30 Best Jobs That Pay Every Week for 17 Year Olds | 2022

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Getting busy and earning while in high school and after is what many American teenagers look forward to. The desire to be financially responsible for themselves is quite appealing.

Consequently, they seek jobs in order to achieve this desire. In the course of doing this, they are likely to stumble on jobs that are befitting for their age range.

On the other hand, a lot of teenagers get scared with looking out for these jobs because they feel like they do not possess the required skill or experience. Some even shrink in cos of work restriction.

Well, while this is true, allow us to bring you close to the fact that there are jobs out there for you that doesn’t necessarily require experience. Oh, yes! There are.

So if you wish to learn more about these job, this article seeks to expose you to a vast number of those jobs that pay every week for you as a 17-year-old. If you also know a bunch of 17-year-olds, then dive in and get informed.

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What are The Benefits of Working Teens?

The benefits of teenagers working are enormous. They include:

  • Sense of responsibility: It has been proven over time that teenagers who hold down a job are likely to be more responsible than those who don’t.
  • Experience: Securing these jobs prepares them for a lifetime of working. In an era where experience is a must before securing a job, this is an avenue for these young lads to build their resumes.
  • Earnings/Dependency: The more a teenager works, the more he earns and in the long run, he will be able to foot some of his bills.
  • Skills: The training acquired and the lessons learned in the work process will remain relevant in the young adult’s life. In addition, some of these skills are transferrable.
  • Confidence: In the course of working, teenagers tend to build their confidence. This is largely because the jobs may require them to interact and hold down conversations in most cases.
  • Reference: Employers to these young adults can equally serve as a reference in the future.
  • Reduction in crime: Holding down a job reduces the tendency of teenagers caught up in criminal activities. In addition, it keeps the juvenile system at bay.

What Types Of Jobs Are Well-Suited For Teens?

While they are various jobs up for grabs, there are some jobs that are not suitable for teens or 17 year olds. Therefore, it is advisable to secure jobs that won’t negatively affect their school work

Jobs that offer part-time employment during weekends and evening hours are suitable for these teenagers who still have school obligations the entire weekdays.

The good news is that most of these jobs require little or no prior experience. Hence, they are suitable for teenagers. In addition, these jobs offer these teens the flexibility to balance work and school work.

Are There Work Restrictions For Working 17 Year Olds?

There are work restrictions for 17 year olds with jobs. These are part of the employment rights for young people. For instance, teens are restricted to a set number of hours per day and total hours per week.

In addition, they can be unable to work before or after a certain hour in the morning or evening. Also, it is not out of place for these teens to be restricted in their work related activities.

Consequently, you may not be permitted to operate some types of machinery. On the other hand, work restrictions differ from state to state,

Therefore, you will need to look up the local regulations. Those facts are can be accessed look up through your state’s labor department or a comparable institution.

Best Jobs That Pay Every Week for 17 Year Olds

In deciding to find weekly paying jobs for 17 year old, it is important for you to identify them spot on. You can consider the following jobs as a 17 year old:

1. Tech Support and Computer Repair

This position entails resolving computer or internet-related issues. They connect devices to the internet, delete programs from a computer, and set up email accounts.

Also, they are responsible for eradicating viruses and installing security software.

Expected Earning: $13 – $20 

2. Babysitting

Whether it is a babysitting job that pays cash or check, this is one of the best jobs that pay weekly for 17 year olds. Babysitting is one of the most popular teen jobs.

They are responsible for ensuring the safety of the kids under their care while playing. Also, they prepare food, make sure the kids finish their homework, and complete other activities as assigned by their parents.

In order to keep them lively and entertained, they engage these kids in educative and fun activities.

Expected Earning: $10-$15 per hour

3. Landscaping

17 year olds are often seen mowing lawns. Hence, it is one of the most popular weekly paying jobs for these teens. You will spend most of your time outside a business or a structure, tending to the plants.

In addition, you will basically be helping people keep their lawns and backyards clean, whether it be a huge building to a small house.

Expected Earning: $11 per hour

4. Movie Theater Crew

Also known as ushers work in a cinema or theatre’s lobby and auditorium. They are in charge of selling tickets and refreshments, as well as controlling the entrance to the theater and auditoriums.

Additionally, they direct customers to their seats and clean the theater or cinema.

Expected Earning: $8 and $12

5. Delivery Driver

Teenage delivery drivers Deliver products using a vehicle (truck, automobile, bike, or motorcycle) and prepare items to be sent (meal, newspaper, medicine) to specific locations.

However, they must have passed their driving test and possess a driver’s license before they can fill in this role.

