20 High Paying General Studies Degree Jobs | 2022

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Wrapping up college with a general studies degree can be fun and can equally come with a lot of apprehension at the same time. Do you ever wonder what jobs you can get with a general studies degree? You will be amazed to discover the vast job opportunities in the field of general studies.

Bagging a degree in general studies is a great idea and will set you up for vast career opportunities. It goes to show how much the general studies degree is relevant to society.

In fact, when you study for a degree in general studies, you can choose from a wide variety of job opportunities that pay high.

This article will act as a guide in exposing you to the pool of general studies degree jobs you can find at entry level, online, with your associate and bachelor degrees.


What Is a General Studies Degree?

A general studies degree is equally as valuable and valued as an associate or bachelor’s degree with a specific focus.

Guess what? A general studies degree is akin to a liberal arts degree. Therefore, they can be used interchangeably including terms like multidisciplinary studies, or interdisciplinary studies.

By implication, obtaining a degree in general studies means you’ve taken a wide range of coursework in a variety of subjects while still completing all the general education requirements.

When to choose a general studies degree

When you are unsure of which academic major to pursue, a general studies degree is an excellent alternative. This degree will provide you with independence and flexibility.

In reality, this is an opportunity to design a one-of-a-kind academic experience for yourself.
You will be studying about various fields and applying what you have learned to your job position.

So, if you’re unsure about a career path to choose, this is a definite bet.

Is General Studies a Good Career Path?

Of course! Pursuing a general studies degree is worth it unlike what some people think.

People with general studies degrees are in high demand by many employers due to their broad understanding of various areas.

In fact, if you decide to focus on something specific later in life, a general studies degree can help you with a variety of specializations.

As a result, earning a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in general studies has been proven to be beneficial.

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High Paying General Studies Degree Jobs

The following are the high paying jobs in general studies:

Associate of General Studies Degree Jobs

You are sure to get high paying associate of general studies degree jobs out there. The following are the jobs you can get with an associate general studies degree:

1. Air Traffic Controller

This is one of the general studies associate degree jobs with good pay. During takeoff and landing, they direct air traffic controllers. They alert pilots to adverse weather and choreograph everything that occurs on the runway.

They are also responsible for keeping track of planes in the air and on the ground so that delays are kept to a minimum.

Average Annual Salary: $130,420

2. Radiation Therapist

Radiation therapists collaborate with physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals to give radiation treatments.

Also, they inform patients about treatment methods and protocols, maintain detailed records, and monitor patient reactions during and after therapy.

To illustrate, they operate equipment that uses focused radiation to target tumors and other cancers. Well, they frequently work in hospitals and spend a lot of time on their feet.

Average Annual Salary:  $86,850

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3. Nuclear Technicians

This is one of the popular associate of general studies degree jobs. Nuclear technicians work in radioactive power plants, research labs, and other sites where radiation and nuclear materials are prevalent.

They conduct radiation tests, monitor nuclear-related equipment, and ensure that safety norms and procedures are followed.

The majority of nuclear technicians operate in the power generation industry, adjusting and repairing reactors and associated machinery.

Average Annual Salary: $84,190

4. Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Nuclear medicine technologists, like radiation therapists, collaborate with cancer patients and doctors. These technologists mainly work with radioactive medicine rather than equipment.

They also assist cancer patients in receiving the proper medicine dosages and tracking their progress throughout therapy.

Average Annual Salary: $79.590

Bachelor of General Studies Degree Jobs

If you are scouting for bachelor of general studies degree jobs, you are in luck. The following are bachelor of general studies degree jobs:

5. Vice President (VP), Human Resources (HR)

Vice president, human resources carry out a variety of responsibilities in organizations.

They also draft contracts and written policies; as well as ensure that the legal aspect relating to the workforce is adhered to, and much more.

They supervise the activities in the controlled departments, which cover planning, budgeting, and measurement of results.
In addition, they are serving members of the senior management team.

These staff members team up with the executive team; as well as coach them to make they run with the strategy and overall mission of the organization.

Most importantly, they provide organizations with strategic leadership, including recruitment, salary, benefits, training, and employee relations.

