15 Best Government Jobs in India | 2022

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Ever wonder why Indians are eager to secure a government job, even when the recruitment process is highly competitive?

Well, Indians keep seeking the best government jobs for the comfort, perks, high pay, work-life balance, and job security.

The pursuit of employment opportunities in the public sector increases yearly. This sector records a massive turnup of candidates for diverse positions and may remain that way for a long time.

If you are keen on identifying the best government jobs in India, then this article is just for you. Read through to get the answers you seek. Stay with us!

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What is the Age Requirement For Securing a Government Job in India?

The age requirement for candidates who desire to work in the Indian civil service is 21 to 32 years. Consequently, if you are below or above the age bracket, then you do not qualify to apply for a government job in India.

Hence, you cannot even attempt the civil service examination to test your knowledge.

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Why are Indian Government Jobs Highly Sought After?

If you are keen on knowing why government jobs in India are in high demand, then these reasons will answer your inquiry:


Government positions in India come with a variety of perks, including health insurance and pension schemes, as well a good paycheck that is typically higher than that of many other industries and firms.


Employees in government positions can expect to earn a good compensation, especially as they advance in their careers. Government jobs come with fixed salaries and job security. Hence, government occupations in India contribute to stabilizing the economy.


These jobs provide employment satisfaction more than some private corporations. These jobs give you the opportunity to make a difference in the world.

It is a fact that employees are more productive when they derive satisfaction from their jobs. A happy employee equals a productive team player.

Career growth

Government jobs train employees and promote those with proven track records. They do this in order to encourage and push them to be at their best.

Balancing work and life

Jobs in the civil service are not as demanding as jobs in the private sector. These jobs have better work hours that are employee-friendly. For instance, employees in government positions are allowed to stay home with family and friends for holidays.

Additionally, they enjoy casual and paid leaves. Hence, this benefit helps government workers balance their work-life as well as their personal lives.

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Tips for Getting a Government Job in India

Before seeking the best government jobs in India, there are certain things you should look out for. This can help you in securing the job you seek with ease.

The following tips will aid you in easily securing a job in the civil service:

  • Early preparation: You can never be too early in preparing for government positions. It is best you start making preparations upon graduation. In the long run, this strategy will give you an edge over other candidates.
  • Competitive positions: Some positions have a higher number of candidates with interest. Thus, your chances of securing it may be slim. Therefore, you can settle for other good jobs with less competition.
  • Apply caution: Firstly, apply caution in deciding on the job that suits you and ensure that you are available for the preliminary assessment. Secondly, sign up with a training institute that can prepare for the second phase of the assessment.
  • Stay updated: The application process doesn’t end only with you applying. You can sign up with some portals in order to get timely information. Such as exam dates and any other relevant information.
  • Documentation: Ensure your documents are ready and within reach. Working with the civil service will require you to provide relevant documents, namely, graduation certificate and mark sheet.
  • Mock assessment: You don’t have to wait until the exam approaches before prepping yourself technically. Carrying out a mock assessment will help boost your confidence. Additionally, it will help get accustomed to the exam pattern. Hence, you can devise a study plan and introduce a stopwatch while carrying it out.
  • Communication skills: Acquiring communication skills is not meant for a select few. This skill can help you excel during interviews or personality tests.

How To Apply and Secure a Government Job in India

After deciding on the type of job to apply for, the next step is to check your eligibility status. This covers areas like nationality, educational qualification, age, and the number of attempts. After confirming your status, you can apply via this website – http://www.upsconline.nic.in.

The next step after applying is to prepare for the civil services examination. The UPSC (Union Public Service Commission administers this assessment nationwide). They charge this body with the responsibility of conducting aptitude tests and recruiting people into the civil service.

This assessment is very competitive and difficult. The UPSC then administers an e-Admission Certificate to candidates 3 weeks before the examination commences. Candidates can access the e-certificate on the commission’s website.

They conduct the assessment process in three phases, namely:

  • Preliminary examination

In this phase, candidates attempt two objective-type papers on general studies paper I and general studies paper II. This test is also referred to as the civil service aptitude test.

  • Main examination

This consists of nine essay papers, two of which are qualifying and only seven marks are counted.

  • Personality test or interview

This is the last phase in the screening process. Candidates go through an interview or a personality test.

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Best Government Jobs in India

Although the public sector in India has several jobs to choose from, some rank as the best. Therefore, it is important for you to identify them before applying for just any job in the civil service.

The following jobs are the best government jobs in India, plus their salary scale:

1. IFoS Officer (₹5,00,000/Yr)

The Indian Forest Service (IFoS) is responsible for managing the forests. Employees in the area ensure a balance between people and the natural reserves.

Also, they create opportunities for people and communities that depend on the forests for their livelihood.

Therefore, you can consider this job if you love nature and would love to preserve it.

2. ISRO Scientist (₹8,00,000 – 9,00,000/Yr)

You can consider a job with the Indian space research organization (ISRO). The role of these scientists includes developing space technology and building launch vehicles and satellites.

Also, they establish space infrastructure and facilities around the country.

3. RBI Grade B Officer (₹12,00,000/Yr)

Employees in the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) work in curbing inflation. In addition, they make sure that the supply of liquidy is sufficient.

