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As the primary lender for Lithia Motors and Lithia-owned dealer groups since 2011, Driveway Finance has made vehicle financing easier.

Getting a good ride is necessary, but it can be challenging when the funds are not readily available; as a result, subscribing to a car loan comes in handy.

Here, we’ll take you through all you need about the Driveway Finance Corporation.

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About Driveway Finance Corporation

Driveway Finance has its headquarters in the stunning Pacific Northwest. Driveway Finance Corporation, founded in 2011 as Southern Cascades Finance Corporation, has grown to offer consumers around the country programs for all credit circumstances.

Who is Driveway Finance Corporation?

Driveway Finance Corporation is a Southern Oregon-based indirect vehicle loan finance corporation.

They provide low-friction financing for consumers and dealers alike as the principal lender for Lithia Motors and Lithia-owned dealer groups.

How to Finance a Car Loan

We’re all aware that you’ll have to use an auto loan if you can’t pay cash for a car. And if you use credit, having a solid credit score will get you the finest offers.

How can you get a vehicle loan to buy one? Driveway is your best bet.

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What is Financing a Car?

So, if you want to purchase an automobile, you will be funded if you do not have enough cash on hand to pay in full.

Financing a vehicle is taking out a loan to pay for the initial purchase of an automobile. After then, you make monthly payments on the loan until it is paid off.

Steps to Financing a Car

If you follow these procedures, you will be able to acquire the greatest interest rates on your auto loan:

#1. Examine your Credit Report

Make sure your credit is in good shape before you hunt for your ideal automobile. Obtain copies of your credit report from each of the three major credit agencies in the United States: Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.

If you discover any errors in the report, register a dispute.

#2. Think About the Funding

Unless you have perfect credit and are eligible for 0% financing through a vehicle dealer, it’s wise to look into your different auto loan choices.

To obtain finance, check into banks, credit unions, and vehicle dealers. Driveway Finance can assist you in obtaining a low-interest auto loan.

#3. How Much Money do You have?

Before you apply for an auto loan, consider how much of a car payment you can truly afford. Your monthly payment will be influenced by factors such as the interest rate you qualify for, the term of the loan, and your down payment.

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Driveway Finance Products

Driveway Finance is dedicated to financing high-quality products and providing industry-leading service to make car ownership simple and affordable.

However, they collaborate with dealerships to provide financing for F&I items that safeguard your investment.

Also, Driveway opens the way for goods that answer genuine car needs, from insurance benefits to maintaining coverage.

Among such products are:

Service Contracts

Maintain your vehicle’s performance while working with a service team you know and trust.

Since 1946, Driveway and the Lithia dealerships have provided excellent customer service.

Their extended service contracts include:

  • Protect your payment from unanticipated costs.
  • Give you peace of mind during your automobile ownership experience.
  • Are serviceable at any authorized repair shop in the United States or Canada
  • Cover both parts and labor
  • Are transferrable to a third party if you sell the car.

Prepaid Maintenance

Driveway Finance offers a scheduled maintenance service that includes oil, filter, and a multi-point vehicle examination by a professional technician.

You may continue to use this service for as long as you own the vehicle! (Long after the funding has ended.) Numerous coverage options are available to meet your driving patterns and car specs.

Oil is the lifeblood of your automobile or truck, but this program includes a valuable bonus: the Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection.

A regular check ensures your vehicle’s safe running, saving you time and money by detecting minor issues before they become major ones.

Also, they involve the examination of the interior and external components, as well as mechanical and electrical components.

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Gap Insurance

GAP is an acronym that stands for “Guaranteed Asset Protection.” It is the insurance that protects someone making payments on a car from having an outstanding finance amount if the vehicle is totaled or stolen.

In the case of total loss or theft, insurance companies usually pay the vehicle’s Actual Cash Value (ACV).

This is regardless of your loan’s remaining balance. If the amount you owe on your car is more significant than the ACV determined by the insurance provider, you may be left with an outstanding balance for which you are accountable.

How to Get a Car Loan

When shopping for a vehicle loan, you have options. If you already have a solid relationship with your bank or credit union, they may be able to assist you in obtaining a lower rate.

The bank will provide you with a quotation and a letter of commitment, saving you time when signing your contract at the dealership.

You can also acquire a loan from the dealership where you purchase the automobile.

You may then pick up your new car and loan simultaneously, completing the process quickly.

Make financing simple

Are you looking for a new vehicle? can assist you with financing your car.

With an online credit application and a speedy approval procedure, they’ll help you in obtaining customized financing alternatives.

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Driveway Finance App

The Driveway Finance App can be downloaded from the google play store. The app is the easiest way to make your payment.

Driveway Finance Address

Driveway Finance Corporation is located at:

Correspondance Address
150 N Bartlett St., Medford OR 97501

Payment Remittance Address
PO Box 650997, Dallas, TX 75265-0997

Physical Address
596 Parsons Dr., Medford, OR 97501
9020 SW Washington Square Rd., Tigard, OR 97223

However, their physical office is not open to the public.

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Operational Hours

Open Now – Closes at 7:00 PM PST

Monday – Friday

7:00 AM – 7:00 PM PST


8:00 AM – 5:00 PM PST




How do I set up recurring payments?

You can utilize the web payment portal or Driveway finance Corporation App to set up recurring payments or simply complete the autopay setup form included with your welcome letter.

Return the form to our office by mail at 150 N. Barlett St., Medford, OR 97501, or email at

How can I make a payment?

There are multiple payment options to fit your needs.

Web Portal

Mobile App



A cashier’s check, money order, or personal check along with your payment coupon in your monthly statement to our location:
150 N. Bartlett St., Medford, OR 97501

Can I skip a payment?

If you are unable to make your contracted monthly installment payment, we are here to help!  Please contact our office to speak with a Driveway representative by dialing 855-723-2669, Option 3.

How do I log out of the app?

  • Open the app. You will automatically enter the Home screen.
  • Tap the “Settings” icon on the top left of the mobile app’s home screen (the icon is a wheel).
  • In Settings are three tabs at the top of the screen: Accounts, Payments, and Profile.
  • Swipe left twice to reach the Profile tab, or directly tap on “Profile.”
  • You will see your name, address, mobile number, and email address(es).
  • Tap the “Logout” button in red at the bottom of the Profile screen.
  • Select either “Logout” or “Don’t Logout” to officially exit or remain in the mobile app.


Driveway Finance Corporation is a vehicle loan finance corporation that provides low-friction financing for consumers and dealers alike as the principal lender for Lithia Motors and Lithia-owned dealer groups.



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