’s Day Cricut Gift ideas?

Please let us know in the comment section.



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