15 Best Paying Jobs in Telecommunications Equipment | 2022

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The telecommunication sector is a fast-growing industry. It is powered by equipment that is driving global innovation, growth, and prosperity. Voice, video, and other types of data are commonly used in the telecommunications sector.

Also, data processing is one of the most important aspects of telecommunication, and knowing how to manage data, turn it into meaningful information, and protect the data is a lot of effort.

The telecommunications industry also offers many high-paying jobs. So, if you’re looking to find a career path in this industry, you definitely need to know the best-paying jobs in telecommunications equipment.

Telecommunication equipment professionals are responsible for the design of systems that transmit information over long distances, such as satellite, cable mobile, phones, radio, video, and the internet.

In this article, we’ll review a list of the best-paying jobs in telecommunications equipment. In addition, you’ll see top-paying telecom companies where you can find telecommunication equipment jobs in the United States.

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What is Telecommunication Equipment?

Telecommunication equipment is the hardware used mainly for telecommunications purposes.

This equipment can include transmission lines, communication satellites, and base transceiver stations. Telecommunication equipment is produced by telecommunication manufacturing companies.

What are the Benefits of Working in the Telecommunications Equipment Industry?

The following are the benefits of working in the telecommunications equipment industry:

High Income

The telecommunications industry offers you a decent income. For instance, the average base pay for telecommunication equipment jobs is about $82k per year in the United State.

Innovative Skills

Another benefit of working a telecommunications equipment job is that it gives you the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills. You get to build your decision-making and problem-solving abilities.

Job Security:

Telecommunications equipment jobs are always expanding. Hence, with the right skills, you have job security in this sector.

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What Qualifications Are Required for Telecommunications Equipment Jobs?

Telecommunications equipment jobs are generally open for different levels of education. However, applicants with BS. and MS. degrees are likely to get better roles.

These roles include technician, engineer, manager, and many more.

15 Best Paying Jobs in Telecommunications Equipment

The following are best paying telecommunications equipment jobs:

1. Network/Cloud Architect

A Network/Cloud Architect is an IT professional who oversees a company’s cloud computing. In addition, you will plan and design cloud applications. It is also your duty to manage and monitor the cloud.

You would need a BS in computer science to begin this role. The salary of a network cloud architect in the US is about $142,155/yr. The network/cloud architect is therefore one of the Best Paying Jobs in Telecommunications Equipment.

2. Instrumentation Control Engineer

Instrumentation Control Engineer designs and develops equipment.

As an Instrumentation Control Engineer, your job is to ensure that engineering processes operate effectively and safely.

In addition, you would need a degree in computing, electronics, electrical, or mechanical engineering. The salary of an Instrumentation Control Engineer is between $113,500 and $138,500/yr.

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3. Antenna Engineer

An Antenna Engineer is an engineer who does research, design, create, and implement amplifiers and antenna system solutions. In addition, you improve the performance of communication systems.

If you want to become an Antenna Engineer, you will need a BS or MS degree in electrical engineering or a related field for this job. With a salary of about $132,000, Antenna Engineer is among the best-paying Jobs in telecommunications equipment.

4. Site Reliability Engineer

Site Reliability Engineer is another best-paying telecommunications equipment job. Basically, you work with software developers. More so, you solve problems and manage production systems.

You have to be good at computer applications, software, and code. All things being equal you’ll be earning a salary of about $129,717/yr.

5. Cyber Security/Ethical Hacker

A Cyber Security/Ethical Hacker is a professional who bypasses system security. Your role is to identify potential data breaches and threats in a network.

In addition, you’ll need advanced cyber-security technical skills. You can work as an independent freelance consultant. Another option is to be employed by a telecommunications equipment company.

You will need a computer-related degree and cyber security certification.

More so, excellent hacking skills of course are inevitable. The salary for a Cyber Security/Ethical Hacker in the US is about $119,289/yr.

6. Telecoms Engineer

The review of the best-paying jobs in telecommunications equipment won’t be complete without mentioning the Telecoms Engineer.

