25 Best Paying Jobs In Georgia For 2023 (Updated)

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Welcome to Georgia!. Sure, the hours are long and the wages are low, but at least we have job security. Yes, and just imagine that you get one of the best-paying jobs in Georgia along with job security. Heaven on earth!.

And no, it’s not even that hard. All you need is information that you’ll basically be overdosing on in this article.

We have provided resources to guide you through the process of getting one of these best-paying jobs in Georgia without even breaking a sweat.

Rumors have been flying around concerning how much jobs in Georgia pay as compared to other states in the U.S. However, we will finally put a stop to all the side talks. We are going to analyze this situation next before proceeding to how to find one of the best jobs in Georgia.

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Do Jobs in Georgia Pay Well?

Because of the country’s poor economic conditions and low living standards, there is no significant difference between the minimum wage and the national average in this case.

The statistical minimum wage is approximately $100 per month, which is approximately 261 GEL at today’s exchange rate.

The national average salary is around $150 per month, which is close to 400 GEL.

When I say statistically, I don’t mean the traditional method of calculating national average pay because, while it makes sense in the United States, the same calculation method would be irrelevant in the case of Georgia.

This is because there is a lower class and an elite who make a significantly different income that can’t even be compared. The elite are primarily politicians and business owners. I’m sure your initial interest was how much the average Georgian makes and if it is comparable.

However, if you calculate that number using traditional methods, you’ll get a nonsense number that isn’t real. This is because of the enormously large gap between the lower and upper classes. This, by the way, explains why there is no middle class in the country.

As a result, Georgia is a really cheap and flexible country for someone who has dollars in their pocket. Additionally, the country provides every source of fun and entertainment with the possibility of having a rich lifestyle as a person who lives in Tbilisi.

So, everyone! Visit Georgia and have a good time; as long as you have money, you are the winner.

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How Much Salary Do you need in Georgia to stay?

It all depends on where you live in the state. If you live in the Atlanta metro area, your cost of living will be significantly higher than in the middle of rural Georgia. We believe the median income in the Columbus area is in the low $40k’s. It provides a relatively comfortable, albeit not lavish, lifestyle.

What is Considered a Good Salary in Georgia?

1500–2000 GEL would suffice, though most people earn half of that amount monthly and, well, they are poor.

Why is Georgia’s Minimum Wage only $5.15 an Hour When all Other States are $7.25 an Hour or More?

Because Georgia has decided not to pass new minimum wage legislation and instead follows the federal minimum wage. Why put politically unpopular votes on the record when you can simply punt or ignore the issue entirely?.

Republicans hold a sizable number of seats in the Georgia legislature. Republicans argue that the minimum wage harms workers by pricing low-skilled labor out of the market and interfering with the free market of labor pricing negotiated between a potential employee and an employer.

Any state can set its own minimum wage.

However, they cannot pay less than the federal minimum wage, which is currently $7.25 per hour. There are some exceptions, such as tipped employees, farm workers, certain disabled workers, and underage workers, who the FLSA does not cover.

Best Paying Jobs In Georgia; Best Paying Industries/Companies In Georgia

Georgia’s best-paying Industries;

Mining: Copper was the first metal mined in Georgia between the sixth and fifth millennia BC.

Agriculture: Subsistence farming employs more than 55 percent of Georgia’s workforce.

Tourism. …

The top ten of Georgia’s best-paying Companies;

  1. EVO Payments
  2.  Apco
  3. King & Spalding
  4.  Skynet Holdings
  5. Spalding Drive Elementary School
  6. Georgia Aquarium
  7. Lanier Parking
  8.  Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions
  9. The Baer Group
  10. Commercial Roofing Specialties.

Best Jobs in Georgia Without a Degree; Where Can I Find Under-table jobs in the State of Georgia?

It will be almost entirely limited to house cleaning for cash, which is quite common. You can also make a good living doing this.

The majority of advertising is done by driving around neighborhoods and leaving a card or flyer on mailboxes or community bulletin boards. Construction is another option for under-the-table items.

There are certain “standby” employment hotspots where people can pick up workers based on their needs. The exact location of this will vary depending on where you are.

However, competition for this type of work will be fierce, and I’ve never seen a female working in it. Your best bet is to do housekeeping for cash. Perhaps you can make some friends and gain access to some businesses that have friends.

However, this requires some serious networking.

