25 High Paying Jobs in Dallas | 2022

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Leaving for Dallas with nothing but bittersweet memories of Meg and a backpack, Grant wondered which challenge was worse – letting his wife, Meg’s ghost behind or finding a high paying job in Dallas, Texas without a degree.

Like Grant, most people also wonder if they can secure high paying easy jobs in Dallas, Tx and the answer is yes.

The fact that these high paying jobs in Dallas, Texas are available to those without a degree makes implies that the city of Dallas will be highly sought after by those in need of a fat paycheck.

This article will expose you and the likes of Grant to the pool of high paying jobs in Dallas, Texas. Ride with us!

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Do Jobs in Dallas Pay Well?

Of Course! Jobs in Dallas, Texas pay well. In addition to this, Dallas houses jobs for all and sundry.

It simply implies that you can land high paying jobs with or without a degree in Dallas.

Residing in Dallas affords you the opportunity to walk home with a high salary at the end of the day.

The amount you stand to earn from these jobs in Dallas can be around $54,109 and can even go as high as $413,470.

That’s right! You can make as much as this or maybe even more.

High Paying Jobs in Dallas

If you have been considering moving to Dallas but are apprehensive about whether or not you would find a high-paying job, you are in luck.

Other than the fact that Dallas has good job opportunities, there are high-paying jobs scattered all over Dallas.

The following are some of the high-paying jobs in Dallas, Texas:

1. Surgeon

A surgeon is a doctor who performs surgery on people who have diseases, injuries, or deformities.

In other words, a surgeon specializes in examining and treating problems that may need surgery or physical transformation of the human body.

These doctors work in different fields of medicine such as cardiology, plastic surgery, orthopedics, and neurology.

Average Annual Salary: $413,470, according to salary.com.

2. Ophthalmologist

This is a qualified doctor who specializes in the treatment of eye disorders, illnesses, injuries, and issues.

This doctor is responsible for examining the eyes and recommending corrective lenses; as well as performing eye surgery and treating eye problems.

Simply put, they care for people’s eyes and vision

Average Annual Salary: $309,900, according to salary.com.

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3. Pediatrician

A pediatrician is a highly trained medical expert who treats infants with physical, social, and emotional issues from birth until adolescence.

In other words, a pediatrician is a doctor who oversees the physical, behavioral, and mental health of children from birth until they attain 18.

Pediatricians are vital to a child’s health and well-being.

Average Annual Salary: $212,400, according to salary.com.

4. Psychiatrist 

They are also responsible for detecting, treating, and preventing mental diseases. This doctor is concerned with the health issues concerning patients’ mental health and minds.

Simply put, these doctors focus on the mental health of patients.

In addition, psychiatrists create treatment plans that include psychotherapy and medication.

Furthermore, they host support groups for those with mental diseases such as bipolar disorder, depression, and schizophrenia.

Average Annual Salary: $239,846, according to salary.com

5. Information Security Director

An information security director creates and executes the overall strategy and processes for the information security function.

He also carries out risk assessments, inspections, and inquiries into security incidents.

Furthermore, he is responsible for ensuring that all information systems are up to date and those security laws are followed.

Average Annual Salary: $190,657, according to comparably.com.

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6. Nurse Anesthetist

A certified registered nurse anesthetist is an expert in this field who is licensed and certified to administer anesthesia.

In order to keep patients asleep or pain-free during surgery and monitor the patient’s biological functioning at all times, they administer these medicines.

Furthermore, they maintain anesthesia throughout surgery and manage anesthesia recovery.

Average Annual Salary: $187,809, according to ziprecruiter.com.

7. Dentist

Dentists are doctors who specialize in treating the mouth. They diagnose and treat issues with their patients’ mouths, gums, and teeth.

They also perform procedures such as tooth extraction, denture fitting, and cavity filling.

In carrying out their tasks, these medical professionals collaborate with dental hygienists and dental assistants.

Average Annual Salary: $175,651, according to salary.com.

8. Internal Medicine Physician

Internal medicine professionals are in charge of treating a wide range of illnesses and ailments in people. They also address all aspects of adult internal health.

These doctors have the option of working for an existing practice or starting their own private practice.

Average Annual Salary: $158,446, according to comparably.com.

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9. Real Estate Attorney

This lawyer prepares or evaluates the documentation needed for the purchase or sale of real estate, and he or she represents the buyer or seller during the closing.

