25 High Paying Jobs in Louisiana | 2022

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If you want to get the High Paying Jobs in Louisiana, Although, with or without a degree, then this article is for your read.

There are lots of things that could attract anyone to seek a job in louisiana

So, there are different jobs for different people, from those with and without a degree to those with just a high school degree.

But it can be hard finding the right job that suits your skillset and qualification. That is why we have selected 25 of the best jobs in Alaska for 2022 just for you

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What constitutes the best job?

Best jobs is a relative term that is influenced by a number of factors, including your location and usual living expenses.

These factors, however, dictate how much a company may pay its staff. In general, the ideal job is one that pays more than the country’s average.

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What are the requirements for the best jobs in Louisiana?

It’s all up to you. It is essential to understand that each job has its specific set of requirements.

A college education is also suggested for the best jobs in Louisiana. A Bachelor’s degree is acceptable in some cases. Others need a Master’s or Doctorate degree..

The requirements for expertise differ depending on the role. Technical skill is unique in each sector. 

Nevertheless, if you want further information, see the job descriptions.

Communication, responsibility, attention to detail, and other relevant soft skills are essential.

Furthermore, many of the best jobs require managing a team, if not an entire department or organization, therefore leadership abilities are frequently required.

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Do the best jobs in Louisiana pay well?

Ofcourse, the best jobs in louisiana pay well.

In general, these jobs pay well enough that one can afford the necessities of life.

Hence, this means you’d be able to purchase essentials like nutritious food, health insurance, and childcare. Yes, the best jobs in Louisiana pay well.

Where to Find the best jobs in Louisiana?

Online job sites are one of the most prevalent ways for job seekers to get to know about the best jobs.

Also, these websites serve as digital employment boards, with thousands of openings.

Pause for a while and check out this sites :

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Indeed one of the most renowned job search engines in the world.

According to the company’s official website, it has over 250 million regular checkups. 

this site offers hundreds of thousands of job advertisements, including some of Alaska’s best.


This is one of the world’s most recognizable companies, and it has recently joined the recruitment industry.

Regardless of business size, Google collects job listings from all across the internet.

This allows job searchers to locate their next position with only a few clicks.

LinkedIn Jobs

Although LinkedIn is primarily a social networking site for working people, it also has a job search section.

This section connects job searchers with firms that are looking to fill vacancies.

There were approximately 90,000 open for best job positions at the time of writing.

Even better, you can set up a job alert whenever a related position is added to our site.


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High Paying Jobs in Louisiana

 1. Marketing manager

Average salary: $49,378 per year

Marketing managers are in charge of product and service promotional communications.

Hence, this is one of the high paying jobs in louisiana.

There aim is to promote brand recognition and attract more customers by utilizing various marketing strategies such as advertising and social media.

2. Physician

Average salary: $269,154 per year

A physician’s primary duty is to diagnose and treat illnesses or injuries.

Physicians examine their patients, interpret diagnostic tests, discuss treatment options, and, when necessary, prescribe medications.

Although, this is one of the high paying jobs in louisiana.

Patients are also provided with wellness advice by their specialists in order to improve their general health.

3. Psychiatrist

Average salary: $222,356 per year

Psychiatrists help patients with their behavioral, mental or emotional disorders.

Through meetings with the patient, the psychiatrist diagnoses the patient’s condition, then works with them to implement a treatment plan.

Hence, this is one of the high paying jobs in louisiana. Psychiatrists are also licensed to write prescriptions.

4. Dentist

Average salary: $208,168 per year

Dentists assist people in maintaining good dental health.

They perform dental exams, read X-rays, diagnose oral conditions, perform cleanings and procedures, and develop treatment regimens.

Dentists also advise patients on how to take care of their teeth.

This could also be seen as one of the high paying jobs in louisiana.

 5. Optometrist

Average salary: $153,875 per year

Optometrists perform eye exams and prescribe glasses and contact lenses to aid patients improve their vision. They diagnose eye issues and advise patients on the right course of action.