Perhaps you could work as a nanny for money, but this is uncommon in the United States due to the high cost.

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How to Find One of the Best Jobs in Georgia; What are some ways to negotiate a higher salary?

Everyone advises, “Never go first” – never be the first to reveal a number. This is excellent advice, and it gives you an advantage if the company can provide you with a number first.

However, as some may have discovered, this is not always feasible. They are constantly pressuring you to provide a number, and almost always, you are forced to give up.

But what if you could give them something while maintaining your advantage?

Next time you are forced to give a number, provide them with a range instead.

Let’s see how the discussion goes:

Mr. X, HR, What is your target number? I need you to provide a number, or we cannot proceed with your application.
You: (this is how you play a range rather than a number): Someone with the same level of experience and skill set is paid between $135k and $185k in top companies like ABC Corp. (Note that the upper end of the range is significantly higher than the starting number.)

Notice the difference between your usual negotiating style and this one?

“I am worth $135k,” you did not say. Instead, you provided them with a range. And this is how it could possibly benefit you.

More Tips;

By giving them a range, you did not come across as a pushy and needy person. Instead, you just communicated a (fact? ), which is most likely public knowledge.

You are giving them something to work on when you give them a range. When you provide them with a number, you give the HR department a “my way or the highway” vibe, which is unlikely to work in your favor.

You have delegated the responsibility of salary negotiation to HR! You provided a range, and it is up to them to find a suitable number within that range. HR would still believe they are in charge, which is good.

The most important reason for providing a range is psychological.

When given a choice, they will choose the cheapest option.

So suddenly, $135k looks much cheaper than $185k, and you will almost certainly be offered $135k.

TL;DR – Give them a salary range, with the starting point being the salary you expect. Maintain a much higher end of the range than the starting number.

PS: This technique can be used not only in salary negotiations but also when selling a car – “I am looking at something between $10k and $15.5k” 😉

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What Are the Best Jobs in Georgia for Women

This is a list of the best jobs in Georgia for women;

  • Phlebotomists
  • Nurse
  • Receptionist
  • Flight Attendant
  • Social Worker.

Best Jobs in Georgia by Next 10 Years; (2032)

The economy will gradually improve, albeit after a severe economic crisis – Georgia has many people who are deeply indebted to various “microfinance” organizations and banks and have no way of repaying their debts.

Another factor slowing Georgia’s economic recovery is its government’s neoliberal dogmatism – even the slightest interference in the market is considered treason, even though it is evident that no one will invest in Georgia’s reindustrialization. Hence, the responsibility falls to the state without a healthy industry.

It is impossible to provide large segments of the population with employment and have a positive trade balance.

With these predictions in mind, we have our fixed on some positions and industries that will certainly benefit from this expected economic progression. Some of the best jobs in Georgia by next 10 years are;

  • Truck Driving and Nursing
  • Manufacturing
  • Shipping and Transport
  • Aerospace manufacturing and related jobs
  • Healthcare jobs.

Best Jobs in Georgia Without a Skill

Everyone, even the unskilled, has some talent. Amazon hires at around $15 per hour in metro Atlanta. Many other places will pay 10–12 for a dependable person who can learn quickly.

Transferable skills are one of the most important things that employers look for. For example, if you worked in a team for a job, a module, or something else, that generally means you have enough experience to work in a team again.

Can you look through your work and see what kinds of skills you have to offer? Taking a course usually implies that you can manage your workload and use a computer with basic skills.

There are various on-job training jobs in Georgia for people without skills. If nobody employs people without skills, how then will people gain experience?

Your worries are over!. There are some good paying jobs that don’t require a skill. The best jobs in Georgia without a skill are;

What are the Best Jobs in Georgia?; Best Paying Jobs in Georgia

So, it appears that if you want one of Georgia’s highest paying jobs, you should start applying to medical school right away. Because the top five jobs are in the medical field and require doctors’ degrees. This takes about 8 years to complete.

In no particular order, these are the best jobs in Georgia in 2023;

The Best Paying Jobs in Georgia

1. Surgeons / Doctors

Salary Range: from 203,000 USD to 630,000 USD

We were clearly not joking when we said it originally. It’s mostly heaven when you’re a young surgeon. Seniors would advise you, and you would perform every day. Every week or month, new procedures are introduced.

You smooth out. Then you’ll be a senior. It’s now hell on earth. You are responsible for ensuring that your juniors do not make mistakes. You are expected to create new techniques for problems that historically have poor prognoses.

