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A lot of aspiring and established writers come online every day and hear people talking about making money via publishing eBooks. Still, nobody is telling them the hacks on how to make money from eBook. 

It would be a sad thing if, as a writer, you sit and write consistently for weeks and even for months, then you finish that “awesome” eBook, excitedly expecting that it breaks in the online space and sell like crazy immediately after you put it out, but get a reverse return; little or zero sales. 

Then you end up gloomy and might get depressed or swear never to write again. This will continue if you don’t intentionally learn how to make money from eBook sales.

The truth is that there are secrets that no one is telling you about how to make money from the eBook. That you’ve written a top-notch eBook doesn’t mean it would sell. 

Every business under the face of the sun has its secrets and knowing these secret hacks is the only way one would excel in one’s business, eBook sales inclusive.

Learning how to make money from eBooks is not rocket science; it’s just that no one is telling you its secrets. This is what you’ll learn from this article as you read on.

How to make money from eBook secret

#1. Have a very attractive book cover design.

One very important secret you must know to sell your eBook is to have a very attractive book cover design. A popular adage says, “the mouth will mostly eat what the eyes find pleasing.”

Having a repulsive book cover design is the number one attribute that can very quickly pull cause you to make zero sales from your eBook.

Knowing how to make money from your eBook should begin by getting a professional-looking and attractive book cover. You can either design it yourself or, better still, get a professional book cover designer to help you get it done.

#2. Your book cover design should match the title of your book.

Imagine seeing a book titled “how to make money from eBook” and having a hospital image as part of the book cover design. It would be confusing, wouldn’t it? People would lose interest in buying your book by looking at its cover design. 

What if the same book title features a book cover design with the image of a happy man, holding a book in one hand and holding some dollar bill in the other hand, sited at a table with books and some more dollar bills on it? 

Anyone would get interested just by seeing the book cover because its design depicts its title. They would rush to buy the book and read it to be able to get some dollar bill in their hands too!

#3. Get the right audience.

As a writer who wants to make sales from his book, you should know that not everyone is your target audience, and not everyone will buy your book. 

Your audience at this point is that particular group that needs the information in your book. 

Suppose you’re writing a book that teaches about the different trimesters in pregnancy. In that case, pregnant women, or better still, women in general, should be your target audience because they are the ones who get pregnant, and they are the ones to benefit from the information in your book. 

It would do you good if you devise a means to ensure that your book gets to a wide range of women. So, get the right audience and the right audience, lush your book to them and watch as you make tremendous sales.

#4. Attach freebies.

Freebies are to eBook sales, what baits are to the fishermen. You can say, “freebies are the baits to eBook sales. As the name implies, a freebie is something free, a giveaway or a handout. 

You could tell people that if anyone buys your book, he gets a free ticket to attend an online course you’d be hosting. It could be a second eBook as a freebie when one buys the one you are selling. You can advertise a discount price for the first 50 people that would buy your book. 

You could give a free coaching session to those who buy your book. There are no rules on how a freebie should be; you could twist it back and forth to soothe you and your audience. Freebies attract more customers!

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#5. Write about the need of your specific audience.

Singers need to know how best they can achieve high pitches while singing. Dancers need to know what they can do to make their bodies more flexible to movements. A lot of writers want to know how to make money from eBook. The list goes on. 

No, you can’t write a cookbook and expect to sell it to doctors! It is for caterers. If you can identify the need of your audience and come up with a solution on how to solve them, then put it down as an eBook, they will most likely buy it. 

Many people are seekingsolutions to their problems, and if they find out your book has in it what they seek, they’ll rush to buy it.

#6. Take a sales or marketing course.

Learning how to make money from eBooks would require certain marketing abilities. This will help you position yourself as a seller who wants to make money. 

Many online sites offer courses on digital marketing, like Udemy, Google, Meta, etc. Many of them are free. Google offers a full course and certification on the fundamentals of digital marketing. Go online and search for the one that best suits you.

#7. Work through a third-party site.

You can sell your book via sites like Amazon kindle direct publishing, Visme, Smashwords, Rakuten Kobo, Sellfy, Payhip, etc. You can place your eBook on these sites and watch yourself earn passive income. 

The site helps you advertise your book to potential readers/customers, and you earn your money as they read. 

You see, it’s not too difficult. These sites help one make money from eBooks while in the comfort of their homes. Most of the sites have their rules, and once to keep to them, you’ll most likely sell.

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#8. Via blogs and websites.

