15 Highest-Paid Firefighter Departments | 2022

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While firefighting comes with little compensation, most people in this career path always look out for the highest-paid firefighter jobs in the U.S. However, not all firefighters are in the job for the money.

Besides, before the professional aspect of firefighting, it is first a selfless job. Nonetheless, a higher salary can improve a person’s quality of life while perhaps increasing their productivity at work. Indeed, a profession that saves lives should be more valuable than the minimum wage.

This article has featured the world’s highest-paid firefighter departments and the top 15 highest-paid firefighters in the United States.

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Is It A Decent Job To Be A Firefighter?

Yes, it is. During medical and fire emergencies, firefighters serve their communities. Firefighters are practically heroes. They provide public educational classes or workshops typically held in schools or departments to assist families, schools, businesses, and others in planning for emergencies and practicing fire safety.

Furthermore, working as a firefighter is a fulfilling job. You can become a firefighter if you enjoy helping people and serving your community, but be aware that it can be tasking, stressful, and sometimes even dangerous.

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How Much Does A Firefighter Earn?

Relatively, a firefighter’s pay is dependent on their geographical location and level of experience in the field. The highest-paid firefighters in the United States earn about $86,000 a year or more.

Additionally, as you spend more time with a department, there will be plenty of opportunities over time, besides the introductory rate and compensation. 

There is always an opportunity for advancement, even if you start with a lower-than-average salary. As a firefighter, you’ll frequently get raises as you gain more experience.

Furthermore, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average firefighter earns $52,500 annually. The average hourly wage is $25.24. 

In 2022, the average wage for Americans is $53,490, so an average firefighter will make somewhat less than the national average.

These figures, however, represent the national average, and incomes typically reflect the cost of living in the area. Some firefighters make a lot more or a lot less than these figures, so verify with the departments where you want to work.

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How To Appreciate And Motivate Firefighters?

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What Is The Highest-Paid Position In The Fire Service?

The fire chief is the highest rank in the fire department and the highest-paid firefighter. The average annual income for a fire chief in the United States is $81,467.

The World’s Highest-Paid Firefighters

From the highest to the least, here is a list of ten countries with the highest-paid firefighter departments:

  • 1. Switzerland ($102,000).
  • 2. United States ($80,000)
  • 3. Canada ($80,000) 
  • 4. Japan ($73,300)
  • 5. Australia ($71,000)
  • 6. Germany ($67,000)
  • 7. The United Kingdom ($61,000)
  • 8. Ireland ($53,000)
  • 9. New Zealand ($52,000)
  • 10. Norway ($47,500)

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15 Highest-Paid Firefighter Departments In The U.S By State

Only a few states provide better compensation to their firefighters than the rest of the country. The Northeast and West Coasts have the highest-paid fire department

However, Maryland, a state in the South, ranks among the top 15 states regarding firefighters’ pay. State by state, below are the top 15 highest-paid fire departments in the United States:

01. New Jersey

New Jersey firefighters earn an average of $89,350 a year: New Jersey has the highest-paid firefighters in the country compared to other states. 

In New Jersey, firefighters have a higher share of high-paying jobs as fire inspectors and investigators.

02. California

California firefighters earn an average of $79,810 per year. While earnings have ranged from $111,550 to $20,645, most salaries in the Fire Department presently range from $30,967 to $80,123, with top earners in California earning $85,530 yearly. 

California is ranked second among states with the highest-paid firefighters.

03. New York

New York is the country’s third most well-paid state for firefighter departments. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the average annual pay of firefighters in New York is $70,560.

It is possible to earn as little as $25,228 or as much as $83,491.

04. Washington

Washington is the fourth state with the highest-paid firefighter departments. The annual compensation ranges from $16,184 to $93,655, with an average of $70,300. 

Firefighter salaries in Washington range from $65,354 to $83,156 per year, with the highest at $93,406 per year.

05. Nevada

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average income for firefighters in Nevada is $66,670. 

Firefighters’ salaries in Nevada now range from $31,162 to $80,627 per year, with the highest earners making $93,919 per year. 

Also, according to this data, Nevada’s fire departments have the fifth highest-paid firefighters in the US.