Income increases as you get older, but so does stress. However, if you enjoy it, every day is worthwhile.

2. Judges

Salary Range: from 171,000 USD to 530,000 USD

You could look into mysticaltutor.org. It is a website designed to assist Judge candidates (you!) in learning the rules and determining what they need to study in order to become certified!

3. LawyersLawyers

Salary Range: from 138,000 USD to 429,000 USD

Prospective lawyers must first complete a four-year bachelor’s degree program, followed by three years of law school. They will be able to take the bar exam once they have obtained their J.D.

4. Bank Managers

Salary Range: from 130,000 USD to 403,000 USD

In the case of a public sector bank, you must take the IBPS PO examination. If you pass the PO exam within two to three years, you will be promoted to assistant manager. You will be able to advance to the position of branch manager within 5 years of joining.

If you want to work in a private bank, you must have an MBA from a reputable school. If you can make it to the top 20 leave aside bank manager, you will be a vice president of the bank in 8 to 10 years.

In the case of tier 2 schools, you will be able to become a manager within 2 to 3 years of completing your MBA.

5. Orthodontists

Salary Range: from 110,000 USD to 340,000 USD

Some states in the United States have fewer than ten qualified orthodontists, which is absurd in my opinion.

In terms of skill, orthodontics is not significantly more advanced than general dentistry. However, the salary and benefits can be double or triple those of a dentist, approaching those of orthognathic surgeons.

This is why most orthodontists in the United States can work 3–4 days a week, sometimes less, with 6-hour work days being common. Because the supply of orthodontists is artificially limited, there is little competition.

This exclusivity makes this job role all the more sophisticated. This is why it tops the list of best paying jobs in Georgia.

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6. Pilots

Salary Range: from 81,300 USD to 252,000 USD

Being a pilot is a thrilling job. It requires a high level of mental stability as well as knowledge of aviation.

As a pilot, you are responsible for the lives of everyone on board your craft as well as the reputation of your employer and yourself. It’s enjoyable and enjoyable, and it can be relaxing.

It requires awareness of your surroundings as well as procedures for events in your airspace, whether they are close or far away. You can earn a substantial annual salary if you obtain a high-level position with a well-known company.

7. Chief Financial Officers

Salary Range: from 114,000 USD to 353,000 USD

It would be unsettling if you knew that the person handling your hard-earned finances earns poorly and can barely make ends meet.

They have to definetely be among the best paying jobs in Georgia.

8. Psychiatrist

Average Salary:  $223,894

There are no different paths to becoming a psychiatrist because there are only two basic requirements:

A recognized medical degree equivalent to an MD that includes or is followed by a year of Residency Training in a medical discipline.

A recognized four-year training program in psychiatry that leads to Psychiatry Boards Eligibility (at the very least) and, preferably, Psychiatry Specialty Boards – to become a Board Certified General Psychiatrist.

Following that, one can pursue additional training at the Fellowship level in a psychiatric sub-specialty and a second Board Certification in the sub-specialty.

One can take any route to fulfill these basic requirements for becoming a psychiatrist.

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9. Anesthesiologist

Average Salary: $362,175

Anesthesiology is a very desirable specialty. Which specialties you can pursue will be determined by your medical school’s prestige, grades, and test scores. It is one of the best jobs in Georgia and will remain one of the best jobs in Georgia in the next 10 years.

If you want to be an anesthesiologist, you’ll need to put in some effort.

The operating room is a great place to work, especially if you enjoy wearing pajamas in the cold, listening to music, working in a team, and being away from the regular hospital environment.

To be an anesthesiologist, you must have a perfect understanding of almost every aspect of medicine, particularly cardiology, pulmonary medicine, and surgery, but also nearly everything else.

10. Dentist

Average Salary: $217,945

One of the best things about being a dentist is that you can change someone’s life in an hour.

You can significantly impact your patients’ self-esteem whether you are replacing missing teeth or repairing broken down front teeth for a special event.

Similarly, the smile that an elderly person gives immediately after wearing a denture you designed is unrivaled. All this, combined with the awesome pay, provides this role with a position not only amongst the best jobs in Georgia but also as one of the best paying jobs in Georgia.

11. Pediatrician

Average Salary: $191,632

In conclusion, pediatrics is a delicate subject that requires precision, urgency at times, and a deep understanding of diagnosis with limited information. This is the specialty of curing illnesses with no or little medicine.

