15 Easy and High Paying Jobs that Pay Well in 2023? Average Salary

15 Easy and High Paying Jobs that Pay Well in 2023? 
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Imagine having to choose between an easy job and high paying job. Why not go for both? Yes! You guessed right. You can go for easy jobs that pay well.

Finding simple jobs that pay well is a common objective regarding professional ambitions. 

After all, who wouldn’t want to make a lot of money doing something that isn’t too stressful? Isn’t that the dream? 

However, the worldwide unemployment rate has increased by 1.1 percentage points to 6.5 percent. The global unemployment rate grew by 33 million to 220 million individuals.

Fortunately, there are alternatives. Furthermore, some of the most straightforward high-paying occupations may not necessitate much education, experience, or training. 

Here’s what you need to know if you’re looking for a fun career that pays well.

What is an Easy Job?

Let’s take a step back and define what an easy job. Let’s do this before we get into the easy high-paying jobs you might want to pursue. 

To begin with, an easy job does not have to be uninteresting or undemanding. 

Second, it does not need to be completely stress-free. 

However, “easy job” is a subjective term in general. It could indicate that you enjoy your job and do not find it stressful. 

Also, It could also imply that it does not necessitate extensive specialized expertise. This makes it a viable alternative for almost everybody. 

In some circumstances, handling the responsibilities may feel natural and pleasant.

Contrary to popular belief, not everyone dreams of working for a corporation in a high-rise building. Many people would prefer a simple, well-paying profession that does not need them to sit in an office cubicle. 

Generally, while some occupations necessitate years of study and certification, others require inherent talent, refined skills, and on-the-job training. 

However, many of the positions in the latter category, by the way, can also provide a good wage.

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Characteristics of Easy Jobs

Below is a list of what makes a job easy;

  • Low levels of anxiety 
  •  How enjoyable are the primary tasks? 
  •  Public engagement is kept to a minimum. 
  •  There are few if any, deadlines or other time constraints. 
  •  Only minor criticism 
  •  Physical ease or a lack of physical demands 
  •  Short hours, no on-call, and no overtime requirements 
  •  Small workloads or plenty of time off 
  •  a scarcity of vital or life-or-death decisions 
  •  Low educational standards 
  •  There is little, if any, need for profound thought. 
  •  How quickly can the requisite abilities be learned? 
  •  There are little obligations. 

To assess how simple occupations appear, consider whether you want to simplify your work life’s physical, mental, or emotional parts. Also, consider a combination of these. 

However, depending on their skills and shortcomings, people experience stress differently and have varied career needs.

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Pros of Easy Jobs that Pay Well

Below are the benefits of easy jobs that pay well;

You’ll Receive a Regular Salary 

Let’s get down to business. You need money unless you are a monk living in a secluded monastery or a hermit living in a cave. 

Basically, for many people, the biggest advantage of having work is that it provides a constant source of income. While some may claim that money cannot buy happiness, folks who have recently earned a salary have some of the brightest smiles. 

Why? Because money may give you a sense of security and stability. It simplifies your life and is necessary for your existence. 

Also, you can pay your mortgage or rent on schedule, and buy groceries to restock your pantry. You will also be able to pay your energy bills and meet your other necessities if you have a job.

Provides a sense of self-identity 

Have you ever attended a networking event, a business conference, or a casual cocktail party held by a friend? The first question you’ll be asked while meeting someone for the first time is usually your name.

“What do you do?” This will be the next question. 

As you can see, your sense of self is inextricably linked to your occupation. It’s a crucial aspect in determining who you are as a person.

Improve your abilities while learning new ones 

Work experiences also help you enhance your abilities and learn new ones, giving you an intellectual challenge. 

Additionally, this is crucial for your career because it will serve as a stepping stone toward your larger professional and personal objectives.

Improves your understanding of yourself and the world 

As previously said, your job is inextricably linked to your sense of self. Working and being assigned to various projects and tasks allows you to discover more about yourself. 

A socially awkward person, for example, would not expect to enjoy leading a project that requires close collaboration with other team members. 

