25 High Paying Jobs in South Africa | 2022

high paying jobs in South africa

The following is a list of the top twenty-five high-paying jobs in South Africa for the year 2022. This also includes high-paying jobs without a degree and with no experience but you may have an on the job training and highly paid jobs in South Africa.

However, your income will vary based on your job experience, talents, and certifications. Reading through this list may provide you with financial insight into a career path that interests you.

The labor market in South Africa is fast changing due to the outflow of workers from the country to countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

As a result, when compiling the list, we considered not only the salary but also the level of experience needed for the jobs.

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Do Jobs in South Africa Pay Well?

If you are serious about the question of whether jobs in SA pay well? Well, it is good you know some Jobs in South Africa are high paying and in high demand.

For example; Specialist doctors and those in pharmaceuticals earn the most in South Africa. You can consider 85% of jobs in SA to be high-paying jobs. Specialist doctors make up to 73,200 ZAR per month according to Salaryexplorer.

In fact, you can get high-paying jobs with no experience in South Africa or high-paying jobs without a degree.

25 High Paying Jobs in South Africa

Listed below are 25 high-paying jobs in South Africa. This list, however, contains high-paying jobs with no experience or without a university degree.

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Highly Paid Jobs in South Africa

#1. Management Consultant Jobs in South Africa

Average Annual Salary: 800,000.00 ZAR

Management consultants assist businesses in maximizing their growth by enhancing operating effectiveness.

In fact, they achieve this by helping firms gain previously lacking talents

A management consultant’s average annual pay in South Africa ranges from R250,000.00 to R350,000.00. 

Therefore, the Mid-level consultants may earn annual salaries between R550,000.00 and R800,000.00 with 4–7 years of experience. This is one of the highly paid jobs you can get in South Africa.

#2. Judges

Average Annual Salary: 2,500,000.00 ZAR

This is one of the high-paying jobs in South Africa. Before qualifying to be a judge in South Africa, one must have a law degree, pass bar tests, become an advocate or a magistrate, and serve as an advocate or magistrate for a number of years.

Furthermore, in order to qualify in this field, you must meet the legal and practice council rules for a proper and fit professional. This is another highly paid job on our list.

In South Africa, the average salary for a judge is R2.5 million.

  • Chief Justice earns around R3 million. 
  • Deputy Chief Justice R2,6 million. 
  • Constitutional Court judges R2,3 million. 
  • High Court Judges R1,9 million. 

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#3. Chartered Accountant

Average Annual Salary: 1,200,000.00 ZAR

A chartered accountant’s role is to offer a customer financial advice, audit accounts, and trustworthy information regarding financial records.

To become a chartered accountant in South Africa, you must first get a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting or any CA(SA) undergraduate certificate from a SAICA-certified university. The CA(SA) board examination will also be necessary.

#4. Medical Doctors

Average Annual Salary: 1,600,000.00 ZAR

Doctors are the highest-paid sector right now. They are highly skilled professionals who often specialize in a specific medical sector.

These may also include neurology, cardiology, and urology.

As a result, becoming a specialty doctor, such as a neurosurgeon, is not only difficult but also costly, resulting in a high salary.

So, an entry-level neurosurgeon with 1-4 years of experience might expect to earn R730K per year.

In addition, a mid-level neurosurgeon with 5-9 years of experience makes an average salary of R780K per year, while one with 10-19 years of experience receives an annual pay of R2 million per year.

In South Africa, a cardiologist with medium experience makes an average of R1.6 million per year.

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#5. Pilot

Piloting is a highly technical profession that calls for specific training. The training is costly and time-consuming.

An entry-level commercial pilot in South Africa makes an average of 690,000 Rands annually.

A mid-level manager with 5 to 9 years of experience may also expect to make an average of 850,000 Rands annually.

Finally, a senior-level commercial pilot in South Africa earns an average of 950,000 Rands annually. You may also consider this one of the high-paying jobs in South Africa with no experience.

#6. Cyber Security Engineer

As the majority of South Africa’s large businesses have gone digital, the need for cybersecurity has increased.

Likewise, there is a high need for cybersecurity experts nowadays due to the increasing number of hackers in the digital world that has many firms on high alert.

Businesses are also prepared to spend a lot of money on anyone who can help them safeguard their technological assets.

An entry-level cybersecurity engineer typically makes 400,000 Rands per year, with those with 5–9 years of experience earning 503,000 Rands annually.

The average yearly salary for a cybersecurity engineer with 10 to 19 years of experience is 646,000 Rands.

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#7. Actuarial Scientists

Average Annual Salary: 1,100,000.00 ZAR

Calculating and managing risk and uncertainty in enterprises is the duty of actuaries.

However, this is a highly desirable career because there aren’t enough actuaries in South Africa. Getting an actuarial degree might take up to 9 years.

Strong business, analytical, and liability management backgrounds are vital for this line of work.

The average annual pay for this career at the entry level is 597000 Rands.

Additionally, those with five to nine years of experience make around 920,000 Rands annually, while those with 10 to 19 years of expertise might make close to one million Rands annually.

