What Is An Online Business Manager? All You Need to Know

What Is An Online Business Manager

Having heard of online business managers, I guess you are wondering what it’s about and how they operate. The truth is, owning and running a business can be lucrative and also challenging at times. This is where the online business manager comes into play.

 An Online business manager, as the name indicates, is similar to an offline business manager. Online business managers virtually assist business owners in reaching their objectives by ensuring that the company’s day-to-day duties and operations are running smoothly.

So, if you’re a business owner looking to expand online, you might probably want to hire an online business manager. Now let’s look at how it works, their job roles, qualifications, and where to hire from.

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What is an Online Business Manager?

An online business manager (OBM) is a virtual specialist that assists entrepreneurs in organizing, systematizing, and strategically planning their businesses. 

They’re in charge of keeping the company’s operations running smoothly by tracking key performance indicators (KPIs), setting targets, and tracking progress. 

The services of an online company manager might also involve supporting the business owner with day-to-day operations. This frees up the business owner to concentrate on top-line growth and new business prospects, while the online business manager handles the more administrative responsibilities.

In terms of hierarchy, an OBM is directly beneath you, the business owner, and above all other members of your staff.

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What Does an Online Business Manager Do?

They hold OBMs to the same standards as traditional business managers. The only difference is that they carry out their duties via the internet.

An online business manager’s job description might vary depending on their skills, the type of business, the owner’s skills and preferences, the stage of the business and its present goals, the other team members and their responsibilities, and other factors.

However, an online business manager’s job description typically include the following:

Project management: New project launches, implementation, and oversight are frequently the responsibility of online business managers.

Operations: As an online business manager, you simplify the company’s processes to boost quality and productivity. Overseeing basic business operations like customer administration, appointment scheduling, and bookkeeping, among others, could be a crucial aspect of your employment.

Tracking metrics: Identifying useful KPIs for certain projects and areas of the company. This allows an OBM to keep track of the company’s growth, send updates to clients, and make recommendations to the business owner.

Team management: As an online business manager, you’ll be in charge of delegating, overseeing, and tracking the accomplishment of your client’s team’s day-to-day responsibilities. This may entail offering help, distributing resources, and conducting performance evaluations.

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What are the Requirements for the Role of an Online Business Manager?

According to World for Business, an A-rated OBM is very versatile and can fulfill several functions.

Hence, to take up the role of an online business manager, one has to consider getting a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Or a comparable discipline to help build your leadership and management skills, which are necessary to be successful as an online business manager.

However, another option is to enroll in a recognized online business management training program. This program consists of several weeks of training and certification procedures, during which students will work on a variety of real-world customer projects.

Importantly, if you have little or no experience with business management and don’t have the time to obtain a B.Sc. in business, you should take the second alternative. The most important requirement is skill although, certification might provide you an advantage.

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What Skills do you Need to be an Online Business Manager?

It takes a lot more than being able to coordinate everyone’s activities and deadlines to successfully manage a team. 

An online business manager’s ability to get the most out of their team members and accomplish project success is based on a combination of interpersonal and organizational skills. 

As a result, to be effective at what they do, an Online Business Manager must have a diverse skill set. For effective work, every OBM requires the following skills:

1. Time management

You can accomplish your work and meet deadlines more effectively if you have strong time management abilities. 

Make a daily to-do list to help you organize your tasks in priority order. To keep track of meetings and events, you can use scheduling software programs.

2. Communication

As an online business manager, you must be able to communicate successfully with clients, team members, and senior management. 

Use precise, succinct language to strengthen your written and vocal communication skills. This can help you ensure that your colleagues and clients comprehend what you’re saying.


To motivate their team members and deliver favorable results, online business managers must have excellent leadership qualities. 

Improving your leadership abilities can assist you in making key decisions and effectively overcoming workplace challenges.

4.Tech Savvy 

Because a large part of your job involves dealing with technology to manage metrics and implement programs to improve your client’s organization, a thorough understanding of technology is required. It’s crucial to have strong technical abilities as an online business manager. 

Familiarize yourself with prominent project management and communication software solutions in your chosen field. Slack, Asana, Notion, Zoom, and Microsoft Office are some examples of tools you might want to learn how to use.

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What’s the Distinction between a Virtual Assistant and an Online Business Manager?

Oftentimes, people frequently interchange the terms “Online business manager” and “virtual assistant.” Although many online business managers begin their careers as virtual assistants and both work from home, they are not the same. 

