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American Honda Finance: Owning a Honda or Acura automobile may require you to seek the services of American honda finance.

Hence, before going on to apply for their services, it is in your best interest to know how the corporation works, as well as the reviews from customers.

Not to worry, makedailyprofit has compiled relevant information about American honda finance.

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About American Honda Finance

American Honda Finance offers assistance to satisfy the financial expectations of its customers.

As the official financial lenders for American Honda Motor Company Inc., Honda Financial Services (HFS) and Acura Financial Services (AFS), both DBAs of AHFC, help buyers of Honda and Acura vehicles satisfy their financial needs.

The corporation provides customers with access to innovative, adaptable, and sustainable financial services to support their goal of becoming car owners.

Their primary responsibility is to provide a financial experience of the highest caliber to the Honda and Acura products they support.

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History of American Honda Finance

The American Honda Finance Corporation started its operations in 1980. By 1983, it began by providing wholesale financing for Honda power equipment.

Through pilot programs, AHFC started providing retail financing for Honda motorcycles, power equipment, and vehicles in Florida and California. In California, it did so in May 1986.

April 1990 saw the corporation providing retail leasing for Honda and Acura vehicles in California.

The central area of their activity since 1992 has been the retail financing and leasing of automobiles.

Depending on the product and the requirements of each of their clients, both DBAs now provide financing through retail installment sales contracts and automotive leases.

American Honda Finance Reviews

For every business, feedback and reviews are bound to come knocking. For a better customer experience, intending customers heavily rely on the reviews from others before them.

These reviews, most times, are a blend of positive and negative feedback.

Let’s consider some of the reviews for American Honda Finance:

Positive Reviews

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I’m a very tough customer and it’s really hard to make me love the service, because I always expect the best! Well, service defiantly shouldn’t be a nightmare! Anyway, I just want to say that I was leasing my HONDA CIVIC with this company for 36 months and it was a real pleasure. It was my first car-lease ever in USA and I was really scared that I can get a surprise bill after returning the car but the returning process was soooo easy and I even got a surprising refund check!! Like really?! Refund?! Thank you;) also never had any problems during the lease and technician for final inspection came to the most convenient to me location.

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Rating: 2 out of 5.

I have a 2009 honda civic never missed an payment til dec of 2011 do to my divorce i was unable to make payments so i gave american honda a call to to let them know my situation. They were very helpful and they gave me an extension with many papers to fill out and many supervisor to speak to. Unfortantly two years past and check my credit and now its showing a derogatory mark in my credit of no payments  tried to give them a call to fix my situation and work with me. all im getting sorry theres nothing that we could do…i been so faithful making payments and as soon as things go wrong in life they cant work with u very disappointing on behalf of honda financial. i was trying to get a new car because i love hondas there great cars but do to my credit report i cant………..wish they would of told me if im getting an extension your also getting a deragotory mark on your credit.

Negative Reviews

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Please do not buy any car from Hillside Hunda. New York

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Leaser beware!!!! I will never lease or buy another vehicle from Honda. YOU charge me a $350.00 fee because I did not purchase my lease I turned in. NEVER DOING BUSINESS WITH YOU AGAIN!

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How to Apply for American Honda Finance

Before going through the application process, you are required to apply for a credit pre-approval.

This prerequisite makes it relatively easy for customers. All they need to do is show up at the dealership already qualified for discounts.

To proceed with pre-approval, you must provide information about yourself and the car.

Once done, the corporation will review your application, and you are sure to receive a response via mail.

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Application Process

Applying for American Honda Finance is quite easy, as long as you satisfy the checklist and provide the necessary documentation.

Application Checklist

The following information and documentation are essential in applying for this finance. They include:

  • Social security number
  • Account number
  • Product model
  • Employment information
  • A down payment, if applicable.

Application Proper

You can go ahead and apply online or download the application for the entire Honda and Acura products for credit pre-approval.

Go ahead to apply for pre-credit approval by clicking on the link below to download the application:

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Follow Through with the Application

Meeting the checklist and actually applying aren’t all there is to it. The next course of action is to follow up on the application.

You can achieve this in two ways:

  • Checking your application status: All that is required is for you to select a product to confirm your application status.
  • Settle for a local dealer: You can also work with a dealer. It’s simple; select a product for which you’d like to locate a nearby dealer.

American Honda Finance Address

If you have been meaning to visit American Honda Finance, you can locate their executive offices at this address: 1919 Torrance Blvd., Torrance, California 90501, United States.

American Honda Finance Phone Number

It is essential for you to have the phone number for American Honda Finance since you are in need of their services.

To contact American Honda Finance, reach them through this phone number for general inquiries – (800) 999-1009.


Can you pay off Honda financing early?

You can, indeed. However, if you pay off your auto loan early, Honda Financial will charge you a prepayment fee. The savings from paying off the auto loan early might be diminished or eliminated by this cost.

Does Honda pre-approval affect credit score?

It’s often a “soft inquiry” when you are prescreened, prequalified, or preapproved for vehicle loans. Despite appearing on your personal credit report, soft inquiries, also known as soft credit pulls, have no impact on your credit score.

How much is the Honda prepayment fee?

Honda car loans provide terms that range from 24 to 72 months. If you pay off your used or new Honda early, there are no application fees or prepayment penalties.


With the information provided above, you can decide whether their services suit your needs.

We hope you found this article useful.



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