Best Esthetician Jobs Near Me That Pay Over $20k

Best Esthetician Jobs Near Me That Pay Over $20k
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It could be very frustrating trying to search for “esthetician jobs near me” only to find out that the process is similar to searching for a needle in a haystack, especially given its importance to most people. Getting a job as an esthetician is difficult enough, but finding an esthetician job that pays $20k requires more effort.

I have a friend who just proudly earned her professional certification as an esthetician. A few months later, this same friend came to me in a fit of rage because she has been unable to find an “exclusive and high-paying position.”

She sobbed as she added that even the few employers she did find drove her away with outrageous demands of extensive experience. In the end, she did succeed but considers the time that was wasted.

Do you know that there are esthetician jobs that pay over $20k in a month? Sounds unbelievable, right? Here are steps you should take to secure a top-tier, well-paying esthetician position that would fit your preferences. Read on as we examine some of them in this article.

Who is an Esthetician?

You likely already know what an esthetician is or are thinking about becoming one if you are looking for an esthetician job nearby. However, let’s first establish what an esthetician is. An Esthetician is a person who specializes in preserving, maintaining, and beautifying the skin and face.

An esthetician is somebody employed to provide beauty treatments such as manicures and facials. They are professional skin specialists who have been trained to assess and enhance the skin through various treatments and services.

You could call them ‘Skin doctors”.

They are also known as skin therapists, spa technicians, and facial specialists.

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What are the Services Rendered by Estheticians?

Well, the job of an Esthetician covers a wide range of services. And it involves several methods Just like other professions has various departments and niches. Now let’s have a look at the services rendered by estheticians or the jobs of an esthetician.

#1. Skin Analysis.

This is usually the first step that an esthetician takes when attending to a customer. Skin analysis involves the process of running a test on the skin of a customer.

This is the most important stage, it involves evaluating the skin’s tolerance, condition, type, and texture. This process is crucial for continuous treatment and proper understanding of the client’s goals.

#2. Facial Treatments

Facial treatment is usually the next step after skin analysis. There are different types of treatments. However, the type of treatment for a client depends on their skin’s requirements and individual goals. Some examples of facial treatments are:

  • Acupuncture Facials: These involve the use of acupuncture needles in specific parts of the body to improve the skin’s radiance and appearance.
  • Lymphatic Massage Facial: Here, the emphasis is on the face to eliminate signs of stress and also reduce puffiness of the face. This type of facial improves circulation on the face by increasing the flow of oxygen and eradicating wastes and toxins from the lymph nodes.
  • European (Classic) Facial: It involves regular cleansing and massaging.
  • Anti-aging facial: Just like its name says, the major concern of this type of facial treatment is to erase every trace of aging through cleansing and hydration.
  • LED light facial: Here, LED lights are used to calm and reduce inflammations on the skin.
  • Hydra facial: This type of facial treatment involves the use of a device The Hydrafacial device helps to cleanse the skin. Afterward, the device is also used to infuse the skin with vitamin hydrating.

#3. Derma Planning

This involves the use of an exfoliating blade to scrape off dead skin cells from the body resulting in fresher and smoother skin.

#4. Waxing And Hair Removal Make-Up Application

Although it is now common and most people can do it themselves, however, this is originally the work of an esthetician to offer advice on the best makeup products for a skin type and professional makeup application.

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Which Places Require the services and skills of an Esthetician?

The majority of estheticians, especially newbies, frequently ask this question. In reality, this is a question that practically everyone in every field asks. Nobody wants to work somewhere where their skills are not of value. So, if you’re seeking a place where an esthetician can function effectively, here are some common places:

#1. Spas

This is the number one place where one’s services are needed as an esthetician. A spa is a commercial establishment offering health and beauty treatment through means such as steam baths, exercise equipment, and massage. These are services that are for estheticians to render.

#2. Salons

Salons and beauty also require the services of an esthetician for beauty treatment, makeup, and hairdo.

#3. Freelancing

As an esthetician, you could also decide to go solo and not work for any company or establishment. You can achieve this by pitching your skills online and working on demand, providing home service to people.

It makes for flexibility and better income

#4. TV/ Movie Sets

Estheticians are can function effectively on movie sets. it is common for Actors, actresses, and models to take care of their skin. So, can make yourself available on movie sets to give them professional advice and makeup application.

#5. Editorial Sets

Editorial here is not talking about writing or the form of editing. This editorial is talking about photography. Editorial photography is a type of photography that aims to tell a story or showcase a concept.

Unlike regular photography, editorial photography focuses on stories, not brands.

Therefore, its major aim is not to make a profit but to engage and express. Editorial photography is mostly found in magazines and journals.

Now, an esthetician is useful during photo shoots. Especially, for makeup application and special effects so as to portray the stories well.