I’ve read some blog posts where popups appear, advertising an eBook or other digital products. You could reach out to a blog owner who commands high traffic on his blog site and pay him to advertise your eBook on his blog. 

It could be done in the form of affiliate marketing, in the sense that once your eBook pops up on the blog and someone clicks on it and then proceeds to make payments, once the payment is made, an agreed percentage automatically goes to the blog/website owner, while yours gets to you. This way, you are both making money.

How Much Can You Actually Earn Writing eBooks?

Amazon is the most well-liked online store where you can sell your books. Over 300 million individuals use Amazon’s website at this time. That is an enormous market to sell to, but not all of them will buy from you. However, even if you just obtain a tiny proportion of monthly book buyers, it still amounts to a sizable residual revenue.

So, you receive a 70% income from Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) for each book you sell. Also, you would receive $0.70 for each book sold if you set the price at $1.

Basically, $2.99 is the ideal price for a compact ebook. Thus, using a $2.99 sale price results in a $2.09 royalty. Anybody downloading your work contributes a little more than $2 to your bank account.

Where should you sell your eBook?

The whale is an Amazon. Selling on Amazon is the best approach to acquiring the most attention and sales.

Another possibility is to sell the ebook on your website. This means you keep the entire sale price, not just 70%.

With Weebly, you can create a website quickly and easily and start selling digital goods directly from it. This option requires you to put in a little more effort to get visitors to your website.

More so, Nook Press is a third choice. This is the equivalent of Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing at Barnes & Noble. In the same vein, despite not having as many consumers as Amazon, Barnes & Noble still has people eager to purchase ebooks.

With a $2.99 retail price, Nook Press offers a 65 percent royalty per sale, which is slightly less than Amazon.

Smashwords is a lesser-known but worthwhile publishing platform. It claims to be the world’s largest vendor of independent ebooks.

By publishing your work on Smashwords, you are distributing it to some of the world’s major digital shops. These are the four major venues for selling your ebook, and Smashwords will ensure you’re on all of the other lesser-known marketplaces.

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What are the benefits of self-publishing an eBook?

Obviously, earning money isn’t the sole benefit of producing a book. The additional important advantages of self-publishing an eBook include the following:

a. Rapid publication

Rather than waiting to be discovered, pitched to, and approved by a publishing house, self-publishing your work as an eBook allows you to sell it much faster and have complete control over how and when it is published.

b. Improve your career:

Bringing a book to market is a rewarding process. It’s an excellent way to improve your CV for various jobs, including publishing, retail, sales, management, and marketing.

c. Income from passive sources:

Even if you don’t become a billionaire, releasing a book may provide you with years of passive income.

d. Everybody can do it:

Don’t let it discourage you if you lack creativity or specialized expertise. All you need is a good concept, creative thinking, drive, and time.

What are the rules for a profitable Ebook?

It takes work to make money from ebooks. You can’t just throw anything in there and expect to make money. Although it’s not a tough undertaking, you must adhere to a few best practices to ensure that your ebook attracts readers and increases sales.

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a. Don’t be overwhelmed.

Stressing out just because you’re writing a book is not necessary. You may complete your job and market it after you have a strategy.

Simply lay down an outline for the book, plan when you’ll write (if it’s original material) or work on it, decide how to advertise the book and when each activity must be completed, and choose a target release date for when it will be made available for purchase.

Setting aside time each day is necessary. 

Working on this can’t just happen whenever you “feel like” it. Otherwise, it won’t ever be finished.

b. Choose a topic that you are familiar with.

You want to write with conviction, aplomb, and emotion. Picking a subject solely because you believe it may be a best-seller is not smart. Never forget that you can hire a professional to write for you.

c. Don’t overcomplicate and beautify your writing.

Make sure that all of your material is simple to read and understand. It is preferable to write in a conversational rather than an academic tone.

Many experts recommend that you write at the eighth-grade level.

d. Always proofread.

Examine the text for grammatical errors, misspellings, and so forth. Before you publish your ebook, get it edited by a trusted friend or a professional proofreader. 

Nothing is worse than releasing a flawed book; it does not inspire faith in your readers and might lead to reimbursements and unfavorable reviews.

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e. Create an expert layout and cover.

Self-publishing does not automatically imply that you want it to look unprofessional. On Fiverr, you can find graphic designers who will create professional-looking covers for you for a fair price.

They can also design the internal pages. Your book does not have to seem or feel that way just because it was self-published.


Ebooks are easy to write, and knowing how to make money from them would go a long way in providing one with some extra income. There are secrets no one is telling you; you’d have to deliberately put in some skills to ensure you sell your eBook.



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