You have to design or configure voice, data, and video communications systems. Your job includes installation and telephone maintenance.

More so, you have to maintain networks, telecom equipment, or voicemail systems. The salary range for a telecoms engineer is $67,500 – $93,500/yr.

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7. Broadband Engineer

A broadband Engineer installs, maintains, and repairs a telecommunications network. In addition, you have to secure the telecommunications connections. You also create user accounts and monitor network activity. 

A BS degree in telecommunications or a related field will help you get this role. You’ll also need work experience. In addition, you need to be good with computer software, software development, and code.

The salaries of Broadband engineers range from $41,434 to $45,947 in the US.

8. Data Scientist/Data Analyst

Data Scientist/Data Analyst is another best-paying job in telecommunications equipment. A Data Scientist/Data Analyst performs regular analysis of data and generates a real-time response. You’ll also capture and analyze interactions between customers.

Similarly, you would work with customer profiles, networks, location, traffic, and usage. As a data scientist, you’ll generate data to create an all-around user-centered view of the product.

Data Scientist/Data Analyst earn about $64,000/yr. A bachelor’s degree in mathematics, computer science, or related subject is required. Plus, you would need good data analytics skills.

9. Telecommunications Manager

A Telecommunications Manager supervises the installation and maintenance of communication lines for an organization. You’ll work with phone, internet, and other forms of communication.

Specifically, your duties are to develop, implement and maintain policies and procedures. In addition, you might also be required to train staff. Hence, you also ensure the needs of the company are met.

You might want to employ an online business management tool to ensure that the company’s daily duties and operations are on track. The salary of a Telecommunications Manager is about $54,000 – $117,000/yr.

10. Fiber Optic Splicer

Fiber Optic Splicer is a technician who installs, maintains, and repairs fiber optic cabling. Generally, he works with cabling for phones, the internet, television, or other telecommunications cabling.

A Fiber Optic Splicer earns about $46,000 – $56,000/yr. Aside from a degree in engineering, you’ll need a good knowledge of telecommunications and technical operating systems.

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11. Wireless Technician

A wireless technician performs maintenance on wireless devices. Your duties as a wireless technician are to perform repairs on devices. These devices include cellular phones and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs).

In addition, your responsibilities may include building and maintaining cell towers. More so, you create wireless networks and fix the system, software, or hardware issues when required.

In the Wireless Technician role, you should expect a salary of $41,500 -$59,000/yr. However, if you want to become a Wireless Technician, you should get a bachelor’s or an associate degree in computer science, electrical engineering, or a similar technological field.

12. Fiber Optic Technician

A Fiber Optic Technician is responsible for installing and maintaining fiber optic networks.

Fiber optics are used in telecommunication services, such as telephones, the internet, and television. The salary of a Fiber Optic Technician is $50,916/yr.

13. Satellite Technician

A satellite technician is responsible for the installation and repair of satellite dishes. As a  satellite technician, you position the dish, run the cable where it needs to go, and ensure that the service is online and connected to the customer’s devices.

Another important part of your work is remote troubleshooting. You can decide to work as an independent contractor. This means you can work on a part-time basis or be employed by a telecommunication company.

A satellite installer makes between $36,00 – $60,500 a year.

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14. Telecommunications Line Installer

A telecommunications line installer is responsible for installing telecommunication cables for phone, internet, or TV companies.

As a telecommunications line installer, your duties are to maintain the cable lines and test them for performance. In addition, you inspect the cables to confirm that the lines are functioning efficiently. More so, you troubleshoot problems when issues arise.

The salary expectations of a telecommunications line installer are about $33,500 – $59,500/yr.

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15. VoIP Engineer

The review of the best-paying jobs in telecommunications equipment will not be complete without the VoIP Engineer. VoIP is a system through which parties can communicate over the internet.

As a VoIP engineer, your roles include determining a company’s needs and developing a network with the proper hardware to fit those needs.

In addition, you monitor the system to ensure voice communication functions correctly. You may need a high school diploma or an associate degree to become a VoIP Engineer. It all depends on the employer and the nature of the job.

