25 Best Jobs In Chicago For 2022

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The perfect scenery of “hell on earth” is living in Chicago without a robust source of income. To survive in Chicago, having a job is not good enough. You must aspire to be identified with the best jobs in Chicago.

Many Chicago neighborhoods are evolving and becoming more expensive to rent or buy. Every Chicagoan must choose between the cost of housing and proximity to amenities and/or public transportation. These are issues that need not arise if you were working one of the best jobs in Chicago.

If you don’t necessarily have a degree or don’t know how to find the best jobs in Chicago area, you’ve come to the right solution bank. While outlining 25 of the best jobs in Chicago, this article will cover these areas; best jobs in Chicago with work-life balance, best jobs in Chicago for those without a degree, and how to find the best jobs in Chicago area.

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Does Jobs in Chicago Pay Well?

Technically, the answer is relative to some factors such as; if you’re living alone, how much exactly is well enough for you, the quality of life, and so on. Simply put, the average median salary of Chicagoans is $60,000/year. This implies that a great percentage of people(below average class) make way less than that.

However, the question is; what lifestyle will $60,000/year offer you in Chicago?. The answer as mentioned earlier depends on how many people are depending on that income. But one thing is certain, that the best you could possibly do supposing it’s just you and your partner, is probably Wicker Park. Not too expensive, somewhat trendy, some crime but not so much.

However, if you are a student, you’ll be on top of the world’s trends and can even squeeze out some get-away flex with $60,000 a year in Chicago. Jobs in Chicago do pay reasonably well but the cost of living and high taxes leaves you looking for who to blame.

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25 Of The Best jobs in Chicago 2022

Based on professions, requirements such as qualifications and experience, and work-life balance, these are the best jobs in Chicago, 2022.

Best Jobs in Chicago For Those Without a Degree

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook

1. Court Reporter and Captioner

Annual mean salary: $68,380.

Entry level education: Postsecondary, nondegree award.

They are present in hearings and copy down everything that is said, verbatim.

2. Plasterer

Annual mean salary: $68,740

Entry level education: None required.

They apply plaster and other similar materials to the interior or exterior.

3. Telecommunications Equipment Installer and Repairer

Annual mean salary: $70,120

Entry level education: Postsecondary, nondegree award.

They install, configure, rearrange, or remove central office or headend switching and dialing equipment.

4. Transportation Inspector

Annual mean salary: $70,370

Entry level education: High school diploma.

They inspect equipment or goods related to the safe transportation of cargo or people as the case may be.

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5. Insurance Sales Agents

Annual mean salary: $71,870

Entry-level education: High school diploma.

They sell life, property, casualty, health, auto, and other insurance products. They are also supposed to convince clients to buy the insurance.

6. Aircraft Mechanics

Annual mean salary: $72,520

Entry-level education: Postsecondary, nondegree award.

The mechanics of materials and structures serve as the foundation for structural design and the determination of allowable loads. Computers may perform the work, but the mechanic decides what and how to compute.

7. Advertising Sales Agents

Annual mean salary: $72,520

Entry-level education: High school diploma.

These guys sell or solicit advertising space, time, or media in publications, signage, TV, radio, or public spaces.

8. Gambling Managers

Annual mean salary: $76,490

Entry-level education: High school diploma.

“Mr. Big shots” work in casinos to plan, direct, or coordinate gambling operations. However, it’s a tempting position to be in without losing your paycheck to gambling. Hence, the success of this position begs discipline.

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9. Insulation Workers

Annual mean salary: $79,670

Entry-level education: None required.

Line and cover structures with insulating materials.

10. Real Estate Managers

Annual mean salary: $85,850

Entry-level education: High school diploma.

Plan or coordinate the selling, buying, leasing, or governance activities of industrial or residential real estate properties

Best Jobs in Chicago For An Artist

11. Artisan

They create delightful pieces beyond expectations by crafting personalized artwork. To be successful in this field, you must undoubtedly, possess immeasurable creativity and hand-painting skills. Craftsmen indeed!

