Finance Bro | Meaning & How to Become a Finance Bro

How to Become a Finance Bro

Looking to become a finance bro? Well!.. Just like in the movie the wolf of wall street, everyone wants to be part of the big leagues making some cool cash.

Allow me to lead the way on the step-by-step guide on how to become a finance bro.

But first, let’s have a clear understanding of what a finance bro is, who can be called a finance bro and how to become one.

Keep reading to find out more…

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Who is a Finance Bro?

Interestingly, a Finance bro, just like you assumed, is someone that works on wall street.

In fact, according to the Urban Dictionary, “A finance bro is someone who drives a BMW with white interior leather, balks at dehumanizing hookers, and has an overall douchey appearance to impress everyone around him with the finance firm he works for.” Sheesh!… That’s quite a vulgar explanation.

Well, to summarize it, “a finance bro” typically works on Wall Street, reeks of male privilege, and boasts of his money and his (super-inflated) job title.

They are outwardly very confident and douchey but are actually insecure and constantly trying to overcompensate for their shortcomings.

Most have nothing going on outside of their work lives, and fun doesn’t exist without alcohol/drug use. They work for the sole purpose of making more money and then have moments of sadness when they realize money isn’t everything.

“Yeah! You guessed right; Urban Dictionary wrote that too. Enough with the jokes now! So basically, a finance bro, just like in the movie “Wolf of Wall Street,” is a guy that works in the finance industry, making big money and hitting the stock markets.

If you are aspiring to be one, you probably understand the concept, so now let’s get into how to become one.

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How to Become a Finance Bro

I’ve yet to meet someone who can look me dead in the eyes and say, “I don’t want to get filthy rich and throw little people like darts.” Like seriously, I would love to be one.

These guys are only interested in that lifestyle, and if they have to put in 100+ hours a week to get it, they will. This is the passion and desire that needs to drive you on your journey to becoming a finance bro.

Step-by-step guide on how to become a finance bro

#1. Go see the movie; The wolf of wall street

The truth is you can’t become what you don’t know, and the best way to master the lifestyle and confidence of the finance bros is to learn from the master himself.

The wolf of wall street is a movie where Leonardo DiCaprio portrays Jordan Belfort. In this 2013 movie, Jordan, a young guy from the trenches, gets an opportunity to work on Wall Street yet acts as though he has never left his fraternity.

So make out some time to watch the movie.

Wolf of wall street -  How to become a finance bro
How to become a finance bro – Wolf of wall street

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#2. You Gotta Dress Like Them | Look the Part

This is one of the major characteristics of a finance bro – their style. There is no business like this style of business when it comes to finance bros. Like every school has a uniform, the finance bros have a unique and classy fashion sense.

Finance bro style, also known as banker bro or business bro, refers to the trend of clean-cut white dudes wearing fleece Patagonia vests, pastel button-downs, ill-fitting khakis, and brown loafers.

If they work at a startup, swap the shoes for Allbirds. These shrieking guys may be found in their natural environments: chatting excessively loudly on Bluetooth headphones in business areas, subway vehicles, and the cubicle next to you.

So to become a finance bro, you have to dress like them, talk like them and walk like them.

Finance bro style - how to become a finance bro
Finance bro fashion style – Look the part

#3. Flex the Big Bucks

Well, you gotta flex what your daddy gave you. Money is not a problem when IT has to do with finance bros. “too Expensive” is not the kind of word common in their dictionary.

These are the common sentences that are familiar with finance bros:

  1. “I earn a ton of money — A LOT! I wouldn’t have a problem sending my children to a private school, but I would need more space, so I’m not sure I’d want to raise them in a city.
  2. Dating is really difficult these days since it’s so hard to find a girl that likes me for who I am, not how much money I make.
  3. “I’ve been searching to purchase an apartment, but there just isn’t a lot of inventory in the $3–$5 million price range that I truly like.
Flex the big bucks - How to become a finance bro
Flex the big bucks – Image credit: Pinterest

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#4. Always Show the Red Flags

Well, you gotta treat people like shit if you wanna be a finance bro. These guys are douchebags, and to be like them, you gotta be a douchebag too.

When it comes to the ladies, they hate feminists. A finance bro and a feminist are like a cat and dog. They have this unique character of treating ladies like shit. So dig in within and resurrect the douchebag in you.

Always show Red flags - How to become a finance bro
Always show the red flags – How to become a finance bro

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#5. Invest in Stocks

Finance bros take risks, and risk is investing in stocks. If you are going to b like them, you have to invest in stocks.

You might probably lose some money, end up in jail after 10 years or become one of the rich dudes in town. Finance Bros are risk-takers, So join them.


What do you call people on wall street?

In Nyc, people who work on wall street are often called finance bros or business bros.

Can I date a finance bro?

Yeah, you could probably date a finance bro if you want drama and disrespect. Those who date them have seen the most, and they say the darndest things.

How can I become a finance bro?

To become a finance bro, follow the 5 steps

  • Watch wolf of wall street
  • Look the part
  • Flex the big bucks
  • Show red flags
  • Trade Stocks


So, if you want to become one of the douchebags, follow the well-outlined steps on this post and be on your way to becoming douchier than ever.


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