Come, fall in love with this lovely job.

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12. Podiatrist

Average Salary: $101,544

What exactly are podiatrists? Foot and ankle expert. four years in college Podiatric medical school lasts four years, followed by three years of surgical residency.

However, not all podiatrists are capable of performing rear foot and ankle reconstruction surgery. Some people should limit themselves to palliative care or simple forefoot surgery.

13. Nurse practitioner

Average Salary: $103,641

Choose the Right Path for You. An associate degree in nursing (ADN) is the minimum requirement for an RN in Georgia, but practical nurses can qualify with only LPN degrees.

Get a Nursing Degree.
Take the Licensing Exam and Get Your License.

Do this, and you’ll seal your career with only the best paying jobs in Georgia or anywhere.

You don’t have to leave your house to start getting that bag as a Nurse. Get tips here: Best Online Nursing Jobs in 2023

14. Economist

Average Salary: $116,353

It is expected that an economist should know how to make the economy work for him.

People with a bleak disposition and psychopathic tendencies tend to fit in quite well in terms of personality types 😉 Seriously, anyone who is curious about how the world works and has an open mind.

Some people enjoy math and theory, but most prefer to think about how math and theory intersect with issues that people care about. Economics is full of clever insights that appeal to a certain type of person.

When you reach the senior researcher level, you can work on any topic you want. Isn’t it fantastic?. This is why it made it to the top of the best paying jobs in Georgia

15. College Professors

Salary Range: from 97,600 USD to 303,000 USD

In general, a Professor of Practice is hired because of his or her industry experience, and thus their primary responsibilities are teaching rather than research (though you may get to do some research too.)
If you know your stuff and work hard on your presentation, the students will notice and you will earn their respect. (As opposed to industry, where everything is a gamble.)

16. Marketing Directors

Salary Range: from 73,200 USD to 227,000 USD

Recommendations are; Experience. 5–10 years of experience in related fields, depending on the company. Perhaps an MBA.

The ability to perform well under duress.

Perceptive observation and synthesis of culture, media consumption, communication patterns, business acumen, and interpersonal skills. Leadership abilities is also necessary.

Some desirable characteristics include a high emotional IQ, creative abilities, and resourcefulness.

If you’d like, we can talk about it in the comments.

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17. Chief Executive Officers

Salary Range: from 122,000 USD to 378,000 USD

The Chief Executive Officer is in charge of an organization’s overall vision and direction. They are the company’s top decision-makers and management officers.

They may also serve as the board’s chairman. In the United States, the Chief Executive Officer is commonly referred to as the CEO, while in other countries, the title may be chief executive or managing director.

A person can become a CEO by forming their own company or collaborating with a business partner. This is the “quickest” way to become a CEO, especially when people are young and have less work and life experience.

This very high-placed job is definetely in line with best paying jobs in Georgia.

18. Bank Managers

Salary Range: from 130,000 USD to 403,000 USD

When you become an officer in a bank, you must apply for the position of Branch Manager. Improve your credentials first.

You must complete the CAIIB. If you don’t have a computer degree, get one. Then try to learn the job and outperform others in it.

Read good books on Banking Law and Practice to understand banking and commercial laws better. Don’t be concerned with time, man.

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19. Athletes and Sports Competitors

Salary Range: from 62,090 USD to 129,690 USD

It is not what many people believe. It is a part-time job.

You are managed by the coach. He knows how good the competition is and makes you perform better than them. But they don’t tell you that. They set a goal for you, and once you achieve that goal, you are permitted to compete.

Many aspire to be professional athletes, but not all are prepared for the challenge.

20. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Salary Range: from 122,730 USD to 191,980 USD

After a decision has been made, oral and maxillofacial surgeons frequently meet with patients who have been referred by their general dental specialist or essential consideration specialist.

An oral and maxillofacial specialist is a combination of a dentist and a clinical specialist; many oral and maxillofacial specialists have degrees in dentistry and medicine.

However, a few dental and medical conditions may necessitate surgery—this is why this job is one of the best paying jobs in Georgia.

21. Medical Dosimetrist

Salary Range: from 112,150 USD to 163,360 USD

After consulting with the patient about their treatment plan, the Radiation Oncologist will prescribe radiation dose to a defined tumor volume.

