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There are more than 200,000 snap finance stores that provide lease-purchase at Snap finance locations around the country.

People that have difficulties getting approved for traditional financing due to bad credit, no credit, and even bankruptcy may be interested in Snap’s buy now, pay later no credit check financing.

However, snap finance stores works with people who have low credit, whether they need to buy furniture or tires on credit.

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Snap Finance Stores

In the United States, Snap Finance is accepted at more than 200,000 stores that sell a wide range of products, including tires, cell phones, furniture, and appliances.

However, you can find establishments that accept Snap financing in your city by using the store finder search feature on the Snap Finance website.

What Online Stores Accept Snap Finance?

A wide variety of online businesses and merchants accept Snap. Here is a list of websites where you can buy now and pay later with snap finance:

Snap Finance is a choice if you’re searching for a means to pay for your online purchase with the option of making monthly installments.

You can use Snap Finance at more than 1,000 online stores and brands.

This means you have lots of alternatives when it comes to paying off your purchases from companies that accept this type of financing.

You will then be able to buy now and pay later with Snap Finance!

Start Shopping Stores that Accept Snap Finance:

StoreStore Type
Affordable Home StoreFurniture
Audio ExtremeCar Audio & Security
Best Tire CenterCar Tires
Big Sandy SuperstoreFurniture
Buy-Rite BeautySalon and Spa Equipment, Furniture
CB FurnitureFurniture
Down 4 Sound ShopCar Audio
Electronic ExpressComputers, Drones, TVs, Smart Home, Fitness
Element WheelsCar Tires
Extreme WheelsCar Tires
Finish Line Tire & AutomotiveCar Tires
Mattress Depot USAMattresses
Mattress KingMattresses
Modern Tire DealerCar Tires
Pro Wheel SalesCar Tires
Sam Levitz FurnitureFurniture
Shyne JewelersJewelry
SK Customs Car AudioCar Audio
SpeedzoneAutomotive Equipment, Car Tires, Rims
Today’s Home FurnitureFurniture
TreadWrightTiresCar Tires
USA Tires & WheelsCar Tires
Viper MotorsportsCar Tires, Wheels
Viper Tire And AutoCar Tires
Walker FurnitureFurniture
Zaragoza JewelryJewelry
Zoe’s FurnitureFurniture
Online stores that accept Snap Finance

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How Snap Finance Lease-to-Own Works

Snap Finance gives customers with weak credit or no credit history the chance to finance items over a period of 12 to 18 months.

  • Snap buys the merchandise and leases it to you.
  • The lease includes a cost added to the cash price of the merchandise being leased, and your total cost could be more than double the cash price of the merchandise.
  • Lease payments will be automatically deducted from the checking account provided in the lease application.
  • Once you’ve fulfilled the terms of your agreement, the merchandise is yours.

Snap Finance is not a credit builder program, and payments are not reported to the three major credit bureaus.

Step 1: Apply Online

To apply for Snap Finance online, you’ll need to complete the application with personal information along with personal information, your social security number and the license number from your vehicle.

Once your application has been approved, you will receive the results in just a few minutes and have immediate access to your finance.

Step 2: Choose a Retailer

Once you get approved, depending on your authorized credit limit, you can pick from a variety of Snap Finance Stores after being accepted to buy anything up to $3,000 in value.

You may shop locally and lease your purchases through Snap Finance’s partnerships with businesses across the nation.

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Step 3: Check Out

Snap Finance will send you an email with the amount you are approved to lease once your application is approved.  

To complete the transaction, all you have to do is present it to your cashier.

Your bank account is automatically debited for payments.

Snap Finance – No Credit Check Lease Details

Snap Finance offers instant access to your financing upon approval of up to $3,000.

  • Payments do not start until 10 days after you receive your items
  • 12-Month Payment Option
  • Approvals Up To $3,000
  • The minimum Lease Amount is $150
  • No Credit Needed
  • 100-Day Cash Pay-Off
  • No Early Pay-Off Penalty

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Snap Finance Requirements for Approval

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must have a valid and current checking account
  • You must be able to prove a steady income
  • You must provide a valid cellphone number or email address
  • $39 Processing Fee
  • Valid SSN or ITIN Number


How long do you have to pay off snap?

Snap is a terrific method to fund the stuff you need, even if you have no credit.

It’s not a standard loan but rather a consumer lease that allows you to spread out your purchase across 12 months with simple payments.

How much interest does snap finance charge?

Start charging interest of 18-38% once you stop making payments

Can you pay snap finance with a credit card?

It is faster and easier to use a credit or debit card for the initial payment, and having a backup payment option reduces risk.

Snap Finance or its affiliates supply the described transaction, which is a lease-purchase deal.

What company is snap finance?

Snap Finance is a supplier of virtual rent-to-own (“vRTO”) finance services at the point of sale.

The company’s vRTO leasing programs aid in the purchase of higher ticket products like furniture, mattresses and bedding, automobile wheels and tires, jewels, and electronics by consumers.

Does snap Finance have an app?

The Snap Finance App is the most convenient method to make a payment, view your payment history, and communicate with your supplier. It’s quick and simple.


Snap Finance is accepted by a wide range of local and online shops.

The following categories best describe most Snap Finance Stores:

  1. Appliance stores
  2. Automotive repair, tires, rims, and window tinting
  3. Electronic stores
  4. Furniture Stores
  5. Jewelry stores
  6. Mattress stores

Snap Finance may be the sole choice for folks with terrible credit.

Even if Snap pulls your credit to verify your identification, they will not use your credit score against you when making short-term financing choices.

Borrowers should bear in mind that Snap Finance is pricey, and payments for lease-to-own products are not recorded to credit bureaus.

Borrowers must carefully examine the advantages and drawbacks of using Snap before making a choice.


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