15 Best Jobs That Pay $15 an Hour With No Experience

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For many professionals, salary is a major factor in their job satisfaction. However, jobs that pay $15 an hour with no experience wages might differ significantly depending on where you live in the country.

Several jobs, on the other hand, begin at $15 and require no prior experience. This is one of the lovely pleasures of working even with no experience, yet, you make little extra money now and then.

This can grant you enough luxury to buy a little something more, and if you save it, that small $15 could go a long way.

If you happen to be in this category, then this list of Best Jobs that pay $15 an hour with no experience.

We’ll look at a variety of careers in a variety of industries where you may start making $15 an hour with no experience in this post.

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What Is a Competitive hourly wage?

A competitive hourly wage allows you to maintain a reasonable standard of living while also inspiring you to work.

Hourly earnings for the same work might vary wildly depending on where you live in the United States. A $15 per hour starting rate is still significantly more than the federal minimum wage in most areas of the United States.

Are jobs that pay 15 an hour worth it?

Earning a minimum of $15 per hour is significant because it gives you more buying power and a decent salary, which is important if you are transitioning from low-paid employment.

Earning $15 an hour may make a huge difference in your life since it would add $3,300 to your annual income.

This means you’d be able to purchase essentials like nutritious food, health insurance, and childcare. So, yes, $15-an-hour jobs would be worthwhile.

What skills do you need to get a $15-an-hour job?

Many $15-per-hour jobs require only a high school diploma. Furthermore, these jobs do not require a lot of formal education.

The majority of these jobs are in the retail, healthcare, security, childcare, and manufacturing industries.

As a result, you should look at honing your soft skills, because the bulk of these jobs will require excellent communication, cooperation, and interpersonal skills.

Another great way to increase your brand value is to include computer skills on your resume.

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What companies pay $15 an hour?

Despite the economic constraints posed by the COVID-19 outbreak, many larger companies have elected to restructure their compensation structures to incorporate occupations that pay at least $15 per hour with no experience.

With these organizations, you may accomplish a variety of jobs while earning $15 per hour after work. Some of these businesses include:

Fifth Third Bancorp

In January 2018, this commercial and industrial loans lender increased its minimum salary from $12 to $15 per hour.

Best Buy

Best Buy was one of the first corporations to change its compensation structure to require all employees to earn at least $15 per hour.


Amazon just increased its starting hourly salary to $15. This means that you will be able to find a job at Amazon even if you are an entry-level employee.


Target, like Amazon, recently increased the minimum wage for all hourly employees to $15.


Starbucks has announced plans to improve working conditions and pay structures so that all hourly wage employees are paid a minimum of $15 to $23 per hour, depending on the store’s location.

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Starting in January 2021, the furniture company will increase its minimum salary to $15 per hour.

Under Armour

Because the corporation upped its minimum pay on June 6, 2021, all Under Armour employees now earn at least $15 per hour.


The corporation just stated that its minimum pay has been increased to an average of $15 per hour.


Google is one of the world’s most powerful corporations. They have a variety of employment with competitive pay, including $15-an-hour occupations.

15 Best Jobs that pay $15 an Hour

Best jobs that pay $15 an hour with no experience include:

#1. Fitness Instructor

Fitness instructors arrange and lead group fitness sessions for people of all ages and ability levels for gyms, community centers, and other similar facilities.

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#2. Bookkeeper

A bookkeeper is in charge of a company’s financial records. They keep track of expenses, income, receipts, and invoices, as well as manage payments on occasion.

A bookkeeper needs a GED or a high school diploma to work. It’s one of the best jobs that pay $15 an hour with no experience.

#3. Dental Assistant

Dental assistants support dentists and dental hygienists in providing dental care to patients as well as maintaining clinical equipment and offices.

They help dental clinics run smoothly by checking patients in and out, giving directions, scheduling appointments, preparing exam rooms, and other responsibilities as needed. It’s one of the top $15-an-hour jobs available.

#4. Nanny

A nanny is a child care provider who works in a private household to look after one or more children.

Light cleaning, meal preparation, educational help, and supervision are among their responsibilities, which vary depending on the employer and the child’s individual needs.

For the sake of convenience, many families who hire nannies provide in-house lodging.

#5. Painter

Painters strip, prime, and paint walls and other surfaces in a variety of business and residential settings.