They also provide advice to parties involved in real estate transactions such as short sales or house sales.

Furthermore, this lawyer drafts or examines the paperwork necessary for the purchase or sale of real estate; as well as represents the buyer or seller during the closing.

Average Annual Salary: $131,851, according to comaparably.com.

Easy High Paying Jobs in Dallas

Most people often look out for easy high paying jobs in Dallas. These jobs are mainly those that have a flexible schedule with little or no stress when compared with other jobs.

The following are easy high paying jobs in Dallas:

10. Content Writer

A content writer is someone who writes meaningful, interesting and engaging information for websites.

Content writers create well-written, engaging, and good-quality content that is tailored to the website’s unique target audience.

These writers are distinguished by their ability to master a variety of writing techniques in order to suit a wide range of content requirements.

Average Annual Salary: $89,673 according to glassdoor.com.

11. IT Manager

An IT manager is also known as a computer and information systems manager.

This manager assists businesses in surviving the ever-changing puzzle of modern technology.

They are also in charge of coordinating technical issues with senior executives.

Furthermore, they seek to upgrade current software and hardware and negotiate with suppliers for existing product services or the purchase of new items.

To summarize, these individuals run with the company’s technology demands as well as immediate and long-term goals.

Average Annual Salary: $89,373, according to payscale.com.

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12. Proofreader

Proofreaders check written work for errors before it is printed or published.

They usually concentrate on certain fields or publications. Company reports and scholarly writings are among their specialties.

Proofreaders work for publications such as newspapers, journals, the internet, and book publishers.

In summary, you get paid to read and cross-check materials online and offline.

Average Annual Salary: $54,956 according to salary.com.

13. Library Technician

Library technicians ensure the smooth operation of a library on a daily by performing practical tasks.

Their responsibilities include assisting library visitors in sourcing information, preserving library resources, and maintaining library records.

They also assist Librarians in the collecting, processing, and arrangement of information.

Average Annual Salary: $42,774 according to Ziprecruiter.com.

High Paying Jobs in Dallas with Entry Level

If you have been wondering about the sort of jobs that falls within the entry level high paying jobs in Dallas, we’ve got you covered.

There are lots of high paying entry level jobs in Dallas. You can consider the following entry level high paying jobs in Dallas:

14. Software Developer

This is one of the entry level high paying jobs you can secure in Dallas.

Software developers are the ideas and innovators behind all types of computer applications.

While some software engineers specialize in one program or app, others build massive networks or underlying systems that assist trigger and fuel other apps.

In summary, software developers create, design, and implement computer programs.

Average Annual Salary: $108,933 according to glassdoor.com.

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15. Database Analyst

A database analyst is also referred to as a database modeler. This analyst works with database systems that store data in very particular ways.

In addition, this analyst works with typical corporate IT teams, managing data assets through specialized research and activity.

They are also in charge of data storage, database design, and the collection, organization, and analysis of statistical data based on database data.

Average Annual Salary: $77,184, according to indeed.com

16. Building Engineer

A structural engineer builds, constructs, maintains, repairs, and monitors structures.

This engineer works on roads, water and sewage systems, airports, bridges, and other structures.

Furthermore, building engineers are in charge of performing various responsibilities in residential and commercial structures, as well as medical institutions.

Average Annual Salary: $74,942, according to glassdoor.com.

17. Sales Representative

This is one of the popular high paying jobs you can land at entry level in Dallas.

A Sales Representative is a professional who establishes and maintains customer relationships.

Also, a sales representative offers retail products, commodities, and services to customers.

They equally collaborate with customers to identify their needs, come up with solutions, and ensure a successful selling process.

This employee is essential to manufacturers and wholesalers because they promote and advertise their products.

Average Annual Salary: $73,753 according to ideed.com

18. Human Resource Associate

A human resource associate is responsible for managing human resource records such as applications, résumés, and applicant logs.

This executive also contacts references to verify the candidate’s credentials. In addition, he enrolls new employees by delivering papers and applications and checking for accuracy. Employees benefit from discussions about benefit plans.

In a nutshell, human resources associates are in charge of gathering, documenting, and evaluating human resource data inside a corporation.

Average Annual Salary: $54,109 according to salary.com.

19. Social Media Manager

Social media managers are in charge of portraying a firm as the exclusive voice of the brand throughout social networks.

