25 High Paying Jobs in Colorado Springs | 2022

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There are lots of high paying jobs in Colorado Springs Co, no doubt. The amazing fact about this is that you can easily find a suitable job with a high salary with or without a degree and experience.

In other words, Colorado Springs is the hub for high paying jobs in almost any category you can think of.

In fact, the job market in this city looks positive. Colorado Springs has seen 14.7 percent job growth during the previous 10 years, according to statistics.

Hence, if you are one of those keen on learning about the high paying jobs in Colorado Springs, you are in luck.

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Do Jobs in Colorado Springs Pay Well?

Absolutely! Jobs in Colorado pay well. In fact, there are high paying jobs that pay well for those without a degree, with no experience, and at entry level.

Therefore, you have no worries about landing a job in Colorado Springs. For instance, the salary can get as high as $92,803 for a border patrol agent.

In summary, Colorado is the ideal location for high paying jobs in different categories.

What is a Good Salary in Colorado Springs, Co?

Anything above $41,000 is considered an excellent salary in Colorado Springs, CO. Well, this is because the average income in Colorado Springs is $41,000.

This simply implies that means that earning more than that puts you ahead of more than half of the people in the city.

The cost of living in Colorado Springs is 6% more than the national average, which is a major source of concern when scouting for jobs.

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High Paying Jobs in Colorado Springs, Co

There are several high paying jobs in Colorado Springs. Let’s take a look at some of high paying jobs in Colorado Springs:

1. Attorney

Attorneys represent clients in a variety of legal proceedings, such as criminal and civil cases. They also prepare legal documents and advise customers on legal matters.

Attorneys also have an area of specialty or practice.

Average Salary: $153,826, according to salary.com.

2. Optometrists

Optometrists are responsible for diagnosing, monitoring, and treating eye and visual system problems and illnesses.

They also do eye and visual system examinations, diagnose and treat diseases and anomalies, and prescribe corrective lenses.

Average Salary: $146,857, according to indeed.com

3. Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace engineers are in charge of developing, constructing, and testing planes, missiles, and spaceships.

They also conduct basic and practical research to determine the suitability of materials and equipment for aircraft design and production

Average Salary: 128,000, according to careerexplorer.com

4. Psychologist

Psychologists are doctors who assist people in dealing with and overcoming a wide variety of behavioral issues.

These doctors team up with other physicians in developing and administering treatment plans for patients.

They are also in charge of studying behavior and brain function, conducting tests, and carrying out interviews and surveys in order to better understand human psychology.

Average Salary: $113,600, according to ziprecruiter.com.

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5. Nurse Practitioner

Just like physicians, nurse practitioners are advanced practice registered nurses who prescribe medications, assess patients, diagnose ailments, and administer therapy.

In other words, nurse practitioners provide health care services such as acute sickness and chronic disease diagnosis and treatment.

Average Salary: $113,467, according to indeed.com

6. Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are in charge of directing, planning, or coordinating marketing plans and programs, such as determining the demand for a firm and its rivals’ products and services and discovering potential clients.

They, also create price plans with the purpose of enhancing the firm’s earnings or market share while keeping customers satisfied.

Average Salary: $112,235, according to salary.com.

7. Process Engineer

A process engineer assists in the transformation of raw resources into useful everyday goods. In addition, process engineers are experts in the production of chemical compounds.

In other words, process engineers in the manufacturing business plan, execute, control, and optimize industrial processes and machinery

Average Salary: $111,846, according to glassdoor.com

8. Chemical Engineer

Chemical engineers are responsible for developing and designing chemical production processes.

They also use their understanding of mathematics and science to design and develop processes for producing, transforming, or transporting products and resources.

Average Salary: $105,550, according to indeed.com.

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9. Finance Manager

Financial managers are in charge of planning, leading, or coordinating accounting, investing, banking, insurance, securities, and other financial processes.

In summary, finance managers are accounting specialists that oversee the financial health of a firm or organization.

Average Salary: $101,647, according to indeed.com.

10. Physical Therapist

Physical therapists aid injured patients in recovering mobility and controlling pain.

In other words, physical therapists assist persons who require therapy or have chronic diseases in increasing their range of motion, strengthening damaged muscles, and correcting alignment abnormalities.

In addition, these therapists also keep track of patients’ progress, update treatment plans, and educate patients’ relatives on stretches and other aftercare techniques.

Average Salary: $94,601, according to salary.com

11. Accountant

Accountants provide accounting services such as account evaluation, auditing, and analysis of financial statements.

Simply put, an accountant is a business executive who is in charge of maintaining and analyzing financial data.

They are responsible for preparing tax returns, auditing financial records, and providing financial reports for individuals and corporations.

They also maintain track of a company’s income and losses and make sure their clients follow tax laws.

Average Salary: 65,700, according to careerexplorer.com.

High Paying Jobs in Colorado Springs Entry Level

If you reside in Colorado Springs, you should have no worries about landing high paying jobs at entry level.

There are tons of high paying entry level jobs you can secure in Colorado Spring.

The following are some of the high paying entry level jobs in Colorado Springs:

12. Sound Engineer

This is one of the high paying entry level jobs in Colorado Springs. A sound engineer is also known as an audio engineer. A Sound Engineer is in charge of managing the technical aspects of sound in media, whether live streaming or pre-recorded programming.

Sound engineers set up audio equipment and team up with producers, directors, and musicians to maximize the use of this technology and comprehend the challenges that need to be solved as well as the project’s parameters.

Average Salary: $67,219, according to zippia.com.

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13. Office Assistant

An Office Assistant is an individual who performs clerical tasks including mail sorting and distribution.

They also keep track of office supplies and purchase new ones when necessary in order to keep the workplace nice and clean for guests or customers.