6. Pharmacist

Average salary: $119,120 per year

Pharmacists prepare drugs based on medical orders. They are in charge of compounding, packing, and labeling pharmaceuticals before they are administered to patient.

 7. Aeronautical engineer

Average salary: $95,581 per year

Aeronautical engineers manufacture and test items for airplanes, spacecraft, and satellites.

8. Economist

Average salary: $92,492 per year

An economist examines economic data to have a deeper understanding of trends and patterns.

They present their research findings for educational reasons, as well as to aid corporations and other organizations in making strategic decisions.

 9. Civil engineer

Average salary: $89,755 per year

Civil engineers’ principal responsibility is to develop massive transportation projects.

Civil engineers design and build structures such as airports, tunnels, bridges, dams, and roadways.

These engineers work across all parts of the project, including design, construction, and maintenance.

10. Environmental engineer

Average salary: $84,459 per year

The tasks of environmental engineers are all related to environmental protection.

They do research and write reports for organizations that outline their possible environmental implications, such as air pollution or land development.

Hence, this is classified as one of the high paying jobs in louisiana.

11. Pilot

Average salary: $76,741 per year

A pilot’s main responsibility is to fly an aircraft safely.

This might involve both products and passengers.

Although this is one o Pilots are also obliged to verify weather data, confirm flight plans, and inspect their aircraft on a regular basis.

12. Financial analyst

Average salary: $73,320 per year

Financial analysts use historical and present financial data to forecast the future.

They search for trends or patterns and then utilize this knowledge to advise businesses or people about their financial future.

13. Human resources manager

Average salary: $69,426 per year

A human resources department is headed by human resources managers.

This position includes hiring, tracking employee absences, enforcing corporate regulations, and occasionally administering compensation..

 14. Sales representative

Average salary: $64,943 per year

Sales reps produce revenue for a company. These individuals must achieve sales targets, develop leads, and write sales reports. Sales reps may also be required to interact with consumers and deal with customer service concerns.

 15. Chiropractor

Average salary: $59,922 per year

Chiropractors are primarily responsible for treating individuals who have muscular and skeletal disorders. Spinal adjustments and manipulation are used to enhance nerves, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones.

High Paying Jobs in Louisiana Without a Degree

Absolutely yes, there are the best jobs in Louisiana without college degree

16. Car salesperson

National average salary: $59,607 per year

A vehicle salesperson at a car dealership offers new and used autos to consumers.

A salesman may specialize in selling new or used automobiles, as well as a certain model or style of vehicle.

They are generally in charge of learning specifics about the automobiles on the lot, answering client queries, and negotiating sales pricing.

17. Pipefitter

National average salary: $57,329 per year

A pipefitter is one who installs and maintains piping systems in buildings.

They may design their own project plans or work from those provided by their supervisor or company.

A pipefitter may install piping systems for both high and low pressure applications and execute activities including cutting, threading, and welding pipes.

 18. Industrial mechanic

National average salary: $56,954 per year

An industrial mechanic is a skilled worker who specializes in the repair and maintenance of heavy machinery.

They often work in factories or on production lines. They may execute activities and calibrations on machinery to increase the efficiency of the machines’ functioning.

 19. Warehouse manager

National average salary: $54,295 per year

A warehouse manager is a professional in responsible for supervising warehouse operations.

They are in charge of ensuring that warehouse performance levels satisfy organizational standards.

A warehouse manager may be in charge of employing employees, developing and enforcing regulations, and delegating responsibilities.

20. Electrician

National average salary: $50,358 per year

An electrician is an electrical specialist who installs and maintains building electrical systems.

An electrician may work with pre-drawn drawings or design electrical designs for a project. Electricians can also assess a facility’s electrical systems to discover any areas of concern and recommend or make adjustments to fix them.

21. Millwright

National average salary: $63,463 per year

A millwright is a specialist who works with industrial and building machinery.

A millwright may construct and disassemble equipment for transport and installation at job locations as needed. They may also give repairs if a piece of machinery isn’t working properly.

