25 High Paying Jobs in Japan | 2022


Do you desire a job in Japan? Then this article is your best bet. Jobs like doctors, lawyers, and accountants are all high-paying jobs in Japan but not for foreigners like Americans and Filipinos.

In fact, it might be hard for a foreigner to get such roles in Japanese companies. Nevertheless, there are other jobs that pay pretty well that foreigners can lay hold off.

Besides, many Japanese manufacturing companies have branches overseas. As a result, the need to hire foreigners who can bridge the gap in communication in different aspects of an organization always arises.

With a relevant degree, some experience, a holdover Japanese language (in some cases), and a great zeal to succeed in a foreign land, you can land any of these jobs.

So check out these 25 high paying jobs in Japan in 2022.

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25 High Paying Jobs in Japan in 2022

1. IT Project Manager

An IT project manager manages the IT development of a company. So, you can work for an IT company as a software engineer or R&D Researcher.

You can also work in a telecommunication company as a network engineer. For example, you can work for a Japanese company that wants to expand to another territory.

However, this would work especially if you understand the English language. So this is one of the high paying jobs in Japan for an American IT professional who speaks Japanese.

With a lot of work going on in 5G, Digital transformation, AI, ADAS, and FinTech, you could land one of these jobs if you know your stuff.

The expected salary for IT project manager jobs in Japan for foreigners is 8m – 12m JPY ($70 – $100K).

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2. Consultant in Consulting Firm

The role of a consultant is to provide advice on HR systems, Taxing systems, accounting systems, business strategies, and cyber security, among others.

However, this role comes with expected high performance. So, the expected salary of a consultant for a high-paying job in Japan for foreigners is 8m – 14m JPY ($70K – $130K).

3. Sales Representative

Another high-paying job in Japan for foreigners like Americans and Filipino is sales representative in large Japanese trading companies.

Examples of these companies are Mitsubishi shoji, Toyota tsusho, KISS, Mitsui sumitomo, and Kanematsu.

In Japan, these companies are called Sogo Shosha. They are known to offer high payment. They are also international distributors.

So you can work as a salesperson. But you have to speak the language!

However, you’ll get to travel a lot! The expected salary of a Sales Representative is 8m – 13m JPY ($70K – $120K).

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4. Marketing Manager

A marketing manager designs the marketing strategy and implements it for the local market and the pacific.

If you’re great at creating marketing tools and events like online content and seminars, digital and social media marketing, as well as influencer marketing, then you might land this job.

Finally, the expected salary of a Marketing Manager in Japan for foreigners like America and Filipino is between 6m – 11m JPY ($55k – $100k).

You can work for companies like IBM, Amazon, Microsoft, ABB, Dow Chemical, and GE.

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5. Actuary

If you know your onion in the insurance industry, then this could be your opportunity to shine in a foreign land.

The actuary is one of the high-paying jobs in japan for foreigners like Americans and Filipino who speak Japanese.

You can find a job in both Japanese and non-Japanese companies. Examples of these companies are Tokyo Kaijo, Mitsui Sumitomo kaijo, Sompo Japan, AIG, AXA Seimei, and Daiichi Seimei. The expected salary for an Actuary is 6m – 12m JPY (455 – $110K).

6. Experienced Fullstack Web Engineer

This is one of the high Paying Jobs in Japan without knowing Japanese. However, you’ll need a degree in computer science or equivalent experience.

In fact, with over 3 years of recent commercial programming web solutions, you can get on your way to landing this role.

In addition to other perks, the expected salary is 6m – 9m JPY per year.

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7. Senior Back-End Engineer

The back-end engineer trains and mentors his back-end team. However, you must have up to 5 years of experience in back-end application development.

With that, you can earn up to 7.5m – 9m JPY. However, this job is suitable for foreigners already living in Japan.

The good thing is you can get a job as a senior back-end engineer whether you speak Japanese or not.

8. Senior Android Developer

This job is what the name says – so you must be a senior mobile developer to get it. In other words, you’re expected to have at least 3 years of object-oriented software development experience as a software engineer.

Good years of experience building applications for android devices using java and Kotlin will put you on the map.

Of course, you should have knowledge of iOS/Android SDK among others. The expected pay for this role is 7m – 11m JPY per year and you don’t have to speak Japanese!

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9. Product Manager

The role of a product manager is to oversee that products are created and delivered to consumers. You can work as a technical product manager for a Japanese manufacturing company.

