15 Best-Paying Jobs in Miscellaneous | 2022

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There are lots of best paying miscellaneous jobs available in the market if you want to explore alternative career paths or simply increase your savings.

Miscellaneous jobs range from morbid occupations like Embalmer, Undertaker, or Professional Mourner to jobs you’ve never heard of before like Soil Scientist, Bed Warmer, Bingo Manager, Podiatrist, and even Online Dating Ghostwriter.

However, you are not the only one who did not know some of these careers existed in the real world, but one thing is certain.

Adopting unconventional pathways can be incredibly helpful if you want to have a brilliant career. This all-inclusive article contains a plethora of best paying jobs in miscellaneous you can explore in 2022.

Stay with us as we help you make the right choice.

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What are Miscellaneous Jobs?

Miscellaneous jobs is another name for odd jobs. It will interest you to know these jobs aren’t the typical “go-to” jobs for most individuals. Hence, they are referred to as odd jobs.

However, some pay massively well. They are backup jobs to whatever “actual” employment you already have.

What Skills Do You Need for the Best-Paying Jobs in Miscellaneous?

Below are the skills necessary for miscellaneous jobs:

  • Public speaking
  • Literacy in digital technology
  • Statistics and data analysis
  • Reading at breakneck speed
  • Adaptability
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Innovation

Public Speaking

In order to be a great public speaker, you must be able to communicate your thoughts to a group in a clear and convincing manner.

Moreso, learning how to improve your public speaking skills is a good way to improve your performance in practically any vocation and increase your chances of landing the best-paying jobs in a variety of fields.

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Literacy in Digital Technology

Miscellaneous jobs with the highest pay rely on innovative technology. Therefore, staying up to speed on the latest developments in your company’s essential programs will keep you marketable.

More so, getting innovative technological certifications will increase your value as an employee.

Statistics and Data Analysis

You can establish a logical conclusion and express it to others using statistics and data analysis.

Hence, these abilities will aid you in solving complex problems and boosting your reputation as a reliable expert in your industry if you have them and use them.

Reading at Breakneck Speed

Instead of going word for word and patiently analyzing each phrase, people who speed read can absorb entire paragraphs and chunks of information.

However, this skill allows you to read faster and keep more information. More so, can also better manage your time and be more productive if you can speed read.

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Employers value the flexibility of workers in technological innovation, collaborations, and philosophies. Hence, to achieve your goals, you must change as necessary.

Thinking Outside the Box

Creativity is vital in today’s global business. Innovative thinking can help your business stand out from the competition and attract clients.


In order to improve existing processes and establish new ones, innovative thinking demands imagination and a willingness to take the risk of using unconventional methods.

However, problem solvers are innovative thinkers, and innovative problem solving is a quality that employers prize.

Do Jobs in Miscellaneous Pay Well?

Although miscellaneous jobs are odd jobs people may not ordinarily want to settle for, they surprisingly pay well.

People in this field earn a decent income as a matter of fact.

According to zippia, the average annual salary for those in miscellaneous is $62,200.

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Where and How Can the Best-Paying Jobs in Miscellaneous be Found?

Finding the best-paying jobs in miscellaneous is a no-brainer. While it may be easy, some people have a hard time locating these jobs.

You can find these jobs in the following areas:

  • Newspapers
  • Billboards
  • Posters
  • Monitoring the job market
  • Keep up with industry trends

15 Best-Paying Jobs in Miscellaneous

The following are some of the best-paying jobs in miscellaneous:

#1. Master Marijuana Extractor

Do you want to work in an unusually ‘high-paying’ position? Because of the booming marijuana market in the United States, professionals who can properly process marijuana and hemp components into oils, concentrates, and edibles are in high demand.

However, these professionals are master marijuana extractors who can make up to $350,000 per year. As a result, master marijuana extractors are what brewmaster are to the beer business in the marijuana sector.

However, Students with comparable degrees might earn up to $80,000 in their first year.

#2.  Billboard Installer

Who doesn’t find those glowing advertisements seen from afar while traveling on the highway fascinating? Installers of billboards do not put them up overnight.

They are in charge of things like planning, installing, and removing billboard signs and advertisements, as well as repair, maintenance, basic electrical work, tree limb pruning, and weather damage restoration.

Furthermore, 7% growth in jobs predicted from 2018 to 2029, you might make roughly $50,620 per year doing long-term billboard installation labor with no college requirements.

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#3. Crystallographer

You may be interested in crystals because they are beautiful because you have been informed that they can bring you happiness and fortune, or because you want to learn more about crystallography, a branch of science that studies the formation and structure of crystals.

Crystallographers play an important part in breaking new ground in the composition of diverse crystals, which could lead to substantial advances in science and medicine, with an 8% predicted job growth from 2018 to 2029.

Hence, becoming a crystallographer is relatively simple, requiring only a bachelor’s degree, and you may earn approximately $92,000 per year.

#4. Stenocaptioner

When the prosecutor says, “Point to be noted, my lord,” you have to ask who takes all the notes. Steno captioners, often known as stenographers, work in steno captioning, which is a method of producing captions and transcripts using a stenotype machine and other shorthand techniques.

The stenocaptioner records and transcribes the whole pre-trial and trial proceedings, as well as any other pertinent material.

Steno captioners can easily earn $70,140, which is almost $21,000 more than the median wage in the United States, with a post-secondary non-degree award and a short-term training time as prerequisites.

This is one of the most well-paid jobs in the miscellaneous industry.

#5. Soap Boiler

Working as a soap boiler will assist people in becoming spotless. Small to medium-sized soap makers use soap boilers for a multistep process that turns fats into “neat soap” for bars and powders.