With their salaries starting from $50,000 and going up to an unbelievable six-figure, it’s no surprise that they are on the list of the best jobs in Chicago.

12. Associate Creative Director- Art

Qualifications include; writing skills and a bachelor’s degree. Applicants should be equipped with conceptual skills and impeccable client presentation skills.

Experience in an industry setting is very relevant. This role, sitting pretty at no.12 of the best jobs in Chicago for an artist, has a $100-130k take-home.

13. Art Therapist

Who said that art does not go beyond physical creations? Meet these guys. The art therapists use creative expressions and verbal processing to address the mental/psychological needs of patients in art therapy sessions.

This critical role demands nothing short of a practicing certificate, bachelor’s degree, and master’s degree, backed up with a documentation review.

With a starting salary of $100k, this job is topping the list of the best paying jobs in Chicago for an artist. Gracefully!

14. Art Director

The annual pay of this job role begins at $53k and climbs up to $75k on good deals and years of experience.

This job debuting at no.14 of the best jobs in Chicago for an artist, requires risky, jaw-dropping creativity. They work with copywriters to exceed set standards of art direction and development of creative concepts.

An active member of this profession should possess an awesome, all-around Adobe technical know-how with emphasis on Adobe Photoshop and Indesign.

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15. Designer

Designers combine creativity and technical knowledge to produce flattering designs using fabrics or a blank space.

If you’re going to be working for someone, you’d be required to show proof of a bachelor’s degree in interior design or graphic design. Notwithstanding, evidence of proficiency in software programs for design is required.

The salary usually varies based on experience and company profiles but you should be expecting to get at least $55k for your flexibility in visual/graphic communication.

16. Visual Designer Lead

These genies manifest awesomeness by using design systems to convert ideas into real visual representations that can captivate their audience. They are identified with a burning passion for data visualization, color, typography, and the functional usability of any medium.

They create ageless designs on these systems that connect and relate with users wherever they are. Their annual salary starts at $71k and just keeps appreciating. This job is both fulfilling and rewarding which is why we have listed it as one of the best jobs in Chicago for an artist.

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Best Jobs in Chicago for Entry Level

17. Entry Level paralegal

They handle a variety of case-related tasks, such as; drafting email correspondence, letters, and documentation for clients, government agencies, and colleagues.

Salary negotiations ranging from $52k can begin when a candidate is qualified with proof of a bachelor’s degree, degree, or a paralegal certificate.

18. Entry Level Sales Trainee

Hitting the $60k mark is the sales trainee entry level position making it top of the list for the best jobs in Chicago for entry level. It doesn’t get better than that for entry level trainee positions.

During the training period, you can expect to travel up to 80% of the time. This position has a starting salary of $60,000 per year.

19. Dietitian; Entry Level

With a solid bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and experience with a dietetic internship, you’re set to scoop up to $70k in annual salary as a dietitian in Chicago.

Having in mind that the average annual pay for entry level positions in Chicago lies at a humble rate of about $15 per hour, with an annual total of $32,097. We should expect that you agree with us that making about $70k puts this position above average. Precisely, in line with the best jobs in Chicago for entry level is where this role should be.

20. Graphics Designer; Entry Level

Working as a graphics designer is one of the best jobs in Chicago for entry level positions. Why? because your success and progress in this career path are very proportional to your investment in self-development. To reach the peak, you have to be well-grounded in the perfect execution of projects using sophisticated software. 

If you deliver these projects before deadlines, it’d build your work profile to the point of negotiating up to $100k in salary every year. 

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21. Business Analyst Intern

Do you value rewarding projects, flexibility, and training opportunities?. Are you a current undergraduate student at either a two-year (Associate’s degree) or 4 years (Bachelor’s degree) accredited institution with a major in business analysis or related fields?.

Business analyst interns create, review, and analyze data and reports to help with business decisions.