Expected Earning: $16 per hour

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6. Stocking

This job requires these 17 year olds to unpack boxes and place them on shelves. Also, this position will require teenagers to lift weight in the process.

Expected Earning: $10 per hour

7. Hotel Housekeeper

They are in charge of performing basic room cleaning, such as changing bed linens and cleaning restrooms.

In addition, they clean, vacuum, wash windows, and make the place look pleasant to visitors.

Expected Earning: $11 per hour

8. Kernel Assistant

These teenagers assist with the cleaning and preparation of their kennels. In addition, Also, they are responsible for hosing them down once or twice a day to remove feces and food particles, as well as keeping their bedding and toys clean.

They are also required to need to take the kennel dogs for walks and offer them with enrichment.

Expected Earning; $10 per hour

9. Lifeguard

Teen lifeguards keep an eye on the pool’s patrons to ensure their safety. They are responsible for keeping an eye on the swimming activity and to rescue anyone who may unintentionally fall underwater and drown.

Also, this position requires them to be competent to perform CPR and first aid. Most importantly, they must be in good shape to easily rescue or pull people out of the pool.

Expected Earning; $10 per hour

10. Data Entry Clerk

These teenage employees spend their time entering data into a digital system from paper or printouts.

However, this job is most suitable for teens who are careful, methodical, and focused. In addition, they update electronic data by adding, verifying, and editing it.

Expected Earning: $10 per hour

11. Play Area Monitor

These teens can be spotted in gyms, malls, and even grocery stores. They provide round-the-clock watch for children whose parents are working out and shopping.

They keep an eye on the kids and tidy up toys and other stuff while watching over the play areas.

Expected Earning: $11 per hour

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12. Social Media Manager

It is no surprise that most 17 year olds are tech-savvy. Hence, they excel in such positions.

They are in charge of developing content, scheduling posts, reacting to comments, and a variety of other tasks. An advantage is that these young adults can get to freelance while at it.

Expected Earning: $25.13 per hour

13. Restaurant Server

This is another popular job among 17 year olds. Therefore, you are bound to find majority of them in such positions.

An interesting fact about this job is that experience is not mandatory. They are responsible for collecting customer orders, delivering drinks, keeping track of refills, and delivering food.

Expected Earning: $11.63 per hour

14. Camp Counselor

Camp counselors assist campers with crafts, teach them entertaining skills, and accompany them to sporting events. They also assist with cooking and cleaning around the camp.

However, while some of these jobs require the counselors to stay overnight on-site, others require them to stay during the day.

Expected Earning: $24.00 per hour

15. Tutor

Tutoring is another weekly paying job that is appealing to the young chaps. A strong academic record can help you earn cash from tutoring other students.

Additionally, they help them by assisting them in better understanding things and providing them with direction, support, and encouragement.

Expected Earning: $19.51 per hour 

16. Customer Service Rep

They mostly deal with inbound contacts who require assistance. For instance, they respond to inquiries on their account, an order, or a product.

In addition, this assistance can be rendered over the phone, via chat software, or by email.

Expected Earning: $17.23 per hour,

17. Theme Park Attendant

At a theme park such as Disneyland or SeaWorld, theme park attendants run booths. From the booths, they sell various items to the audience.

In addition, you can operate a ticket booth or a ride in the theme park. In addition, you are required to keep track of ticket sales, attendants, and bookings.

Expected Earning: $11 per hour

18. Teen Modeling

Teen models play vital roles in business and products. Therefore, they are major assets in helping people in marketing, promoting products, showcasing items, and attracting clients. 

They practically model anything that needs to be sold. This ranges from lotion, clothes, and furniture.

Expected Earning: $24 per hour

19. Doing Homework for Others

Doing homework for others has proven to be one of the most lucrative weekly paying jobs for 17 year olds.

You should have a great depth of knowledge in taking up such jobs. In order words, the more knowledgeable you are, the higher your chances of earning.

Hence, you have to take u subjects you are great at. You can find such jobs from websites that run such ads.

Expected Earning: $16 per hour

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20. Dog Walker

This is one of the many weekly paying jobs for 17 year olds. Dog walkers tend to the needs of dogs such as walking them to get mental stimulation, exercising, and taking a potty break.

Since dog owners can’t afford the time to walk their dogs and see to other needs, this is a good avenue to earn weekly.

Expected Earning: $14 per hour

21. Freelance Photographer

Freelance photographers work for themselves, either doing photoshoots for customers or developing and selling high art photography.

In addition, they advertise for local businesses such as kernels, bakeries, and others.

Expected Earning: $17 per hour

22. Freelance Web Developer

This is one of the jobs that pay every week for 17 year olds. Freelance web developers create websites for non-profits and small enterprises.

