10 Best Paying Jobs in Finance Consumer Services 2022

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Are you considering a career in finance or consumer services but unsure if it’s the right choice for you? if yes! than i would urge you to read on.

However, it would interest you to know that Finance consumer services generally deal with small businesses and consumers; this is not banking for large businesses.

That said, this is a great career path because there will always be a demand for your services; if you like working with people, you get to enjoy that, and it’s a fascinating business.

Finance consumer services Jobs are highly profitable. Furthermore, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, professionals in this sector earn more than the average annual pay for all jobs in the United States, which is $41,950.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the best-paying jobs in finance consumer services.

Stay with us as we’ll discuss the number of jobs, skills, professions, and wages available in finance consumer services.

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What is Finance Consumer Services?

Financial Consumer Service refers to services and enterprises that supply items to regular customers. They include a wide range of products and items.

Credit cards, loans, and other forms of credit are examples of these services. However, financial planning and guidance are additional examples of consumer services financing.

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10 Best Paying Jobs in Finance Consumer Services:

Some of the best paying Jobs in finance consumer service include:

#1. Financial Analyst

Average salary: $71,519 per year (Indeed)

A financial analyst is in charge of a variety of tasks, including data collection, information organization, and historical data analysis.

In addition, they forecast and predict, provide suggestions, and create Excel models, presentations, and reports.

#2. Investment Banker

Average Salary: $73,240 per year (Careerexplorer)

An investment banker is one of the best paying jobs in finance consumers services.

Indeed, they assist their customers in raising funds in the capital markets by issuing debt or selling stock in their businesses.

Other responsibilities include supporting customers with mergers and acquisitions (M&As) and advising them on innovative investment options such as derivatives.

They also do due diligence research and analysis on financial transactions, as well as build client portfolio presentations.

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#3. Hedge Fund Manager

Average Salary: $135,399 per year (Zippia)

Also listed among the best paying jobs in finance consumer services is Hedge Fund Manager.

So, a hedge fund manager is in charge of making investment choices for a pool of funds often given by clients that fulfill certain net worth or investment skill standards.

The hedge fund manager is ultimately responsible for the hedge fund’s day-to-day operations, such as raising investment money and rebalancing investments to maintain a specific risk/reward ratio.

#4. Financial Advisor

Average Salary: $74,908 per year (Indeed)

Financial Advisor is also another best-paying job in financial consumer services.

They are also known as a Financial Consultant and are responsible for giving solid financial advice to organizations and people.

A Financial Advisor is a finance person who provides financial counseling and guidance to individuals or businesses.

In addition, they help individuals and businesses reach their financial goals faster by providing them with plans and methods to increase wealth, cut costs, or eliminate debts.

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#5. Budget Analyst

Average Salary: $71,284 per year (Indeed)

Next on the list of best-paying jobs in finance consumer services is Budget Analyst.

A budget analyst’s work entails monitoring expenditure throughout the year to ensure that it follows the intended budget and determines whether changes are required for particular programs or initiatives.

Also, examine budget proposals for completeness, correctness, and compliance.

#6. Finance Consumer Service: Loan Officer

Average Salary: $215,661 per year (Indeed)

Personal and commercial loans are reviewed, authorized, and recommended for approval by loan officers. Loan officials interview candidates to establish their creditworthiness.

They must also be able to establish relationships with clients and communicate successfully with them.

However, they are often employed by mortgage lenders, commercial banks, credit unions, and other financial organizations.

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#7. Management Analyst

Average Salary: $78,317 per year (Indeed)

Management analysts are in charge of conducting and writing operations manuals to help an organization’s management operate more effectively.

They also undertake organizational studies, analyze the effectiveness or speed with which companies run, and propose changes to improve their structure and processes.

#8. Chief Financial Officer

Average Salary: $140,547 per year (Indeed)

A Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is a senior executive who is in charge of the company’s financial operations.

They are also usually in charge of managing cash flow, assessing the company’s financial strengths and weaknesses, and overseeing all areas of its financial performance.

#9. Finance Consumer Service: Tax Director

Average Salary: $126,978 per year (Glassdoor)

Tax directors are in charge of managing their company’s tax preparation procedure. They also ensure that all tax-related concerns are addressed in a timely and accurate way.

Tax directors may also be involved in the creation of new tax strategies or rules for their company. This might range from developing new tax forms to implementing new accounting procedures.

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#10. Finance Consumer Service: Private Equity Associate

Average Salary: $90,365 per year (Indeed)

Private Equity Associates are in charge of supervising deal procedures from start to finish.

Also, they work with private equity companies to study and monitor data, identify possible investment opportunities and raise funds from outside investors.

Primary Responsibilities of a Customer Service Worker include:

  • Inform the consumer of the goods.
  • Deal with any objections.
  • Execute the command.

Is Finance Consumer Services a Good Career Path?

Yes, it is a good career path. Finance consumer services is a good career path because it allows you to interact directly with customers and become more aware of their needs, feedback, and behavior.

Also, it provides a wide range of job opportunities as well as a good salary rate. Besides, It also permits you to become more aware of market demands.

What Education Level is Required for Finance Consumer Services Jobs?

A bachelor’s degree is typically required to land a high-paying job in the Finance Consumer Services sector, however this isn’t a certainty. A post-graduate degree in the industry might support your efforts while looking for a job with a higher-end beginning pay with bonus and possibility for advancement.

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Which job has highest salary in finance?

Highest paying finance jobs

  • Investment banker.
  • Information technology auditor.
  • Compliance analyst.
  • Financial advisor.
  • Insurance advisor.
  • Financial analyst.
  • Senior accountant.
  • Hedge fund manager.

What is the easiest job in finance?

There are several entry-level jobs you can get with a finance degree, depending on your area of study, type of degree, and experience. Junior tax accountant, stockbroker, personal finance advisor, banking assistant, and financial analyst are a few entry-level choices.

Why do finance jobs pay so well?

In this environment, financial institutions have offered a number of high-priced services that companies and investors find worth the cost. This is a very competitive market, and clients pay for what they perceive to be higher returns, less risk, and reduced capital costs.

Is a career in finance worth it?

Is a Finance Degree Worth It? Yes, a finance degree is worth it for many students. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, business and financial jobs are set to grow at 5% over the next 10 years, faster than the average for all occupations.

How to Succeed in The Finance Industry

  1. Obtain Qualifications. Qualifications are essential in this industry, and you need to keep learning to progress and also show your commitment
  2. Immerse Yourself in the Finance Industry
  3. Know Your Goals
  4. Gain as much experience as Possible
  5. Develop Soft Skills
  6. Finally, Network at Every Opportunity


Finance consumer services are becoming more popular. People want to know how to save and invest their money. As a result, they need financial expect to help them with it.

There are several career opportunities in finance and consumer services. While some may not be as attractive as others, they all have the potential to be quite lucrative.

For more details on high-paying jobs, visit our website at makedailyprofit.com.


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