So, you’ll create a product vision and roadmap. Your duties also include designing product metrics, analyzing data, and proposing improvements.

You can make up to 7m – 12m JPY as a product manager or even as a foreigner but you must have at least conversational fluency in the Japanese language.

If you’re interested in working as a product manager, check out Amazon product manager salary in the U.S. in 2022.

10. Marketing Specialist

Marketing specialist is another job that pays well for foreigners in Japan that speak Japanese. However, you must be resident in Japan for most of this role.

In addition, you must be an expert in planning and executing global campaigns that span digital media. For example, you have to be good at influencer marketing, social, and content marketing.

Plus, you have to be good at using direct marketing channels. This job can land you a paycheck of between 5.5m – 8.5m JPY per year.

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11. Senior Project Manager

The average salary of a Senior Project Manager ranges between 10m to 12m JPY per year. However, some companies require that you speak Japanese fluently.

Among other things, you’ll also show experience in project management in lean or agile organizations as a technical project manager.

You can compare salary of technical project managers: Technical Project Manager Salary in US | 2022

12. Infrastructure Engineer

Some infrastructural engineer jobs offer partial remote roles. Some also do not require the Japanese language.

So considerable experience in design, implementation, and maintenance in AWS/GCP infrastructure, you can get stand a chance of landing this role.

Other areas you might want to look into are:

  • Working with Kubernetes in production
  • Automation and DevOps

All things being equal, you can earn between 9m – 9m JPY per year.

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13. Headquarter Sales

The role of headquarter sales is to collect and oversee sales information from headquarters and authorize sales quotation from across the world.

Foreigners work in this department because they can communicate with branch offices on daily basis.

They also handle meetings, email, and sometimes face-to-face meetings and also global business conferences at Japanese headquarters.

However, you have to speak both English and Japanese. This is one of those most paying jobs in Japan.

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14. Design Engineer

Design engineers carry out product designs with the customer’s requirements and production capability.

They’re in high demand in Japan because communication with local design centers is really important for manufacturing companies.

For instance, foreign design engineers help bridge communication gaps.  In other words, they help companies accurately communicate information about any new products.

So if you can bridge the gap and bring a non-Japanese point of view that’ll help manufacturers understand cultural differences,  that will be a big help.

The average salary of a Design Engineer ranges from 259,000 JPY (lowest) to 782,000 JPY (highest).

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15. Manufacturing Engineer

This is another high-paying job in japan for foreigners. Manufacturing Engineers have various types of jobs in Japan because Japanese big manufacturing companies have various processes in manufacturing.

For instance, there is heat treatment, mechanical assembling, electronic components, magnetic components, IT Software, and many more.

If you are an engineer, you can have massive job opportunities in Japan. Foreigners help them introduce new methodology into overseeing factories because the situation in local factories is slightly different from those in Oversee factories.

The average salary of a Manufacturing Engineer range from 215,000 JPY per month (minimum salary) to 684,000 JPY per month (maximum salary).

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16. Quality Assurance Engineer

Another high-paying job in japan for foreigners on our list is quality assurance engineer. A Quality Assurance Engineer deals with quality documents and external and internal quality control.

 You’ll face the challenge of making all products have the same quality level across the world. So you’ll help build good quality control across the world and train local people in other countries.

In other words, you’ll introduce the Japanese method into the local factories. This is why they need foreigners.

Quality Assurance Engineer salaries in Japan range from 248,000 JPY per month (minimum salary) to 748,000 JPY per month (maximum salary).

17. Production Planner

Next on our list of high-paying jobs in japan for foreigners like Americans or Filipino is a production planner.

A production planner coordinates the production schedule with overseas factories. This is especially for new product implementation.

So you’ll help tie up with an international cross-functional team. Finally, if you understand Japanese standards, then you might land yourself a production planner job in Japan.

Salaries range from 250,000 JPY (lowest) to 841,000 JPY (highest) 

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18. Buyer Purchasing Procurement

A buyer looks after purchasing and procurement. So your role is to buy good quality products for reasonable prices from reliable suppliers with the right capacity and capability

As you can imagine,  you’ll help source the biggest suppliers globally. You’ll also be able to communicate with local branch offices to exchange buying information.

The Salaries of a Buyer Purchasing Manager range from 527,000 JPY (lowest) to 1,470,000 JPY (highest).

19. Business Management

A lot of Japanese companies have many overseas group companies. As a business manager, you can be in charge of the business management department.