 22. Massage therapist

National average salary: $93,099 per year

 A massage therapist is a practitioner who massages patients to give physical care.

They may use their hands, massage tools, or a mix of both. A massage therapist may offer a wide variety of services or specialize in one or more techniques, such as medical massage, rehabilitative massage, stress treatment, and soreness and pain management.

High Paying Jobs in Louisiana 100k

 23. General and Operations Manager

  • Salary: $107,680

General and operations managers guide and oversee an organization’s day-to-day activities frequently by executing policies and plans created by top executives.

The majority of them work in retail or professional, scientific, and technological services.

A bachelor’s degree is normally necessary, although a master’s degree may be required to advance to an executive position. Relevant experience will help you acquire a job.

Opportunities for general and operations managers are predicted to expand at an 8 percent annual pace until 2030.

The Bridgeport, Stamford, and Norwalk, Connecticut, metro region is particularly profitable, with an annual mean pay of $183,170.

24. Chemical Engineer

  • Salary: $108,540

Chemical engineers employ scientific and mathematical concepts to solve problems related to the production and use of chemicals, food, medicines, fuel, and other items.

The majority engage in engineering services and research and development.

A bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering or a related field is often necessary, although internships and co-op programs can also be beneficial.

Chemical engineering jobs are expected to grow 9% through 2030, which is about as fast as average for all occupations.

The highest-paying jobs are in Midland, Texas, where chemical engineers earn a mean salary of $158,110.

25. Sales Engineer

  • Salary: $108,830

sales Engineers who sell scientific and technological products and services to businesses are known as ales engineers.

Sales engineers must have technical knowledge of how their goods are created and work in addition to outstanding sales abilities.

They may also be involved in the creation of new products. A bachelor’s degree in a technical discipline, such as engineering, or training or experience in a technical sector, combined with sales abilities, will help you gain a career as a sales engineer.

Jobs in this field are expected to experience a fast-as-average growth rate of 8% through 2030. Sales engineers who work in the Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina, metropolitan area are the highest earning, with an annual mean wage of $163,860.


How much do you need to live comfortably in Louisiana?

A Louisiana resident needs an annual salary of about $29,250 before taxes to get by without outside help and stay above the poverty line

What is the richest town in Louisiana?

With a median household income of $89,038 and around 6% off all households making over $200,000, Youngsville, near Lafayette, was chosen the wealthiest area of Louisiana.

Is living in Louisiana expensive?

The cost of living in Louisiana is 7% lower than the national average. Housing is 12% lower than the national average, while utilities are 14% lower. When it comes to basic necessities such as food and clothing, groceries are around 2% lower than in the rest of the country, while clothing costs 2% lower.

What is minimum wage in Louisiana?

Louisiana is one of five states that does not have a minimum wage and instead relies on the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. House Bill 229, sponsored by Rep.

Where do rich people stay in Louisiana?

Where do rich people stay in Louisiana?

The 10 Richest Places In Louisiana

  • 10) Destrehan, St. Charles Parish: $25,435.
  • 9) Village St.
  • 8) Mandeville, St.
  • 7) Prien, Calcasieu Parish: $26,537.
  • 6) River Ridge, Jefferson Parish: $27,088.
  • 5) Westminster, East Baton Rouge Parish: $28,087.
  • 4) Shenandoah, East Baton Rouge Parish: $29,722.
  • 3) Eden Isle, St.

What to know about moving to Louisiana?

  • They Call Louisiana a Sports Paradise.
  • Your Hard-Earned Income Will Stretch Farther in Louisiana.
  • Hurricanes Are A Real Threat in Louisiana.
  • Louisiana has a Love Affair with Great Food.
  • The Schools in Louisiana Need Some Help.
  • Louisiana Offers Shorts Weather All Year Long.


There you have it, the 25 best jobs in Louisiana. So if you are thinking of starting a profession/career and want to know the best jobs in Louisiana, I believe this post will be of help.

Also, do give us feedback in the comment for your questions.



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