In addition, they reach out to prospects, discuss with clients in order to understand their needs and create different versions and revisions based on the client’s demand.

Expected Earning: $20 per hour

23. Pet Sitter

Pet sitters look after pets while their owners are away on vacation or on business. They normally work in the pet owner’s house. However, they may also work at a pet sitting business or at the provider’s home.

Although pet sitting mainly involves dogs and cats, pet sitters equally look after fish, birds, and reptiles.

Expected Earning: $15 per hour 

24. Seasonal Associate

These are employees who work in a retail store during a specific season, such as the holidays or school breaks.

On the other hand, they may also be employed in any other business with a high amount of consumers or clients, such as theme parks, restaurants, or vacation spots.

Expected Earning: $7 – $14 per hour

25. Busser

Also referred to as busboy or bus girl, bussers basically assist kitchen and waitstaff. They are responsible for clearing tables and setting the tables for the next customers.

Also, they top up ingredients on the table and notify servers when guests need assistance. They may end up going home with tips from appreciative customers.

Expected Earning: $7 – $12

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26. Host/Hostess

These employees welcome customers and determine where they would sit based on their number. They also show customers to their tables when they become vacant.

Expected Earning: $7 – $12

27. Technical Customer Support Rep

While this job is similar to a customer service rep, technical customer support reps assist callers on technical issues.

They assist users by resolving problems with computer hardware or software and providing technical assistance and answers to their concerns.

Expected Earning: $17 per hour

28. Yard Worker

This is one of the many good weekly paying jobs for 17 year olds. Yard workers are responsible for keeping the grounds around businesses, government buildings, and private residences in good repair.

Their tasks range from spreading mulch, pulling weeds, planting flowers, mowing the grass, pruning bushes, and operating the irrigation system

Expected Earning:  $12 per hour

29. Lawn Mowing

These employers mow the lawns of both residential and commercial properties. In addition, they mow the lawn and edge around paths, flower beds, and walls with a riding mower.

They also clean leaves, apply fertilizer, and perform other regular maintenance tasks.

Expected Earning:

30. Ride Attendant

Ride attendants provide assistance with parking or games. They are responsible for supervising, monitoring, fixing, and maintaining park rides.

This covers things like boarding and securing passengers, initiating rides, and ensuring that passengers exit safely.

Expected Earning: $9 per hour

Online Jobs That Pay Weekly For 17 Year Olds?

With the advent of technology, a 17 year old can take up online jobs or work remotely. It is not surprising that kids who are tech-savvy or can take up online jobs are killing it.

Consequently, there are tons of weekly paying jobs for 17 year olds that can be done from any location.

You are bound to find 17 year olds handling the following online positions:

  • 3D Modeler – Expected Earning – $10-$15 per hour
  • Audio Editor – Expected Earning – $10 – $30 per hour
  • Content Writer – Expected Earning – $5 – $10 per hour
  • Data Entry Specialist – Expected Earning – $10 – $15 per hour
  • Internet Researcher – Expected Earning – $8 – $12 per hour 
  • Virtual Assistant – Expected Earning – $5 – $10 per hourVideo Game Tester – Expected Earning – $8 – $10 per hour
  • Graphic Designer – Expected Earning – $10 – $15 per hour
  • Voiceover Specialist – Expected Earning – $10 – $500 per hour
  • Search Engine Optimization Specialist – Expected Earning – $10 – $15 per hour


What are the working hours for a 17 year old?

According to law, the working hours for 16 and 17-year-olds are limited to 8 hours per day and 40 hours per week.

Can 17 year olds work in India?

Absolutely! The Indian constitution doesn’t frown at 17 year olds working. In addition, the minimum requirement for working is 14.

How can a teen get a das job?

You can start by asking your parents for contacts of local employers. You can equally request contacts about employers to approach from neighbors, teachers, counselors, coaches, preachers, and family members.

What is the youngest age to legally work?

According to The U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division, the minimum age for employment in the United States is 14 years for non-agricultural jobs. In addition, it limits the number of hours that minors under the age of 16 can work. Also, it prohibits youth under the age of 18 from being employed in hazardous occupations.

What age can you work at Mcdonald's?

You have to be 16 years old to work at Mcdonald’s.


From all indications, there are several weekly paying jobs for 17 year olds. In addition, you will discover that there are tons with mouth-watering pay.

Now you know the weekly paying jobs for 17 years old, you can browse through and select from the pool the one that best suits you.

We hope this article met your expectations. For comments and feedback, reach us through the comment section or @ makedailyprofit.com.



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