They are also responsible for creating and keeping records, ensuring the quality and authenticity of data, and scheduling and planning meetings and appointments..

Average Salary: $52,040, according to glassdoor.com.

14. Data Entry Clerk

A Data Entry Clerk is an individual who converts paper documents into computer files or database systems.

In other words, these clerks are responsible for entering and maintaining the relevant data.

Average Salary: $35,625, according to salary.com

High Paying Jobs in Colorado Springs No Experience

Most people without a degree often worry about securing a high paying job with no experience. However, if you reside in Colorado Springs, you can easily find high paying jobs with no experience.

The following are some of the high paying jobs in Colorado Springs with no experience:

15. Online Teacher

An online teacher is also known as a remote or distance teacher, and an online instructor.

Online teachers educate individuals on the internet. Online tutors may teach from anywhere, including their homes, coffee shops, and co-working spaces.

They also welcome students from a wide range of backgrounds and regions. However, online instructors must be competent in the use of computers and the internet in order to provide effective lessons.

Average Salary: $86,781, according to glassdoor.com.

16. Community Health Worker

Community health workers are in charge of promoting health and wellbeing through community-wide outreach or by focusing on particular groups such as families or college students.

They also serve as healthcare educators, educating people about the many healthcare solutions accessible.

Average Salary: $61,902, according to glassdoor.com.

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17. Firefighter

Firefighters are in charge of putting out dangerous fires that risk life, property, and the environment, as well as rescuing humans and, in certain cases, animals from dangerous situations.

These individuals go through rigorous training in firefighting in order to respond to emergencies.

Average Salary: $49,003, according to salary.com.

High Paying Jobs in Colorado Springs Without a Degree

There are several high paying jobs in Colorado Springs you can land without a degree. So, there’s no need to worry about finding high paying jobs in Colorado Springs.

Hence, you can consider some of the following high paying jobs without a degree if you reside in Colorado Springs:

18. Border Patrol Agent

Border Patrol Agents work around the clock to protect the international land borders and the coastal seas between ports of entry.

They also safeguard the American people from terrorists and their weapons, drug smugglers, and noncitizens who try to enter the country unlawfully noncitizens.

Average Salary: $92,803, according to indeed.com.

19. Flight Attendant

Flight attendants perform a variety of responsibilities on an aircraft. These attendants take part in pre-flight briefing before the aircraft takes off to get all pertinent flight information.

They also inspect the food supply and emergency equipment to ensure that sufficient quantities are accessible and all required equipment is there.

Average Salary: $80,295, according to salary.com.

20. Video Editor

Editing videos is one of the high paying jobs you can find in Colorado Springs without a degree. A video editor is an individual that makes adjustments to a film during production and/or post-production.

This editor also works hand-in-hand with the director to create the best final film possible, with the goal of telling the story in the most effective and entertaining way possible.

The job of a video editor requires a lot of editing and rearranging footage.

Average Salary: $78,456, according to glassdoor.com.

21. Actor/Actress

An actor or actress is an individual who plays a character in a production or film.

Actors/actresses properly portray the character they are playing in order to persuade their audience that the character is genuine by engaging and pulling them into the storyline.

Average Salary: $68,105, according to ziprecruiter.com.

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22. Freelance Writer

A freelance writer is a self-employed writer. This writer can work for a single magazine or, more commonly, for several different magazines or publications at once.

In other words, freelance writing is being paid to write without being on a company’s formal payroll.

Freelance writing is one job that brings in good income.

Average Salary: $66,935, according to ziprecruiter.com.

23. Proofreader

Proofreaders inspect written content for mistakes before it is printed or published. They frequently concentrate on certain areas.

Company reports and academic writing are some of their specialties. Proofreaders work for businesses that publish including newspapers, magazines, the internet, and books.

In other words, you earn for material reading and cross-checking both online and offline.

Average Salary: $54,956, according to salary.com

24. Sous Chef

A sous chef is the executive chef’s second in charge in a professional kitchen. In other words, they assist the executive chef.

They organize and direct food preparation; as well as coordinate and supervise the kitchen operation

Sous chefs are also in charge of keeping all kitchen equipment in proper working order.

Average Salary: $48,132, according to zippia.com.

25. Medical Secretary

Medical secretaries handle secretarial tasks in the offices of doctors and other health professionals.

They compose letters and reports, keep files, pay suppliers, fill out insurance forms, and bill patients.

Medical secretaries also engage with the public by answering phones, organizing appointments, and welcoming patients.

Average Salary: $42,279, according to salary.com.


What salary do you need to live comfortably in Colorado?

According to statistics, you must earn more than $100,200 a year to live comfortably in Colorado.

What salary is considered rich for a single person?

You can be considered rich as a single person if you can earn over  $500,000.

What is the best area to live in Colorado?

The following are some of the best areas to live in Colorado:

  • Boulder
  • Castle Rock
  • Colorado Springs
  • Denver
  • Grand Junction
  • Aurora
  • Durango
  • Fort Collins

What is the poverty line in Colorado Springs?

According to data, the poverty line is $16,147 per year for an individual and $33,383 for a family of four.

What is the cheapest city to live in Colorado

The following are some of the cheapest places to live in Colorado:

  • Fruita
  • Colorado Springs
  • Fort Lupton
  • Trinidad
  • Sterling
  • Federal Heights
  • Brush
  • Cañon City

Is Colorado Springs a good place to live?

According to statistics, Colorado Springs is the sixth greatest location to live and the 86th best place to retire.


So you see, there are tons of high paying jobs in Colorado Springs without a degree, experience and at entry level as well. Hence, there is no limit to these high paying jobs.

But first of all, ensure you possess the required skills needed for the jobs you are intent on securing.

We hope this article met your expectations. For feedback, reach us through the comment section.



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