However, he will have no choice but to step up and take on the responsibility if his boss sees and believes in his ability and assigns him to lead the project.

Cons of Easy Jobs that Pay Well

Below is a list of the disadvantages of easy jobs;

You may grow accustomed to your routine 

Routine is the enemy of any job, and this is not an exaggeration. 

Because of the inherent security of employment, employees may take their foot off the accelerator. This will result in a disinterested workforce, a lack of motivation or desire to advance, and an uninspiring career.

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You can have trouble balancing your personal and professional lives. 

Employment encompasses everything. Finding a balance between a productive and effective working life and time away from the grind can be challenging, especially when we spend two-thirds of our waking lives at work. 

However, this can result in overwork or burnout in the worst-case scenario.

It may be more difficult for you to locate new employment 

There’s a school of thinking that claims having a job makes it simpler to find another. 

On the other hand, work searching necessitates a significant amount of time, effort, strategizing, and patience. All of these become increasingly difficult to devote to when you have a full-time job and every professional moment is dedicated to an employer. 

Furthermore, you may find it tough to leave your employment due to your loyalty. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But it may be difficult to part ways when the time comes to pull the gun and leave that firm.

15 Easy and high paying jobs that pay well in 2022

Below are the best easy jobs that pay well out there;

#1 Housekeeper 

Consider home-sitting if you’re searching for a simple, high-paying job. Your primary obligation is to be present and ensure that a residence is not left unoccupied. 

Also, there will usually be a few more responsibilities, such as watering plants, checking the mail, and possibly some light cleaning. 

House sitters make an average of $25,944 per year, with the top 10% earning $34,768. 

Furthermore, this position does not preclude you from working another job. You might work remotely or freelance from there if Wi-Fi is available. You could even go to regular work if you aren’t required to remain at the house 24 hours a day. 

It is one the best easy jobs that pay well.

#2 Personal Coach 

A profession as a personal trainer could be ideal for you if you prefer to spend as much time as possible working out. It is one of the best easy jobs that pay well out there.

Basically, you assist others in getting hit and improving their health, often working with them to guarantee appropriate form and safety. 

While formal training or a license is not required, obtaining a few certificates may increase your earning potential. The average yearly compensation in this sector is $40,390. 

However, those at the top earn more than $75,400, so improving your qualifications may be worthwhile. 

#3 Ophthalmologist  

Optometry work is generally simple and basic. You determine a patient’s vision prescriptions, diagnose and treat specific eye illnesses, and treat injuries to the eyes. 

Plus, you get to help others see better, which is really cool. 

A typical salary for your competence is $115,520 per year. 

However, the top 10% earn $194,100 or more, demonstrating how profitable this job can be. 

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#4 Flight Attendant

Flight attendants are responsible for ensuring that airline passengers are looked after and that any difficulties are rectified. 

Now, this job isn’t always low-stress, as passengers can be unruly at times (as the internet has repeatedly demonstrated). 

However, the majority of passengers are quite relaxed. 

Furthermore, you will get the opportunity to travel, which might be enjoyable. Flight attendants typically earn $56,640 per year. 

However, throughout your career, you may earn more than $80,940. 

#5 Canine Walker 

Being a dog walker can be exactly up your alley if you love animals and also if you aren’t afraid of having a job that requires you to scoop poop. 

You’ll undoubtedly succeed as long as you walk the dogs for a reasonable length of time and regularly. It is one of those easy jobs that pay well, especially for dog lovers. 

The average hourly wage for animal care workers is $12.02. Some people make more than $18.57 per hour, which isn’t bad considering that no formal degree or experience is normally necessary. 

#6 Toll Booth Operator 

Toll booth attendant is difficult to beat when it comes to simplicity. You’ll spend your time collecting money from passing vehicles and opening a gate to let them pass.

While the median annual salary of $28,401 may not appear to be much, the top 10% earn up to $36,818. 

Furthermore, some of these positions are with state governments. This means they come with generous benefits packages, making the job more lucrative overall. 

#7 Massage Therapist 

Many massage therapists get to control their schedule, though there are options for working full-time with clinics or retail spas. 