You’ll need a comprehensive computer and analytical skills to succeed as a VoIP engineer. The salary range for a VoIP Engineer is $68,000 – $105,000.

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What Are the Telecommunications Jobs Near Me?

The following is a list of companies where you can find top-paying telecommunications jobs in different cities in the United States:

Spark Cognition

Headquarters: 4030 West Braker lane Building 5 Suit 500. Austin TX78759, US.

What services does SparkCognition Provide? SparkCognition provides different services that help organizations overcome specific data science obstacles.


Headquarters: 5775 Morehouse Dr. San Diego CA 92121, USA.

What services does Qualcomm provide? Qualcomm provides processors, modems, RF systems, 5G, 4G, legacy connectivity solutions, and software.

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Lockheed Martin

Headquarters: Lockheed Martin Corporation, 6801 Rockledge Drive, Bethesda, MD 20817 USA.

What services does Lockheed provide? Lockheed Martin is a security and aerospace company that employs approximately 114,000 people worldwide.


Headquarters: 935 Stewart Drive, Sunnyvale, California 94085.

What services does Trimble provide? Trimble provides industrial contracting and millwright solutions. Trimble’s employee review shows it’s a good company to work with, it has a very balanced work-life culture.

8×8 Inc.

Headquarters: 675 Creekside way, Campbell, CA. 95008.

What services does 8 x 8 provide? 8×8 Inc. is a Voice over IP products provider. Its products include cloud-based voice, contact center, video, mobile and unified communications for businesses. It has about 1696 employees.

AT &T Mobility

Headquarters: Whiteacre Tower, 208 5 Akard Street, Dallas, TX, USA.

What services does AT & T Mobility provide? AT&T Mobility LLC provides wireless services in the United States. AT & T Mobility has 75,000 employees as of 2020 with an average salary of $84k/yr.


Headquarters: 8440 South River Parkway Tempe, Az 85284 USA.

What services does Iridium provide? Iridium is a global satellite communications company that provides access to voice and data services around the world.

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Cadence Design

Headquarters: 2655 Seely Avenue San Jose, CA, 95134.

What services does Cadence Design provide? Cadence Design Systems, Inc. provides software technology, design, and consulting services. 

Employees’ review shows Cadence Design Systems is a great place to work.

Infinera Corporation

Headquarters: 6373 San Ignacio Ave. San Jose, CA 95119.

What services does Infinera Corporation provide? Infinera Corporation provides optical transport networking equipment, software, and services around the world.

Gogo Inc.

Headquarters: 111 NCanal street Ste1500 Chicago, IL,60606 7205 US.

What services does Gogo Inc. provide? Gogo is an inflight internet and entertainment provider.


Headquarters: Rochelle Park, NJ 07662 USA.

What services does ORBCOMM Inc. provide? ORBCOMM Inc. offers industrial Internet of things (IoT) and machine-to-machine communications hardware, software, and services.  


Headquarters: Cisco Systems, Inc. 300 East Tasman Dr. San Jose, CA 95134 USA.

What services does Cisco provide? Cisco provides IT products and services in networking, security, collaboration, data centers, and the Internet of Things.

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Headquarters: Hickory, North Carolina, USA.

What services does CommScope provide? CommScope manufactures, installs, and supports digital hardware infrastructure and software intelligence.

Juniper networks

Headquarters: 1133 Innovation Way, Sunnyvale, CA, 94089-1228.

What services does Juniper Networks provide? Juniper Networks designs and markets IT networking products, such as routers, switches, and IT security products.

Crown Castle
International Corp

US Office: 1220 Augusta Drive Suite 600 Houston, TX 77057 the United States.

What services does Crown Castle Corp provide? Crown Castle International Corp is a real estate investment trust company that provides access to wireless infrastructure.


Headquarters: 350 East Plumeria Drive San Jose, CA 95134 USA.

What services does NETGEAR provide? Net Gear provides technologically advanced, branded networking products with about 1,008 employees.