However, this is seen as one of the best job in chicago

22. Intern – Software Engineer

Bachelor’s, master’s, or a Ph.D. program in computer science, computer engineering, or a related field is required. Extensive experience with development tools.

Talented software engineers solve complex problems involving distributed systems, query optimization, metadata storage, web services, and more. 

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23. Social Media Intern

This person should have exposure and be able to participate in & support the building of social strategy & content with a career interest in social, marketing, or a related field. 

The ability to perform functions such as supporting calendar planning and content creation for social media platforms requires a career interest in social, content creation, and marketing.

This could also be classified as one of the best jobs in chicago

24. Business Development Representative

To work this job, you must be comfortable navigating external resources with aim of identifying target customers and opening up new business opportunities.

Having experience in sales, sales Development, or Marketing is necessary to land this entry level position.

25. Content Copywriter Intern

This career path engages daring creators, owners, and achievers. Who are ever ready to bring on their best to build with care and consideration and deliver original and intelligent creatives.

What is the Best job in Chicago?

Far and away it’s the job of the “street sweeper.” I know what you’re thinking but hear this; It’s a highly sought-after patronage position, the lucky candidate will receive a Cadillac benefits package, pension, PTO, and a salary range that includes six figures after a certain amount of time on the job.

All to get this thing moving. The street sweepers don’t even show up half of the time! I don’t know about you, but driving this thing around for six figures and a pension is about as good as it gets.

How to Get the Best Jobs in Chicago

To begin with, the apply online and get a job world is severely flawed. As a Recruiter, roughly 60-70 percent of applicants who apply to my job posting are neither qualified nor recall applying. Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
You must revise your job-search strategy.

  • Determine which jobs you are qualified for.
  • Determine the type of job you want to do.

The majority of applicants become trapped in the job-application cycle. Never apply for a job based solely on a job posting. It’s extremely inefficient. Next, look for companies where you want to work. Conduct 3-4 hours of research on the companies you want to work for. Now comes the difficult part: start networking with the company’s decision-makers. Once you’ve finished the 3-4 hours of research, email a decision-maker with 4-5 ideas for improving their business, whatever it may be.

Assume you want to work at ABC Android App Developers. You want to work in their marketing department. (This is an arbitrary example.) Conduct 3-4 hours of ABC research. Call or email the director of marketing with 4-5 ideas for how to improve their company. Repeat as many times as necessary with the companies in which you are interested.

It is extremely difficult to find the right job. Finding a job is both simple and difficult.

I hope this was helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I need to earn to live in Chicago?

It depends. There are some affordable neighborhoods, but the majority are either poorly located or dangerous. There are some reasonably priced neighborhoods that are appealing, but you must look carefully. Great centrally located neighborhoods exist, but they are often expensive. The range is extensive! Is a studio apartment sufficient, or do you require three bedrooms? Will you exercise by jogging and lifting weights, or will you require a private club and a trainer?

Is $130k base salary good enough to live in Chicago?

Probably. However, it is dependent on where you want to live and what you consider a reasonable level of spending.

Is 80k a good salary for an employee in Chicago? What can I realistically do with that salary (as a single person)?

It is dependent on your circumstances. You should be fine if you’re single and have little or no debt. If you have children or support a non-working spouse, the math becomes more difficult.

If you don’t go overboard on expensive items, 80k should be plenty.

Is 80k salary good for single person in Chicago USA? How much will be left after taxes?

Depending on your profession, $80k is a good starting salary in Chicago. The income tax rate in Illinois is 4.95 percent. When you file an Illinois tax return, the first question is about your adjusted federal income. Then Illinois allows you to deduct or adjust your income…not many, believe me!

What's the highest paying job in Chicago?

The healthcare industry in Chicago has several high-paying positions, including the surgeon job, which has the highest salary in the city. Surgeons make $255,580 on average a year, which is more than double the Chicago median income.



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