#8. Architect

Average Salary: R715,000.00

In most nations throughout the world, architecture is not just a well-paying career path but also one that relies heavily on critical thinking abilities.

This implies that you can still grow by working abroad even if you’re not in South Africa.

Buildings are planned, designed, and constructed under the direction of an architect. Since an architect’s decisions may have an impact on public safety, they experience major specific training.

For example, the University of Cape Town’s Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment offers courses in architecture.

An architect in their first four years of practice makes, on average, R277k per year, whereas an architect with five to nine years of experience makes, on average, R715K per year.

Additionally, an architect with greater expertise might make an average of R1.2 million per year.

#9. Biomedical Engineers

Average Annual Salary: 730,000.00 ZAR

Thanks to biomedical engineers, methods for treating illnesses and injuries have been greatly improved.

Better, more advanced healthcare equipment has been created, which has reduced challenging procedures.

To work as a biomedical engineer in South Africa, you would need to have a degree in the discipline or a closely related one.

After that, earn your MSc in biomedical engineering.

Average Salary: R487,000.00

#10. Pharmacist

One of the rare professions that don’t need a lot of physical labor but require constant high alertness is pharmaceutical.

The field of pharmacy is in high demand around the world. Therefore, a degree or master’s degree in pharmacy from an institution recognized by the South African Pharmacy Council (SAPC) is required to pursue pharmacy in South Africa.

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#11. Sales Manager

Average Annual Salary: 727,000.00 ZAR

Every current firm needs a sales manager. They are in charge of a company’s sales growth and making sure that sales goals are reached.

In order to produce sales for the company, they also manage sales teams, employ, and train them. You require a degree in business administration, statistics, or mathematics to be able to become a sales manager.

A master’s degree in business administration is a valued qualification for some companies when hiring sales managers.

A mid-level sales manager with 5-9 years of experience makes an average income of R317k p/a, compared to an early career sales manager with 1-4 years of experience.

So, an experienced sales manager may expect to make R727K per year on average.

#12. Software Engineer

Average Salary: R509,000.00

Software engineers are in charge of creating, developing, and maintaining computer programs.

They often hold degrees in programming and computer science.

Thus, a software engineer at the beginning level may make an average of R280K per year. The typical salary for a mid-level software engineer with 5 to 9 years of experience is R509K per year.

A software developer with 10 to 19 years of experience makes, on average, R640K a year.

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#13. IT Managers

Average Salary: R315,000.00

The demand for technology occupations has increased as our world becomes more digital.

The career is not only in high demand, but it is also one of the highest-paid jobs.

Therefore, IT managers are in charge of overseeing every aspect of technology-related business activities. 

They do, however, play a major part in businesses nowadays given that a fully digital one has replaced the physical tradition of conducting business.

An information and technology degree is required to become an IT manager.

#14. Economists Jobs in South Africa

Average Salary: R305,000.00

The role of economists in business has been increasingly important throughout time. 

Their biggest duty is to support management in making decisions and long-term planning for a company

The economic outlook in a certain location may have an impact on a company’s choice to invest, produce goods, and hire people. This might involve a company’s level of competition as well as governmental economic policy.

Therefore, economists develop business plans that will enable the company to succeed in that setting.

You would require a degree in Economics, Statistics, or Business management to be called an economist.

In South Africa, economists make a good living. 
Early-career economists make an average of R131K per year, whereas economists with 5 to 9 years of experience make an average of R305K per year. 

Early-career economists make an average of R131K per year, whereas economists with 5 to 9 years of experience make an average of R305K per year.  so, the average annual salary for an experienced economist with 10–19 years of experience is R565K.

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High Paying Jobs Without a Degree in South Africa

Listed more are some list of high-paying jobs in South Africa without a university degree:

#15. Fashion Designer

In recent years, South African designers have seen a good amount of growth and recognition in the international fashion market, which is a direct result of the growth of the local industry.

Although some fashion designers lack professional education and just have talent, the majority of fashion designers have degrees or certifications in fashion design or closely related subjects.

Fashion designing is a high-paying job, however, salaries vary according to the fashion designer’s level of exposure and experience in the field.

An entry-level fashion designer makes, on average, R136K per year. A fashion designer with 5 to 9 years of experience can expect to make an average of R339K per year.

Also one with 10 to 19 years of expertise can expect to make an average of R505K per year. This is one of the high-paying jobs without a degree in South Africa.

#16. Digital Marketing Specialist

The experts in charge of putting digital marketing into practice use digital platforms to generate leads and raise brand recognition.

Company websites, social media, search engine rankings, email marketing, online display ads, and business blogs are just a few examples of digital platforms that may be used.

Digital marketers often enroll in courses on online learning sites like Coursera, Google Academy, and Udemy because the field of digital marketing is pretty new.

However, the majority of digital marketers are self-taught and only enroll in courses for certification.

While some colleges lack dedicated programs that rely on digital marketing, several programs are slowly adding courses in the field.

Digital marketer in their early careers makes, on average, R212K per year. A digital marketing professional with 5 to 9 years of experience makes an average salary of R399K per year. And those with 10 to 19 years of experience make an average salary of R493K per year.