Sonim Technologies

Headquarters: 6836 FM 2244 Rd Bldg 1-279 Austin.

What services does Sonim Technologies provide? Sonim Technologies provide telephone voice and data communication applications such as push-to-talk, man-down safety devices, and mobile resource tools.

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Motorola Solutions

Headquarters: 500 W Monroe Street, Ste 4400. Chicago, IL 60661-3781, USA.

What services does Motorola Solutions provide? Motorola Solutions provides communication products and services.

Zayo Group

Headquarters: 1805 29th Street Suite 2050 Boulder, CA 80301, USA.

What services does Zayo Group provide? Zayo Group provides infrastructure, with dense, high-quality networks in major markets in North America.


Headquarters: 2920 South East 38th Street Bellevue, WA 98006 United States.

What services does NASDAQ: TMUS provide? NASDAQ: TMUS provides investment intelligence, and market data services among other services.

Bell South

Headquarters: 4638 Buford Hwy NE, Atlanta, GA 30341, United States.

What services does Bell South provide? Bell South provides phone and internet services.


Headquarters: 15635 Alton Parkway Suite 250 Irvine, CA 92618 USA.

What services does CalAmp provide? CalAmp provides telematics services.


Headquarters: 900 Corporate Dr. Mahwah, New Jessey, 07430-3611 United States.

What services does Radwin provide? Radwin provides enterprise and residential broadband access, private network connectivity, video surveillance, backhaul, and many more.


Headquarters: 151 W. 42nd Street, New York City, NY, 10036, United States.

What services does NASDAQ: INFN provide? NASDAQ: INFIN provides networking equipment, software, and services.


Headquarters: 350 East Plumeria Drive San Jose, CA 95134 United States.

What services does NASDAQ: NTGR provide? NASDAQ: NTGR provides networking solutions for connected homes, and Small and Medium Businesses.

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Headquarters: 240 South Pineapple Avenue Suite 701 Sarasota, FL 34236 United States.

What services does NASDAQ: VISL provide? NASDAQ: VISL specializes in collecting, delivering, and managing high-quality, live video and associated data.

Extreme Industries

Headquarters: 145 Rio Robles, San Jose, CA, United States.

What services does Extreme Industries provide? Extreme industries offer professional, premier, and maintenance networking services.

Sierra Wireless

Headquarters: 400 Interstate North Pkwy SE Ste 900 Atlanta, GA, 30339-5027 United

What services does Sierra Wireless provide? Sierra Wireless provides cellular modules, gateway, and connectivity services for complete device-to-cloud IoT solutions.


A career in the best-paying jobs in the telecommunications equipment industry is worth it. Specifically, you would develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

In addition, you have good pay and job security. You can visit any of the listed telecommunications equipment companies near you to make a job inquiry. Or check out their websites and other job sites on the web for job opportunities.

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What is the highest paying job in telecommunications?

  • Network/Cloud Architect: $142,155/yr
  • IC Engineer: $138,500/yr
  • Antenna Engineer: $132,000/yr
  • Site Reliability Engineer: $129,717/yr
  • Cyber Security/Ethical Hacker: $119,289/yr

Which IT job has highest salary in us?

10 highest-paying IT jobs in the US are:

  • Software engineering manager — $163,500
  • Infrastructure architect — $153,000
  • Software development manager — $153,300
  • Applications architect — $149,000
  • Technical program manager — $145,000
  • Software architect — $145,400
  • Data warehouse architect — $154,800
  • Enterprise architect — $144,400
  • DevOps engineer — $137,400
  • Information security engineer — $131,300

What is the highest paying job in the tech industry?

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer
  • Big Data Engineer
  • Blockchain Engineer
  • Cloud Architect
  • Data Scientist
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Full-Stack Developer
  • Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Architect
  • Product Manager
  • Software Architect

What are examples of telecommunication equipment?

Examples of telecommunications equipment are smartphones, switches, routers, telecom towers, fiber optic cables, voice over the internet, and protocol (VoIP).



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