#6. Medical Spas

Unlike other types of spas, a med spa is a kind of hybrid, like a balance between the traditional day spa and a medical clinic.

Medical spas aim to blend these two together, to give customers an excellent spa experience using methods and expertise that you can only get from a doctor.

Estheticians’ services are highly useful in these spas.

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#7. Cruise Ships

The services of estheticians are also needed by people who board cruise ships, as most people that board these ships do so to relax and have fun and they would be willing to spend any amount to get it.

#8. Resorts

Almost like the above, most people who go to resorts do so to relax during vacations. Here, the services of estheticians would be highly needed to provide a relaxing environment and experience.

Esthetician Jobs Near Me that Pay Over $20,000 Monthly

Although it might seem unreal to you, there are a million and one companies out there that are willing to pay $20k for an esthetician. However, it might not be easy to locate. That is why I’m here to help you with that.

Interestingly, some of these companies can even offer you flexible work hours. This can avail your time to go to school, rest, get a part-time job or, take care of your lovely family.

Let’s have a look at some companies that are currently in need of estheticians and whose pay is mouthwatering.

#1. Next Man Up

This is an upscale spa in Chicago that specializes in servicing majorly male clients. They offer services like relaxation and clinical massage therapy, facials, manicures/pedicures, waxing, and barbing.

The good news is this company is currently hiring and offering an hourly payment of $15-$18.

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#2. Franchise Massageenvy

Another Esthetician job that pays $20k is Franchise Massageeny. This company is in Darien, USA and they are currently recruiting.

The job requires a flexible schedule, the ability to adapt to customers a passion for skincare, the ability to follow protocols, and lots of energy.

This company has a lot of incentives. It pays its estheticians $25- $40 per hour along with free education and training on skincare and other bonuses.

#3. European Wax Center/ EWC Growth

This company offers $35-$50 per hour, including tips, commissions, and other benefits. It is located in Skokie, IL in the USA, and they out to help passionate individuals start or continue their beauty careers. So, if you still wondering if there are esthetician jobs that pay $20k, well the answer is that there are esthetician jobs that pay even more.

#4. Eden Organics Salon & Spa

This is also another company that is passionate about helping individuals build their beauty careers. They are scouting for individuals that love their jobs and are willing to work full time. One of the job requirements however is an experience of not less than 2 years.

They are offering to pay $35- $60 per hour for the esthetician’s position, as well as a paid vacation after one year of employment, disability, and life insurance options, and discounts on products for family and friends.

This spa is at Doylestown. It is one of the best Esthetician Jobs near Me that pays over $20k monthly.

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#5. Mary Williams Photography

This business is currently in need of a makeup artist who would help customers look good in their photo sessions.

The establishment has emphasized creativity and passion, and she should have an impressive portfolio of makeup and hairstyling. Other requirements include:

  • Knowing the right amount of makeup to use
  • Make sure that makeup complements the hairstyle Use the best materials
  • Clean the makeup tools
  • Have knowledge of makeup and hairdressing techniques Ability to balance budget and others.

#6. Ringpfeil Advanced Dermatology

This is a medical-related company and they are in search of a full-time licensed esthetician. They desire someone who would help to deliver exceptional services to customers.

They are offering a payment of $30-$70 per hour along with an employee discount, flexible schedule, health insurance, paid time off, retirement plan, and bonus and commission pay. The work location also varies.

FAQ on Best Esthetician Jobs Near Me That Pay Over $20k

Is there any difference between an esthetician and an aesthetician? If there is, what is it?

Both professions deal with skin care. However, there is a tiny difference. While an esthetician focuses on cosmetics treatments, an aesthetician’s roles are more on medical services. However, in some places like Texas, they are all generally known as estheticians, but they are not allowed to perform certain functions like teeth whitening. Therefore, it varies from place to place.

How do I know if I can make a good esthetician?

To know this, you could consider asking yourself certain questions such as Do you love working with others? Do you have a passion for making a difference? How about love for science and art? Do you want to work with your hands? Are you independent and capable of being well organized? Do you want a future with flexibility?

What is the importance of being an esthetician?

Helping customers achieve skin goal Customers gain confidence in their lookout for good job option
Beautiful and satisfying pay
Helping to enhance an individual natural beauty

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Esthetician jobs are in demand, but it depends on you to find them by getting the right information. Estheticians’ services are very much needed. t is mostly needed by rich, well-to-do, and top-class individuals.

Now that you have all the information that you need, you could simply get down to pick your best amongst them.

More so, you should take into consideration; what would work for you given the pay, the benefits, and work flexibility. It is now very easy for you to land a job as an esthetician.

Additionally, you can start by making yourself visible online, or by sending out applications to movie producers/ directors or to medical clinics as a professional esthetician. Hopefully, this article will help you find a nice paying job as an esthetician.

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