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High Paying Jobs With No Experience in South Africa

#17. Air Traffic Controller

Air traffic controllers ensure that air traffic flows in the air route systems are orderly, safe, and smooth. They carefully work with pilots, assisting them in navigating in bad weather and maintaining a safe distance from other aircraft in the sky and on the ground.

In order to work as an air traffic controller in South Africa, you must first undergo Air Traffic and Navigation Services (ATNS) training via the Aviation Training Academy. Becoming an Air Traffic Controller takes 4-6 years of training.

As a certified Air Traffic Controller, you may be able to land a good spot with a nice salary. You may easily find work in the SA Air Forces, the government’s department of transport, and private sector or foreign airlines. This is one of the high paying jobs with no experience in South Africa.

#18. Cleaner Jobs in South Africa

Average salary: 112,000 ZAR

Key Responsibilities and Duties

  • Emptying and cleaning trash cans or other similar containers
  • Transporting garbage to specified sites.
  • Sweeping the floors using brushes or dust mops.
  • Using wet or damp mops, mop the floors.
  • Carpet vacuum cleaning and “spot” carpet cleaning

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#19. Bartender Job in South Africa

Average salary: 528 000 ZAR

What you are expected to do:

  • Welcome visitors
  • Monitor the tables
  • Pour and serve the wine/champagne
  • Make the garnishes
  • Keep ice, glassware, and paper materials on hand.
  • Build and manage the cleanliness of the bar area
  • Complete cashier reports and process all payment types.

This is a high-paying job with no experience needed at all. In fact, all you need to know is the necessary skill set.

#20. Call Center Agent

Average salary: R 204 000 (Talent)

This permanent position provides people with entry-level job experience who are unemployed or seeking a new opportunity.

This is a high-paying job in South Africa for someone with no experience. However, you will be educated alongside other successful applicants in the fundamentals of direct selling and our lifestyle items. This position has the potential to lead to a great career, but it will need hard effort and commitment.

#21. Community Development Worker

Average salary: R211 713 a year

Community development workers in South Africa inform and help communities in gaining access to government-provided services.

They also assess community needs and communicate them to the appropriate entities and communities in the state, providing them with access to government-provided services.

These are high-paying jobs with no experience needed at all. You can as well, tag it as one of the easy high paying jobs in South Africa.

#22. Hostess Jobs in South Africa

Average salary:  R 172 800

All you need in this job is a High school diploma/G.E.D. equivalent. It is a high-paying job with no experience needed at all in South Africa.

You are responsible for greeting guests and determining the number of people in their group. Additionally, seat visitors by locating a clean, open table. Pulling out seats, putting a clean/current menu in front of the guest, and so forth.

You will also walk customers around the dining rooms and help them as needed.

#23. Floor/Shop Assistant

Average salary: R 5 253 per month

As needed, draws products from the stockroom. Responsible for tagging products, delivering them to the floor, and stacking them on the shelves. This can be considered one of the high-paying jobs with no experience in South Africa.

#24. Administration Clerk: Cleaning and Food Aid Support Services

Average salary: R176 310 a year

The minimum requirement for this high-paying job is Grade 12 (Senior Certificate or equivalent qualification).

So, you must help professional personnel with files and phone calls by providing administrative and reception support. Also, assist with project management and contract cleaning jobs as well. This is another high paying job with no experience in South Africa.

#25. Cashier

Average salary: R 4 489 per month (Indeed)

This is one of the high-paying jobs with no experience in South Africa.

The following are the job’s roles:

  • Transaction encoding 
  • Payment receipt
  • Daily sales cash-up
  • Improvement of client connections
  • Assist with stock-taking
  • Administrative chores that are generally necessary to run a business

How Do I Choose a Career in South Africa?

Below are some tips you need to consider when choosing are career path in SA.

  • Examine the professions on your list.
  • Inspect yourself.
  • Consider your long-term objectives.
  • Consider your driving forces.
  • Take various tests to measure your progress.
  • Look into industries.
  • Examine various sectors.
  • Look for expert resources.

Frequently Asked Questions About High Paying Jobs in South Africa

How easy is IT to get a job in South Africa?

In South Africa, finding employment as a migrant might be challenging unless you have the necessary training and credentials.

What job is in demand in South Africa?

Recruitment Consultant R14 263

What are common jobs in South Africa?

Service Sector.
Information and Communication Technology.

Which jobs are more available in South Africa?

Software Development.
Business Management.
Information Technology.
Banking/High Finance.

How do I choose a career?

Examine the professions on your list.
Inspect yourself.
Consider your long-term objectives.
Consider your driving forces.
Take various tests to measure your progress.
Look into industries.
Examine various sectors.
Look for expert resources.


As seen above, there are several high-paying jobs available today. Starting a job that you are passionate about and that pays well is vital since there is a good chance it will last a lifetime.

Based on the facts presented above, which profession would you consider more ideal for you to pursue as a career?

So, for more information on high paying jobs you can reach out to us in the comment section below or hit the like button if you find this article useful.



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