30 Best Highest-Paying Jobs in Texas | 2022

Best jobs in Texas
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Have you ever wondered what the best jobs in Texas are? The best 30 jobs in Texas employ 33.5 million workers, representing 24% of all workers.

However, keeping the Texas economy moving would be impossible without dentists, pediatricians, Sales engineers, ophthalmologists, mobile software developers, and cloud software architects.

We will also look at the best paying jobs in Texas without a degree or no experience.

Here is a quick look at the 30 best-paying jobs in Texas.

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What are High-Paying Jobs?

Okay, before we get into the best-paying jobs, let’s define what a high-paying job is in the first place.

Now, it’s crucial to note that “high-paying” is frequently a subjective term. Even the Cambridge Dictionary’s definition of “high-paying” is frustratingly ambiguous, stating that it is “used to characterize labor for which people receive a lot of money.”

Most individuals would agree that occupations paying six figures would likely qualify. That is where we will concentrate our efforts.

What Does it Take to Land Top-Paying Jobs?

It all depends. It’s critical to remember that each job has its own set of criteria.

To get a high-paying job, you’ll almost need a college diploma. A Bachelor’s degree will suffice in some circumstances. A Master’s or Doctorate is required in others.

When it comes to skills, the requirements vary according to the position. In each field, technical prowess is specialized. When you’re pursuing your education, you’ll likely get your foundation.

However, if you need more information, go into the job descriptions to grasp the ins and outs.

Communication, accountability, attention to detail, and other related soft skills are crucial. Plus, many of the highest-paying jobs require managing a team, if not an entire department or organization, so leadership abilities are often required.

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Do Jobs in Texas pay Well?

Top executives and healthcare practitioners are the most popular jobs in Texas with greater pay. Surgeons, family practitioners, psychologists, and dentists can make up to $200,000 per year.

In general, these jobs pay well enough that one can afford the necessities of life.

Top 30 Best Paying Jobs in Texas

Here is a look at the top 30 highest-paying jobs in Texas today:

1. Psychiatrist

Psychiatry is a very special field. It takes two techniques to treat mental health issues: medical and psychological. They use a variety of therapy approaches to identify and treat mental health illnesses, as well as aim to prevent conditions from happening when possible.

Also, with their specialized knowledge, it’s no surprise that psychiatrists are among the highest-paid professionals. They make an average of $217,100 every year, putting them solidly on the list.

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2.  Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons specialize in treating injuries, diseases, and deformities in the mouth and adjacent areas. Their surgical goals may include improving function, improving a person’s attractiveness, or both.

The average salary for these surgeons is $234,990 per year. However, the rate might vary, and some people surely bring home more money than others.

3. Obstetrician-Gynecologist

An obstetrician-gynecologist (OB-GYN) is a doctor who specializes in women’s reproductive health, such as pregnancy and childbirth.

They aid patients with birth control and menopause management, as well as identifying and treating a variety of illnesses.

While salaries vary, the average OB-GYN earns $239,120 per year. Furthermore, it goes without saying that the benefits package is usually very good.

4. Internal Medicine Physician

Internal medicine professionals, sometimes known as internists, address a wide range of medical disorders in adults. They don’t specialize on a single biological system, hence their responsibilities are more varied than those of many other similar-level jobs.

Internal medicine professionals earn an average of $210,960 per year, making them another well-paid medical specialty. They also have the option of joining an existing facility or starting their own, allowing them more control over their careers.

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5. Anesthesiologist

Anesthesiologists are important member of the surgical team. They are in charge of administering anesthesia and ensuring that the patient is pain-free during the procedure.

This position also provides patient care prior to, during, and after procedures, including pain management, answering concerns, and ensuring the patient’s comfort.

Also, Anesthesiologists, like many other medical professionals, earn a lot of money. They make an average of $271,440 each year, making them some of the highest-paid professions in the world.

6. Prosthodontist

Dentists that specialize in restorative operations such as implants, bridges, crowns, and dentures are known as prosthodontists. They also treat specific jaw problems and improve biting alignment.

Earning a good living as a prosthodontist is frequent. They earn an average of $214,870 each year, easily making them one of the best-paying careers around.

7. Orthodontist

You’re undoubtedly familiar with what an orthodontist performs if you’ve ever had braces. They are the specialists who aid people with biting problems by addressing both tooth and jaw anomalies.

When it comes to compensation, orthodontists are rather well compensated. They earn an average of $237,990 per year. Isn’t it reasonable?

8. Ophthalmologist

Working as an ophthalmologist could be ideal if you want to help others with their eyes and vision while still having a lucrative profession.

These professionals make an average of $218,850 per year treating eye conditions, conducting eye surgery, and prescribing prescription lenses to correct vision issues.

Medical degrees and specialized training in the discipline are required for ophthalmologists. After that, you’ll probably want to get board-certified to ensure you have everything you need for a successful profession.

9. Chief Executive

Chief executives are one of the roles you’d expect to find on a best-paying jobs list. After all, the C-suite is recognized for its high pay, with the average annual salary hovering around $185,950.

