15 Best-Paying Jobs in Basic Industries | 2022

Best-Paying Jobs in Basic Industries
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Wondering what the buzz about jobs in the basic industries is all about? The basic industries offer several best paying jobs you can earn from, as it houses a lot of career opportunities. These career opportunities provide people with avenues for growth and also a means of livelihood.

Statistics by the U.S. department of agriculture show that about a 17.1million jobs are in agriculture and food-related industries. This stat only covers an aspect of job opportunities in the basic industries.

This article will take you through the best paying jobs in basic industries and will guide you in choosing any of the careers. Let’s start by giving you a prior knowledge of what basic industries is.

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What are Basic Industries?

Basic industries are industries or fields that produce the raw materials other industries need for production.

In other words, they focus more on producing raw materials needed for further production of goods for exports, unlike the consumption industry.

Mind you, the term basic industries does not refer to a single industry. It incorporates several industries in the production or extraction of raw materials. They mainly exported these raw materials.

These industries play a significant role in the economic growth of the country. Additionally, they provide opportunities for people to make a living.

For instance, the petroleum industry extracts raw materials from the earth’s crust as crude oil. The chemical industry will refine the crude oil into finished products, such as gasoline, petrol, diesel, and many more.

Hence, an unfavorable political change or a decline in export can negatively affect it.

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Categories of Basic Industries

Most industries classify a lot of fields under basic industries. They include:


Agriculture plays a significant role in sustaining every economy. This industry provides food and jobs to people on a daily. Furthermore, it is a major source of raw materials.

Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry is one of the largest. Consequently, it has a lot of jobs you can earn a decent living from. Companies in this sector explore and produce oil and gas. Furthermore, some companies own refineries responsible for purifying the oil.

Industrial chemistry

This is one industry that oversees the refining of raw materials into finished products, such as gasoline. Afterward, these products are then made available to users consumers.

Paper and Pulp

This is the industry that concerns itself with hygiene goods and the textile area.


This industry is involved with power, heating, and water. Undeniably, it is one industry that is in high demand. Hence, it is a very profitable industry.

Steel and metals

Steel and metal are essential industries. Little wonder, it is prevalent in real estate and building projects and construction.

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What Are The Benefits of the Basic Industries to Our Economy?

The benefits of the basic industries to the economy can’t be ignored. It goes a long way in showing just how much raw materials are needed in the production of other products.

The following are the benefits of basic industries and what makes them one of the best paying jobs in 2022:

  • Job variety: The industry offers jobs in all the production processes. Hence, it gives room or work opportunities to a large population.
  • Consistent growth: The basic industry constantly experiences increases and growth. Therefore, it positively affects the economy.
  • High-paying jobs: Basic industries have high-paying job opportunities in the manufacturing sector. Consequently, employees are bound to search for jobs in this industry.

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Is the Basic Industry a Good Career Path?

Of course, it is a good career path you can pursue. Interestingly, jobs in this industry are increasing annually. Those in need of employment can choose from the pool. 

Also, knowing that other industries rely on basic industries makes it a good career path.

Additionally, the jobs come with good payment plans.

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Who is a Basic Industry Job Best Suited For?

Jobs in this industry best suit individuals who purely desire hands-on jobs. This means it is ideal for those in need of decent income and consistency in their jobs.

However, you also need to put into consideration that to fit in this industry, you need to acquire some skills and qualifications that will put you on track. Having a soft skill too will be an added advantage.

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What Do Basic Industries Jobs Pay?

If you are interested in securing jobs in the basic industries, then the question “What do basic industries jobs pay?” is necessary.

The average hourly wage in Basic Industries is $54, with hourly rates ranging from $47 to $63 per hour. However, the individual rates vary based on the job specifics and location. Also, the skills and educational qualification of the employee determines the salary scale.

In conclusion, jobs in the basic industries pay or wages are based on these factors.

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15 Best-Paying Jobs In Basic Industry in 2022

Although we have a variety of jobs in basic industries, there are some jobs in these industries with better paychecks than the rest. Each year that passes by, it continuously keeps individuals with high pay.

Therefore, it is important for you to identify the best-paying jobs in basic industries in 2022. The following are the best-paying jobs making wave 2022:

1. Agricultural Chemists

Annual wage:  $80,680

This is one of the best-paying jobs in basic industries. Agricultural chemists devise means of protecting and improving the conditions of crop fields with the use of chemicals. They achieve this by testing various chemicals in order to understand the reactions of the crops. They carry out such routines to keep the crops away from pests and weeds.

On the other hand, this procedure can increase the growth process of the crops.

