Highest Paid Janitorial Jobs near me that pay over $10k

Highest Paid Janitorial Jobs near me that pay over $10k
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One of the most underappreciated jobs is that of a janitor. They may function in the background, but if they didn’t exist, we’d certainly notice. Janitors keep the buildings we live in, work in, learn in, shop in, and recuperate clean and safe. They clean the interiors and, in some cases, the exteriors of these establishments.

Some people also do minor plumbing and electrical work. Custodians, cleaners, custodial support technicians, cleaning technicians, and environmental services technicians are among the job titles janitors use.

In this article, e will discuss how to get highest paid janitorial jobs near me.

Who is a Janitor?

Janitors maintain offices, schools, hospitals, retail stores, hotels, and other establishments clean, sanitary, and in good working order. Some are only responsible for cleaning, while others have a combination of responsibilities.

Some janitors labor outside as well, mowing lawns, sweeping sidewalks, and shoveling snow, in addition to keeping buildings clean and organized on the inside.

They may also keep an eye on the heating and cooling systems to make sure they’re working properly.

What is the workplace of a Janitor like?

The majority of janitors work in the maintenance of buildings and residences. Many of them also work in schools, both primary and high.

The majority of janitors and building cleaners work indoors, but some labor outside on occasion, cleaning walkways, mowing lawns or shoveling snow. They stand for the majority of the day, occasionally moving or lifting large goods or equipment. As a result, work on the back, arms, and legs may be taxing. Cleaning restrooms and trash rooms, for example, can be filthy and unpleasant.

Although the majority of janitors work full-time, some prefer part-time work. Many cleaning professionals work overnight hours since office buildings are frequently cleaned when they are empty. School janitors, on the other hand, frequently work during the day. Janitors may work in shifts when 24-hour upkeep is required. In hospitals and hotels, this is especially true.

Below, we will discuss the highest paid janitorial jobs near me.

Janitor Responsibilities

  • Cleaning the building in general and keeping it maintained and in good working order.
  • Floors should be vacuumed, swept, and mopped.
  • Restrooms should be cleaned and stocked.
  • After hours, make sure all doors are locked.
  • Spills should be cleaned up with the proper equipment.
  • Make minor fixes.
  • Major repairs should be reported to supervisors or managers.
  • Garbage collection and disposal
  • Complete things with minimal supervision in a timely manner.
  • Maintain a supply of cleaning products.
  • When necessary, hire a contract cleaning service.

Education, Training & Certification for Janitorial jobs near me

A janitor occupation does not require formal training, however certain high school skills, such as a shop, can be beneficial for on-the-job repairs.

#1. Training

Those who are just getting started will receive on-the-job training from experienced workers who will teach them how to use machineries such as wet-dry vacuums and floor buffers.

They’ll also be taught how to perform modest plumbing and electrical repairs.

#2. Certifications

When working with dangerous products, a janitor may need to be certified. Heavy equipment operators, such as forklift operators, may require certification as well.

Janitors can also get additional credentials from organizations like the Building Service Contractors Association International, which will help them stand out as job prospects.

Best-Paying Cities for Janitors

Seattle, Barnstable Town, San Francisco, San Jose, and Modesto are the urban regions with the highest janitor salaries.

Seattle, Washington$44,110
Barnstable Town, Massachusetts$43,860
San Francisco, California$42,250
San Jose, California$40,290
Modesto, California$40,060

The best-Paying States for Janitors jobs

Washington ($40,330), Massachusetts ($38,850), Connecticut ($37,730), New York ($37,680), and California ($37,520) are the states and districts that pay Janitors the highest average wage.

New York$37,680

Janitor Skills & Competencies for highest paying jobs near me

Individuals looking for a janitorial job can gain an advantage and flourish in their profession if they have the following abilities and strengths:

#1. Interpersonal and communication skills

Good interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate effectively are required of a janitor. This will make it easier for them to get along with their coworkers, bosses, and the individuals who live in the facilities where they work.

#2. Mechanical aptitude

Repair work can be done with mechanical abilities.

#3. Physical strength

Given the amount of lifting and standing that is a regular component of this profession, he or she should also be physically strong and have good stamina.

#4. Time management

Janitors have a wide range of responsibilities and must be able to effectively manage their time and schedule in order to fulfill jobs and maintenance duties on time.

Below, e will see the ways to get highest paid janitorial jobs near me.

Job Outlook

Through 2026, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts employment growth that is higher than the average of 7% for all occupations.

As individuals retire or change occupations, there will be plenty of openings for janitors. It even comes on a list of occupations predicted to have the most job opportunities over the next decade.

Janitorial jobs will rise at a 10% annual rate over the next decade, outpacing other occupations and industries, thanks to an increase in janitors needed for healthcare facility expansion and a continuous trend toward outsourcing companies who hire janitors for their clients.

Because of the necessity to replace professionals who leave or retire from the profession, employment will continue to expand. In comparison, the overall predicted growth rate for all vocations is 7%.

Work Environment

Many janitors work for cleaning service companies that provide services to other businesses. In elementary and senior schools, there are numerous work opportunities. A janitor works primarily indoors, but may also spend time outside, where he or she may be exposed to severely hot, cold, or otherwise unpleasant weather for at least a portion of the day.

A potential disadvantage of this profession is the weather. Many people regard this as filthy work, and physical stress is another disadvantage. Lifting big objects and standing for long periods of time can be physically taxing. Janitors are also more prone to job injuries such as burns, bruising, and cuts than other employees.