Average Salary Scale: $141,741

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6. Vice President (VP), Operations

This Vice president, operations primarily aid the president of the company with daily operations.

This executive creates and implements a variety of strategies to maximize profits while maintaining a high level of quality. 

They equally work to optimize the supply chain to improve variables such as cost, quality, and delivery time.

They also need to provide timely feedback and direction to both subordinates and fellow executives on operational concerns.

Average Annual Salary: $132,650

7. Marketing Director

This is one of the popular bachelor of general studies degree jobs. These executives assist organizations to direct and manage marketing tasks.

They are also responsible for monitoring the marketing professionals in their organization; as well as defining the scope of its marketing demands and requirements

They mainly create projects, plans, and budgets for effective marketing campaigns. They also assist the team in resolving difficulties and maintaining communication with clients, vendors, and other managers within their organization.

In addition, they hold discussions on marketing goals and requirements, such as customer needs.

Average Annual Salary: $92,112

8. Information Technology (IT) Manager

An information technology (IT) manager is in charge of the company’s computer infrastructure and other associated issues.

He is also in charge of teams that manage network technology, IT security, and software platforms for the organization.

The IT manager may equally help the company set up its data storage infrastructure, as well as access methods and policies.

Average Annual Salary: $89,160

9. Business Development Manager (BD Manager)

This position is one of the many bachelor of general studies degree jobs you can easily find. Business Development Managers manage the objectives of an organization and generate business solutions.

They equally create effective business plans so as to generate revenue, increase loyalty to the brand, and ensure customer satisfaction.

Also, they plan with other BD staff members to identify the project’s scope, review the requirements, and approve timelines.

In addition, they manage customers’ accounts and sales targets.

Average Annual Salary: $75,578 – $93,416

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General Studies Degree Jobs Hiring

The following are the general studies degree jobs hiring:

10. Media Research Associate

A media research associate obtains vital news from public records, such as trade publications, industry newsletters, general news outlets, and many more.

They also prioritize items for inclusion or exclusion in the weekly update. In addition, they create summaries of each news item which is usually a single paragraph.

Before distribution, they equally copy edit the final newsletter.

Average Annual Salary: $62,400

11. Entrepreneur in Residence

These professionals work in various areas of the Mechanism firm, with a focus on areas that will complement and grow their startup founder skill sets.

They are responsible for researching, analyzing, and testing the success of business ideas. Also, they develop solutions and test them out with real clients; as well as confirm and clarify value propositions and essential aspects.

In addition, they develop and test various business concepts’ go-to-market strategies.

Average Annual Salary: $200,000

12. Contact Representative (Customer Service Representative)

This personnel contributes to the organization’s goal by providing direct service to the public.

They also serve as the first point of contact for beneficiaries and inquirers, providing information, rules, and regulations, in person, over the phone, or in writing.

Average Annual Salary: $36,118 – $58,158 

13. Airport Manager

The Airport Manager is in charge of the program’s planning, administration, and execution.

He also establishes quality standards for the administration, operations, and maintenance staff, as well as manages all aspects of the project to ensure high-quality outcomes.

In support of the department’s and city’s aims and objectives, he also provides professional and inventive administrative leadership.

Average Annual Salary: $10,579 – $13,223 per month

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General Studies Degree Jobs Online

Are you one of those wondering what general studies degree online jobs you can secure? You will find the following job opportunities online with a general studies degree:

14. Online Teacher

This is one of the general studies degree jobs you can secure online. Online teachers are responsible for planning, organizing, and implementing suitable personal curriculum in an online learning atmosphere that guides, supports, and encourages students to reach their academic potential.

This will equally help the students complete high school diploma requirements, and develop a post-secondary transition plan.

Additionally, they team up with other teachers and school employees to create and evaluate the kids’ academic plans.

Average Annual Salary: $32 per hour

15. Part-Time Online Food and Nutrition

This employee will deliver lower-division Food and Nutrition courses via the internet, following course descriptions, outlines, and class schedules.