They reply to comments, create campaigns, and create content. These experts also advise businesses on how to increase their online presence.

In summary, a social media manager monitors, executes, filters, and measures the social media presence of a product, brand, corporation, or even individual.

Average Annual Salary: $53,005 according to payscale.com.

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High Paying Jobs in Dallas, Texas Without a Degree

Guess what? There are several high paying jobs in Dallas, Texas you can secure without a degree.

Sounds interesting, right? Without a degree, those residing in Dallas, Texas can end up securing some of the high paying jobs

The following are some of the high paying jobs in Dallas, Texas without a degree:

20. Pilot

A pilot oversees the flight and operation of planes and helicopters for airline companies, corporations, law enforcement organizations, and the military.

Before takeoff, they do a check to ensure that the aircraft is free of mechanical problems. They also verify that the aircraft’s planned maintenance is completed.

They also assess the flight path, as well as the departure, destination, and alternate airports, to ensure that the trip is weather-safe.

Average Annual Salary: 161,000, according to salaryexplorer.com.

21. First-line Supervisors Of Police And Detectives

First-line police supervisors are in charge of monitoring and directing the operations of the police force.

They supervise police departments and have occasional interactions with attorneys, authorities, and court employees.

He also investigates and resolves police officer complaints or claims.

Average Annual Salary: $79,991 according to comparably.com.

22. Transportation Inspectors

Transportation inspectors assess cargo transported by truck, rail, or other means to ensure it complies with all local, state, and federal laws.

These examiners verify that vehicles and other methods of travel adhere to safety regulations. He also informs authorities of any violations that require immediate attention.

They also check for modifications that may violate safety standards; as well as look at the emissions to make sure they comply with environmental rules.

Average Salary: $72,733 according to comparably.com.

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23. Commercial Truck Driver

Also known as a trucker, a commercial truck driver transports freight by driving tractor-trailers and other large vehicles across long distances.

In other words, they transfer goods in huge trucks such as tractor-trailers between places.

While some operate locally, delivering packages to businesses and homes, others may travel long distances or convey unusual cargo, such as dangerous materials.

Average Annual Salary: $55,890, according to salary.com

High Paying Jobs in Dallas, Tx With No Experience

Just like some high paying jobs in Dallas, Tx that don’t require a degree, there are some that don’t require experience.

Let’s take a look at some of the high paying jobs in Dallas, Tx with no experience:

24. Real Estate Agent

Real estate agent is one of the many high paying jobs in Dallas, Tx you can land with no experience.

A real estate agent makes transactions easier by bringing buyers and sellers together and acting as equal representatives for both.

Also, these agents represent buyers or sellers in real estate deals. In other words, they link real estate buyers and sellers; as well as represent them in the negotiations.

Average Annual Salary: $104,082, according to indeed.com.

25. Wind Turbine Technician

A windpipe technician is also referred to as a wind tech. This technician is in charge of wind turbine installation, inspection, maintenance, operation, and repair.

They also identify and repair any problem that may cause the turbine to shut down abruptly.

Wind turbine technicians, in a nutshell, are in charge of keeping wind turbines in excellent working order.

Average Annual Salary: $66,933 according to comparably.com.


What is the easiest high paying job?

The following are some of the easiest high paying jobs:

  • Personal Trainer
  • House Sitter
  • Flight Attendant
  • Dog Walker
  • Librarian
  • Massage Therapist

The following are some of the popular jobs in Dallas:

  • Customer Service Representative
  • Sales Associate
  • Cashier
  • Ophthalmologist
  • Surgeon

What job pays the most without a degree?

The following are some of the jobs that pay the most without a degree:

  • Commercial Pilot
  • Flight Attendant
  • Wind Turbine Technician
  • Sales Representative

How can I make 80k a year without a degree?

Sure. There are tons of jobs that pay $80k annually without a degree. For instance, a commercial pilot earns within this range and even more.

The following are some of the highest paying part-time jobs:

  • Private Tutoring
  • Editor
  • Accountant
  • Programmer
  • Writer / Copywriter
  • Truck Driver
  • Graphic Designer
  • Management Analyst


Reading through, you will realize one thing – the city of Dallas is a hub of high paying jobs and vast career opportunities.

Now you know about the high paying jobs you can find with or without a degree in Dallas, Texas the ball is in your court.

We hope this article met your expectations. Kindly reach us through the comment section for feedback.



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