RBI Grade B officers are responsible for managing the currency. They also make sure the currency is exchanged and circulated properly among the financial institutions in the country.

Furthermore, they are responsible for handling accounts owned by the government.

4. Indian Army Officer (₹8,37,066/Yr)

Army officers in India carry out certain responsibilities. These responsibilities range from planning operations to maintaining effective communication with junior officers, and a lot more.

An Indian army officer also keeps an eye on the progress of new officers or recruits. You can consider this position if you are interested in joining the force.

5. ASO (Ministry of External Affairs) (₹5,355,268/Yr)

An Assistant Section Officer (ASO) carries out administrative jobs in the Ministry of External Affairs. Additionally, they make sure government policies continue.

If you like jobs with clerical responsibilities, then this job is for you.

6. Marine Engineer (₹3,77,800/Yr)

Marine engineering is another lucrative job you can consider. To illustrate, a marine engineer creates, constructs, tests, and maintains ships, boats, submarines, offshore platforms, and drilling equipment.

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7. Government Doctors (₹8,01,042/Yr)

The medical profession in the public sector is an option for you. Medical doctors treat and care for the sick. In addition, they offer consultation services to those in need.

Medica doctors working with the government earn decent salaries. Therefore, you can consider pursuing this career.

8. RRB Junior Engineer (₹1,03,158/Month)

The Railway Recruitment Board Junior Engineer (RRB) is accorded much respect in India. Also, he is in charge of the technical and administrative duties.

This position ranks on the same level as IAS and IPS officers. Therefore, a career in this field is lucrative.

9. Bank PO (Probationary Officer) (₹6,91,500/Yr)

This bank official ensures that clerks do their jobs effectively. He also plays the role of a public relations officer. In summary, he carries out other activities that would increase the bank’s transactions.

Applying for this job is not a bad idea. This job is lucrative and has good prospects.

10. Office Superintendent (₹8,30,000/Yr)

Office superintendents work directly under the supervision of the Dean administration/Deputy registrar. This public officer ensures that the General administration functions smoothly.

In other words, he handles a lot of responsibilities in ensuring that things are in order.

In summary, this job requires a lot of coordination and may be a good career choice if you have the passion for it.

11. Submarine Engineering Officer (₹1,70,874/Month)

This division of the public sector maintains marine propulsion systems. Also, they are responsible for commanding and operating ballistic missiles, the fleet’s attack.

Additionally, they guide the submarines.

12. Income Tax Officer (₹2,08,700/Yr)

Income tax officers ensure that direct taxes under the income tax are enforced. These officers assist people in sorting out their taxes.

Also, they work in preventing tax evasion. Officers in this department maintain tax records as well.

13. IRPS (25,129/Month)

IRPS (Indian Railway Personnel Service) officers manage and supervise human resources in the railways. They are in charge of the welfare of employees, as well as their families.

Additionally, these officers are responsible for staff recruitment and training. A career in the Indian railways might be suitable for you.

14. Professors/Lecturers (₹15,68,936/Yr)

These academics are responsible for lecturing and carrying out research.

Of course, working as a professor or lecturer in a government-owned college comes with an attractive payment package and other benefits.

Hence, a career in education or academics isn’t a bad idea.

15. IPS Officer (2,25,000/Yr)

These public officers function at the state and central levels.

To illustrate, these officers are responsible for ensuring the safety of people and properties within their jurisdiction.

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How To get the Latest Alerts Regarding Government Jobs After Graduation

Prospective candidates upon graduation can frequent sscadda.com. This website provides graduates with information on vacancies in every government field.

However, candidates who visit this site get key information. Also, they notify these candidates of application deadlines.


Can candidates in India apply for government jobs online?

Absolutely. Candidates can apply for government jobs online on this website: http://www.upsconline.nic.in.

What does the job eligibility in India entail?

The job eligibility status in India considers the following areas:

  • Nationality
  • Educational qualification
  • Age
  • Number of attempts

These are the key considerations candidates need to verify before applying for government jobs.

What is the role of UPSC in India?

Union Public Service Commission popularly known as UPSC is responsible for recruiting people into India’s civil service. In other words, it is India’s central agency that conducts exams like CSE (Civil Services Exam).

What is the age restriction for applying for government jobs in India?

The age restriction for applying for government jobs in India is 32 years. The required age is from 21 to 32 years. Consequently, if you fall below or above the age bracket, then you are not eligible to apply.

How is the Civil Services Examination (CSE) conducted?

This examination is usually conducted in three phases, namely:

  • Preliminary examination (This comprises two objective-type papers)
  • Main examination (Comprises of nine papers)
  • Personality test (Interview)

Consequently, candidates who scale through the aptitude test, interview, and medical examination, undergo a training program.


The public sector in India offers several employment opportunities. The salary scale and benefits attached to the jobs are quite appealing. Hence, these perks will continue to attract Indians to seek employment with the government.

Having taken you through the best government jobs in India, you can settle for the one that best suits your personality or passion. This article is your best guide in identifying the best government jobs in India and all you need to know in securing them.

We hope this article met your expectations. You can reach us through the comment section for questions and feedback or at makedailyprofit.@gmail.com.



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