10 Best Paying Jobs in Industrial Machinery/Components | 2022


Best Paying Jobs in industrial machinery/components offer stable opportunities and a good career path. This industry is huge with lucrative job offers waiting to be discovered by people with different levels of education.

In 2022, more than 56,300 jobs are available in industrial machinery across the U.S. This industry is also expected to keep growing. Of course, each job has its challenges, but you’ll see they’re surmountable!

Below, you’ll find the best paying jobs in industrial machinery components services in 2022. These jobs are drawn from sub-sectors in this field, and you’ll definitely find one that’ll rake in the cash you desire.

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What is Industrial Machinery?

Industrial machinery components are machinery and equipment used in manufacturing companies. Machinery is any mechanical or electronic component of a machine that is used to carry out production.

Best Paying Jobs in Industrial Machinery/Component in 2022

  1. Heavy Equipment Mechanics: Average salary: $58,976 per year
  2. Automotive Controllers: Average salary: $95,000 per year
  3. Mechanical Engineers: Average salary: $80,192 per year
  4. Utilities Manager: Average salary: $75,646 per year 
  5. Commercial Tire Managers: Average salary: $76,370 per year
  6. Instrumentation engineers: Average salary: $101,228 per year
  7. Powertrain engineer: Average salary: $96,230 per year
  8. Automation Engineers: Average salary: $97,041 per year
  9. Construction Managers: Average salary: $82,445 per year
  10. Industrial Designers: Average salary: $75,000 per year

1. Heavy Equipment Mechanics

Average salary: $58,976

Heavy Equipment Mechanics play vital roles in the industrial machinery/components industry. These mechanics have a vast knowledge of mechanical and electrical systems of heavy equipment like bulldozers, excavators, carts, and many more.

They’re also great at troubleshooting wiring issues as well as carrying out basic machinery operations.

Their knowledge covers welding and cutting skills with basic computer knowledge. Top companies hiring heavy equipment mechanics are in engineering & construction, energy production, waste disposal, and lots more.

Heavy equipment mechanics are also in-demand. Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects about 25,100 heavy equipment mechanics jobs will be added in this industry each year from 2020 to 2030.

To land this job, you will need at least a high school
diploma or its equivalent, experience, and manual dexterity.

Heavy equipment jobs pay pretty well and are among the best high paying jobs in industrial machinery components.

2. Automotive Controllers

Average salary: $95,000

This is an industrial machinery components job for those with a good understanding of general ledger, financial forecasting, payroll utilities, and management skills.

These people implement budgets and oversee automotive plant asset reports. As an automotive controller, you’ll work in a car dealership store which is usually a busy place but you’ll earn pretty good money.

For instance, entry-level positions start at about $80,000 per year while experienced automotive controllers make up to $137,500 per year.

3. Mechanical Engineers:

Average salary: $80,192 per year

Mechanical engineers are at the center of the industrial machinery components industry. They design power-producing machinery and components from electric generators and combustion engines to elevators and escalators.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that about 17,900 mechanical engineer jobs will be added each year on average from 2021 to 2031.

As companies incorporate more complex machinery in their manufacturing processes, electrical
engineers are expected to be needed to help plan and design these equipments.

Generally, engineers work in diverse industries and enjoy different perks. Some of these perks include high earnings, travel opportunities, and diverse career paths. For instance, you can work in integrated oil and gas companies or even natural gas distribution companies. You can choose to work as a technician if you don’t have a degree or drilling engineer; the options are many.

Both oil and gas technicians and drilling engineers work in dangerous and difficult places. The responsibilities are not a piece of cake.

An oil and gas drilling engineer, on the other hand, supervises the drilling of oil and gas wells. If you’re interested in oil and gas, then check out this article: Is Oil & Gas Production A Good Career Path for Graduates? | 2022

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4. Utilities Manager:

Average salary: $75,646 per year

Another Best Paying job in Industrial Machinery/Components is utilities manager. Whether you go for public utilities or electric utilities, you’ll join a team of passionate people who work tirelessly to maintain and repair important equipment.

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Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that the median annual wage for utility workers in 2021 was $89,060. There were also about 539,510 employees in the same year.

Some of the highest earners were information and computer system managers with a whooping annual mean wage of $159,740 per year.

Facilities managers made a mean wage of $139,550, while engineers made around $110,140. The pay can be pretty high. Check the list of high paying jobs in public utilities below.

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List of High Paying Jobs in Public Utilities

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5. Commercial Tire Managers

Average salary: $76,370

In industrial machinery/components, commercial tire managers also work in car shops. Sometimes they load and unload tires on and off of heavy-duty trucks.

They also mount and dismantle tire and wheel components. But the core duties of commercial tire managers include managing service staff to effectively meet customers’ needs.

If you want to become a commercial tire manager, you’ll need to have knowledge of the commercial tire industry, the ability to multitask, and computer knowledge.