The following are the most significant distinctions between an online business manager and a virtual assistant:

  • As we’ve seen, online business managers are mostly concerned with your company’s operations. In contrast, a general virtual assistant handles administrative chores, such as scheduling, travel bookings, and correspondence.
  • Unlike virtual assistants, who are normally only responsible for their job – the specific work you allocate to them – online business managers are task delegators rather than task doers.
  • Virtual Assistants normally charge hourly, while online business managers can offer incentive pay.
  • Online business managers are more strategy-focused than task-focused, and rather than being told what duties to accomplish, they use their initiative to help drive the success of the organization they are assisting.
  • Online business managers take on fewer clients but charge higher fees, whereas virtual assistants deal with many clients on a lesser retainer.

What are the Advantages of Being an Online Business Manager?

Making the switch to online business management has many advantages:

  • With most online business managers offering incentive-based payment plans rather than project or hourly fees, there’s more money to be made.
  • Because most new business comes from referrals, they spend less time and resources marketing for new clients.
  • Also, most online business managers only work with two or three long-term clients at a time, so they spend less time and energy onboarding new clients.
  • The freedom to select who you work with, where you work from, and when you work.

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Rates for an Online Business Manager

Generally, rates and packages differ from one online business manager to the next, and how much you’ll pay will depend on the type and quantity of support you require. They commonly price this type of service in one of three ways:

  • a charge per hour
  • A monthly retainer
  • a set fee for the project

There is currently no clear guide to the fees charged by OBMs. However, according to our research, hourly fees begin at roughly $65 and can rise to $150 or more, depending on experience and skills.

Retainer packages typically range from roughly $1500 per month to (and above) $2500 per month, with incentives based on the organization’s performance because of the job you undertake.

The firm owner and manager decide on a set project fee pricing mode based on the project and duties involved. The fixed project charge is less popular than the other two options.

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When Do You Need to Hire an Online Business Manager and why?

You’ll reach a point in your business where you realize you can’t accomplish everything on your own.

As your company grows, you find that your time is so limited that you will have no alternative but to engage an OBM.

The following are some signals that you need an OBM:

1. You want to grow your company, but you don’t have enough free time to do it.

 An Online Business Manager will assist in taking over the day-to-day operations of your business, allowing you to focus your efforts on strategically growing your company.

2. You’re missing out on valuable clients and sales chances.

Are you missing out on clients because you’re overworked while running your company? An online business manager can help you not only free up time but also bring your vision to life.

An OBM can help you bring these changes to life, from coming up with fresh profitable ideas to developing the concept into a launch.

3. You don’t have any standard operating procedures in your company.

SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) are critical for ensuring that your company functions efficiently on all fronts. Every operation, from new employees to email marketing campaigns, should follow a defined protocol to meet your company’s objectives.

You’ll be able to keep your team on the same page by creating SOPs, which will eliminate any confusion about how jobs should be handled.

So, If you’re ready to take your business to the next level but don’t have the time or resources to do it, it’s time to engage an online business manager. If you want to take a step back while still keeping your business running smoothly, an online business manager is a great option.

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Work Environment For Online Business Managers

Online business managers typically works remotely. They can choose to work from any location be it the coffee shop, their home office or the supermarket. the most important thing is that they get the job done. since they work virtually, most obm get to choose their work schedule.

An OBMs job can either be full time or partime. However, their job flexibility gives them a good work life balance.

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How does a business manager differ from an online business manager?

An online business manager doesn’t show up at your place, although they play the part of a typical business manager. OBMs work from home and communicate via a pre-established communication channel.

What distinction exists between a virtual assistant and an online business manager?

A virtual assistant cannot compare to the quality of help provided by an online business manager. We expect an OBM to operate across a wide range of corporate responsibilities, whereas a virtual assistant may simply execute one or two highly particular jobs for an organization.

Do I need to work as a virtual assistant first before becoming an online business manager?

Capital NO. If you have the relevant skills, you can pursue a career as an online business manager right away.

Do they work in the same way as ordinary employees?

No, they don’t. An online business manager is a freelancer who provides services online. They are self-employed contractors.

Who is qualified to work as an online business manager?

Virtually anyone can work as a manager of an online business. To work as an online business manager, you don’t need a degree or qualification. You will, however, require some leadership and management abilities.

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Do you desire a job that doesn’t require you to work from 9 to 5? You might wish to seek a job as an online business manager.

More so, if your mind is always looking for the best method to accomplish things or if organizing comes naturally to you then I think you’re on track.


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