Your specific responsibilities will differ depending on your location. A Chief Financial Officer, for example, would concentrate on finance, whereas a Chief Information Officer would concentrate on technology and information management processes, infrastructure, and systems.

10.  Nurse Anesthetist

This is the second time an anesthesiology-related job has made the list of high-paying jobs, although this one takes only a Master’s degree to get started. Nurse anesthetists make a good living as well, earning around $183,580 per year on average.

Before, during, and after numerous medical operations, you give anesthesia and provide patient care. Depending on your function, you may also tell patients about what to expect or assist with pain management.

11. Pediatrician

Pediatrician could be the ideal high-paying job for you if you enjoy working with children and helping to keep them healthy.

The position pays an average of $184,570 per year, making it one of the highest-paying careers available.

Going to medical school and earning a professional or doctoral degree is required to become a pediatrician.

However, depending on how you like to work, you can join a clinic or hospital or start your own practice after you have that.

12. Airline Pilot

One of the highest-paying careers in America is flying planes for a big airline. It’s not uncommon to earn around $130,440 each year and receive a generous benefits package.

If you want to be an airline pilot, you’ll most likely need a Bachelor’s degree as well as specialized training to qualify for a commercial pilot’s license.

An FAA-certified flight school is often your best bet for training because it is the most likely road to the necessary skills and knowledge.

13. Dentist

It’s no surprise that a dentist is on this list because medical-related industries are typically among the highest-paying jobs in the United States.

On the financial side, they typically earn around $164,010 per year by treating for their patients’ mouths, teeth, and gums.

A professional or doctorate degree is required to work as a dentist. But once you have it, you can either join an established practice or start your own, allowing you to start your career on your own terms.

14. Information Systems Manager

If you appreciate technology and want to work in a high-paying position, being an information systems manager is an excellent option.

By leading a team of qualified specialists, you ensure that the company’s technological demands are satisfied and that data is kept secure.

To get started down this path, you’ll typically require a Bachelor’s degree and some expertise in a technical industry. As a result, you may be eligible for an information systems management post, which pays around $151,150 per year.

15. Engineering Manager

It is your responsibility as an engineering manager to oversee all engineering-related operations at your organization.

The types of projects you’ll be overseeing will vary depending on your industry, but the majority will include product development or new design.

Engineering can take many forms, including structural, mechanical, chemical, and petroleum engineering.

However, each of these engineering managers has the potential to earn around $149,530 each year, which is a fantastic salary.

16. Marketing Manager

If you’re looking for a lucrative job, marketing should be at the top of your list. Working your way up to marketing manager might pay you roughly $141,490 per year. Isn’t it beautiful?

In general, Marketing managers are in charge of overseeing advertising, promotional, and marketing efforts, ensuring that everything communicates the proper message and entices people to buy. In most situations, you can begin this career with a Bachelor’s degree, while some people choose to get a Master’s degree to strengthen their candidates.

17. Judge

Your job as a judge is to oversee court proceedings. This can entail making legal judgements and determining penalties while always adhering to the wording of the law.

Judges typically have past legal experience as well as a law degree. However, there are certain instances where a judge possesses only a Bachelor’s degree; however, this is not usual.

Judges typically make around $124,200 per year in compensation. Plus, you’ll almost always get a good benefits package to go along with it, increasing the total pay.

18. Cardiologist

Your medical career as a cardiologist would be focused on the heart and blood arteries. You spend your time improving patients’ heart health, from treating high blood pressure to correcting valve abnormalities to putting stents.

Cardiologists are among the highest paid professionals. They usually earn roughly $399,500 each year. Isn’t that impressive?

19. Enterprise Architect Director

Enterprise architect directors are frequently important in the realm of technology. They ensure that a company’s technology requirements are met, as well as that the technology systems architecture in place – including hardware and software – is consistent with the company’s overall strategy.

To get this position, you usually need a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, as well as a lot of expertise in the industry. After that, a salary of around $181,006 is rather common.

20. Quantitative Analyst

A quantitative analyst is a career that many people have never heard of before when it comes to high-paying jobs.

These specialists aid firms in making various financial or business decisions, as well as risk analysis and opportunity identification.

Pay for quantitative analysts varies depending on experience. In a typical job, you may expect to earn roughly $118,931 per year and $124,738 per year after you reach the senior level.

21. Information Security Director

The security of firm data is now a top consideration for most businesses. That’s why they need knowledgeable information security directors on their staff to assist them in navigating this difficult terrain.

Most information security directors have a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in addition to extensive expertise in the industry. With that, they can normally expect to earn around $174,315 each year, demonstrating how valuable their abilities are to employers.

22. Software Architect

A position as a software architect may be the perfect option for you if you enjoy technology, want a good wage, and prefer to work as an independent contributor. These experts make crucial technical decisions and ensure that projects are completed according to specifications.

You get to strategize while simultaneously getting your hands dirty, whether it’s project planning, creating code, or error-checking. Plus, you can earn $140,924 each year, making it a financially rewarding decision.