Additionally, agricultural chemists produce fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals to protect the crops. They observe the soil humidity in order to improve its condition for fertility purposes.

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2. Agronomists

Annual wage: $68,830

These employees provide data to workers in the agricultural industry about their crops. They recognize the fact that having a healthy harvest is for the safety of consumers.

Hence, they focus on the type of soil, crop arrangement, and weed prevention in their research. On the other hand, they devise techniques and management styles that can aid the harvest.

We consider this one of the best-paying jobs in basic industries.

3. Metallurgists

Annual wage: $95,640

Metallurgists study to understand the structure of metals and the way they function. In addition, these people make the extraction process of metal easy.

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4. Petroleum Engineers

Annual wage: $137,330

These engineers handle the extraction of raw materials from the earth’s crust. In order to get this done, they dig deep into the land or sea.

Thus, they determine the location or spot that contains the oil and gas, the route it will pass through, and the right equipment for the job.

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5. Mining and Geological Engineers

Annual wage: $93,800

These engineers ensure that employees in the mines are safe. Accordingly, they construct structures that will make the extraction process safer.

Also, they devise quicker means of transporting the minerals. This career always stands out as it draws high pay in the basic industries field.

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6. Conservation Scientists and Foresters

Annual wage: $64,010

These engineers work pari passu in protecting nature. The conservation scientist collates information and devises methods for improving the natural areas. He does this while preventing damages from happening to them.

On the other hand, foresters supervise the activities of conservation scientists and other forest workers. Furthermore, they are responsible for planting new trees and monitoring forest growth.

7. Geologists

Annual wage:  $93,580

Geologists study precious metals in order to understand their composition and their nature. In the long run, their findings help in discovering deposits of natural resources.

Consequently, they go ahead to examine some more data.

 8. Logging Workers

Annual wage: $42,350

These employees work with foresters in gathering wood. They play a vital role in the wood cutting process.

9. Electrical Engineer

Annual wage: $77,172

This is a professional charged with the responsibility of the designs and the development of electrical products. For instance, household appliances. This engineer is not limited to a particular field.

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10. Factory Manager

Annual wage: $92,568

Factory managers work to ensure that the work process runs properly. Conclusively, these managers are mainly in the manufacturing industry and supervise the production process.

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11. Truck Driver

Annual wage: $66,840

Truck drivers transport and deliver all kinds of goods or products while ensuring that they are safe. Additionally, they drive through regional routes for deliveries.

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12. Production Manager

Annual wage: $64,152

These managers supervise the process of production and coordinate every activity to make sure that the resources are sufficient.
Moreso, they plan work schedules and prepare budgets to guarantee productivity.

13. Chemist

Annual wage: $60,360

These employees constantly search for breakthroughs with chemicals to cause improvement. They also specialize in several areas of chemistry.

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14. Welder and Fabricator

Annual wage: $51,048

These employers are in charge of cutting, joining, and molding metals, as well as other materials. In addition, they fix machinery of all sorts.

15. Carpenter Foreman

Annual wage: $49,836

A carpenter foreman is responsible for supervising or overseeing other carpenters. He supervises training, coordinates carpentry-related projects, and acquires equipment when necessary.
Furthermore, he ensures that other carpenters abide by industry standards.


What is basic industries?

Basic industries are industries that produce or extract the raw materials needed for the production of finished products by other industries.

How many jobs are available in the basic industries?

The basic industries provide more than 22,262.90 jobs. The jobs in this industry are way more than you can figure out.

What are the categories of basic industries?

Several categories make up the basic industries and they are:

  • Agriculture
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Paper and Pulp
  • Industrial chemistry
  • Utilities
  • Steel and metal

What is the difference between basic industries and consumer industries?

Basic industries are industries that extract raw materials that other industries depend on. While the consumer industries are industries in the production of finished products for consumption.

Are engineering skills essential for a job in the basic industries field?

Not all jobs in basic industries require an engineering background. However, major jobs in the industry require an engineering background. Careers in areas like finance and human resources do not require this.

Which industry will boom in 2025?

The industry to boom in 2025 is IT (Information Technology). Branches of this industry are:

  • 4D gaming
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • virtual reality

What industry will boom in 2030?

The following industries will boom in 2030:

  • Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Finance
  • Cyber security

What sectors will boom in 2030?

Sectors to be in high demand are:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data mining and development
  • Data sciences


Jobs in the basic industries are a major key player in the growth of any economy. Now you know the 15 best-paying jobs in the basic industries, you can choose the one that best suits you.

We hope this article provided the answers you seek about the basic industry and the ones with the best pay. For comments and inquiries, reach us through the comment section or at makedailyprofit@gmail.com.



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