However, an annual salary near $42,820 is relatively common when it comes to paying. However, the top 10 percent draw in over $80.630. 

#8 Librarian 

Book lovers may adore the idea of working at a library. 

The job focuses a lot on organizing and ensuring materials are properly placed. And that if anyone checks an item out, it’s recorded correctly. 

However, you may also get to help with events, which can be a fun change of pace. 

A Master’s degree in library science might earn you $59,050 annually. A salary of $93,050+ could be on the table as you gain experience. 

#9 Tour Guide

Working as a tour guide is a good option if you enjoy your city or a specific educational place, which includes a museum. This might classify as a pleasant job with a good salary. 

It is one of the easy jobs that pay well.

In addition, you’ll spend the day conversing with people and showing them the best things you can. 

Tour guides often earn $27,600 per year. 

However, the top 10% earned $45,850, which is a good sum. 

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#10 Tutoring Services 

You might earn a lot of money as a private tutor if you excel in a certain area. Also, it will help if you have previous teaching experience.

However, if you appreciate assisting people and teaching the subject, this may appear to be one of the easiest occupations available. 

Along the way, you can expect to make around $39,350 every year. Some of the finest earn up to $87,290 each year. 

#11 Park Ranger 

Would you like to spend the majority of your time outside? Then becoming a park ranger can be one of the easiest occupations available. 

You might guide tour groups through historic sites or ensure tourists are safe. 

Park rangers typically earn around $39,371 per year. Plus, because it’s usually a government employee, it comes with a comprehensive benefits package. 

#12 Pharmacy Assistant 

Pharmacy technician is a great choice when it comes to low-stress, high-paying medical careers that don’t require a degree. 

Furthermore, You’ll spend your time distributing medication. It is one of the better easy jobs that pay well.

Plus, you will communicate with consumers, process payments, and collaborate with other medical experts after some on-the-job training. 

The average annual salary is $33,950, and the top 10% earn $49,130. 

#13 Painter (House) 

Working as a house painter may be appropriate if you desire something energetic yet very basic. The majority of your day will be spent applying various coats such as primer, paint, or sealer. 

Most painters learn their skills on the job. 

If you have the appropriate attitude, this could be one of the easier jobs to attain. 

Making $40,280 a year is typical along the way. On the other hand, the top 10% of earners earn more than $67,560, demonstrating how far this job may lead you. 

#14 Representative of Sales 

Salespeople are an excellent alternative for outgoing and persuasive persons who can earn good money. They spend most of their time persuading others to buy something, praising a product’s or service’s advantages. And also answering queries from potential customers. 

Depending on your expertise, you earn anywhere from $53,310 to $63,000. That’s fairly impressive, especially considering you don’t need a degree to get started. 

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#15 Voice Actor 

You might succeed as a voice actor if you have a pleasant or distinct voice or if you can change how you sound to fit the scenario. These individuals spend their days reading scripts for commercials, computer games, or television or film voice-overs. 

For some, this is one of the easy jobs that pay well. While some aptitude or expertise is required, you may not require much formal instruction. 

However, your earning potential varies, but you can expect to earn around $20.43 per hour on average, with the possibility of working your way up to $60.41+ as you acquire experience.


Ultimately, based on your skills and interests, all the occupations listed above can qualify as easy jobs that pay well. Take a look at them all to see if any of them fit your requirements. 

If so, you might be able to live a healthy lifestyle without putting too much stress on yourself.

FAQs on 15 Easy and High Paying Jobs that Pay Well in 2023? Average Salary

What is the happiest career?

Construction workers are the #1 happiest job for a reason—they do what humans are built for! 

What is the Lowest Paying Career?

The lowest paying career is; Hotel, motel, and resort desk clerks. Median annual earnings: $27,768.

What job can a shy person get?

Graphic Design. Graphic designer jobs are some of the best jobs for introverts.

What kind of jobs can you work alone?

Below are the jobs you can do alone;
Pet sitter.
 Data entry clerk.
 Sanitation worker.



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