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While playing RDR2, players come across tons of jewelry and other items they steal. Now here’s the bugaboo; after collecting these jewelry pieces, where can they sell them in RDR2?

Before we answer this, let’s jiggle you a bit. Critics and fans see Red Dead Redemption (RDR2) as one of Rockstar’s most significant ventures. Do you know why?

Rockstar designed it to show players how the world revolved during the Cowboy Era and how gangsters were prominent citizens. They construct a universe in which players can take on the role of an alternative individual.

Here, players put themselves in the shoes of the story’s hero. They embark on their journey to discover another planet and its countless intimate secrets.

Now back to our question; where can you sell jewelry in RDR2? Well, one merchant that can buy your jewelry is the fence. They are located in different locations in RDR2. Keen on knowing where to find them. Read on!

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How to Use Jewelry in RDR2?

Although you can sell jewelry in RDR2, you should save at least some of the jewelry you take. Although money is always useful, you’ll have plenty of it later on and these precious items have another function.

Some of them are employed in creating legendary trinkets and talismans, which grant benefits (passive bonuses).

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Where to Sell Jewelry in Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2)

In the game RDR2, there are two buyers of stolen goods to whom you can sell your jewelry. One can be found at the Emerald Ranch in the second chapter.

The buyer of stolen items can also be accessible in Saint-Denis, in the southeast market, beginning with the fourth chapter.
Also, the Fence is a merchant where you can sell stolen valuables such as gold bars, stagecoaches, jewelry, and other stuff that other merchants would not buy.

However, you must note that Players will not come across a fence at the start of the game.

Of course, they will come across a fence called Seamus at Emerald Ranch early in Chapter 2, and this man will buy Arthur’s products.

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Which Vendor Will Buy jewelry in RDR2?

Since you’re already here, you’ve undoubtedly attempted and failed to sell your jewelry in the general shop. There is just one type of merchant who will buy jewelry. Guess who?

The fence. If you’re not up on your criminal jargon, a fence is someone who will buy stolen things from you and then sell them on.

And, given that this jewelry is almost certainly ill-gotten profits, you must look for the fences.

They’ll also make talismans for you, so you can always check to see whether that particular piece of jewelry is needed for some fancy trinket before selling it.

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Where Can I Locate the Fence in RDR2?

There are four fences in RDR2: Rhodes, the Van Horn trade station, Saint Denis, and Emerald Ranch.

The final one arrives later in the game, so yeah, you won’t discover him in the first few chapters. The one in Rhodes is the closest to the starting point; you’ll probably see him a lot.

Because not all of them will buy or sell the same items, you may have to travel for a while before you sell everything.

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How Do I Unlock Fences?

After completing the quest “Pouring Forth Oil” in Chapter 2 of the campaign, you will be sent to a fence near Emerald Ranch.

The Fence will be indicated on your map, so simply approach them and peruse their items.

After you’ve finished purchasing or flogging your stolen items, you’ll be able to locate more Fences scattered around Red Dead Redemption 2’s vast terrain.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Fence Locations

Here’s a list of all the Fences in Red Dead Redemption 2:

  • Fence 1: Van Horn Trading Post’s eastern side.
  • Fence 2: the north side of Rhodes. The landmark on the map can be found by following the trail immediately north of the main town center.
  • Fence 3 is located on Emerald Ranch’s south side. This Fence is the sole buyer of your stolen horse carts.
  • Fence 4: The eastern perimeter of Saint Denis, directly on the “S” of “Denis” on the main map.

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Fence #1: Wagon Fence Location

To locate this fence, you will have to complete Hosea’s second mission, The Spines of America, in Chapter 2.

This Fence can accept Stage Coaches and other Wagons in exchange for money. You can find this fence in The Heartland at Emerald Ranch.

Fence #2: Horse Fence Location

Once you complete the Horse Flesh for Dinner quest in Chapter 3, you will unlock this Fence which will pay you cash for stolen horses.

This fence is located north of Clemens Point.

Fence #3: Rhodes

Rhodes, a little village to the south of Emerald Ranch, has a small trailer park to the north.

There’s a bright red trailer there, and on the reverse, there’s a counter and a window where the neighborhood fence awaits your business.

Fence #4: Saint Denis Location

The most well-hidden fence of them all can be found in the far-off busy streets of Saint Denis.

It’s simple to find. However, it is tucked beneath the busy market square. So, if you look for the brick archways or the green building with brilliant green shudders, you will locate it.

This is also the only fence that will buy gold bars, which are worth $500 each.

Frequently Asked Questions About Where to Sell Jewelry, RDR2

Where is the fence location rdr2?

The Fence is located on Emerald Ranch and is open during the day. Simply approach the Fence and choose the ‘Sell’ option to sell any valuables you’ve collected via fighting or thievery for a tidy amount.

Where can I sell my gold bars in rdr2?

First and foremost, if you wish to sell gold bars, you must finish The Spines of America assignment.

This mission allows you to unlock your first fence, the only vendor who will buy valuables such as gold bars.

See the Fence Locations and Unlock Guide for information on how and where to unlock new fence vendors.

Which rdr2 Fence pays most?

The Saint Denis Fence is located in the city’s eastern market. Given that he isn’t working out of some shady structure, he is undoubtedly the most successful Fence in the game.

How do you rob a bank in RDR2?

Banks are available in the majority of large towns and cities. To rob one, you must frighten the teller and compel them to unlock the bank vault.

You must next open each safe, either with explosives or with your own hands. Dynamite is a quick yet noisy alternative that will draw attention.

How do I turn golden nuggets into bars in rdr2?

A single gold bar is made up of 100 gold nuggets. There is no particular method to perform in order to convert Gold Nuggets into Gold Bars; it will happen automatically after 100 have been collected.


It is no doubt that in RDR2, you can steal tons of valuables, encompass gold and jewelry, so selling them for money becomes paramount.

Rhodes and other fences are known buyers; they will purchase your jewelry in exchange for cash and keep you going.

So, the next time you play RDR2, be sure to locate them, sell your jewelry, and have fun. Meanwhile, if you’ve got contributions, do well to drop them in the comment section.


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