He evaluates students’ progress, provides educational advice to students, evaluates course learning outcomes, and does other instructional-related activities as needed.

Average Annual Salary: $58.44 – $93.43 per day

16. Part-Time Virtual Executive Function Coach

This is one of the many general studies degree jobs online. With a general studies degree, you can secure these part-time coaching jobs online.

These coaches text clients between sessions, keep online notes for each client and follow up with parents and clients after each coaching session.

Average Annual Salary: $40 per hour

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Entry Level General Studies Degree Jobs

Looking forward to landing entry level general studies degree jobs is great. However, you need to be able to identify the entry level degree jobs in the general studies field.

You can find the following jobs in this category:

17. General / Operations Manager 

These employees work closely with location personnel and upper management to ensure that the operations and services business is carried out.

A general manager oversees everything from the cleanliness of a site to the inventory that is brought in, sold, or delivered.

They are also in charge of safekeeping and cash deposits.

Average Annual Salary: $67,494

18. Account Manager 

Account managers are in charge of handling and closing deals with specific clients for their firms.

These executives must have a thorough awareness of their company’s products and services, as well as the ability to make targeted pitches to current and new clients.

While most account managers work in an office full-time, they may go to customers for meetings and demonstrations.

In addition, they must stay up to date on not only their company’s offerings but also on industry advancements and trends, as well as how they could affect their clients’ operations and desires.

They are also frequently asked to advise, mentor, and/or train new recruits or less experienced workers.

Average Annual Salary: $56,916

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19. Practice Manager

In a private or public medical office or clinic, practice managers are in control of everything from employees and scheduling to dealing with patient concerns.

They serve as the office’s human resources department, as well as training new employees and ensuring compliance with the law.

In addition, these managers are in charge of the front office (receptionists, medical billers, and coders) as well as the back office (nurses and medical assistants).

They also supervise all medical activities, including the maintenance of medical records, the collection of money, deposits, and bills, and the ordering of medical equipment and supplies.

Average Annual Salary: $54,410

20. Paralegal

This is one of the popular entry level general studies degree jobs.

Paralegals work for law firms, corporate legal departments, and courts most of the time. They basically conduct legal, regulatory, and business research for the lawyers at their firm.

In addition, they aid lawyers with their cases. They assist lawyers with filing motions, memoranda, pleadings, and briefs in various court systems, as well as accompanying lawyers to see clients and/or attend court.

Average Annual Salary: $49,927

Industries For Entry Level Jobs in General Studies

There are industries that offer entry level positions that offer comprehensive training. You can find these jobs in the following industries:

  • Communications
  • Technology
  • Social sciences
  • Human resources
  • Science
  • Business
  • Media
  • Literature
  • Math


What does it mean to major in general studies?

General Studies is a broad academic area that encompasses a variety of themes. 

A general studies major, on the other hand, provides students with a broad understanding of multiple subjects as well as depth in areas of personal interest. 

These programs are designed to provide a comprehensive education.

What field of study pays the most?

Petroleum engineering pays the most, with about $187,300 annually.

What is the highest-paying 2 year degree?

The highest paying 2-year degree is an associate degree in Computer Science (CS) & Mathematics.

What 5 degrees are the best for future?

The following are the 5 best degrees for the future:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Computer Science
  • Health Information Technology
  • Information Technology
  • Management Information Systems (MIS)
  • Big Data Systems

What degree do you get after 4 years of college?

Agter 4 years of college, you get a bachelor’s degree.

What are the easiest 2 year degree to get?

The following are areas you can easily get an associate degree:

  • Applied Science in Criminal Justice
  • Psychology
  • Applied Science in Fire Science
  • Business Administration
  • Applied Science in Paralegal Studies
  • Applied Science in Computer Information Systems or Information Technology


Now you know the sort of jobs or career you can settle for with your general studies degree, you have no reason whatsoever to worry about employment.

All you need to do is brace up with the necessary skills relevant to the job or position. The crux of the matter is that a general studies degree prepares you for a lot more than you can imagine.

We hope this article met your expectations. You can reach us through the comment section or @ makedailyprofit.com for feedback.



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