The medical dosimetrist will create a treatment plan using a computer and/or manual calculations. 

This will determine a treatment field technique to deliver the prescribed radiation dose.

This specialty is supported by several colleges, all of which are highly competitive.

After completing four years of college with a medical focus, you apply for dosimetry school, which can last anywhere from 12 to 24 months.

22. Air Traffic Controller

Salary Range: from 83,640,150 USD to 189,550 USD

Being an air traffic controller is one of the most rewarding careers one can pu


It is exciting, demanding, fulfilling, and also enlightening, and it will undoubtedly teach a man (or woman) what they are truly made of.

In all honesty, we can’t adequately describe what it’s like to be a controller, so we’ll present a helper.

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23. Veterinarians

Salary Range: from 49,850,150 USD to 162,000 USD

A degree in veterinary medicine and procedures, obtained through years of diligent study and practice, is usually required.

This job both honors you and keeps you out of debt. When discussing the best paying jobs in Georgia, we must definitely mention veterinarians.

24. Family Medicine Physician

Salary Range: from 108,220 USD to 199,900 USD

As the name implies. The family doctor looks after the entire family, whereas the general practitioner looks after everything in general.

25. Postsecondary Law Teacher 

Salary Range: from 63,060 USD to 194,860 USD

It is a legitimate job in the real world.

Being a law professor at most law schools, even if they are not the best, is the same as being a lawyer.

You have read. Composed. Also, you work nights, weekends, and holidays.

Also, you spend time on administrative tasks and meetings that look and sound exactly like administrative tasks and meetings at any corporation.

Best Paying Jobs in Georgia; How to Find one of the Best Jobs in Georgia

How to Find one of the Best Jobs in Georgia; Best Job Search Site?


Are you considering relocating to Georgia? Have a good time! Georgia is a great place to work because it has diverse cultures.

It’s a very business-friendly environment with adequate worker support also. We recommend contacting the Department of Labor if you have any questions or concerns.

Additionally, you can also look up companies based in Fulton County, Georgia, such as Home Depot, Coca-Cola, Delta, UPS, and others.

Depending on your education and experience, you have a better than average chance of landing a great job with any of the Fulton County-based companies. Best wishes


How can I Find a Job in Georgia if I am a Foreigner?

It would be best if you learned the Georgian language.
Have all necessary documents on hand.
You will need to look for work for many months (if not years) [if you haven’t noticed, there aren’t enough jobs even for Georgians].

Where can I study in Georgia?

If you are looking for higher education, here is a list of accredited universities from Georgia’s Ministry of Science and Education website. It should be noted that only a few universities offer international degrees.

Can I work While Studying in Georgia Tbilisi?

Yes. You most certainly can.
It’s a little difficult at first, but you’ll be fine once you get the hang of it. I believe it is manageable. However, it has a negative impact on your social life. Anyways, that is only my opinion.

What is Poverty Level in Georgia?

The most recent information is also available for download here. In 2019, the weighted average poverty line for a household of four people was $26,172. (U.S. Census Bureau, “Poverty Thresholds”).

Where do the Rich Live in Georgia?

With a typical household income of $106,088 and a median family income of $92,746, Decatur is one of Georgia’s richest communities. It is regarded as one of the greatest locations in Georgia and has the fourth highest income in the state.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find a job in Georgia if I am a foreigner?

It would be best if you learned the Georgian language.
Have all necessary documents on hand.
You will need to look for work for many months (if not years) [if you haven’t noticed, there aren’t enough jobs even for Georgians].

Where can I study in Georgia?

If you are looking for higher education, here is a list of accredited universities from Georgia’s Ministry of Science and Education website. It should be noted that only a few universities offer international degrees.

 Universities in Georgia

Can I work while studying in Georgia Tbilisi?

Yes. You most certainly can.
It’s a little difficult at first, but you’ll be fine once you get the hang of it. I believe it is manageable. However, it has a negative impact on your social life. Anyways, that is only my opinion.

What is poverty level in Georgia?

The most recent information is also available for download here. In 2019, the weighted average poverty line for a household of four people was $26,172. (U.S. Census Bureau, “Poverty Thresholds”).

Where do the rich live in Georgia?

With a typical household income of $106,088 and a median family income of $92,746, Decatur is one of Georgia’s richest communities. It is regarded as one of the greatest locations to live in Georgia and has the fourth highest income in the state.



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