Koalafi Finance Reviews | How to Finance Your Furniture With Koalafi Finance in 2022


Koalafi Finance is a technologically advanced organization that provides pay-over-time options for all credit types via a single customer application.

It started in 2014 and used to be known as West Creek. Interestingly, both individuals and businesses can access its services.

Their services focus on giving clients financial security while assisting businesses to boost sales. With a 90% approval rate, Koalafi offers both leasing servicing and loans.

The interesting aspect about Koalafi is that you can submit your loan application online and gain acceptance in as little as ten seconds.

It provides financing for products like furniture, mattresses, gadgets, appliances, tires, and HVAC systems and services like vehicle maintenance and repair and home renovation projects.

For eligible consumers, loan funding of up to $10,000 and lease-to-own funding of up to $7,500 may be provided.

The approval amount is based on several things, such as income, banking history, work history, and contact information verification.

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Koalafi Finance Customer Service

Koalafi is a company that prides itself on excellent customer support. For any difficulty encountered during or after the application, you can contact the customer support team via phone or email for further assistance.

They are available 8:00 am – 9:00 pm, Mondays to Fridays, and 8:00 am – 8:00 pm Saturdays and Sundays.

Koalafi Finance Phone Numbers: 844.937.8275 and 844.238.6500

Email: info@koalafi.com

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How to Login on to Koalafi Finance

If you are already a customer on the koalafi website, here is a step by guide on how to login into your account.

step 1: Visit the website @ www.koalafi.com or click here

Step 2: Select the button on the Top banner for business and customers

Step3: Select the login in option available

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How to Apply for Koalafi Finance Loans Online

To apply for either loans or leases, visit the website @ www.koalafi.com, read the instruction carefully, then select the “get started” button on the home page.

Fill out the application form with the appropriate information. You can call customer support for further information at 844.238.6500.

Koalafi Finance Reviews

It is impossible to please everybody. So in light of this, Koalafi has had its share of both good and terrible reviews from businesses, customers, and former employees.

Overall it has an average rating of 4.3 Stars with more positive feedback. The pros of good compensation, benefit, and an excellent working environment, especially for its employees.

Frequently Asked Question On Koalafi Finance Reviews | How to Finance Your Furniture With Koalafi Finance in 2022

Q1. What Will My Payment Size Be?

The amount of your loan or lease-to-own finance, the frequency of your payments, and the period of your lease or loan will all affect your payment. For further information, please see your agreement’s terms and conditions.

Q2. Is there an Application or Processing Fee?

No application cost is necessary to apply for our lending product. When you submit an application for our lease-to-own program, a temporary hold of $59 or less will be put on your debit card.

At the moment of signing, this will be processed as your initial payment. This hold will be withdrawn if you decide not to move further.

Q3. Can I apply Without a Job?

Yes. If you have money coming from a dependable source, such as a pension or a retirement account, Koalafi invites you to apply.


Koalafi offers the highest approval rates in the market. They are aware that your identity extends beyond your credit rating.

In order to establish if you are authorized and the amount of the approval, they look at your application and cross-check the information you submit with data providers and credit bureaus.



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