As a commercial tire manager, there are varieties of jobs for you in freight delivery services, trucking, shipping, and railroad.

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6. Instrumentation engineers

Average salary: $101,228 per year

Instrumentation engineers design and develop new machinery or components. They also enhance or redesign older devices used to control electronic or mechanical systems.

Instrumentation engineers are really good at measurement, drawing, creating prototypes, and testing.

They’re also great at troubleshooting and component installation. However, to land the role of instrumentation engineer in industrial machinery components, you must hold a bachelor’s degree in engineering technology or math-related field. In fact, instrumentation engineers can find jobs in technology field

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7. Powertrain engineer

Average salary: $96,230

Here comes another best paying job in industrial machinery component – powertrain engineer.
Powertrain engineers work in automotive. So they design transportation machinery such as cars and motorbikes.

This is an exciting career for those who love the excitement of technical aesthetic designs and the tact of working on electronics and modern vehicle software.

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8. Automation Engineers

Average salary: $97,041 per year

In the machinery component industry, automation engineers work in energy plants, car
manufacturing facilities, food processing plants, and even robots.

They design and test automation equipment and processes. Their job is a usually stressful but lucrative career with ample opportunities.

However, you’ll need a degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering to become an automation engineer.

Similar roles are chemical technician, process engineer, and many more.

9. Construction Managers

Average salary: $82,445 per year

Construction managers also play vital roles in the industrial machinery components industry. And they earn a pretty high income for their labor.

For instance, as a construction superintendent. your duty includes overseeing construction projects from start till end.

Heavy machinery is used in different types of construction. So you could work in telecommunications equipment, building construction, electric utilities, or even transportation.

Other common lucrative jobs in construction include production engineers, quality control officers, and machine operators.

So they usually work on big projects where they operate heavy machinery. With some specialized qualifications, you can also earn a pretty higher income.

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10. Industrial Designers

Average salary: $75,000 per year

Finally on our list of best paying jobs in industrial machinery components are industrial designers. They create and produce designs for commercial, medical, and industrial products.

Industrial designers are creative and imaginative people. In the industrial machinery and components industry, industrial designers test different product designs with consumers to see
how each design looks and works in real life.

The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that about 2,700 job openings will be added for industrial designers each year between 2021 to 2030. The major area they expect this job employment is smartphone companies.

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Is Industrial Machinery/Components a Good Career Path?

Yes, Industrial Machinery/Components is a good career path because it is a lucrative and rewarding industry with a wide range of job prospects and opportunities for advancement for those who enjoy working with machinery and equipment.

There are many industries in this field with high-paying jobs, from construction and manufacturing to oil & gas production and information technology.

The career opportunities are incredibly inexhaustible and offer growth potential for people with different kinds of qualifications.

7 High Paying Jobs in Industrial Machinery/Components

  1. Power Train Engineer
  2. Instrumentation Engineer
  3. Research and Development Engineer
  4. Machinery and Equipment Repair Technicians
  5. Continuous Improvement Engineer
  6. Manufacturing Engineer
  7. Quality Assurance Engineer

What Skills Do I need for Industrial Machinery/Components Jobs?

1. Effective Communication Skills

Every Industrial Machinery/Components job requires good communication skills. This helps to boost your interpersonal relationships with your coworkers and managers.

This will also help you to learn how to communicate and understand instructions. With this, you will avoid lots of mistakes that could be damaging.

2. Teamwork

After communication skills are teamwork. You can’t work in isolation, especially in a high-stressed job like this. There’s a lot of collaboration that takes place in this industry which could be physical or virtual.

So brace yourself up to contribute and exchange ideas. Remember, you’ll work with people from different backgrounds in different conditions.

3. Innovation and Creativity

Most Industrial Machinery/Components jobs also require you to think outside the box. This also means you have to be initiative and ready to tackle problems even if you’ve never handled them before.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Paying Jobs in Industrial Machinery/Components

What are Industrial Machinery/Components?

Industrial machinery components are machinery and equipment used by a manufacturer in a manufacturing company.

These machinery components are also used to manufacture or aid the manufacturing process of other goods.

What is the Highest Paying Industrial Job?

Nuclear engineer, Electrical engineer, and Information technology manager.

What Makes Machinery Components a Good Career Path?

The industrial machinery component is a good career path because it is a lucrative and rewarding industry with a wide range of job prospects and opportunities for advancement for those who enjoy working with machinery and equipment.

What is the Difference Between Machinery and Equipment?

While Machinery refers to the collection of machines that operate together in order to accomplish a single task, equipment, on the other hand, refers to the tools that are used while performing the task in order to complete it.

What are Examples of Equipment?

Trucks, manufacturing machinery, and computers.


There are many best paying jobs in industrial machinery/components. This is because this industry is quite huge.

This also means there are loads of job opportunities with growth potential for everyone. So you can’t be left behind.


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