Sell This House Casts Where Are They Now | All You Need To Know


The reality series “sell this house,” which started trailing in 2013, held many spellbound. But the question is what became of the ‘sell this house casts.

Well, we have really missed “sell this house,” but the truth is that the casts have moved on.

This article will tell you all you need to know about “sell this house cast.” If you are a fan of the series, then you will find this blog undoubtedly worth the time.

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Sell This House

Sell This House is a reality television series that debuted on the A&E network in 2003. Tanya Memme, the host, and designer/home stager Roger Hazard assist homeowners who are having difficulty selling their homes.

They place the first camera to capture prospective buyers’ reactions during a one-day open house, and Memme then shows and discusses the remarks with the homeowners.

Hazard then gives his assessment. On a few hundred dollars budget, he, Memme, the sellers, and their friends and family then collaborate to stage the house, correcting, reducing, or covering whatever flaws he discovers.

Painting, reducing superfluous clutter and personal objects, and changing furniture are common examples. Finally, the same prospective buyers are summoned for a second walkthrough.

The show’s name was changed to Sell This House: Extreme for season 9 in 2011, and the format was stretched to one hour. Charlie Frattini, a construction specialist, and designer Daniel Kucan have joined the cast.

In 2007, the show was nominated for Outstanding Lifestyle Program at the 34th Daytime Emmy Awards. However, it was defeated by Paula’s Home Cooking.

After a nearly nine-year break, A+E Networks announced in May 2020 that the series would return for its tenth season.

Season 10 will be broadcast on FYI and several free streaming providers on May 18, 2020. The most recent season focuses on properties that have been on the market for more than 100 days.

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What Happened to Sell This House Cast?

The sell the house casts are really doing well. Below is a list of the casts and how far they have gone since after the sell the house series.

Tanya Memme (Host)

Tanya Memme has earned the title of “America’s Lifestyle and Home Design Sweetheart.” She is an award-winning actress, former Miss World Canada, and the host/producer of the Emmy-nominated A&E television show Sell This House.

She attributes her success on Sell This House to her father. The father was one of Mountain View Homes’ founders.

She helps many families throughout America. She does this by selling their homes, remodeling, and staging on a budget for nine seasons. Tanya is also the host and producer of A&E’s new show Sell This House EXTREME.

Her previous works include two seasons of A&E’s Move This House, three seasons of TLC’s Robotica with Ahmet Zappa, and LA’s most-rated magazine shows, Eye On LA on KABC and 9 On The Town on KCBS.

Recently, She is still spreading optimism by speaking to groups and people. Tanya offers easy techniques to assist women in finding their voice and strengthening their souls.

She also teaches women about the significance of surrounding themselves with love in their environment. The love is not limited only physically in the house but in all aspects of their lives.

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Roger Hazard (Designer @ Sell This House Casts)

Roger Hazard is the original house stager on television, as well as the designer/producer of the international, Emmy-nominated A&E show, Sell This House.

Through his business, Design Hazards, Roger and his husband, Chris Stout, provide residential and commercial design, remodeling, and staging services to customers.

In 2012, Roger and Chris will launch a line of locally made hardwood furniture in collaboration with an Austin-based company.

His design instinct prompted him to work on houses. Roger established a new profession in restoration after seeing architectural possibilities in abandoned old properties.

He relocated to Atlanta and had amazing success purchasing and selling up to four residences every year.

Roger has learned numerous real estate tactics from his broad expertise as a designer and house restorer.

The most crucial is that individuals buy because they want to feel good in their homes. Roger understands how to create a welcoming workplace without breaking the bank.

Roger and Chris have recently relocated to Austin, Texas, Sharon Springs, New York, Montclair, New Jersey, and Omaha, Nebraska.

They’re refurbishing an old house, as they usually do, and spending time with their large, fluffy dog Buck.

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Daniel Kucan (Designer @ Sell This House Casts)

He has worked as a designer, actor, woodworker, finisher, kickboxing instructor, producer, novelist, stuntman, construction foreman, and circus knife thrower over his crazily imaginative career.

He has traveled widely and has a strong worldwide commitment to ethical construction and ecological design.

His shop has been using salvaged lumber long before the term “green” was used to describe it. It was simply known as “doing the right thing” back then.

His old-design attitude fits nicely with the Los Angels architectural environment, which is densely packed with houses from the 1920s and 1930s begging to be restored to their former splendor.

Daniel presently resides in Los Angels with his long-term partner in a Gothic English hamlet that he refurbished himself.

Charlie Frattini (Builder @ Sell This House Casts)

His career in television is unrivaled, as he has successfully executed some of New York City’s major building projects. 

Now, he brings his building skills to homeowners around the country to help them update their homes so they can stage them for sale in one of the world’s hardest and most competitive construction markets.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Sell This House Casts

Question 1: Is the show Sell This House staged?

Answer: The show’s beefy design consultant, Roger Hazard, explained: “Essentially, what you’re doing with staging is building a set. It’s not real.

Question 2: Who is the woman on Sell This House?

Answer: Tanya Memme

Question 3: Why did Roger leave Sell This House?

Answer: Hazard had been dissatisfied when searching for furniture and accessories for his private design clientele.

“It was always difficult to find unique items in the proper size or color,” Roger stated.

Question 4: When was the show Sell This House filmed?

Answer: Sell This House is a reality television series that debuted on the A&E network in 2003.

Tanya Memme, the host, and designer/home stager Roger Hazard assist homeowners who are having difficulty selling their homes.

Question 5: Is Roger Hazard a real designer?

Answer: Roger Hazard is a house stager and decorator on Sell This Hous. He majored in Horticulture as well as Architectural Design.


I know we all had fun watching the all-interesting series “Sell This House.” However, we can’t wait to see those casts once again on our 64-inch flat-screen television.

Till then, when they eventually come back (If they will), we don’t have another option but to wish them well.



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