23. Clinical Pharmacist

You’ve probably dealt with a pharmacist if you’ve ever needed to pick up a prescription. These medical workers administer drugs based on a doctor’s prescription. They also offer advice to patients, addressing queries about medications and offering important information.

A doctoral or professional degree, as well as a license, are usually required to become a pharmacist. With things taken care of, the average annual pay is $128,710.

24. Site Reliability Engineer

Within a corporation, site reliability engineers play a particular function. They use their knowledge of software development and operations to a wide range of infrastructure issues, ensuring that the company’s IT operations run effectively and fulfill bigger business needs.

Site reliability engineers typically have at least a Bachelor’s degree. A wage of around $130,021 per year isn’t out of the question if you’ve gained some expertise.

25. Cloud Engineer

The cloud has never been more significant than it is now, thanks to the advent of remote work. People can access company assets from almost anywhere using the cloud, making telecommuting more convenient.

You use your skills as a cloud engineer to plan, build, manage, and support cloud computing initiatives. Also, An annual pay of around $124,328 is typical in exchange for your experience.

26. Data Scientist

Data scientists spend their time analyzing data to find useful information. They typically utilize a number of tools and modeling methodologies to help them evaluate large amounts of data and uncover trends that firms may exploit to their advantage.

Data scientists are fairly well compensated, partly because demand for their services is unreasonably high. Overall, annual incomes of around $132,528 are normal, and it wouldn’t be shocking if this trend continued in the next years.

27. Controller

We’ve already gone through the controller job description in detail. In a nutshell, controller is a job towards the top of the accounting food chain.

They are in charge of all of the company’s everyday accounting operations, including accounts payable, receivable, payroll, and more. If money is entering or exiting the company, the controller is almost certainly aware of it.

Controllers earn around $222,154 per year on average. However, some people earn significantly more, indicating that there is still possibility for advancement. This is one best jobs in Texas with no experience.

28. Lawyer

Lawyers assist businesses, individuals, and government organizations in navigating legal difficulties, making them one of the highest-paying jobs in America. Lawyers are skilled at dealing with contracts, creating legal defenses, and everything in between.

Attorneys typically earn roughly $126,930 per year on average. Furthermore, they usually receive excellent perks, increasing their total salary.

29. Financial Manager

Financial managers are in charge of a company’s financial health. They frequently provide recommendations concerning investment activities and other similar measures, in addition to evaluating data and preparing reports, to help the firm achieve its objectives.

In most circumstances, a Bachelor’s degree is required to work in this sector. Once you have it, along with some relevant experience, you may make around $134,180 per year.

30. Actuary

It’s all about risk management for actuaries. They analyze data to identify the riskiness of certain financial activities and provide recommendations to their firm to assist them in making better decisions.

A bachelor’s degree is usually required for actuaries. With that, you’ll be well on your way to earning $111,030 every year.

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Are There Best Jobs in Texas Without a Degree or No Experience?

Absolutely yes, there are best paying jobs in Texas with no experience or a college degree.

The best jobs in Texas without a degree and no experience includes:

Customer Sales Representative

This is one of the best jobs in Texas without a degree with a good salary ranging from $15 to $20 daily. Also, this one of the best jobs in Texas with no experience.

Framing, Drywall, and Painting

This job has a salary range of $18 – $25 hourly. Additionally, it is one of the best paying jobs in Texas without a degree and no experience.

Software Developer

This job has an hourly pay of $20. Also, it is one of the best paying jobs in Texas without a degree or experience.

Social Media Manager

Social media managers take an hourly pay of $23. Generally, it is a very good job and one of the best paying jobs in texas without a degree or experience.

Sales Associate

Sales Associate takes an hourly pay of $21 hourly. It is one of the best paying jobs in Texas without a degree.


What jobs pay the most with no experience?

  1. Transit and railroad police.
  2. Claims adjuster
  3. Web developer. …
  4. Power plant operator.
  5. Elevator installers.
  6. Nuclear technician.
  7. Radiation therapist.
  8. Construction manager

How can I get a high paying job with no experience?

  1. Coursework during high school, college or any other classes.
  2. Membership in organizations.
  3. Volunteer experience.
  4. Extracurricular activities.
  5. Independent work like nannying or freelancing.
  6. Relevant hobbies or interests

What are the easiest jobs to get in the US?

  1. House Sitter. If you’re looking for easy high paying jobs, don’t discount house sitter.
  2. Personal Trainer.
  3. Optometrist.
  4. Flight Attendant.
  5. Dog Walker.
  6. Toll Booth Attendant.
  7. Massage Therapist.
  8. Librarian.

How can I make 50k a year without a degree?

Electrician, property manager, flight attendant, commercial pilot, insurance agent, food service manager, hearing aid expert, dental hygiene assistant, fitness manager, and plumber are some careers that make $50,000 per year without a degree.


Any of the high-paying jobs listed above may suit your needs if you’re seeking a high-paying employment.

Also, consider your hobbies and the length of time you want to spend in school as a starting point. You’ll be able to find the best-paying job for you this way.



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