06. Hawaii

Hawaii has the sixth highest-paid fire department in the country. The average wage for firefighters in Hawaii is $66,100, according to a report. 

In Hawaii, firefighters can earn as much as $165,917 or as little as $22,435. The majority of firefighter salaries now range from $40,174 to $98,610 per year, with the highest earning $138,263 per year.

07. Oregon

Firefighters in Oregon earn an average of $64,330 per year. According to reports, firefighters’ salaries in Oregon range from $153,363 to $18,817 a year, depending on region, experience, and other factors. 

Oregon is the seventh-highest paying state for firefighters in the US.

08. Connecticut

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average income for firefighters in Connecticut is $63,130.

While incomes as high as $87,443 and as low as $43,152 have been reported, most Connecticut Firefighter salaries now range from $54,727 to $74,859 per year, with top earners earning $93,919 per year.

According to this data, Connecticut has the eighth highest paid fire department.

09. Alaska

Alaska has the ninth highest-paid firefighters in the United States. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual pay of firefighters in Alaska is $60,930.

It is possible to earn as little as $45,228 and as much as $83,491.

10. Massachusetts

Massachusetts has the tenth highest-paid firefighters in the US. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average income for firefighters in Massachusetts is $60,550. 

However, pay ranges from $94,330 to $39,690 per year. Barnstable town and Boston-Cambridge-Quincy are the highest-paying areas for firefighters in Massachusetts.

11. Maryland

Firefighters in Maryland earn an average of $58,590 per year. There have been reports of income ranging from $21,649 to $60,101. 

Maryland has the 11th highest-paid firefighters in the United States.

12. Rhode Island

Rhode Island is the twelfth highest paid fire department in the US. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average income for firefighters in Rhode Island is $56,480. 

While salaries have ranged from $66,894 to $22,964, most Firefighter salaries in Rhode Island now fall between $34,445 and $54,413 per year, with top earners making $63,399 per year.

13. Colorado

In Colorado, firefighters earn an average of $55,560 per year. Salary ranges from $65,000 to $18790 per year. It is the thirteenth most well-paid state for firefighters.

14. Illinois

Illinois has the 14th highest-paid firefighters in the country. In Illinois, firefighters earn an average of $55,300 a year. 

While we’ve seen pay as high as $85,891, we’ve also seen as low as $18,405.

15. Pennsylvania

Firefighters’ salaries in this state range from $21,825 to $63,579. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average yearly pay is $54,730. Depending on where you live, you can make more or less than the state’s average. 

The cities with the highest-paid firefighters are Philadelphia and Chambersburg. Pennsylvania is the fifteenth highest-paid fire department in the US.

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Aside from the income, what additional advantages come with being a firefighter?

Generally, working as a firefighter comes with a lot of benefits, including health insurance and a pension after 25 years of service. You are also eligible for disability payments if you are injured at work. Firefighters who are members of a union have job security and may be eligible for academic scholarships for themselves and their families.

How does having a degree influence your pay as a firefighter?

Firefighters who have a bachelor’s or master’s degree make more money than those who do not. Auxiliary pay varies per department and is based on the employee’s level of education.

What are some ways for a firefighter to earn additional money?

Basically, your skills as a firefighter are your most valuable assets for making extra money. You can profit from your skills by offering paid courses and training in your profession. For instance, if you honed your skills throughout your firefighter training, these can be quite useful.

Where do the lowest-paid firefighters work?

Louisiana, Mississippi, and Puerto Rico are the states with the lowest-paid firefighters in the country.

Are firemen paid on a weekly or bi-monthly basis?

Basically, they pay firefighters on a 168-hour, 21-day schedule. There are two types of paychecks they get. One form of the paycheck is paid biweekly and covers 106 hours. They issue the second sort of compensation every three weeks, after the firefighter’s 168-hour workweek. 

Can a fireman be paid more than a police officer?

Police officers and firefighters both make roughly the same amount of money, however, firefighters receive more benefits and incentives.

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In conclusion, a career as a firefighter can exhilarate, yet the income is low compared to other professions. 

As the highest-paid firefighters are those with higher rank and experience, moving up the career ladder is a proven method to boost your salary. 

However, as with any other industry, progressing up the career ladder takes time. It is, nevertheless, feasible, with a dedication to learning and effort.



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