How to get a higher-paying janitorial jobs near me

It’s critical to plan ahead when looking for a higher-paying job to increase your chances of success. These strategies will assist you in obtaining a higher-paying position:

#1. Excel in your current position

Your ability to exploit your eligibility for a raise can be aided by a track record of producing positive results. You demonstrate that you are a talented and useful employee by executing a good job. This is not only a great technique to ask for a raise at your current job, but it also helps you find a new job with better pay.

#2. Make professional connections

One of the most valuable resources to have if you need higher-paying work is a contact list full of other experts you know personally and who can assist you.

Networking may also benefit you in your current job by providing advice and support that will help you meet and exceed your goals while also improving your performance levels, which will help you advance in your job search.

#3. Build your skills

When looking for a better-paying job, you’ll often be requested to take on additional duties and responsibilities that you aren’t expected to do in your existing one. Adding new talents and abilities to your resume while studying how to get higher-paying jobs is an amazing method to land a job that pays more.

If you want to advance in a certain field, make a list of the positions you’d like to apply for and determine what skills are required. Any talents you don’t have should be your priority so that you’re prepared to apply whenever a suitable position becomes available.

#4. Take on new responsibilities

It’s useful to be able to point to experience with roles that you’ll be expected to fill in a higher-paying position, in addition to developing the abilities required for a higher-paying job. At your current employment, look for additional duties that will allow you to demonstrate skills that aren’t currently on display.

You can use these additional responsibilities as evidence that you are underutilized in your current position when searching for new employment that pays more. You could also be able to leverage your new responsibilities at your existing job to get a raise that corresponds to your new workload.

#5. Research your current salary

It’s crucial to know how much other people in similar roles make at your present employer and in the sector as a whole since this will help you assess if you’re being fairly compensated or not.

You can check for salary information on Indeed to see if you are being paid fairly in comparison to others in your position, in addition to conversing with coworkers about compensation packages.

The more information you have about your present salary equity, the better equipped you will be to discover a job that pays more and is in line with your expectations.

#6. Discuss internal options

Finding a new job that pays more doesn’t have to involve leaving your current workplace and applying for a position at a different organization. Asking about your promotion opportunities can be an effective strategy to seek out a higher-paying position because many organizations prefer to promote from within when filling mid and senior-level roles.

Even if your firm is not currently hiring for higher jobs, you may be able to use conversations to gain an inside track for the next opportunity or to obtain a raise that will allow you to move up to a higher-paying position.

When looking for internal solutions, apply the same strategies you’d use to locate a higher-paying position outside of your current company.

#7. Check job listings

When your current employer is unable to meet your aspirations of finding higher-paying employment, you must hunt for work with a new employer. Expanding your search for new chances can take a variety of forms, from looking for a comparable position that pays more to pursuing a promotion with a new company or even switching industries.

The additional skills and responsibilities you’ve developed make you a more enticing candidate for any employment you come across, and the contacts you’ve made may be able to guide you in the right direction or serve as a reference when you apply.

Working to improve your standing before looking for a higher-paying job increases your chances of getting a better offer.

This is one of the ways to get highest paid janitorial jobs near me.

#8. Update your resume and apply

When looking for higher-paying positions, having an up-to-date resume is critical since it allows you to highlight new abilities and responsibilities gained at your current employment.

You should take the time to personalize the contents of your resume for each job listing when sending it out.

To leave a powerful impression on the reader, start with a master version and then save a fresh copy for each job, modifying the highlighted talents and responsibilities to match those mentioned in the job post.

Tips for getting a higher-paying Janitorial job

These strategies will help you position yourself for success in your job hunt if you’re wanting to develop your career and locate a higher-paying job:

#1. Share your expertise

Seek out opportunities to get published or give talks in your chosen industry as one of the finest methods to establish a reputation for yourself. These look fantastic on a CV and are a terrific way to network with other professionals in your field.

#2. Attend industry conferences

If your firm sends staff to conventions, you should volunteer to represent the company, as conferences provide numerous benefits while looking for a better-paying job. In addition to helping you network, attending talks or workshops at the conference can help you gain essential skills and improve your performance.

#3. Show off your skills online

Creating your own online presence to showcase your job talents, from blogs to social networking and video hosting sites, is an excellent approach to establishing a portfolio. This is useful for obtaining official engagements as well as showing off your work when applying for jobs.

#4. Don’t be afraid to ask

Directly asking for what you want is a simple method to gain business possibilities that many people miss out on. Don’t be afraid to try for an opportunity, whether it’s a job opening you desire or an opportunity that will help you get that position in the future.

#5. Offer consulting advice

Serving as a consultant for others in the industry as a supplemental source of income is a way to increase your salary if you’ve gained knowledge in your profession. When looking for better-paying work, it’s also a valuable addition to a CV.


We hope this article provided a guide to getting the highest paid janitorial jobs near me. Get back to us in the comment section.

FAQs on Highest Paid Janitorial Jobs near me

What is the highest paying janitor job?

Someone who works for the Bay Area Rapid Transit system in San Francisco is the highest-paid janitor. The average janitor earns $30,000 per year, but this janitor earned more than $275,000 thanks to overtime compensation.

Is 100$ an hour good?

“Getting $100 an hour is quite uncommon,” said Al Lee, director of quantitative analysis at PayScale.com. He points out that the median hourly pay in the United States is $16, thus earning $100 an hour would be more than six times what the average worker earns.

How much do American janitors make?

In the United States, a janitor’s average hourly wage is $13.50.


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