Building and working on scaffolding, ordering and keeping track of all essential materials, sanding, scraping, and removing old paint, mixing and applying fresh paint cleanly, and protecting the surrounding surroundings are all common tasks.

It’s one of the best jobs that pay $15 an hour with no experience.

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#6. Medical Billing Specialist

Medical billing experts operate in a variety of settings, including medical practices and hospitals, where they track invoices, keep records, file insurance claims, and bill individuals for services performed.

When starting off as a medical billing professional, you must have a high school diploma or GED. It’s one of the top $15-an-hour jobs available.

#7. Bus Driver

Bus drivers are experts in the transportation industry who are in charge of properly transporting people to their destinations.

They must respect traffic laws, and company and municipal policies, and give excellent customer service.

Bus drivers can work for schools, public bus services, shuttles, or private bus firms, among other places. It’s one of the top $15-an-hour jobs available.

#8. Delivery Driver

Delivery drivers are transportation professionals who use their own vehicle or one given by their business to transfer things from one area to another.

Following traffic and parking restrictions, loading and unloading things, verifying bills, receiving payment, and completing essential paperwork are all part of their responsibilities. It’s one of the top $15-an-hour jobs available.

#9. Construction Worker

Construction workers are manual laborers who demolish, remodel, and construct structures in accordance with blueprints and customer specifications.

They are also in charge of purchasing and maintaining their tools, as well as organizing construction materials. It’s one of the top $15-an-hour jobs available.

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#10. Veterinary Technician

These are those that provide support to veterinarians, patients, and animal owners in animal clinics and hospitals.

Administering vaccinations and IV fluids, monitoring patient status, interviewing owners during admission, transmitting physician orders, cleaning exam rooms, and collecting blood, urine, and stool samples as needed are all common responsibilities of a vet tech. It’s one of the top $15-an-hour jobs available.

#11.  Laboratory Assistant

Laboratory assistants collaborate with scientists, medical experts, and researchers to ensure that a lab runs well.

They are usually in charge of ordering, stocking, and maintaining experimentation materials and equipment, as well as cleaning, sanitizing, and processing specimens.

They may be responsible for the animals’ care if they work in a laboratory involving animal subjects. It’s one of the top $15-an-hour jobs available.

#12. Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistants maintain office supplies, file documents, manage calendars, schedule meetings, take notes, write letters and reports, and answer and transfer phone calls.

An administrative assistant must have a high school diploma or a GED as a minimum requirement. It’s one of the top $15-an-hour jobs available.

#13.Medical Assistant

Medical assistants support doctors, nurses, and patients with medical forms, exam room preparation, and sample management.

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#14. Medical Transcriber

A medical transcriber checks for typos and missing information in patients’ medical records. Medical transcriptionists must be aware of and adhere to patient confidentiality at all times.

Many firms will supply this position with the requisite training, but certification programs are also available online, at community colleges, and at vocational institutions. It’s one of the best $15-an-hour jobs available.

#15. Mail Handler

Selling stamps, processing money orders, renting post office boxes, and collecting and sorting letters, packages, and magazines are all responsibilities of a mail handler.

How can I make 15 dollars an hour?

You can make money from the following:

  • Medical transcriber
  • Administrative assistant
  • Construction worker
  • Medical assistant
  • Medical billing specialist
  • Veterinary technician
  • Delivery driver

What jobs with no experience pay the most?

The following jobs pay the most with no experience:

  • Entry-level laboratory technician
  • Junior graphic designer
  • Human resources assistant
  • Medical assistant
  • Research assistant
  • Firefighter
  • Administrative assistant
  • Auditor

What is the world's easiest job?

House sitting has to be one of the simplest jobs out there. You simply get paid to live in someone else’s home while they are on vacation or business.

What job is the most in demand right now?

The following jobs are in demand:

  • Health services manager
  • Market research analyst
  • Software developer
  • Financial manager
  • Statistician
  • Substance abuse counselor
  • Nurse practitioner
  • Medical assistant


Getting a $15-per-hour job is a good method to generate money while you work. On a day when you don’t feel well, you may work for a short time, collect your salary, and leave.

You might pick up where you left off the next day and continue.

If you work another job in addition to your $15-an-hour employment, you’ll be able to generate enough money to get by in a month.

The 15 best $15 an hour jobs in this post are simple to obtain and do not need much effort on your part.



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