You will work with a “grainy, curdy mass of soap,” and a “pasty boiling mass that is treated with brine” during the soap-making process.

You could do this as a career even if you only have a high school diploma. One of the highest-paying occupations in miscellaneous is this one.

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#6. Algae Scientist

That green muck that frequently floats on the surface of the water could be worth a fortune to you. Algae is an important part of animal ecosystems, and algae scientists (also known as phycologists) research it for a variety of reasons, including wastewater treatment and biofuel production.

Get a bachelor’s degree in a related subject to get started. This is one of the highest-paying positions in the miscellaneous industry.

#7. Flavorist

A flavorist creates organic and inorganic flavors using chemistry. A flavorist’s main purpose is to produce a collection of seductively exquisite new flavors that will make people go crazy.

A complete grasp of essential oils, taste scents, botanical extracts, and essences, as well as a master’s degree in chemistry or biochemistry, are required to recreate natural flavors and earn a career.

This is one of the most well-paid jobs in the miscellaneous industry.

#8.  Costume Assistant

Have you ever wondered how singers and actresses change their outfits so many times during a live performance? This is where costume assistants come in handy.

You’d choose a fitting costume for performers, as well as keeping them in a good shape between shows.

Furthermore, you will convert Lady Gaga from a meat dress to a ball gown to a power suit covered in Christmas lights in a matter of minutes. A high school diploma and some short-term training are required to work as a costume assistant.

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#9. Embalmer

Preparing bodies for incarceration is an essential occupation, and you’d make nearly $9,000 more per year than the national average.

An associate’s degree and substantial work experience are the sole requirements, however, sensitivity and reverence are also beneficial. One of the highest-paying occupations in miscellaneous is this one.

#10. Hot Dog Cart Vendor

It might astonish you to learn that a hot dog cart vendor earns an average of $200,000 per year and $2,150 in a single weekend while strolling the luxurious streets of Manhattan, Chicago, or Minneapolis.

However, hot dog cart vendors must be able to take food orders, handle cash registers, and handle orders safely. It’s a profession that many people overlook, but it’s still one of the top 15 highest-paying positions in miscellaneous.

#11. Bingo Manager

As fancy as it may sound, bingo managers are the driving force behind the bingo sector in casinos. The bingo manager is in charge of jackpot approval and payouts, as well as employee supervision and budget management.

However, you don’t need a college diploma to be a bingo manager, but you will need at least five years of experience and a pay of roughly $71,150 per year.

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#12. Braille Proofreader

Proofreading is not limited to written words; words carved in dots must also be reviewed.

Before printing Braille-based books, scripts, and other materials, Braille proofreaders specialize in spotting faults and recording corrections.

Proofreaders who work in braille must have a bachelor’s degree and the ability to read, Braille proofreaders earn more than $50,640 per year.

#13. Content Creator

One of the highest-paying jobs in miscellaneous is that of a content creator. They create content strategy concepts, write and edit editorial, social, and conceptual copy, develop an executional calendar, and write and edit editorial, social, and conceptual copy.

They also perform substantial research to inform both strategy and editorial creativity, such as market research, competitor analysis, and other tasks to inform articles, films, and other creative media.

#14.  Elevator Inspector

Elevator inspector is one of the many jobs you may have come across but not recognized. Until people are stuck in an elevator, most people are unconcerned about the duties of an elevator inspector.

Elevator inspectors are continually on the lookout to guarantee that all elevators, whether in a multi-story residential complex or a massive business skyscraper, fulfill safety and compliance regulations for passengers and freight.

#15. Bereavement Coordinator

Nobody wants to tell their family members the painful news of a loved one’s death. Bereavement coordinators will supervise social workers who deliver the heartbreaking news.

They’re part of a socio-emotional system that aims to make this difficult circumstance as painless as possible. Bereavement coordinators make sure that these delicate circumstances are handled professionally, gently, and collaborative.

More so, bereavement coordinators usually have a four-year college degree and work in hospices, nursing homes, and hospitals, counseling the families of those who have died of terminal illnesses.

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What Should be Included in Your Resume for Miscellaneous jobs?

The following information categories should be included on your resume when applying for the best-paying jobs in miscellaneous:

  • Skills
  • Publications
  • Language spoken
  • Certifications and licenses
  • Special awards or commendations
  • Testimonials from clients
  • Job performance reviews
  • Hobbies
  • Charity or volunteer work

What is the Job Prospect for Jobs in Miscellaneous Jobs?

The projection for miscellaneous jobs doesn’t look good. Miscellaneous is predicted to grow at a steady 1% pace.

In addition, there are 10 expected yearly job openings.


There’s nothing wrong with switching occupations or embarking on an entirely alternative route. It doesn’t matter what you do for a living; what matters is that you’re making money doing something you enjoy.

I hope you find these 15 best-paying jobs in miscellaneous to be a good way to boost your income.


Where can you find best-paying jobs in miscellaneous?

You can find well-paying jobs in miscellaneous online, in newspapers, on billboards, or even on posters to find them.

What are miscellaneous jobs?

Miscellaneous jobs are another name for odd jobs. Because they aren’t the typical “go-to” jobs for most individuals. Hence, they are referred to as odd jobs.

Why do you need best paying jobs in miscellaneous?

You earn extra income doing miscellaneous jobs

Are miscellaneous jobs worth it?

Definitely. Who doesn’t desire a little extra cash? I’m sure I would.

Can I do a miscellaneous job full time?

Absolutely. But please note that the occupations are more of a side hustle than a full-time position.



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