So, you’ll monitor financial status and business operation. In addition, you’ll keep contracts between Japanese headquarters and Group Company.

So you have to know your stuff in terms of local business law and financial systems. This might also require communicating with local residents.

Finally, this is one of the best high-paying jobs in Japan for an American. So if you can communicate in local languages, then you’re good to go!

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20. Human Resources

Almost all Japanese big companies are looking for foreigners because the Japanese population is declining. So HR is one of the high-paying jobs in Japan for Americans or other foreigners.

Japanese companies need a workforce. This is why HR is with foreign recruiters. In addition, HR deals with global mobility for experts/export.

They also deal with securing visas, accommodation, and other things related to immigration. These things require other language skills and this is why they need foreigners.

Salaries range from 207,000 JPY (lowest average) to 842,000 JPY (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher).

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21. Intellectual Property

Next on our list of high-paying jobs in Japan for foreigners like Americans or Filipino is intellectual property.

These foreigners protect company technology and unique design. Companies that run their businesses internationally, need to apply for patents in each country.

So if you can make documentation for patent applications with a good understanding of the patent application system, in each country, then you’re good to go.

The average salary for Intellectual Property in Japan is 6,035,400 JPY per year.

22. Export/Import Expert

Export/import experts manage logistic documents for international shipping. You’ll also monitor international tariffs.

However, you must be familiar with international logistics and the taxing system.

Salaries range from 411,000 JPY (lowest) to 1,270,000 JPY (highest).

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23. Financial Analyst

Financial analysts work in banks, and insurance companies. Senior financial analysts with over 20 years of experience make about $300k.

This does not include other perks like bonuses. So this is pretty a huge high paying job in Japan for an American if you know your stuff and you don’t need to speak Japanese!

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24. Marketing Associates

If you’re good at digital marketing, and social media account management, then you have it! There are many Japanese companies you can sell their products. In Japan, you can earn up to $56,265 per year.

25. Field Engineer

Field engineers do fun things like self-driving cars. A person working as a field engineer in Japan typically earns around 494,000 JPY per month according to salaryexplorer. However, salaries range from 247,000 JPY (lowest) to 766,000 JPY (highest).

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How to Get High Paying Jobs in Japan for Foreigners

Get JLPT N2 which is a Japanese Level skill certificate N1 and N2. N2 is said to be more difficult. So if you have  JLPT N2 gives you massive job opportunities.


Most high-paying jobs in Japan for foreigners like Americans and Filipino are technology jobs.

You can also find jobs in sales, marketing, and human resources. Some of these jobs require the Japanese language while some don’t.

While these jobs might not pay pretty well like in the United States, if you bring in the cost of living in the U.S., you’ll see that they might be considerable.

Getting any of these high-paying jobs in Japan for foreigners might not be easy for everyone. But as the Japanese saying goes: “fall seven times, get up eight.”


Which job has highest salary in Japan?

Top 8 Highest-Paying Jobs in Japan

  • Au Pairs.
  • Country Managers.
  • Operations Director.
  • Sales Director.
  • Senior Marketing Manager.
  • Chief Financial Officers.
  • Neurosurgeons.
  • Risk Analysts.

Do foreigners get paid more in Japan?

In general, foreigner-only make up around 70% of the average salary in Japan. The average salary for a regular foreign worker is around 2.5 million yen/22,600 USD.

Does Japan have high paying jobs?

If you have an engineering background, you could earn a good living in Japan. Whether you are a software engineer, a mechanical engineer, or any other type of engineer, it is a highly sought-after skill set that pays well around the world. Japan is no exception.

Can a foreigner get a good job in Japan?

There are numerous part-time jobs available in Japan for foreigners in the tourism and service industries that do not require Japanese proficiency. There are more companies that hire foreigners than you might think, with some interesting jobs like working at Legoland Tokyo, go-kart drivers, and wedding priests.

How do foreigners get rich in Japan?

8 Side Jobs for Foreigners to Make Extra Money in Japan

  1. English Instructor
  2. Social Media
  3. Game Localization Testers
  4. Freelance Translator
  5. Konbini Staff
  6. Uber Eats Delivery Rider
  7. J-Blogger or Vlogger
  8. Part-Time Work

Do foreigners get paid less in Japan?

The average wage for foreign workers in Japan is around 200,000 yen, which may be slightly less than the average wage for Japanese workers. However, depending on the type of job and your abilities, you may be able to earn a high income, so look for a job that allows you to put your skills to use.


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